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The Average Gamer 2.12.13: Next-Gen Edition

February 12, 2013 | Posted by Dan Watson

Welcome back to the Average Gamer.

I have to apologize for the roller coaster ride it must be to try to follow this column. The house purchase is almost complete and then hopefully I can dedicate more time to this site again. It’s strange that I do not have a game out for review right now or any video game related work to do just this column but hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

In the gaming world, I have been almost non-existent playing with friends. When I am on, I am just trying to finish the last few races in Forza Horizons or finally started playing Dishonored. I am really impressed with Dishonored and surprised more people weren’t talking about it. The other surprise of the weekend was the lack of knowledge about Call of Duty: BLOPs2 my brother in law had. His friend and him were struggling and it didn’t make sense to me as the game provides you with some pretty decent upgrades. So, I went through with him and he knew nothing about turning the power on, building the turbine, or any of the other fun things you can do with the game. Luckily, I fixed that for him and we sat with three Gatling guns and two turbines and just mowed down zombies. It worked out well going into the Walking Dead premier.

Top 5

On the note of Walking Dead, I wanted to give five things that annoyed me with last night’s episode.

5. Leave the town…oh wait you can’t If there was ever a problem with lines of communication it happened last night. The Governor is saying let them leave and see how long they survive but his hired guns are shooting and telling people to go back to their houses.

4. Glenn being whiny Hey I get it, your girlfriend was either sexually abused or about as close to it as you can get. The problem is you are taking out your issues on everyone else and being a cry baby about it.

3. More Hallucinations Why was Lori there taunting from above? Does it even matter? This is about as annoying as the phone call angle.

2. The Baby I may catch slack for this but can anyone explain why killing the baby hasn’t been brought up yet? The last thing I would want if I was fighting for my survival would be a crying baby with me.

1. Lack of Merle and Darryl I was hoping to get more from Merle this week. His short amount of time on screen was hilarious and he plays an awesome asshole. Hopefully they rejoin up soon so we can have his common sense back.

Next-Gen 2.0

I guess every time a new set of consoles comes out we will call them the next gen consoles but I wish we had a better naming system in place. Below you will find the few things I am hoping are brought to the new consoles and the few things I hope get left behind or left out. Feel free to toss in your thoughts and comments below.


3. Xbox Live style online across the board

Microsoft hit it out of the park with Xbox Live. The current generation of consoles was won simply because you could play with friends almost flawlessly. Sony didn’t really master this and Nintendo missed the mark entirely. I can only hope Sony gets something like this going right from the start. I would love to be playing some of Sony’s exclusives with friends. In my opinion, Gran Turismo is much better than Forza and would be an amazing multiplayer experience under the right conditions.

2. Blu-Ray for all

I, like Microsoft, thought that HD-DVD would out live Blu-Ray. I said to many that Blu-Ray would be gone and Sony would lose this generation because of it. Man was I wrong. Now, I am hoping each console adopts the Blu-Ray concept in some form to provide us better quality images as well as more data on the disc. It gets old when you have to install a game to a console so you don’t have to switch discs continuously.

1. New Beginnings

Xbox 360 brought us Gears of War but it also brought with some baggage in the form of Halo, Forza, and a few other exclusives. I’m okay with the baggage as long as the new stuff outweighs it. I don’t feel that Xbox brought us close to outweighing the baggage with new material this generation. Sure it brought early exclusives but those eventually went multi-platform. Sony brought us plenty of new titles and re-invented some of their old. I would like to see a great change over from console to console while keeping some of the older titles as special releases.

Do Not Want

HM: RROD and the likes.

3. Locked Games

One reason I don’t play PC titles is because you cannot trade them in or get rid of them for any profit due to the license being issued and used. This is something that could kill gaming entirely for me if they end up somehow locking discs to one time use. I loan my family members games all the time and even the EA online passes are ridiculous, this would possibly take me out of gaming all together.

2. Motion Gaming

I am sure Microsoft will release another Kinect, but I hope that this fad is almost over. This is terrible for gaming and games that use motion are nothing more than a mini-game or worse. I game for the story, characters, and multiplayer, I do not want to move around and act out what the game can do for me. I hope this becomes a disappearing show soon and we re-focus on gaming in its purest form.

1. Overpriced Consoles

By the time I got my Playstation 3, most people had stopped playing it. The price was so high that I couldn’t justify purchasing one until it was near the end of its life cycle. I hope that all companies have learned a lesson from this and start at lower price points. Consoles don’t sell out like they used to because you have to be filthy rich to afford day one purchases. Hopefully we will see price points near four hundred dollars or less but something tells me that is highly doubtful.

That is it for me this week. Have a great week everyone and hopefully see you next week.


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