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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (PS3, 360) Preview

October 21, 2011 | Posted by John De Large

While at the New York Comic Con, I had to get in some play time with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and try out the new characters. I even had some help from a friend! Here’s what we thought of 3 of the new characters and 2 of the returning ones.

Phoenix Wright
-For a human lawyer who battles against superheroes, fighters and gods, Phoenix Wright has more endurance than one would think. I would estimate his HP total to be somewhere around the 1,000,000 million range, same as Ryu. When looking for a justification for his high defense, I figured out that it must be a nod to an event in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, when he was hit by a car and only suffered a sprained ankle.

-Phoenix Wright is supposed to have multiple stances (down, down and S to switch between Investigation and Courtroom modes) and an evidence gathering ability (S+A, while in Investigation mode). Pressing S+A again while in Courtroom mode allows Phoenix to use his evidence as projectiles.

-While playing around with moves what I also figured out that he can summon Maya by entering the dragon punch motion (F, D, DF) followed by any of the attack buttons. The light attack button calls in Maya who puts up a barrier and medium and hard cause her to trip and fall into the opponent, OTG-ing them. Hopefully, Maya’s OTG is compatible with Spencer’s Beta Assist/Bionic Wire or Magneto’s Beta Assist/Hyper Grav to suck enemies back in and re-combo them.

-Phoenix Wright’s S attack, a sneeze, covers a lot of range and was helpful in mid-air trying to open up other for air-combos.

-As an assist character, Phoenix can throw papers (Paperwork), walk toward his opponent while studying a document (Press The Witness) and he can even summon Missile to do a low attack (Get ‘Em Missile!). While I can’t find a practical use for Paperwork, Pressing The Witness seems like a great follow up to Wesker’s df+H OTG after a combo and it’s pretty long, so players might be able to get their bearings or have more time to prepare their next move. As for the Missile assist, perhaps one could call in Missile and use an overhead to create an unblockable situation.

-Nemesis is huge, but not completely immovable, he feels a bit slow, but not plodding. Nemesis felt quite maneuverable in the air, which was a big surprise. As for his health, I’m unsure of this, but he may actually have less HP than Phoenix Wright, strange no?

-Nemesis big punches cover nearly the entire screen and they seem to have an invinciblity property though they can be interrupted. His punch barrage Hyper Combo on the other hand is nigh invincible, on the other hand. Once he starts swinging those 5 punches, players need to block or get out of the way. Perhaps a quick Level 3 that can be done from far away could stop him, like Doctor Doom’s Doom Time or Dormammu’s Dark Dimension. As for how to do the punch barrage, I think it’s quarter circle back and two attacks.

-Meanwhile, quarter circle forward and two attacks, allows Nemesis to open fire on opponents with his rocket launcher (which will OTG) and then stomp on their guts. The whole combo does a good amount of damage on it’s own and a fairly high amount if preceded by a BNB, and it may be my new favorite Level 1 Hyper Combo.

(EDIT: I didn’t actually try Firebrand! Instead, my partner in crime and really-good-photographer, April Madera went head to head with me and she had the foresight to pick Firebrand instead. Later on, I pressed her for notes and here’s what she had to say.)

-Firebrand was really fast and fluid. He can levitate in the air and do a lot of air attacks, and can get across the screen quickly.

-Firebrand has decent range with his attacks as well, shooting fire from the air and setting the floor on fire ‘n stuffs, but it seems he has low HP.

What about characters from the original Marvel vs. Capcom? How have they changed?

-Spencer has a new move, a descending knee drop it seems. While the new move does a chunk of damage, it impedes me from hitting S on the way down from an aerial Zip Kick and going into the Armor Piercer, a wall bounce move, then finishing with the Bionic Lancer. If the Bionic Knee Drop (not the actual name, but why not) caused some ground bounce and allowed players to re-combo or use Bionic Lancer off of that, then the Attack of the Killer Knees (also not an actual name), would be an excellent addition. Hopefully, it can be done while using the S+A Zip Line, then players would be able to cancel the Zip Line with the Knees and keep opponents boxed in more.

-Ryu his still strong and feels a little bit quicker even. His light Tatsu still has immense range and is still great for jumping in and stunning the opponent then going into a combo and into the wall-bounce kick. I didn’t get to try out the new charged up moves he has, but I heard that it’ll allow his Hadoukens to be invisible. I don’t know if I misheard that one, but that’s a heck of an edge to give an already pumped up character.


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