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Namco Museum Megamix (Wii) Review

December 5, 2010 | Posted by Adam Larck

Title: Namco Museum Megamix
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: Namco Bandai
Genre: Arcade
Players: 1-4
Rated: E for Everyone

In 2007, Namco Bandai released Namco Museum Remix for the Wii. Three years later, they’ve released Namco Museum Megamix a $20 budget title with one new remix and more classic arcade titles added in.

Before getting to the games, you move Pac-Man around a museum hub with either the remote/nunchuck combo or classic controller. This is where you’ll notice a problem that affects a decent number of the remixes, the controls. He launches around everywhere with the slightest touch. While he will stop with B, they really just needed to slow him down overall to control easier.

In this review, I’m not going to touch on any of the 18 classic games. The games have been around for about 30 years, and are still fun to play if you liked them years ago. The controls handle nicely, and they still retain all their classic sounds. There have been a few new arcade games added here, like Cutie-Q, but the main draw is four Pac-Man games, two Dig-Dug games and two Rally-X games.

Instead, I’m going to focus on the six remixes. If you’ve already played Remix, the only one you may be interested in is the Grobda remix, as the rest were in the last game. In fact, unless you just want to play the classics and don’t have them on any other system, the remixes are the main reason to play the game. Also, all the remixes except Grobda and Gator Panic have multiple worlds and stages.

So, since that’s the newest one, let’s start with it. Grobda has Pac-Man controlling a tank as he shoots various other tanks that spawn in. Besides shooting, he can also put a shield to block bullets. Both drain an energy bar that can recharge by nit doing either.

The game’s glaring problem is the controls. It’s fairly difficult to steer around some of the objects in the way, yet enemies seem to be perfect at doing it.

The other problem is that you’ll die constantly; if not from the steering, then from the other tanks blowing up. When they die, they blow up and will almost always catch you in their blast radius. Honestly, this is probably one of the worst remixes in the game.

The rest of the remixes I’ll go through in order. Gator Panic is basically a version of Whack-a-Mole. Players move Pac-Mac with the nunchuck and swing the Wii Remote to swing him at various gators trying to attack.

It’s not a bad game, as it varies things up by changing speeds or throwing out gators that need multiple hits to take down. However, when both happen at once, you’ll invariably get attacked at least a few times.

This may keep younger kids interested for a bit, but for most this game is one and done.

Probably the worst game in the bunch, next to Grobda, is Rally-X. you control the yellow dot muncher in a car as he tries to get all the flags in a level while avoiding the other racer. Sometimes, you have to collect flags in a certain order, other times it doesn’t matter. The course is littered with traps that can effect both of you, and you can also drop a smokescreen to stun the other driver.

Once again, though, the controls break this game. You’ll often go by a road multiple times trying to turn down it. And, sometimes, he just wants to spin in a circle instead of actually turning, leading to quick and cheap deaths.

It does have a multiplayer, but, after seeing me play the game, no one wanted to actually play it.

The one that has least to do with its namesake, Galaga is an on-rails shooter where you have to defend Pac-Man as he happily rolls along a path to the exit. He has no defense except you and a health bar that can take a few hits.

The only things from the original game are the aliens, which fly in from various directions. Only a few of them attack, and they’ll be highlighted with a red cross-hair. There are also a few enemies that will block his path that you have to get rid of. Other than that, these guys are only there for points.

Even though it has nothing to do with the actual game, it’s still pretty fun to play. Plus, it has multiplayer, so even groups can try out this game.

Now, we get to two of the better games in the Megamix Pac n’ Roll and Pac-Motos. Pac n’ Roll is a port of the DS game, and has you collecting a certain amount of pellets on a level to advance to the next one. Along the way, you’ll start running into ghosts that you can eat after finding a Power Pellet.

The game uses the same controls as in the museum hub, so you’ll find yourself launching around the screen. You also have a boost to use by swinging the remote, and it’s actually needed to get up higher ramps and to break blocks for more pellets.

If you don’t mind the overly sensitive controls, there’s actually a fun game here. However, there’s really no difference from the DS game.

Finally, we come to the one I had the most fun with, Pac-Motos. It’s basically the same Motos game from years ago, but with a new graphical update and, of course, Pac-Man.

Each level, except the boss level, has you knocking various balls over the edge. Sometimes, they protect each other, but most of the time they just try to go for you. The levels change each time, and as time goes on, parts of the stage will be knocked away.

The boss level has you facing a boss with a weak point that you’ll have to get to. Before the start of the fight, the game gives hints on how to get to it. It’s not difficult, but offered a fun challenge to change things up.

You’ll also find three power-ups you can pick up: strength, jump and agility. These power-ups can be saved until you want to use them, which is normally during a boss battle.

This was probably the game I had most fun player, and the multiplayer was just as fun.

Graphically, the game’s not bad. The original games are unchanged, and the remixes are colorful and interesting to look at. The sound’s also the same from the original games, and, while the remixes do sound good, there’s nothing memorable to be heard, and you’ll probably forget most of the soundtrack after playing.


  • Pac-Motos is probably one of the better remixes to play.
  • Galaga Remix is also good, even if it doesn’t have a lot to do with the game.
  • The classics are what most people may come back to, and they have translated nicely from the arcade.


  • Bad controls hamper a lot of the remixes.
  • Grobda, the newest remix, seems rushed, with constant dying and overly good enemies.
  • If you already own Remix, really is no reason to get this.

    The 411:

    At only $20, this is a good stocking stuffer for Wii owners that are Pac-Man fans. There’s plenty of the yellow guy in the game, and his classic arcade titles have translated over nicely, along with various other arcade titles. A few of the remixes, like Pac-Motos, Galaga and Pac ‘n Roll are fun to play. However, the other titles can easily be ignored. A fun game for Pac-Man fans, but there’s not enough here to draw in casual fans.

  • Graphics7.0The graphics keep a lighthearted feel, and are good to see. In fact, these may be the high points in a few of the remixes. 
    Gameplay6.0The classics remain unchanged, but the touch controls on many of the remixes draw this score down. It’s especially bad in Rally-X and Grobda. 
    Sound6.5All the classics contain their original sound. The remixes sound decent as well, but there’s nothing that will be memorable after turning it off. 
    Lasting Appeal6.0Sure, the arcade title will give fans of the classics plenty to play, but the main draw of the game, the remixes, can keep people entertained for a bit, but they can lose their appeal quick. 
    Fun Factor 7.0A few of the remixes and the classic titles offer some good fun to play, but the remaining remixes end up dragging them down. 
    Overall6.5   [ Average ]  legend

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