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The 10th Hour 02.25.2011: Top 10 Franchises Capcom Should Bring Back

February 25, 2011 | Posted by Armando Rodriguez

Welcome to the 10th Hour. I am Armando Rodriguez and once again I am filling in for someone. Don’t ask me who because I don’t remember. Maybe I am going to get a “Substitute of the Year” award on 2011 for all the times I have covered someone. I need to come up with my own stuff instead of stealing/ruining everyone else’s ideas. However, the 10th Hour is one of my favorite columns on 411mania and it would be a shame to let it stay in the sidelines for the (hopefully) few weeks “someone” is going to be away.

My first idea for this week was to write about the characters I wanted to see added to Marvel vs. Capcom 3. However, that was the last thing that “someone” wrote about, so that idea was nixed. Good thing that Marvel vs. Capcom 3 actually inspired two ideas on me. Yes, two ideas. On the same day. That’s like a record or something. No wonder my brain feels fried. Anyway, before Marvel vs. Capcom 3, it has been 8 years since the PS2/Xbox release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and almost 11 years since the original Dreamcast release. Thus, my idea for this week….the 10 franchises Capcom should bring back from the grave.

Over the past few years we have seen the return of Marvel vs. Capcom, Bionic Commando, Commando, 1942/1943 and even Mega Man with the classic 8-bit look. What other Capcom franchises should be dug out of the grave?

Top 10 Capcom Franchises That Need A Comeback

10. Breath of Fire: One of the few (or should I say the only?) RPG franchise from Capcom had two solid releases on the SNES and Playstation as well as a single release on the Playstation 2. All five games were never considered “great” among their peers, but when your competition is Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger/Cross and such, it is hard to stand out. However, all of the games were really good and considering the bleak RPG landscape of current times in which the traditional RPG is being shoved aside for the hack/slash and First-Person RPG, a new Breath of Fire that retains the traditional RPG elements might not only attract a market of die-hard RPG players that remember the first games, but also revive interest in the genre. Personally I hope the traditional RPG genre is revived on consoles. We know it has been great on portables for the last few years but we need more classics on the bigger systems.

9. Final Fight: I am a big beat-em-up fan, so you know I was going to work at least one of this list. I know that the original was re-released last year, but I am talking about a brand new entry with modern graphics. Not 3D, stay 2D, but maybe add more pizzazz, a leveling system, perhaps cooperative with more than two players. Platforms like Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network are great to release these types of games.

8. Mega Man X: With the original going retro, why not bring back X with modern graphics? Show us what HD sprites or perhaps polygons on a 2D plane can do for Mega Man! I know I am going to get blasted for this, but as much as I love Mega Man I couldn’t get into the retro 8-bit look. I’d rather keep playing the SNES games. But my personal feelings aside, Mega Man=Money. Bring back X, put it on XBLA or PSN at $10-$15 and let it sell. Mega Man used to be such an important character to Capcom and it is a shame he has been somewhat forgotten this generation.

7. Street Fighter Alpha: So, we got Marvel vs. Capcom back, Street Fighter was revived (and single-handedly revived the fighting genre in my opinion) and it seems we are going to get a crossover nobody ever wanted to see (Street Fighter vs. Tekken). So why not go ahead and make Street Fighter Alpha 4? Make sure the graphics are cartoonier, so that they don’t look a lot like the ones in SFIV, bring back the multiple combat systems and, besides the chore group, use some of the obscure characters that have been left out of the newer titles. Street Fighter Alpha 3 is still one of my favorite fighting games and I hope a new, modern sequel is not far off.

6. Strider: Once again, this is a case of XBLA and PSN providing the perfect platform to re-launch a great, action-packed side-scrolling game like Strider. I am certain that if Capcom tries to remake Strider, he will get a trip to 3D land a la Bionic Commando. But just like that game, Strider will always be better in 2D. There are plenty of bad “fast-paced” action games like Blade Kitten, but we need the real deal, you know, one that is actually good. Strider would be perfect for that. Just making this list I have decided that Capcom hates money. So many classics that could be remade and they are gathering dust. Back on topic, fast-paced action, huge bosses and gorgeous HD sprites. That’s all I ask for. Make me a Strider 3!

5. Saturday Night Slam Masters: Imagine WWE All-Stars with fake characters, add projectile attacks (because it wouldn’t be a Capcom fighter without them) and a bunch of fighting game style moves, in addition to the wrestling moves. Make an over-the-top art style that is not so heavy on super-roided monsters (I mean, have you seen John Cena in All-Stars? He is like a pale Hulk!), a create-a-wrestler/fighter mode and cameos from Capcom universe wrestlers like Mike Haggar and Zangief. That’s all you need to revive this forgotten classic and create a decent alternative to the only wrestling games in town. Make it happen!

4. Dino Crisis: Back in the Playstation days, Dino Crisis was like Resident Evil with dinosaurs: Another attempt to cash in on the survival horror genre. Resident Evil has been revived and changed into a more action-heavy game. I say, it is time to change that. Return Resident Evil to the survival horror roots and make Dino Crisis the marquee action game. I mean, just take everything good about Resident Evil 4’s combat system, replace the zombies (don’t matter what they are called now, they are still zombies to me dammit!) with dinosaurs, add a bunch of high-octane set pieces and let the bullets and dinosaur bits fly!

3. Viewtiful Joe: Viewtiful Joe is one of the few games that kept my hopes up for 2D gaming last generation. Both games combined action-packed, fast-paced combat with a decent storyline, great graphics (for the time) and humor. The atmosphere was also different, enough so that it is unlikely that you will confuse Viewtiful Joe for any other game. Once again, XBLA and PSN would be the perfect place to unleash the beautiful one, since it is (sadly) unlikely that this type of game will sell well at retail among the juggernauts. With Joe a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, my hopes are as high as they have ever been that Joe will get another chance.

2. Power Stone: I have said it before and I will say it again: Super Smash Bros. is a great gaming concept and I am completely dumbfounded that in the era of “me too” clones it has not been mass-copied. Sure, there was a TMNT game that was not half bad, but come on! How hard can it be to bring Power Stone back? For those that don’t know, Power Stone had two entries on the Dreamcast (and one port to the PSP) and was basically an arena fighter like Smash Bros. in which you pick among ridiculous characters with ridiculous weapons to cause tons of mayhem….and win fights. Then you add the Power Stones themselves. Collect 3 of those and you can transform into a more powerful character. Just tell me why Capcom has abandoned this idea instead of riding it to the bank. I am so desperate for a Power Stone game that I would settle for a port of Power Stone 2 on PSN.

1. Mega Man Legends: I know, there is (supposedly) a Nintendo 3DS game in the works, but I want one for the consoles with all the power that brings. For those that don’t know, Mega Man Legends was Mega Man in 3D…..with an action-RPG style of play and third-person combat. For some miracle of the Gaming Gods, Mega Man didn’t suffer from the move from 2D to 3D like other Capcom properties (Bionic Commando… much I hate you!) and instead turned out to be one of the best action/RPG’s I have ever played. Once again, I have to ask: Why has one of the most beloved characters (Mega Man) and one of the most beloved games (The Legends series) have been forgotten in this new generation?

Well, that’s it for this week. You can leave your comments below and also I am open to suggestions for next week’s topic. Until then, play some awesome games!


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