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SDCC ’12: DmC: Devil May Cry (Xbox 360) Preview

July 27, 2012 | Posted by Ashish

Another E3 holdover I wasn’t able to play but finally got my hands on during Comic-Con was Capcom’s DmC: Devil May Cry. To be clear, this is a straight reboot from scratch for the franchise with a new development team in Ninja Theory. The world and characters of Devil May Cry have been redesigned and reformatted for this game which features an especially bold, new, and different version of Dante. Mundus will also be features as the villain in the game.

From the looks of things, this is a more involved, personal story for Dante. It’s a pretty radical redesign as Ninja Theory has abandoned Dante’s flamboyant rock star look and get up for a more gritty, casual look. Dante’s still got his Rebellion sword, the Ebony and Ivory pistols, and jacket, but he’s wearing jeans and t-shirts now instead. One thing to note is that Dante is no longer half-human. He’s still son of the noble demon Sparda, but now Dante’s mother is an angel instead of a human. So Dante has both demonic and angel powers and that’s reflected in the gameplay. This means that Dante has a set of demonic and angelic weapons he can switch to throughout the levels at will depending on the button combinations you use. Dante is stuck in a city where the demonic forces that control it can pull him into Purgatory or Limbo at will and Dante’s surroundings transform into a twisted, madhouse version of the city where he is stalked by both angelic and demonic minions.

I like the new look and setting for the franchise. From what I’ve seen of the story in the cinematics and cut scenes, I like a more involved take on Dante where it appears the personal stakes are higher and it appears Dante has a friendship/potential romance with a young woman named Patty who appears to have a connection to the spirit world to help Dante and she’s later kidnapped by an evil demoness and Dante has to venture into a demon night club to rescue her. In terms of gameplay, it’s similar to previous games. The focus is still on action and pulling off crazy combos and juggles. Discovering new combos and attacks is a lot of fun as well as ways to shoot and hack and slash your enemies in mid-air. You can still unleash your Devil Trigger and in this form Dante glows red and his hair turns pitch white, evocative of his appearance from the previous games. While I love the previous DMC games, I think the franchise had sort of run its course and I was always disappointed with the lack of development between Dante and Trish or Dante and Lady. The Devil May Cry anime series was cool and started strong but the finish was weak and the villains were boring. So I’m looking forward to playing more of this new vision for the franchise.

DmC: Devil May Cry is set for a January 15, 2013 release on Xbox 360 and PS3. It will also be released on Windows PC.


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