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RE5: Lost In Nightmares (Xbox 360) Review

February 23, 2010 | Posted by Todd Vote

Okay, who remembers the cut-scene from Resident Evil 5, where Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield confront Wesker inside one of the Spencer mansions? Well that cut scene is what Lost in Nightmares is based on. Lost in Nightmares chronicles Chris & Jill’s way through the mansion for that showdown with Wesker.

Back in the saddle again

Let me just say here that if you have been looking for some old school Resident Evil action, this is as close as we have gotten to it in quite some time. The spooky mansion setting, the hunt and search for all the cranks to turn the gear to open the gate… Hell even the slow deliberate pace at which you walk through most doors is here. Make no mistake about it, this game screams throwback. The mansion in question is very reminiscent of the mansion from the first RE game, though depending on who you ask Spencer built three identical mansions. One that was featured in the first game, one featured in Code Veronica, and this one apparently.

So we essentially have a somewhat old school look and feel with the new RE controls that were featured in RE 4, and 5. I felt myself just waiting for a licker to hop through a window and scare the shit right out of me. It never happened, but that didn’t stop the feeling from being there. It really makes you want a full on zombie Resident Evil game, if nothing else.

While making your way through the mansion, you will of course have to go through the prison, because let’s be honest who’s mansion doesn’t have a prison in it? This is where you meet the two “common” enemies you will deal with. One of the enemies are carcasses similar to the conveyor belt dead bodies from the main game. You know the ones, when you are on the conveyor belts and they just hop up and grab you by the face.

I used to be on a boat, but all I got left is this big ass anchor…

The other common enemy is much harder to deal with, This nasty mamajama is carrying what can best be described as a big boat anchor. Believe you me, he is not afraid to use it either, as one hit will either require your partner to heal you, or will kill you outright as he impales you with the anchor. Make no mistake about it, these bastards are not easy to take down, and they are plentiful throughout the mission.

The main complaint I can take away from this episode is how incredibly short it is. On the veteran difficulty, a friend and I were able to pass the mission in around an hour, maybe a little longer. In addition to that, there are really no new revelations; nothing that will give you more insight into the games main story. This is quite simply the mission leading to a cut scene from the main game, and you already know how it is going to end.

(UPDATE: I Played through the DLC a couple more times just last night, and on the professional difficulty, the enemies are more frequent for those who want to know)

I also wish that we would have had one full on zombie in the game. The feel of walking through a mansion really makes you want zombies in this DLC. Perhaps that was just myself and my friend that finished this with me, play through it. I’d love to know if anybody else wanted zombies based on the look and feel of the DLC.

Hey, do you smell something?

So, what are we left with? A $5 DLC episode, that is worth 100 achievement points, and about an hours worth of game time on one playthrough. The puzzles are challenging, but not frustratingly so. The anchor dude can be a real bitch to take down. There are no new insights into the story of RE5 like you may expect. But the game does offer a bit of nostalgia, in the little nods they offer to the series history.

I myself enjoyed playing through the DLC, and after grappling back and forth, I think the $5 price is appropriate for what we are getting here. I’m a firm believer that episodic DLC should at least offer something new to the main games story, and that didn’t really happen here. Hopefully the next episode will have more insight into the main story. But all and all I walked away moderately satisfied with my purchase.

The Final 411
Though somewhat lacking in length, and quantity of enemies to deal with. I absolutely love the throwback feel of the game. From slowly opening doors that only allow one player through at a time, to long hallways making you anticipate something busting through the window at you. This is as close as we will get to an old school full on zombie Resident Evil game.

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