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411 MMA Fact or Fiction 04.09.08: Cung Le in the Top 10, Karo Parisyan Out of Shape, More

April 9, 2008 | Posted by Bren Oliver

With the debut of the Ultimate Fighter Season VII, and a highlight-inducing, action-packed UFC Fight Night XIII, it’s been an eventful seven days since the last MMA-centric “Fact or Fiction” graced the digital-pages of 411Mania. While we’ve been lucky enough to have special contributors the past two weeks in the form of MMA super-agent Ken Pavia and the IFL’s Mark Miller, I feel a comperable sense of fortune in having two of 411’s finest columnists on hand this week – Lotfi “It’s Not Lofti” Sariahmed and Dustin “My Sister is Hot” James. Lotfi is responsible for the always-excellent Planet Tapout, which you can find here every Tuesday, while Dustin is none other than the Mel Kiper of our MMA Zone, sans bad hair and creepy stare, as he’s responsible for 411Mania’s official MMA Rankings. You may have also recently checked out an interview with Ultimate Fighter Finalist III Ed Herman, here on 411Mania, courtesy of Mr. James.

While both men are typically tearing up the internet with their insight on the world of Mixed Martial Arts, the day has arrived for the two keyboard-wielding warriors to face off in the Octagon of Opinion! After this week’s round of “Fact or Fiction”, whose take on the topics will ultimately reign supreme, tossing the other individual into the bottomless pit of loserhood? Will Lotfi blot out the sun with his verbage and can Dustin still fight in the shade? Who will emerge the gnarly wolf on a spear-tip and who the diaper-clad kid in the wildness? Who has watched “300” on Cinemax about a million times over the past two weeks? The answer to the final question is clearly “me”, but as for the others…


1. The “Win and You’re In” format of the Ultimate Fighter VII was a good idea and will make TUF 7 the most competitive season to date.

Dustin James: FACT. I love the format. These dudes are not just getting a shot at a contract it’s A UFC CONTRACT! By making these guys fight right away, it’s easier to sort out who’s good, and who is this year’s red headed guy from the first season of the show. You know the guy I’m talking about! The guy who’s bed Chris Leben peed on. Ya, he was awful.

Lotfi Sariahmed: FACT. But my question is what happens after next week’s show? I mean if you didn’t like the first show, I don’t know why you’re watching MMA to begin with. But the criticism a lot of people had of TUF coming into this 7th season is that the “reality” part of this show was just becoming too ridiculous. After this first two weeks of the show what are we going to have? It’ll be the same thing as every other season unless I drastically missed something. So really these first two shows were trying to bring viewers in and keep them throughout. We’ll see if it works.

SCORE: 1 for 1. What’s funny is I didn’t know the guy Dustin was talking about – I just knew about his bed! His name, for the record, is Jason Thacker and he has a professional record of 0-1 with the lone loss coming via TKO to the same man who urinated in his bed – Chris Leben. Ouch!

2. An American MMA promotion will meet Fedor Emelianenko’s alleged demands for $2 Million per fight (an asking price mentioned by EliteXC President Gary Shaw in a recent interview).

Dustin James: FICTION. If you ask me personally, I think Gary Shaw is full of more things than just donuts and hot dogs. During the same interview he made a comment about how Fedor hasn’t fought in like 2 years. Dude, he just fought 4 months ago. True, it was against a humongous scrub who’s ginormous head still haunts me. I personally don’t think Fedor is asking for that much. I’m thinking he could be asking for a million per fight, but $2 million? C’mon.

Lotfi Sariahmed: NO COMMENT. Who cares? I can’t. This whole situation is absurd. He signed with M-1, he didn’t. His management team is screwing him, no it’s not. UFC offered him the most money but he doesn’t care. Dana White’s lying in this whole thing. Gary Shaw is lying in this whole thing. Mark Cuban is lying in this whole thing. And whatever other head of an MMA promotion you want to name is lying in this whole thing as well. On top of that, Fedor Emelianenko and his management are lying in this whole thing. I’m emotionally spent on this debacle. Wake me up when he ACTUALLY signs somewhere.

SCORE: 1 for 2. Shaw may not know much about Fedor’s MMA career, but I’ll bet you he does know how many additives are in a Twinkie! That’s got to count for something, right? Also, if you hadn’t already heard, Emelianenko’s people have said he’s scheduled to fight Tim Sylvia on July 19th in Dallas.

3. Cung Le deserves to be ranked among Mixed Martial Arts’ “Top 10″ Middleweights after defeating Frank Shamrock.

Dustin James: FACT. This is a tough one. My current list of Middleweights is hard to change as I have Yoshihiro Akiyama at #9 and Kazuo Misaki at #10. While I think that both of those fighters could give Le a tough time, I would have no problem bumping either guy for Le. Why? Because I’ve had Le on the bubble for months now and was just waiting for him to beat a credible name so I could put him in the top 10. So is he a top 10 Middleweight fighter? I could say yeah and sleep comfortably tonight.

