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PC Version of Resident Evil 6 Gets Exclusive Game Mode, New Special Features Coming Soon

January 25, 2013 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

Capcom announced today that the PC version of Resident Evil 6 will feature new, exclusive game mode as well as other exclusive content. The exclusive game mode will be The Mercenaries: No Mercy. The new mode will feature more enemies on screen and will also allow higher combo scores.

There will also be a fourth additional mode called Seige released for the game on the console versions. Seige is an online multiplayer mode for two to six players. In Siege mode there will be a lone AI-controlled rookie BSAA agent who is in trouble and in need of help. Players then will have to be split into two teams with one assuming control of enemy creatures trying to take down the rookie, and the other team selects playable characters from the main game to keep him alive. each game has two rounds with teams switching between the enemy and human roles. The human team wins a round if the BSAA agent survives, and the enemies win if they can defeat him. Siege Mode will be available in March for Xbox 360 and PS3 at $3.99 or 320 Microsoft Points.

Survivors, Predator, and Onslaught game add on modes will also be available for the PS3 in February priced at $3.99. All four post launch game add on modes will be available for the PC to download shortly after Marh 22. Any future title updates for the console version will be made available free of charge to PC owners.

Resident Evil 6 PC will be available for digital download in North America on Friday March 22 for $39.99. European PC gamers will be able to purchase both digital and disc versions of the game on PC on the same date for €29.99/£19.99.


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