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411’s BAMMA 10 Report 09.15.12

September 15, 2012 | Posted by Alex Watt

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  • On tap for tonight…

    BAMMA World Lightweight Championship: Rob Sinclair (11-2, 154lbs) vs. Andre Winner (14-6-1, 154lbs)
    BAMMA Lonsdale British Middleweight Championship: Jack Marshman (10-1, 185lbs*) vs. Andrew Punshon (11-5, 184.6lbs*)
    Denniston Sutherland (17-8, 185.4*) vs. Leeroy Barnes (10-9, 183.8lbs)
    Curt Warburton (10-3, 154.8lbs) vs. Lee Wieczorek (11-3, 154lbs)
    Jack Magee (7-4, 1NC) 170.6lbs) vs. Tom Breese (4-0, 170.6lbs)
    Tommy Maguire (11-6, 160.6lbs) vs. Antanis Jazbutis (13-17, 159lbs)
    Jeremy Petly (7-4-1, 155.4lbs) vs. Dyson Roberts (5-2, 153lbs)
    Sam Mensah (3-1, 202lbs) vs. Mike “Nightmare” Neun (1-0, 205.5lbs)
    Max Nunes (7-0, 202.6lbs) vs. Tony Moran (9-3, 205lbs)
    Marc Allen (154.6lbs) vs. Lee Taylor (155.6lbs*)

    * – Fighter’s second weigh-in attempt.


    Hello loyal 411 readers, welcome to our live coverage of BAMMA 10. Two-thirds of the UK 411 team Alex Watt and Jon Butterfield are live from press row at the Wembley Arena in London, England. As ever, tonight promises to be a fantastic night of fights from Europe’s No. 1 Mixed Martial Arts promotion and the card is stacked from top to bottom with UK and international talent, including two title fights and a No. 1 contenders bout. It’s the main event that’s the biggie though as Rob “C4″ Sinclair defends his BAMMA World Lightweight Championship against The Ultimate Fighter 9 runner-up Andre Winner.

    For our previews of the event, take a look at Jon’s Monday Morning MMA from Monday and Alex’s Thoughts From Across The Pond from Friday.

    It’s a 5000 sellout in Wembley Arena tonight. British MMA baby! Right, the lights have dimmed so surely that means fights are starting soon?

    Here we go! The questionable walkout music has started already…

    Lightweight bout: Marc Allen (5-1, 154.6lbs) vs. Lee Taylor (3-4, 155.6lbs*)

  • Alex Watt here…

    ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. Cautious start. Taylor lands a couple of leg kicks. Nice right hand from Allen and they clinch. They’re battling against the cage, Allen getting the better so far but some nice knees to the temple from Taylor now. Blood coming from the forehead of Allen. The referee separates them. Taylor head kick just misses. Jab from Taylor. Allen swings and looks for the takedown. Taylor reverses and pushes him against the fence. Allen drops down and is battling for the takedown. Taylor defending well and landing some hard punches to the body. Allen really wants that takedown but he’s having no joy against Taylor. Referee separates them again. Front kick attempt from Taylor. Nice. Allen finally gets a takedown at the end of the round.

    SCORECARD Allen 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves again. Taylor lands a decent combination. Very cautious exchanges on the feet here, neither man has really found his range. Allen pushes forward and clinches against the fence. Allen drops for a single leg but no dice. Taylor lands more elbows to the temple as Allen tries to land a double-leg. Referee separates them. Taylor head kick just misses. “Hit him” yells a man in the crowd. Yeah, I’m sure he hadn’t thought of that, mate. Allen lands a takedown. Nice upkick from Taylor. Allen moves back into Taylor’s guard but Taylor’s got a guillotine now. Allen battles and escapes. Taylor looks for the sweep but can’t get it. Allen lands a couple of good punches from the top. Allen in side control now. Allen looking for the mount. Nice elbow from Allen to close out the round. This is a tough fight to score.

    SCORECARD Taylor 10-9 (19-19)

    ROUND THREE Touch of the gloves. Taylor takes the centre of the cage and knocks Allen down as he throws a leg kick. Allen looks for a leg lock from his back but Taylor avoids it. Taylor on top now, in half guard and landing some good strikes. Allen sweeps and now he’s on top and in mount! Allen working for an arm triangle. Taylor sweeps him now, lands a few strikes and they’re back to their feet. Takedown from Allen and he’s in side control. Nice elbow and knee to the body from Allen. Taylor looking to sweep but Allen defending. Back to their feet but Allen takes him back down. Allen lands a few strikes from the top and Taylor lands a couple of upkicks. Both throwing loads of punches now in the last 10 seconds. Horn sounds and they hug it out. Good fight.

