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The Average Gamer 9.29.12: Top Things About The Current Generation

September 29, 2012 | Posted by Dan Watson

Welcome back to the Average Gamer.

Is the week over yet? I feel like I have just been beaten down all week and finally the weekend is arriving. I normally don’t believe in horoscopes, but I took a look at mine Wednesday night for Thursday. It told me to be weary of confrontation that would exist throughout the day. Wow, they hit that on the head. It was a rough day. Any thoughts out there on horoscopes and astrology?

In the gaming world, I have been stuck playing a few games and only those games. NHL 13 and Borderlands 2 have dominated my gaming time. When I am not gaming, I have been enjoying the start to the fall television season. Some of the new shows I have enjoyed are Revelations, Go On, and Last Resort. My returning shows are Law and Order SVU, the Office, Modern Family, and that’s about it. I look forwards to the League starting back up and American Horror Story as well.

So I skipped last week’s top five and want to hit it again really quick. Before I do that, I had a guest comment last week that the Vikings would have no chance of beating the 49ers. Well you were extremely wrong weren’t you? I would like you to comment down below stating you were wrong and that I was correct, and also give the top 3 things that won the game for the Vikings.

Top 5 Reasons the Vikings Are On the Right Track

5. New Stadium This is going to make a world of difference for the execs of the team. Now that the new stadium is in place, focus can shift entirely to the team.

4. Strong Veteran Core This helps any young team grow into a stronger team.

3. No More Triple Team Decision Making Now that there is an official person making all player related decisions, it allows everyone to hold someone accountable and allows the coaches to focus on coaching.

2. Plenty of Talent Harvin, Peterson, and Allen are just a few of the top players on this team.

1. Great Drafting Ability I was on the bus of people that said Christian Ponder was too much of a reach. Man was I wrong. Many of the guys taken before Ponder are struggling this year while Ponder seems to have everything under control.

Top Benefits of the Current Generation of Consoles

This generation has been an awesome time for gamers. This generation brought gaming from being that hobby you keep hidden from friends to the way you make tons of new friends. People are openly discussing gaming for the first time of my life. There are a quite a few benefits to this generation that many would have never thought would be available in a console ever. Let’s take a look at each of my favorite benefits.

Online Gaming

Remember when the only way to play online with friends was using a PC? Remember when you had to share a screen with friends if you wanted to play a console game with friends? All of that changed with this generation of gaming. Online gaming gave gamers the ability to play with friends while you are all alone in your home. No more sharing the screen or passing the controller because you lost. Now we have online gaming where you and your friends can all play in the comfort of your own home and on your own screens. This is my favorite part of the current generation.

More than Just Games

How great is it that you can watch Netflix, listen to music, or surf the internet all from the comfort of your console? Sure these things are not needed, but it’s a great option to have when you don’t want to just play games. Consoles are more than just games now. They are entire entertainment systems and only take up the space of a DVD player or cable box. On Xbox you can watch HBO now, stream ESPN, and enjoy all the features of Zune Marketplace. Nintendo has their own web browser. Sony has the Playstation network. Every console has an awesome ability to provide your entire family with all the movies, music, and games that you will ever need.

Downloadable Content

Nothing extends the life of a video game more than extra content being added. Often with previous generations, you would beat a game and that would be the end. Eventually a sequel would roll out. Now we are getting more content added on a semi-regular basis. In addition to just content, we are also getting updated rosters in sports titles, more modes being added to games, and just general extensions to games. Toss in the fact that instead of paying twenty or thirty dollars for smaller titles, now we have the arcade titles that are out there. No more will you over pay for a game that takes just a few hours to beat, unless of course it is a Call of Duty title.

Wireless Controllers

Prior to this generation, it was impossible to find a controller that was wireless. We no longer have to worry about people tripping over our cords and pulling the controller from the console or our hands. We don’t have to worry about tangled cords or being too close to the television. Instead, we have the freedom to play from anywhere you can see the television. This may be the single greatest addition that no one talks about.

Well guys and gals, that is it for the week. Hopefully, the Ryder Cup isn’t delayed at all as it is killing my commute lately. This past week, my commute almost doubled each day because of that damn golf tournament. My normal commute is long enough, clocking in around seventy-five minutes and four five miles each way. It makes it much tougher to stay positive when you are in a car for four hours of your day and still have to work for eight hours. Have a great weekend and let’s hope to see another Vikings win.


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