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The Average Gamer 2.19.13: Favorite Moments of This Generation

February 19, 2013 | Posted by Dan Watson

Welcome back to the Average Gamer.

Well ladies and gentlemen; we are officially one week away from me being a homeowner. We finally have final closing date set…except I am not that confident that it is going to happen just yet. I am sure you have either closed on a home or know someone that has and I’d bet each experience is fairly similar. Each time you think you are close to closing, something else comes up to screw you over at the last minute. So, we are just waiting at this point to see if it actually happens.

With that going on plus no football, I tried to get a bit more gaming in this past weekend. For starters, please do not waste the money on the newest DLC from Borderlands 2. I didn’t realize that these DLC packs were being outsourced otherwise I wouldn’t have invested in any of them. This one, the hunt of so-and-so, took about thirty five minutes to complete the main story. I was extremely disappointed. On the flip side, I have been extremely surprised by how good Dishonored is. I would love to say I can dedicate more time to it, but I don’t know if that is going to happen or not.

Top 4 worst things to do when stressed out

With so much stress going on in my life, I am sure many of you have problems far worse than mine. I know sometimes it feels like no one is there or that it doesn’t matter what you do but it does. If you are down and out and honestly have no one to chat with, email me. I am not a licensed or even skilled therapist but I can listen and maybe help in some way. My email is [email protected]

4. Talk about the situation with an outsider

This is the worst because they are going to ask questions and if you are already stressed about it, you’re only going to get more frustrated trying to explain what is going on.
Instead, try writing down the issue and breaking it down to the smallest terms. For example: If you are stressed about buying a home, write down why you are stressed.

3. Dig yourself in deeper

If you are stressed about money, don’t go spend more money and wonder why you don’t have any.
Instead, focus on trying to fix the issue in the simplest way possible.

2. Bottle it up

If you are stressed and aren’t doing anything to fix the issue, don’t bottle it up. By not getting it out somehow, you are only going to be in worse condition to handle future stresses.
Instead, journal to yourself if you have to, just get the problem out there in some way.

1. Blame Others

No matter what the problem, somewhere you need to accept some responsibility.
Instead, figure out a way to spin this positively as a learning experience.

Gaming Memories from this Generation

This generation has been very good to me in terms of memories. I don’t think I will have another generation that was quite this good for me. I was in college during this generation and that really made the gaming experience that much better. I had plenty of friends who would game with me no matter the game or the time normally. Adam Larck, regular news guy, was one of them. In about two months I will be standing up in his wedding because of the gaming experiences we had. Sometimes games really do unite people and I made a few friends and keep in contact with friends because of and through gaming.

Guitar Hero/Rock Band

Every gamer had some sort of musical instrument through this generation. For a few years there it seemed like music games were the only ones selling. I wasn’t the best by any means but I feel I was pretty good on the guitar, decent on the drums, and terrible on the vocals. I much preferred playing guitar on hard or expert depending on the song. The real fun came with just getting friends together and playing for a few hours and enjoying the music and the company. I had some really good times with these titles.

Crackdown and Crackdown 2

This was a fun series to screw around with, especially the second one. I don’t think there was any other game that I spent so much time doing nothing but screwing around with. We would be in the middle of searching for orbs and then a car chase would break out. Two of us would have helicopters and two would have cars and the helicopters goal was to kill the driver of the vehicles. It would result in twenty or thirty minutes of fun and a nice break from chasing orbs.


Another genre this generation capitalized on was zombie games. Left for Dead, Call of Duty’s zombie modes, Dead Rising, etc. all focused on survival in against the odds stories. Some of my favorite moments were playing any of the Call of Duty zombie modes with a few friends. There is that point when you realize you won’t be living much longer or surviving any more rounds. In that moment, you do anything you can to survive another round and be a hero. It very rarely happens the way we hope but it was just an added adventure in the series. In the later renditions, we saw variations that added missions to it and now we have a full moving bus that takes you to different locations.

It was never about the cake

I remember the first time I played Portal. I had no idea what was going on and thought I would never get interested in it. Man was I wrong. The first game was amazing and still to this day I don’t think we will see another game so simple but so fun. I compare this to the game Simon, the round thing with four colors where you just have to memorize the color pattern. That is all Portal really was, a puzzle with no real guns. If you took away the security bots and their guns this game would have zero violence. The puzzles were mindboggling but in the end there was a real sense of achievement.

Last Remnant

I don’t know how many people played this game. I would bet even fewer went through and beat it completely. I can tell you though that this game was all Adam and I played for quite a long time. We spend forever playing and trying to beat the huge dragon that kills you in eight turns. When we finally did it, it was time for me to graduate and the game was never beaten. Sadly, I still hold on to it hoping one day I will go back and complete that game.

Well, that is it for me this week. Next week I will be gone as closing is Monday and I have to get a lot done in order to get to that point. As a side note, if you are interested in writing for 411mania in the games’ section please send me an email with your name as well as a sample of a column you would like to write.


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