SDCC 2009: Bayonetta Preview

August 1, 2009 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

Over at the SEGA booth, they had a playable demo on display for the new game, Bayonetta. 411mania got the chance to preview the new Xbox 360 version while at convention.

There were two different stages we got to try. The first was a boss battle. The game puts you in the shoes of Bayonetta, a new female gaming heroine that is in fact a witch. And don’t be fooled by her skimpy outfit . . . its made entirely of hair! The controls for the game are very smooth and easy. It plays like an enhanced Devil May Cry. The load screens for the game also give you full control of your character to unlock and try all your different moves and combos while you are waiting for your stage to boot up.

The boss battles for the game look gigantic not to mention they are fun to play. Bayonetta has various attacks, weapons, and magical powers at her disposal including her gun shoes. Once you deplete the boss’s life, you can unleash a nifty cinematic finisher where Bayonetta’s hair (which covers her body) morphs into a creature to finish off the boss. Graphics and animation are extremely impressive. Bayonetta is also a heck of a lot cooler than Lara Croft (one of the most overrated game series ever).

The other playable demo stage pits Bayonetta against another witch character in a one on one battle. This stage let you try out some crazy ceiling walks and battle which will probably be one of the game’s coolest features. I didn’t really get to see more of how the actual levels will play out and if there’s any puzzle solving involved or what not, but Bayonetta has definitely peaked my interest.

Bayonetta is due out for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 in January 2010.


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