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Next Mass Effect 3 DLC To Be a ‘Tear-Jerker’

December 6, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

BioWare has teased the next DLC pack for Mass Effect 3, which composer Sam Hulick hinted at being a sad one. Series designer Joe Hendriks revealed on the company’s forums that writers from all the previous DLC packs have combined for this one, with a total of eight writers including main game story writer Mac Walters.

“It’s all hands on deck for this one,” he wrote. “Pretty much every ME3 DLC writer here in Edmonton is involved (which would include both Patrick Weekes and John Dombrow).”

Sam Hulick gave an idea of what to expect when he tweeted out the following:

Tossing in piano and muted strings for this one particular piece. High potential for tears


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