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The 8 Ball 11.20.12: Top 8 Films That Should Be Made Into Games

November 20, 2012 | Posted by Marc Morrison

Welcome to another installment of The 8 Ball. This week I’m going to look at some films that would make perfect transitions into the video game world. A few of these might have some game tie-in already, but the game might’ve been download-only, or else completely terrible, so those are my two prerequisites out of the way. There also may have been announced games for a few of the movies, but they never came out, so it doesn’t count. I’ll also say that I’ll list the films, explain why they would make a good game, and then what kind of game it would be. With all that being said, let’s begin:

8. Sin City


The movie (and really comic) world of Sin City would be ripe for a games treatment. I don’t think you could do any single story in a game, but having multiple stories going on concurrently (like in GTA 5) would be kind of neat. The aesthetic would fit into a game nicely, hopefully better than the Saboteur, with none of the color-shifting mechanic, and just maintaining the film-noir look throughout the game. I would envision a Sin City game to be an open-world game, like Saints Row 3, or GTA, but with the noir look, none of the goofy stuff, and some extreme-violence sprinkled liberally as you played the game.

7. Star Trek (2009)


And no, Star Trek DAC doesn’t count. It was kind of amazing that a real game based on the film didn’t materialize. The most obvious reason is that no one expected it to be as big a hit, and when they saw the film, they had to crank DAC out as soon as possible for a crappy tie-in. They are making an actual game with the new movie, but why stop there? I think it would be enjoyable to just have a (good) entirely space-based combat game. You would have to blow out the story by a lot, but have the Enterprise doing space missions with the threat of Nero always in the back of your mind. Possibly make the Narada a “Nemesis” archetype, where you can’t ever destroy it, you can only run from it, or temporarily disable it.

6. The Avengers


The fact that an Avengers-based game didn’t come out is kind of astounding. Sure there was that THQ game but it was cancelled. Plus, while it looked crazy (first-person Hulk SMASH!), it didn’t look like the same caliber of quality that the movie had. Ideally, a game based on the movie would just ape the Marvel Ultimate Avengers games, in direction and gameplay. It would be interesting if you only had 6 or 7 characters to choose from, but they had different moves for different situations. Plus, having digital Mark Ruffalo would be fun for everyone.

5. Inception


There have been rumblings that a game based on the movie was in development, but they seemed to have died down some. While I don’t think a complete recreation of the film would be a good idea, the underpinnings of the movie world would be fascinating to explore in a game. I see an Inception-style game with your character essentially being like Ariadne’s role in the film. You would have powers to help create/design the maze worlds for your other characters to get through. You would have to create mazes for your characters to move through, but tricky enough to fool the enemy projections so they don’t stop you. Each different dream world could be a new setting for you to explore and present more challenges to you & the crew.

4. Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz


I put both movies on here just because of their similar content and humor. Both movies involve the main characters taking on hordes of bad guys in British towns, and the games would focus on this element as well. I see both games basically being like Left 4 Dead, only instead of fast moving zombies, you’d deal with slow moving zombies, or else corrupted towns folk. Team-work would be a must, but you could also just do the most ludicrous thing possible (throwing records as zombies), and still be able to survive.

3. Punisher: War Zone


I can kind of understand why a Punisher game didn’t come out based on the movie. The War Zone movie was a reboot of the character, but the brand was already kind of damaged from the previous movie. The first Punisher movie had a game though, so why not this one? To be fair, if they had just updated the original game with Ray Stevenson’s model, had some of the graphic (and delightful) action that Lexi Alexander came up with, and cover the game with the same neon-infused lighting from the movie, it would have been great.

2. Wreck-It Ralph


There are a few iOS/flash games based on Wreck-It Ralph, but they don’t count. Ralph would be rife for either two different games to be made. The first is just to blow out the Sugar Rush world into a full-fledged game. Just make it a kart-racer full of the Wreck-It Ralph characters and such. That’s kind of the lazy (but applicable) approach. The second would be to do something like Kingdom Hearts or Namco X Capcom, where it’s a party-based roleplaying game. Maybe you always have Ralph, Felix, Calhoun and Vanellope in your party, but you could also bring in Zangief, Dr. Robotnik (screw that Dr. Eggman business), Qbert, the Tapper Bartender, and more as your 5th character. That would be the more ambitious game idea, but if executed properly, could be masterful.

1. The FP


When I first saw this movie, I instantly thought it could translate into a game. The crux of the movie involves JTRO taking down rival gangs by way of a DDR-clone called “Beat Beat Revolution”, with the fights being labeled “a beat-off”. And it only serves to get greater from there. I would say that Saints Row 3 comes close to what The FP goes for, but it’s not enough. In my perfect FP game, it would be like a Saints Row, or GTA, where you explore Frazier Park and the surrounding areas. To fight though, you actually have to play DDR in real life in order to win battles. You would also have guns but they would be totally ineffective like they are in the movie. Side missions and training mini-games would abound in the game but they would serve no practical purpose. And I won’t spoil the last shot of the movie, but if the game ended just like that, it would bring a tear to your eye. I salute you The FP, you are the movie that could be most easily translated into a game.

No Complainers Corner this week, since I can’t really come up with a lot of other good movies that would translate into movies. Although, if you have any good suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments.

The General Roundup

There were some decent suggestions from last week’s list. However, Comix Zone is garbage. It has a great soundtrack, and a cool look, but horrible gameplay. When you punch objects, you lose health. That’s not fun. Oh also, I *did* own a Genesis, including the Sega CD, and 32X attachments. Man, those were a bad idea.

What do you want the 8 Ball to be about next week?

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