    SCORECARD Allen 29-28 but this could go either way.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Marc Allen, Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

    Nice sportsmanship shown by Taylor as he carries Allen around the ring.

    Light Heavyweight bout: Max Nunes (7-0, 202.6lbs) vs. Tony Moran (9-3, 205lbs)

    Okay folks, Jon Butterfield taking control of the keyboard for the time being…

    ROUND ONE: Undefeated Nunes representing Sweden, fighting out of Liverpool. Moran from Wolfslair Academy. Here we go… No touch. Early jabs connecting from Moran. Nunes clinches, and takes him down. Barely 15 seconds on the clock. Nunes has side control. Moran transitions and puts Nunes in half guard. Nunes tries for a heel hook, no success, and they’re up. Moran pressing Nunes to the fence. Body shot from Moran. Nunes reverses though, and completes the takedown. Nunes posturing up from half guard, but not throwing just yet. Body, body, head combination form Nunes. Nunes trying to get his leg free from half guard… and gets mount! Nunes looks for a triangle, gets it applied and Moran taps! Slick jitz from Nunes.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Max Nunes (Submission, Triangle) 2:58 of Round One

    Light Heavyweight bout: Sam Mensah (3-1, 202lbs) vs. Mike “Nightmare” Neun (1-0, 205.5lbs)

    ROUND ONE: Second light heavyweight clash in a row! Mike Neun getting a huge reception! Impressive support. They touch. BIG SHOT FROM MENSAH! IT IS OVER! Neun just keeled over! And he is OUT! Wow! The clock stopped at 8 seconds, and this crowd has been silenced! They attend to Neun for some time, and thankfully he sits up. Nice round of applause for Neun.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sam Mensah (Knock Out) 0:08 of Round One

    Sam’s nickname is ‘Blam’. Blam indeed!

    Lightweight bout: Jeremy Petly (7-4-1, 155.4lbs) vs. Dyson Roberts (5-2, 153lbs)

    ROUND ONE: Petly comes out to a song with several, umm, profane words – wonder if they’ll play that live on FiveStar?! Very loud support for Roberts right behind us! Let’s hope he lasts longer than 8 seconds… He does! Whew! Takedown attempt from Petly, as they start fast and furious. Roberts defending well. Good sprawl from Roberts, good knee as well, and Roberts looking for the early strikes – but Petly takes him down, but winds up on the bottom. Roberts looking for ground and pound, as Petly fails with an armbar attempt. GOOD punches from the top, and Petly gets briefly to his feet, before Roberts gains top control again. Roberts striking from full guard, but Petly defending well, and gets to his feet! Wow, this is FAST. Petly with a takedown attempt, but another good sprawl from Roberts. Petly has the single leg against the cage, as Roberts distracts him with elbows and hammer fists. Roberts drags Petly down, winding up in guard again! 90 seconds left. Petly up again, and the break! Takedown attempt from Petly once more, but Roberts sprawls, takes the back and gets in a few shots. They separate. Good straight right from Petly. Petly takes out Roberts’ leg with a shot, but can’t take a dominant position. Against the fence again. Roberts reverses things and takes Petly down. That’s time. Roberts looking good there, landing several good shots, and he takes the round.

    SCORECARD Dyson Roberts 10-9.

    ROUND TWO: Overhand right from Petly misses. Roberts looks to be tiring a little as he winds up for a big shot. Head kick from Petly misses. Good straight left from Roberts. Uppercut from Roberts misses. Head kick from Roberts! Petly ate it well. Leg kick from Roberts. Leg kick from Petly. They throw, both miss, and Petly presses Roberts to the fence. Petly tries to complete a single leg, but winds up on the bottom. Petly looking to throw the legs up, but Roberts landing some good shots. Petly looking for a kneebar! Roberts escapes, but Petly is active! They stand. Body kick from Petly as a combination from Roberts misses. Head kick narrowly misses from Roberts. Good right from Petly. Nasty slap on a leg kick from Roberts – then Petly completes a good double leg takedown! This could be crucial with one minute left. Petly QUICKLY takes Roberts’ back – only one leg in though, and Roberts escapes – only momentarily, though, as Petly LEAPS to take the back! STANDING REAR NAKED CHOKE SUNK IN! Brilliant! Petly drags Roberts down, and Roberts taps!! That was phenomenal! Roberts tried to hang on, but that was tight!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeremy Petly (Submission, Rear Naked Choke) 4:45 of Round Two

    Petly says the fight was ‘unpleasant’ – he says it takes something special to make him quit, and he’s good at taking an ass kicking and winning. Petly says it feels good to come back, and taking a beating only adds satisfaction. Petly says he wants to drop to 145 lbs and be a dominant force there – he says Roberts was a big guy. Petly thanks his support who traveled from Canada tonight.

