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PS4 Press Conference Summary

February 20, 2013 | Posted by Stephen Randle

Just finished up watching the live stream of the Sony conference, which took place starting at 6pm Eastern. There is a whole lot of news that will be dissected for weeks and weeks. Here’s a not-so-brief summary of what we learned:

Name: Playstation 4

Price: Not announced
Console: Not shown

Hardware Specs:
• X86 CPU
• Enhanced PC GPU
• 8 GB unified memory
• Local storage HDD
• Secondary chipset for background downloading/uploading, additional plans to allow you to play digital games while they are downloading
• Ability to hold and resume the game by turning off the Power, game state will be saved
• Apps for smartphones, tablets, and Vita to interact with the console

• DualShock 4
o Leaked pictures are accurate
o Enhanced Rumble features
o Reduced latency
o “Share” button
o Headphone jack
o Coloured light bar for player ID, also interacts with a camera

GAIKAI streaming tech:

• Cloud technology
• Ability to spectate and broadcast live gameplay
• Ability to “pass off” game control to someone else over the Internet
• “Potential” to add Director controls to games
• Instantly upload gameplay videos to social feeds
• Transfer gameplay from PS4 to Vita (like the Wii U tablet)
• “Potential” for entire Sony library to become available online, but no native backwards compatibility
• Will be rolled out in phases

Games Shown/Announced/Teased:
• KNACK, a new IP from the creator of Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank, similar in style to those
• Killzone: Shadow Fall, from Guerrilla Games, an FPS
• DriveClub, from Evolution Studios (creators of Motorstorm), a team-based first-person racing game
• inFamous: Second Son, from Sucker Punch
• The Witness, a new IP from the creators of Braid, Myst-style puzzle game
• Unnamed game from Quantic Dream, creators of Heavy Rain, Beyond (only a short tech demo was shown)
• Move-based 3D art and music creation tool from Media Molecule
• Deep Down (working title), a new IP from Capcom, dungeon crawler using their new Panta Rhei game engine
• Final Fantasy game announced, more will be revealed at E3 (Square Enix also showed off their new Luminous engine with a trailer for an unnamed game)
• Watch_Dogs from UbiSoft (new live demo shown)
• Diablo III console version for both PS4 and PS3, from Blizzard (duh), who also announced a new partnership with Sony
• Destiny, from Bungie, with some new gameplay footage shown


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