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The Average Gamer: 9.14.2012: Multiplayer Memories

September 14, 2012 | Posted by Dan Watson

Welcome back to the Average Gamer. This week couldn’t end soon enough could it? I am mentally drained lately and physically just stressed.

Each week, I like to let you the reader into my life a bit more than maybe some of the other writers like to do. This week, I headed to the doctor. I have a really bad case of acid reflux and nothing seems to help. Well, the first thing the doctor stated was that my blood pressure is extremely high for a twenty seven year old male. It is sitting around 180/80. This doesn’t mean much to me because I have no idea what those numbers mean. So, other than that, I need to lose a few pounds to make the doctor happy. Another new prescription for me and well that is that; except it wasn’t. This time the doctor wanted to do blood work. I am like a small child and hate needles and blood. So I go through with it and just grossed out by the slurping sound coming from the vials as they fill with blood. It was disgusting. Now we sit and wait for the results.

In the gaming world, I’ve played Madden quite a bit lately. Other than that, I have also been playing Gears of War 3 and Minecraft. I am hoping to pick up NHL 13 soon but we all know that with next week being the release of Borderlands 2 that is all I will be playing. I am also waiting for a review copy of Tekken Tag 2 so that I can get that posted for you guys.

Top 5 is going to be a quicker top 5 than normal due to my above lengthy paragraph about my appointment.

Top 5 Surprises of the NFL Week 1

5. Lack of Defense Across the League For those wondering if we had stepped into a new era of high powered offenses and lack of defense, we have. Week one broke the record for most teams that scored over forty points.

4. Manning is Back I was shocked to see Peyton return to glory so quickly.

3. RG3 is Here That was an impressive first start for a rookie.

2. Peterson is not human How is it possible to return from such a major injury so quickly and still be that good?

1. Maybe the Colts Screwed Up I now it is week one but am I the only one shocked by the Andrew Luck not looking great, while Colts’ rejects Peyton Manning and Pierre Garson as well as the QB the Colts passed for Luck, RG3, looked amazing?

Multiplayer Memories of this Generation

This generation provided me with something that I needed. Growing up I always had brothers or friends to play games with in the living room or at their houses. I went off to college and my first roommate was an asshole who only wanted to pop pills and listen to depressing music. So, after that disaster, the Xbox 360 came along and allowed me to play with friends from wherever as long as they had a broadband connection. Some of the following stories are probably more built up in my mind than the game deserved but none the less they each hold an important part in my life.


This game was one of the best surprises of the year when it released. The guns were infinite and the story was so crazy it was awesome. The DLC was amazing and was probably the best DLC I had ever purchased. The reason I have this in here is for two separate situations. First, this was the first time I had played with a good friend of mine while he was back at school and I was at home. The other situation is just recently I finally completed this game while playing with my new gaming group. We played through the three Moxi Challenges that lasted about 15 hours total I believe. I played this game with my now brother-in-law and he introduced me to the moded weapons there were present in the beginning. Overall it isn’t hard to see why this game was one of the best multiplayer experiences I had during this generation.

Halo: Reach

This game had a very strange story. You already knew the outcome before the game started. The way it played out though was interesting and fun. The online multiplayer was exactly what we have come to expect with Halo though and the results are always fun. I enjoyed playing this game a ton. This was a game where I didn’t have a lot of friends by into it, so I ended up playing a lot online with random people. Surprisingly, it was also one of the only online experiences where I didn’t feel that the random people were looking for cheap kills.

Madden 13

This is the most recent title on here. I have played this game a bunch with different friends and each game is just as fun. We played two on two games and no matter what position you are, the arguments you have with your teammates are awesome. Each gamer becomes T.O. or Donovan McNabb with arguments of “Why didn’t you throw to me, I was open,” or “These are the worst plays I have ever seen called.” Again, I don’t feel like there are cheap plays or anything of that nature which makes the game that much better.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Gun Game and Infected became nightly battles. We would declare championships based off who could win these modes. The regular multiplayer is terrible in my opinion but these fun mini-games made the game playable and somewhat enjoyable. Because there were three of us playing, we would eventually end up teaming up to prevent one guy from winning. Sadly, that one guy won nine times out of ten because you couldn’t trust your teammate for too long.

Gears of War 3

I love co-op games that allow you to play through the entire story correctly while playing with friends online. Some games only allow you to play the missions and don’t give you the story. That wasn’t the case with Gears of War. We could play through and battle as teammates. The harder the difficulty the more fights we had but overall it was an awesome experience. Games like this are what I prefer to play. I love to have a group of friends on my team fighting for a common goal and getting a finished story. If only the series would go out on the note that it ended instead of giving us a prequel now.

Mass Effect 3

Again, just to point out this is about the multiplayer experience not the single player game. The game was essentially horde mode from Gears of War 3. The overall experience was pretty cool though. You had your different classes with different skill trees. As you fought different enemies you would find out which classes were strong against what enemies. We played this mode for about three months before finally saying we were done with it.

Well please toss in your favorites down below. Have a great weekend everyone.


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