    Catchweight bout: Tommy Maguire (11-6, 160.6lbs) vs. Antanis Jazbutis (13-17, 159lbs)

    And this is Alex Watt taking over the live coverage. By Jon’s logic that means this fight will go to a decision…

    Tommy Maguire is the brother of UFC fighter John Maguire, just in case you were wondering, which means he is officially the co-founder of “Gypsy Jiu-Jitsu”.

    ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. They exchange and Tommy clinches against the fence. He’s desperately trying for that takedown and he finally gets him down. Jazbutis works his way back to his feet and reverses to the dominant position in the clinch. They weren’t being actuve enough for the referee’s liking so he separates them. Maguire taking the centre of the cage but neither man wants to over commit. They exchange in the pocket and Jazbutis pushes forward looking for a takedown. Clinch against the fence again. Jazbutis working for a takedown but Maguire defending well. A bit of a stalemate against the fence here. And a Jazbutis knee goes wayward. Quick break in the action while Maguire recovers from the low blow. They restart. “Hit him” shouts one of the annoying women behind us. Sound advice. Uppercut from Maguire and knee from Jazbutis. Maguire gets a takedown but it’s too late in the round for him to do much with.

    SCORECARD 10-10 draw

    ROUND TWO: Leg kick from Jazbutis. Maguire tries to respond but misses. Maguire staggers Jazbutis with a left hook. Maguire is landing the occasional strike but Jazbutis moving out of danger again well. Jazbutis circling away but not really committing with strikes. Rgith hook from Maguire answered with a knee from Jazbutis. Maguire barely misses a head kick as Jazbutis ducks. They exchange punches. Maguire looking for that right hook. Jazbutis throws a knee but Maguire counters with a punch and Jazbutis is down. Maguire in top position but Jazbutis holding on and preventing him from doing much damage. Maguire looks for the guillotine but can’t quite lock it in. He’s on his back now with Jazbutis on top but scrambles to regain top control. Jazbutis struggles back to his feet. Uppercuts from Maguire and knees from Jazbutis in the clinch. One may have gone low but they continue. They circle of the fence as the round ends.

    SCORECARD Maguire 10-9 (20-19 overall)

    ROUND THREE Touch of the gloves and Maguire takes the centre of the cage. Maguire lands a right jab. Jazbutis swings and misses. Nice leg kick from Jazbutis but Maguire counters with a right hand. Jazbutis cut on the side of the head. And now they start to exchange. Lovely leg kick from Jazbutis. And two hard kicks from Maguire as response. Maguire looking for the uppercut but can’t land it. Maguire temporarily drops Jazbutis but Jazbutis gets straight back up. Nice body punch from Maguire. Knee nearly connects from Jazbutis. Maguire avoids some head punches but Jazbutis lands a few body shots. Jazbutis pushes Maguire against the fence. Knees to the leg from Jazbutis. He wants the takedown but he can’t get it. Maguire throws Jazbutis off. Jazbutis blocks a head kick. Jazbutis charges forward and gets taken down. Slammed down actually. Maguire ends the fight on top.

    SCORECARD Maguire 10-9 (30-28 overall).

    So apparently whenever I try and do live coverage tonight, we get clinch heavy decisions. When Jon does it, we get thrilling fights and quick knockouts. I might hand the laptop back to him…

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Tommy Maguire, Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

    Welterweight bout: Jack Magee (7-4, 1NC) 170.6lbs) vs. Tom Breese (4-0, 170.6lbs)

    Well, okay then. I’ll try covering one more fight. But if this goes to a decision, then I’m calling shenanigans.

