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The Average Gamer 7.20.2012: Super Hero Edition

July 20, 2012 | Posted by Dan Watson

Welcome back to the Average Gamer. This week we get the release of the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. This is supposedly Christopher Nolan’s last run with the series that has created a new fan base for the Super Hero. Before Nolan’s version of Batman, I think many would agree that there was just a bad taste in your mouth with how the previous series ended. Hopefully, this series doesn’t end the same way.

In the gaming world, I have been playing a few games pretty consistently. First, Minecraft still dominates much of my time. I finally have a mine that I am proud of and still expanding. I am partially proud because of how crazy the experience was in opening the mine up, but also proud because I didn’t have to use a glitch or cheat to open it. I’ve continued to play NCAA football as well. This is a pretty solid football, in my opinion. I have also ventured back into Borderlands and trying to control my excitement for the next title to release. Finally, I have spent way too much time and am still enjoying Lego: Batman 2 DC Heroes. The story is extremely fun and the gameplay is great.

Off Topic Top 5

With my one year anniversary of being married on Saturday, let’s go over the top 5 things I miss about being single. This will also test to see if my wife reads this, which I highly doubt. Anyone want to bet on this?

5. Watching Sports: Before getting married, my television was set to like four of five channels. If I wasn’t watching HBO, FX, USA, or Fox, I was watching ESPN. Sadly, it is very rare that I get to turn on good old channel 603.
4. Mom’s Cooking: My wife is a good cook, but she isn’t mom. Mom would make me huge meals and have them ready when I got home from work. It was the life.
3. Going out with friends without their girlfriends: Since I have been married, I feel like unless it is someone else’s bachelor party, we normally are all bringing girlfriends or wives with us. Not fun at an arcade or sporting event.
2. Sleeping In: My wife used to tell me she slept in often. I should have asked her to clarify what this meant as now on weekends I am up earlier than when I have to go to work. I miss sleeping until eleven in the morning or noon.
1. Uninterrupted Gaming Sessions: It never fails, right as I am getting into a good groove in gaming, my wife comes in like Peg Bundy and informs me she is bored. It took me three years to get to 75,000 achievement points, and has taken me two years to get the next 25,000 through.

Super Hero Games

Lately, we have seen an influx of Super Hero movies and games. This is normally a refreshing and entertaining turn for video games. There have been some terrible games out there; in fact, I cannot remember a good Superman game. However, there are a few games that are out there that are still worth playing if you have some time and need a break from other genres.

Spiderman: Web of Shadows

This was a fun Spiderman game that took you through several different “versions” of Spidey. The general idea was you would go through the different comic forms and get full stories that way. Some of the characters were a drag to get through but overall it was a great game. The most common version of Spiderman reminded me a lot of the old cartoon that used to be on Fox on Saturday Mornings. Overall, the game is great and a ton of fun while also being challenging.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The hidden pieces, the awesome story, everything about the game just fell into place perfectly. The overall feel of the game was great. The story really was a gem in my opinion and was one of the few games that I feel got the attention it deserved for being so great. If you haven’t played this game and ended up playing Arkham City first, you missed out on a game that was better in my opinion than Arkham City. While we are on that subject….

Batman: Arkham City

As I stated above, this is a great game, just not as good as the first in my opinion. Maybe it was the fact that the first had more of a shock value for bringing something to the genre and this just piggy-backed on that concept, but it just felt like it was missing something that the first one had. Also, the side-missions and collectibles were much easier to find than the first one in my opinion. Still, the game had a great story and the visuals were amazing. I encourage you to pick up either or both of these titles if you can and haven’t played either.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2

This was a pretty good series especially the second one if you had a friend to play with. The concept of a RPG super hero game really worked well. I know this wasn’t the series that started it, but it did a great job of perfecting it. If you haven’t tried this series give it a shot. You can pick it up extremely cheap right now and can get a few friends to jump in with you and have some great gaming sessions.

Marvel vs. Capcom Series

It would be foolish to leave a fighter off the list. There are two that I can think of that are on consoles and this surpassed Mortal Kombat versus DC easily. If you need a good fighter that involves Super Heroes, give it a shot I am sure you won’t be disappointed. The newest title offers a simple mode or a more advanced mode for those that want to play a more advanced fighter. The newest title is retailing around $30 still but I am sure you can find it used for cheaper.

Well guys and gals, enjoy Batman if you are going to see it. Please do not sit in front of your gaming console or PC for 40 hours straight as well, I don’t want any of my readers to be in the news please.


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