Lotfi Sariahmed: FICTION. FICTION AND FICTION AGAIN! He’s not a top 10 middleweight after beating Frank Shamrock who’s only relevant because everyone listens to the garbage that comes out of his mouth! Frank Shamrock is not a credible name. Hasn’t been in almost 10 years. The argument doesn’t change just because of who’s already ranked 9th and 10th! Akiyama’s best win (Kang) is EASILY better than Cung’s win over Shamrock. Trigg’s beaten Misaki, Le hasn’t. These are just some of the dozens of arguments I could present. If Chris Lytle and Josh Burkman put on a FOTY candidate at welterweight, would either of them crack the Top 10? That’s not even a great example because both of those guys are closer to the Top 10 in their respective division. The fact that this is even a debate hurts my head.

SCORE: 1 for 3. I don’t think Le is “Top 10″ either, but I will say that he’s a very impressive fighter and I can’t help but respect what he’s accomplished in kickboxing and San Shou. At least Kazuo Misaki has signed a deal with Strikeforce, meaning there’s a very good chance we’ll see him fight Cung Le before the end of 2008. It will be interesting to see how people view Cung if he manages to de-bone Misaki with his kicks. Only 1/3 so far? Uh oh!


4. Steve Mazagatti’s stoppage in the Houston Alexander vs. James Irvin bout from “UFC Fight Night XIII” was premature.

Lotfi Sariahmed: FICTION. Houston Alexander, you lost in less than 10 seconds because you came in unprepared looking to swing for the fences as opposed to being ready to fight in an MMA bout. That’s all.

Dustin James: FICTION. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Houston is trying to make a name for himself by being “the guy who can knock people out quickly”, yet he’s the guy who’s been knocked out in the first round twice in a row now. Dude, you suck. You are THE definition of a one dimensional fighter. You know what they say, nothing good comes out of Nebraska. Except corn.

SCORE: 2 for 4. A few other “good” things coming out of Nebraska include Steve “Sting” Borden, Ted DiBiase, current Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleader Carmen Butler, Henry and Peter Fonda, Sin City’s Jamie King, and countless farmers’ daughters. 411Mania MMA – Serving up a side order of knowledge with your triple-stack of MMA insight every morning….

5. Karo Parisyan would be one of the three best Welterweights in the world if he dedicated himself to conditioning/diet instead of solely relying on his judo ability and natural talents.

Lotfi Sariahmed: FACT. I hate to say it but yes. Forget the ref stoppage from the Fight Night. When you rank the best welterweight you get those top seven that are all in the UFC. Serra, GSP, Hughes, Koscheck, Sanchez, Fitch and Parisyan. Unfortunately Parisyan is at best sixth on that list and that’s because he doesn’t do a lot other than his judo. I know he’s working with Xtreme Couture and I don’t want to speak ill of that gym, there are too many other studs. He’s gone too long without a title shot and everytime he gets to that title eliminator he falls short. So I can only assume he’s not working hard enough.

Dustin James: FACT. Karo, seriously. More crunches and less CRUNCHING on food will really do wonders for that gut. This was the most painful moment of UFC Fight Night to me. I really hated seeing Karo lose, but it’s obvious to me that he needs to get in the gym and train harder. The problem with Karo is he knows he’s good. The winner out of this whole deal? Thiago Alves of course. He is currently on a 5 fight win streak with his last loss coming to Jon Fitch back in 2006. Watch out for this dude.

SCORE: 3 for 5. When you make Chuck Liddell look “fit”, yeah…it’s time to hit the Gym a little harder.

6. After his performance against Joe Lauzon, Kenny Florian is more-deserving of a shot at the UFC Lightweight Championship than Roger Huerta or Tyson Griffin.

Lotfi Sariahmed: FICTION. HELL NO. More deserving? Based on what? Beating Joe Lauzon? An over the hill Dokonjonosuke Mishima (and no I didn’t look that up)? Alvin Robinson? Din Thomas? Come on…where’s the big fight in that bunch? I don’t want to take away from what he’s done but to say he’s more deserving than anyone for a shot at the belt is borderline offensive. Huerta has two FOTY candidates from 2007 and hasn’t lost since 2004. Griffin has one loss on his record period and that’s a tough decision loss to Frank Edgar that’s also a FOTY candidate in 2007. There’s no way Florian is more deserving than either of those two guys. They all need at least one more fight.

Dustin James: FICTION. Personally, I don’t think there is a #1 contender right now. The UFC needs to sign Kenny Florian vs. Roger Huerta….winner is the #1 contender. Florian needs at least one more victory over a big name guy before he gets a shot at the title, same with Huerta.

SCORE: 4 for 6. Preach on! Huerta vs. Florian and Tyson Griffin vs. Nate Diaz would sort out a lot. Excellent three-statement run and it’s nice to see things finish on a positive note! Thanks gents!


Join us next week when two more participants discuss the upcoming UFC 83 event, the recently announced Tim Sylvia vs. Fedor Emelianenko bout, marijuana use in MMA, and other lingering issues in the Mixed Martial Arts world…


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