    ROUND ONE: They charge towards each other and they’re exchanging straight away. Magee gets a takedown and his elbow is right in Breese’s face. Breese tries to sweep but no success. He’s got mount now and is raining down punches. Breese is trying to defend but he can’t get Magee off him. Magee takes his back and is working for the rear naked choke. Breese is pulling his hand away but he is in a very bad position here. Magee trying to trap the arm with his leg. Breese is defending well here but a heel kick to the midsection can’t feel too nice. Magee gives up the choke and tries to get back to mount. Mistake. Breese has locked in a triangle choke from his back. That’s deep! Magee has no choice but to tap out.

    And the curse is lifted!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Tom Breese (Submission, Rear Naked Choke) 3:19 of Round One (Triangle Choke)

    We’ve got an interview. Breese says his performance was “shocking” but he showed his heart to come back and win. He always keeps battling to the end. He said he felt Magee gassing when he had his back so knew if he kept squeezing on the triangle he’d get it. What next? He wants that BAMMA belt.

    Okay, an hour break now before the main card starts. That’s 9pm GMT / 4pm ET, if you were wondering.

    Or not…

    Lightweight bout (Title Eliminator): Curt Warburton (10-3, 154.8lbs) vs. Lee Wieczorek (11-3, 154lbs)

    Jon Butterfield back in charge! Good to see that the Alex Watt-Decision curse has been lifted!

    ROUND ONE: Curt Warburton went 1-2 in the UFC, facing Spencer Fisher and Joe Lauzon. He returns to the UK to give Wieczorek (who will henceforth be referred to as ‘Lee’) his toughest challenge to date. They touch. Right by Lee. Leg kick by Lee. Good right from Warburton tags Lee! Curt gets reckless, and Lee SLAMS him! Huge takedown! Warburton back to his feet, gets a couple of knees in, then takes Lee’s back! Lee squirms out, and Warburton postures up and drops some big elbows! Lee defending well, but Warburton in a dominant position. Brabo choke attempt from Warburton. Lee out, but Warburton catches him, and drops some shots to the back of the head as he’s turtled up – Warburton warned by the referee. Warburton still on top, and more elbows. Warburton flirts with an arm triangle from the wrong side, but gives it up. More elbows from the top! Solid connections! Lee tries to kick Warburton off, but Warburton has him turtled up again and lands some fists. Lee just cannot get out! Big shots from Warburton, this is effective ground and pound! Arm triangle attempt again, but no conviction. Warburton trying to pass from half guard to side control. He can’t, so he just drops some leather! Lee struggling, but surviving. Arm triangle attempt, Warburton switches sides, but Lee survives! Wow!

    SCORECARD Curt Warburton 10-9, could have been 10-8.

    ROUND TWO: Curt stalking Lee. Body kick from Warburton lands hard. Leg kick from Warburton. Warburton presses Lee to the fence. Knee from Lee. Knee to the thigh from Warburton. Lee trying to reverse things, can’t, but gets a judo trip but winds up in a triangle attempt! Lee out, and on top! Lee working hard here, takes Warburton’s back. They’re against the fence as Warburton fights to his feet. Lee gives up on the back, shoots, but easily stuffed. Warburton on top now, in side control. Warburton trying to smother Lee here, and he uses an arm triangle to switch sides. Lee trying to punch his way out with shots to the body – no escape so far! Warburton trying to crank this and put Lee away. Lee still fighting, he will NOT give up! He’s been here for a full minute now. Warburton trying to scoot sideways now, away from Lee for more leverage, but Curt finally gives it up, moves to mount, and suddenly Lee tries for a kneebar! Curt escapes, but gives Lee top control. Ten seconds left. We’re done, another strong round for Warburton, but Lee is tough!

    SCORECARD Curt Warburton 10-9 (20-18 overall)

    ROUND THREE They touch and smile. Leg kick from Lee misses. Leg kick from Lee. Right-left misses from Lee, twice. Front kick misses for Lee. Warburton taking it easy. Leg kick from Warburton. Lee shoots, good sprawl from Warburton, but Lee is tenacious – but Warburton muscles Lee down! Head and arm control for Warburton. Warburton spins round the back, and Lee drops to his back. Lee looking for up kicks, but not come. Warburton poised to dive in, but he misses. Warburton in suffocating side control, as Lee throws knees up to Warburton’s ribs. Two minutes left. Warburton happy with top control, as he dominates. 1:15 left. Marc Goddard stands them up. Lee must go for broke! Good shot to the body from Warburton. Curt presses Lee against the fence. Shots to the body, but nothing major. Warburton cruising to the judges. 15 seconds. Knee from Warburton misses. Knee to the body from Warburton. We’re done. Comfortable win for Warburton, but no finish – credit to Lee for hanging tough.

