Save The Arcade Event With Zachary Quinto

August 22, 2009 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

On Wednesday of this week, Stride Gum continued their recently launched “Save The Arcades” campaign by holding an event at the Video West Arcade in Glendale, CA. Stride Gum is donating money to four notable video game arcades around the country that are very close to being closed down.

Actor, Zachary Quinto, Mr. Spock of the new Star Trek movie and Sylar of Heroes was in attendance to show his support for the new movement to support and help save America’s small business and shared American past time that are the video game arcades. I’d actually never been to the Video West Arcade, and I was overjoyed to see that some of my all time arcade favorites were packed into the modest space including Die Hard Arcade, Capcom’s Marvel Super Heroes, Alien vs. Predator, and of course Bubble Bobble.

We also got the chance to speak with Zachary Quinto for a short interview:

Jeffrey “The Vile One” Harris: Can you tell us about the Save The Arcade movement and how you got involved?

Zachary Quinto: Sure. Stride Gum came to me and asked if I would help them get the word out for this movement that they are initiating which is to raise awareness for the dwindling past time which is arcade gaming, and I thought it was really interesting. I’m a big fan of anything old school and to me arcades really represent that notion of an old school culture that’s pretty indicative to American society. So for me, it was really about preserving that and preserving these small businesses that in this economy and this culture are really struggling. It’s hard to compete with these large corporations and conglomerates that come in and tear buildings down to build parking lots and big high rise structures. So I like the idea. And I like the idea of giving people a place to come where they feel can express themselves and connect with people who share the same interests. And I think that’s something that’s in jeopardy at this moment.

TVO: Have you always been a gamer?

ZQ: Well its all relative. When I was a kid, I mean I was a pretty big Nintendo freak. And I think that I got turned on to that a lot of stuff by really arcade experiences. And we would hang out at arcades a lot after school, and it was a place to go. It was a place to congregate. That’s really, I think that’s valuable to people.

TVO: Congratulations on Star Trek by the way.

ZQ: Thanks.

TVO: I was really happy with the movie, and the movie made close to $400 million worldwide which adjusted box office is like more than any Star Trek movie has come before. Now that’s passed, do you feel relieved, or do you still feel pressure to set the standards even higher?

ZQ: Well, I mean that’s always how I feel about my work and the people that I work with. So, that’s just part of it. But with regard to Star Trek, we’re all really excited and proud and grateful that it did as well as it did, and I think we’re all looking forward to continuing the journey. But yeah, there’s the pressure element of it, the pressure is my — like the pressure’s not mine for the movie to do well. The pressure is mine to give a good performance and be committed to what I’m doing.

TVO: I’m also a big fan of 24. You were a recurring character in the third season named Adam.

ZQ: Right.

TVO: I always wonder, what do you think happened to Adam? Do you ever think in your head, what happened to Adam later on?

ZQ: Maybe. I don’t know. I mean clearly he went home from work and didn’t come back the next day. But, I didn’t really give it much thought. I had a good time working on the show. I was just as glad to move on from it. I learned a lot and grew a lot, but creatively it wasn’t the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done because it was a pretty peripheral character, pretty information based. You know he was an information disseminator in a lot of ways. So I didn’t feel the character was that supported creatively by the producers and the writers on the show. I don’t think they gave it any thought, so I didn’t either.

TVO: So what is the favorite video game you like to play right now?

ZQ: Right now, I’m kind of on Guitar Hero actually. Yeah, Guitar Hero.

Stride Gum will be measuring the point totals for all the participating arcades in the program. The arcade with the highest points will be donated $25,000. Remember to get all the latest news in gaming, movies, sports, politics, and entertainment, you can add to your favorite places or save it to your homepage. Also remember you can follow us on Twitter:



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