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The Average Gamer: 1.29.13: The Annual Sports Edition

January 29, 2013 | Posted by Dan Watson

Welcome back to the Average Gamer.

I have to say buying a home is much tougher than anything I had ever gone through before. For starters, a lot of this isn’t in my control and I hate when I am not in control. Another problem is I am clueless I feel like on most of this stuff. So, to update everyone, we went through the home with inspection and there were a few issues. After two weeks of negotiating, the seller agreed to most of our requests. Then, we get through that and we get to the appraisal. Well, the problem with the appraisal is that it came out to be significantly less than our offer price. So now we continue negotiating and see what happens.

During this whole ordeal, gaming opportunities are far and few between. So, I haven’t had a chance to play Dishonored or Assassin’s Creed 3 yet. I have had the chance finally to open Forza Horizons. This game is extremely good. I would say it is as good if not better than Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. It has the open world feel while maintaining the ability to customize so much of each car. The multiplayer is solid as well. If you haven’t had a chance to play it, give it a shot. This game is easily my winner of all-time best retail game I purchased for ten dollars or less. I picked it up on Black Friday from Wal-Mart for ten dollars and it was a steal. I have also been playing Madden, Far Cry, and a few other titles.

Top 5

This week, I am going to highlight my top five sporting events in the US.

HM: MLB All-Star Weekend- Just wish they made this game actually worth watching. Get rid of the requirement where every team is represented.

5. NBA All-Star Weekend I cannot say just the game but I can tell you the whole weekend is done very well. From the dunk contest to the rookie versus sophomore game, to the actual game, the NBA does their All-Star weekend very well.

4. Daytona 500 NASCAR’s big event is always something to catch and we are only a few weeks away from it.

3. NFL Draft Weekend Everyone loves watching these college kids turn into millionaires in the matter of moments. Some of the stories that come from this event last entire careers (See Aaron Rodgers and his huge fall to the Packers during the first round).

2. Wrestlemania/ Royal Rumble These two WWE events gather a ton of viewers but also provide a ton of fun to watch.

1. Super Bowl This is the same as Christmas for me. I have watched so many of these games no matter how sick or busy I am. It doesn’t even matter who is playing for me. I have never seen my beloved Vikings play but hopefully one day I will.

Sports Games to Play

The Super Bowl brings out the best of every sports fan. We have seen some funny Saturday Night Live skits because of the Super Bowl. We have seen several shows centered around sports all because of this game. With that said, this week normally brings out a ton of Madden players who have put the game on the shelf for the past few months. Let’s take a look at some of the games that I will be playing this week to fill my sports need.

Madden 2013

This game is the perfect game to be playing this week. Play the Super Bowl match-up as each team against the computer or against some friends. Become familiar with the players if you aren’t a huge football fan or a fantasy football player. This game can make sure you don’t look or sound like an idiot while watching the game with mixed audiences. Please refrain from using catch phrases like “Get Him,” “Tackle Him,” or “Kill him.” If you play Madden enough this week you should be able to identify some defensive schemes like zone
versus man defenses or blitzes coming from linebackers versus corners or safeties.

NBA 2K 13

Hmm, so let’s say you don’t like Madden but you need a sports title. Well, NBA 2K13 is the game to fill that gap. This series has been amazing the last few years and I would highly recommend it to everyone regardless of if you are a fan or not. You can do so much with this game from team games to individual careers to dunk contests.

NCAA Football 13

So, each year I would say NCAA is by far the better of the football games for the year. This year, I disagree. Madden gives it a solid run and may actually beat this game this year. I can tell you this about the game though, it is still fun and provides you with a career mode that runs right into Madden. One of the positives here is that you know the limits to your career. You can only stay in school for a set number of years so you can’t take Rhode Island University to the championship for ten years in a row.

NHL 13

This hockey game is the only hockey game you should be playing this year. Last year it took a slump in my opinion but this year it rebounded nicely. Hockey games are a bit more fast-paced and as long as you understand the game, are more enjoyable. The game is extremely fun but takes a bit to get used to the shooting unless you put it on an easier difficulty.

Forza Horizons

Well, there really is no good NASCAR game out there, so to include a racing title, this would be it. You can play this game for hours at a time and have so much to do. The multiplayer is great with a tag-style game of infection. There is king of the hill as well and a mode called cat and mouse. For an additional 1600 microsoft points you can pick up the expansion of Forza Rally.

Well that is it for me this week. Have a good week everyone and see you next week.

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