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Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360) Review

October 3, 2012 | Posted by Dan Watson

Resident Evil has always held a special place in my heart. The series was the first Survival Horror series I had ever gotten into and was the first title I played on the original Playstation. I can still remember starting that game up and watching in awe the opening sequence. I also remember the first time I had ever seen the zombie turn his head slowly and have the blood dripping from his jaw. The series has changed a lot since then. There is no single tyrant or one known enemy. The virus is no longer isolated to a small town. Instead we have now gone worldwide. In Resident Evil 5 we were in Africa. Now we are located in several countries with the newest installment of the series.

This game starts you with a unique option. Normally, Resident Evil follows one single linear story with two playable characters. This time, we have three unique stories and each character has a secondary character as well. The stories are fun and are interesting. The stories aren’t just bogus either; they are pretty interesting and well written. Each story has me wondering what is going to happen next.


This game is visually impressive. One of the drawbacks to the game is the quick time events that take place, but during those events and the cut scenes, it truly feels like you are watching a movie. The gameplay scenery and images are impressive. Shooting a zombie in the head sometimes just takes a chunk of their head off or a limb or just a splotch of blood on the chest. The game is visually amazing but at times it leaves you wishing you could control the camera. Several times when playing and being attacked, I was trying to move around just so I could get a clear image of what I was supposed to be shooting at. This has always been a problem with Resident Evil games. For some reason there is always a spot or two that the camera is terrible and ruins part of the game.


Voice acting has never been an issue in this series and this game is no different. The characters sound about as good as you can hope for. The background music is amazing at creating a mood of intense fear and then at the same time relaxing you to allow you to be scared. Another nice feature about this game is that it includes a disc just for voice overs for different languages. I speak English but that doesn’t mean that every person in the country has to speak English. The special effects sounds are perfectly done. From the zombies’ moans, the gun shots, the screams, everything is done with such a perfectionist’s touch that there isn’t much to complain about at all.


Normally, I don’t complain much about controls. This game is a bit different though. One problem I ran into was that the game teaches one character a technique and doesn’t teach the other character the same. This is extremely troublesome in the game as things get intense. If you do not play as both characters at some point, then you will miss out on key techniques of the game. Also, the controls are not the same as the previous installments which leads to a bit of the learning curve. The game does try hard to teach you the new controls but it is done so quickly it makes it tough to follow.


I loved the game play here. The co-op stories are great and if you have a friend to play with it will make the game that much better. The versus modes however are terrible. The concept is great, but not concept and practice are two very different things. Playing against people was the downfall of this game in my opinion. The single player campaigns are good though. Once you sit through some of the tutorials and get into each story, you will have a ton of fun. The horror aspect of the game isn’t as great as it once was but this isn’t Call of Duty Zombies either. There are still a few aspects of horror that make you jump out of your seat. There are a few gory images that make you wonder how far video games can go. In the end though, this game does a pretty good job of making you feel like the end of the world is upon us and we are just fighting to extend our lives not to cure the world. That is how most zombie games should feel. Once the apocalypse hits, all you can do is fight for your own survival, not to find a cure.

The 411

This is a very good game. There are a few flaws but if you compare this to Operation Raccoon City, well they don’t compare. This game is head and shoulders beyond that. It has lost that Resident Evil feel from the first few games in the series though. At times it feels like they are trying to go back to that, but some of the story prevents that in its entirety. The visuals are great, the sound is great, and if you are looking for a game to have fun with for a few weeks this is it. Don’t go in with expectations that this game is going to change the survival horror genre or any aspect of gaming because it won’t. This game is simply a fun game to kill zombies, find out about some of the conspiracies taking place and extend the life of seven characters. Pick this game up if you are a fan of the series, enjoy third person shooters, or are looking for a fun co-op game to play other than Borderlands 2.


Impressive visuals and sounds
Fun stories
Great co-op experience


Some camera angles are terrible
Lack of a full tutorial
Game feels like it has left its roots and is too far to come back to.

Graphics8.0Great graphics and images 
Gameplay7.0Controls are tough at first but story is great 
Sound8.0Voice Acting and Special Effects are near flawless 
Lasting Appeal7.0After the stories are all done, there is very little left to come back to 
Fun Factor 7.0Outside of the stories, there isn't much fun to be found on this title. 
Overall7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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