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The Average Gamer 10.13.12: Gaming News Edition

October 13, 2012 | Posted by Dan Watson

Welcome back to the Average Gamer. I am sorry I missed last week. Things have been extremely crazy in my life and between power outages, the Ryder Cup, and then putting an offer on a home, I haven’t had a ton of time to think.

This past Sunday, I went with my wife to look at a few homes. I should have known this was a mistake for several reasons. First, my horoscope said read the fine print before signing a contact today, second, it was a Sunday and that day is my football day. So, she loves the first home. We look at the other five and then move on. Well all day she kept talking about that house. We call our realtor, he says let’s put an offer on it. So, we spend another two hours putting an offer on a home. The next day, it is rejected and all week I have heard how we should have gone higher, or done things differently.

In the gaming world, with all that going on plus work, it has been kind of tough to get gaming in. I am still playing Borderlands 2 with a few different people and have finally beaten the game. I went with the commando and it has worked out well. I posted a Resident Evil 6 review not too long ago and really enjoyed that game as well.

Top Five Non-Gaming

This week is actually a bottom five list. This is going to be my bottom five NFL teams this year. The fifth team will be the best of them with the overall number one being the absolute worst.

5. New York Jets With key injuries on both sides of the ball, this team should be happy to finish outside the bottom five. The offense is especially hurting with three wide receivers out for the past two weeks.
4. Oakland Raiders What happened to the team that won a Super Bowl not long ago? This team is struggling and you can’t blame the owner anymore.
3. Jacksonville Jaguars Now that Minnesota Vikings have a stadium deal locked in, how long until the Jaguars are moved to Los Angeles? No fan support in Jacksonville helps the owner let the team fall.
2. Miami Dolphins We knew it was going to be a bad year but this is just pathetic. Reggie Bush is the only bright spot on this team.
1. Cleveland Browns They may match the Detroit Lion’s record for not winning a game all year. They started off hot against New York Giants and then just fell apart. Sadly, their rookie running back, Trent Richardson, is the only bright spot here.

Gaming News Recap

Lately, there are some really cool stories out there and I wanted to take a week and recap some of them for you, just in case you haven’t seen them. Many of them have not made it on 411mania, as they aren’t necessarily all about gaming, instead more about general gaming knowledge.

Average Gamer Girl of the Month

Last week, I received an email that I thought was in no way real. Sure enough, it was. Miss October in Playboy, Pamela Horton, is an avid gamer. I will be posting an interview with her in the coming week, but wanted to feature her this week in the Average Gamer. Nothing about Miss Horton is average though. She is from Wichita, Kansas and is an established League of Legends player. She is also an artist. She specializes in multimedia art as well. With all that said, Miss Horton is our first ever Average Gamer Girl of the Month. Feel free to send your nominees for November in either the comments section or to my email address, [email protected] .

No Wonder Mario Has Gone On So Many Adventures

So a company named Movoto went and did a study to find out how much a Mario Brothers Gold Coin is actually worth. You can play around with it below. Where I am shocked is that someone spent the time and calculated how tall Mario would be, how big the coin is, and all of the other information needed to make an informed guess. Then, this thing took off and was found in Youtube videos and channels, IGN, and a few others as well. So, after playing around with it myself, I have to imagine that Mario is not always trying to save the Princess, this man is getting rich each time there is an adventure.

Mario Gold Coin Converter By Movoto Real Estate

Commander Sheppard for President

IGN has a feature going on right now where there are different candidates from each different console, and even from different genres, that are running for President. Microsoft has Commander Sheppard running as President and he selected Marcus Fenix as Vice President. Apparently, Master Chief is not involved in this group or maybe is hoping for a cabinet spot. Sony has Drake as their nominee and he selected his VP candidate of Snake. Nintendo went with Link and Fox McCloud as VP. There are quite a few more, but the biggest shock has to be Nintendo not nominating Mario. This man has carried that company through some rough times and has done everything in life. How can he not be nominated? Microsoft, toss him a line and bring him to your team.You can view all of the coverage here .

Well everyone that is it for this week. I am hoping RGIII sits out this week against the Vikings so the Bears’ fans around me can stop saying we are tied. Anyone that knows anything about sports knows that a team that is 1-0 in the division is ahead of a team that is 0-1 in the same division. Have a great weekend, I know I will as I am going away for a few days.

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