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The Average Gamer 1.22.13: Top DLC Titles

January 22, 2013 | Posted by Dan Watson

From Welcome back to the Average Gamer.

So, as of now, I am in a holding pattern on the house. We have submitted a request to get some changes made to the home and are waiting to hear back on that as well as waiting to hear from the mortgage company about closing dates and what not. We are supposed to close on the house in exactly two weeks and I am not hopeful on that. I am pretty sure that date is going to get pushed back a few weeks at this point.

In the world of sports, we have our Super Bowl set. I really didn’t care for any of the final four teams and at one point was desperate enough to cheer on the Patriots. I really don’t want to see a Harbaugh brother Super Bowl and honestly am tired of hearing about Ray Lewis. Here we are throwing every judgment on Notre Dame’s Linebacker for a fake girlfriend but Ray Lewis is part of a double homicide and is praised as a hero of the sport. I just don’t like it at all. I am sure Lewis is a decent enough human and it isn’t for me to pass judgment on him, I just don’t care for all the fame surrounding him.

In gaming, I took a small break this week/weekend with all of the house stuff going on. I’ve played a bit of Happy Wars, Far Cry 3, and Madden lately but overall I kind of hit a slow spot for the time being. I still have Dishonored and Assassin’s Creed 3 in their wrapping. With everything going on, it is hard to get motivated to play. I also downloaded the Borderlands 2 DLC and will cover that shortly.

Top 5 Worst Moments of Buying a House

5. House shopping in general- Trying to find the perfect house with your wife is like shoe shopping it’s terrible.

4. The initial rush- After putting the offer in, we had five days to do inspection and complete loan requirements.

3. Dealing with Loan People- These have been the worst people to deal with, they treat you like you are in the business and give you no help or understanding.

2. Dealing with family- Sometimes it is easiest to just not tell anyone about the house until it’s closed on. Each day I am fielding questions from family members asking if I have any more info.

1. Waiting- After that initial rush, it is just a sit and wait type thing. My wife wants to look at furniture and wants to be excited but I am trying to hold that back until the deal is done.

Top DLC of the last Year

In a year when a DLC title won Game of the Year, it really said how good the DLC product was coming. There are some great titles out there and instead of limiting it to just 2012, I have included one or two that were released this year. As always, these are just my opinions so please feel free to toss your own into the mix down below.

HM. Borderlands 2 DLC Packs

As I stated up above, I haven’t really gotten into the newest pack but the overall packs have been pretty solid. I have enjoyed where the story has taken us and the concepts have all been over the top and fun. I am hearing bad things about the newest one so far based on other reviews I have read but as long as they provide us with the same humor and some fun moments I am happy. I just wish they would provide us with the level cap increase already and maybe a new character or two at this point other than the mechromancer.

5. Trials: Evolution

This game is perfect for a competitive person. I would spend hours trying to hit all of my goals and if I failed I would just restart. Seeing a ghost racer as well made it just that more challenging. Then when you toss in user created content, it was a game that never seemed to end. I haven’t played it in a few months but whenever I get bored this is a title to go back to.

4. The Cave

This is just releasing in the coming days but I have had the opportunity to give it a shot. The concept of picking three characters and having stages directly related to them is great. The gameplay is fun and a great puzzler at the same time. If you are looking for a game to pick up to get through the winter but don’t want a retail game, this is it. There is even a multiplayer aspect to it. You will continue to play the game to see the different endings you can get.

3. Happy Wars

A free to play game on Xbox 360 that offers a huge battle with other players. There are two issues I have with the game though. First, the servers have been terrible lately. For example, a few days ago, I sat down to play a few rounds. I would get into a room, play until we were at the other castle and then it would disconnect me due to server issues. The other problem I have is that you cannot continue the single player story without leveling up in multiplayer. I understand it is a DLC title and you need to have an internet connection but I would much rather play by myself when the server is having issues.

2. Minecraft

I really enjoyed Minecraft until I couldn’t really find a purpose to do anything anymore. With the soon to be released end-game as well as villages, it seems like a great time to get back into it. This was a game that you could spend hours doing nothing at all except following a path of lava to see where it started and ended. We had trains going; we had huge areas under-ground as well as castles and forts above ground. This game has endless possibilities and you can do it with friends or alone.

1. The Walking Dead

When this game won the game of the year award, I was somewhat wondering what I was missing. I wasn’t sure if it won just because of the following the television series and books had or what it was. At that point, I was only just starting Episode 3. After spending some time playing and beating the game, I get it. This game didn’t win because of graphics or gameplay, it was the story. The story sucked you in and made you make decisions that you normally wouldn’t want to make. Then in the end, it left you heartbroken, sick, and sad. This was the perfect story concept for the series. I am interested to see where Season 2 will take us. If you have not played this game or only played the first episode because it is free, please do yourself a favor and check this out.

Well that is it for me this week. I will hopefully be back next week unless something comes up with this house deal. Have a great week everyone and stay warm.


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