New Super Mario Brothers Wii Launch Party at Rockefeller Center!

November 17, 2009 | Posted by John De Large

This past Saturday, I headed to Nintendo World in Rockefeller Center down to check out the New Super Mario Bros. Wii event where the aforementioned game would be demoed to fans and select press.

After grabbing a press pass and speaking with a Nintendo World employee named Laura, I checked out the demo kiosks (which were outside) and Nintendo World’s Mario Museum.

Yeah, that’s right Nintendo World came prepared to accommodate the hardcore fans with relics of years past. Old games, clothes, toys, even shampoo and paintings were on display and treated like priceless antiques.

Unfortunately, one thing Nintendo did not prepare for (or more accurately prepared for poorly) was the rain. While the museum was sheltered under a large tent, TV’s, Wii consoles, employees, fans who had come to watch and worst of all – I – got drenched thanks to the skimpy tarp set up above the games and gamers. After getting soaked to the bone, I went inside the actual Nintendo World store to seek temporary shelter, while the more dedicated Mario fans remained outside with umbrellas hoping to purchase games. Even more dedicated fans waiting a larger line to register for a New SMB Wii tournament, the winner of which would receive a free copy of the game.

While the museum was cool and there were lots of opportunities to play New SMB, there really wasn’t a whole lot of different things to do other than play the game or visit the museum. All in all, Nintendo made the best of the bad weather by moving the tournament indoors and New SMB Wii was far better than I expected it to be, which is enough to make this event a success.


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