    SCORECARD Curt Warburton 10-9 (30-27)

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Curt Warburton by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)


    We’re live on 5* in the UK and Access TV in the U.S. and Canada.

    Middleweight bout: Denniston Sutherland (17-8, 185.4*) vs. Leeroy Barnes (10-9, 183.8lbs)

    Alex is back on the laptop and this could be your Fight of the Night, ladies and gentlemen. Except, probably not, because I’m covering it…

    ROUND ONE: And here we go! Both men look pumped for this one. Sutherland dodges some Barnes punches but Barnes has taken the centre of the cage. Barnes gets a clinch and lands a few knees but Sutherland responds with one of his own. Barnes drops for a takedown against the fence but Sutherland defending diligently. They break and exchange quick punches. Nice combination from Sutherland. They exchange big punches against the fence. Beautiful knee to the head from Sutherland. They clinch against the fence and Sutherland lands some elbows to Barnes’ thigh. They exchange wildly in the pocket. Barnes pushes forward for another takedown and after some good defending from Sutherland, finally gets him to the mat. Barnes in half guard but unable to land much of note. Sutherland scrambles back to his feet. Knees to the body from Sutherland. Sutherland lands a punch and Barnes looks wobbly. Barnes tries a rolling kneebar to no avail and Sutherland is in top position. Sutherland in half guard and landing some short elbows. Sutherland briefly tries for an Americana. Barnes trying to scramble and gets to his feet. Sutherland still pressing him against the fence though. Barnes pushes forward for a takedown but Sutherland counters with a guillotine attempt. Barnes survives the last few seconds and the horn sounds. Yeah, this is living up to the hype.

    SCORECARD Sutherland, 10-9

    ROUND TWO: They both take the centre of the cage and a right hook glances off the chin of Barnes. They exchange punches and they’re both landing pretty damn flush but neither man is giving an inch. Sutherland pushes forward for a takedown and tries to take the back. Barnes counters and drops down with a kimura attempt. Sutherland’s on top though and landing elbows. Barnes is trying to scramble but getting punched as he tries. Punches to the midsection from Sutherland but Barnes scrambles and SLAMS Sutherland. Barnes is in full mount and is landing some hard elbows. Sutherland holding on to defend himself. Barnes tries to take the back but ends up in half guard. Landing more elbows and Barnes locks in a guillotine. Sutherland is out of it and now he’s on top. Sutherland in half guard and landing elbows and punches. Barnes trying to move but Sutherland is landing a lot of elbows now. Barnes turtles up as Sutherland throws punches to the side of his head. Barnes is back up and Sutherland looks for a slam. Barnes drops down for a kneebar. No dice. Sutherland on top and landing strikes. Sutherland passes to side control and now he has back control, landing elbows to the temple of Barnes. Blood showing on Barnes’ face now. The horn sounds.

    SCORECARD Sutherland, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

    ROUND THREE Both back to the centre of the cage. They open up cautiously. They look tired now but both land right hooks to the temple. Sutherland pushes Barnes against the fence. Lands a few punches and then goes for a Jon Jones style guillotine against the fence. Barnes escapes and they exchange punches. Sutherland has Barnes on the mat now though and he’s landing short knees to the body. Barnes is covering up and works his way back to his feet. Barnes pushes forward but gets pushed back against the cage and kneed to the body. Sutherland is hurting him with strikes but Barnes keeps coming forward with punches. Barnes attempts a standing elbow but misses and Sutherland capitalizes by dragging him to the floor. They’re back on the feet now and exchanging wild punches. Another knee from Sutherland and Barnes gets a takedown! Sutherland sweeps and ends up on top. Barnes looks exhausted. Knees to the ribs from Sutherland and short elbows to the temple. Elbows to the ribs and Sutherland looks content to ride this out now. The horn sounds and they hug it out. Great fight – that’s what Dana White would call “leaving it all in the cage.”

    SCORECARD Sutherland, 10-9 (30-27 overall)

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Denniston Sutherland, Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

    Denniston gives respect to Leeroy and says he never gives up. Sutherland says he will carry on fighting until he has to start doping up like some people. Controversial!

    BAMMA Lonsdale British Middleweight Championship bout: Jack Marshman (10-1, 185lbs*) vs. Andrew Punshon (11-5, 184.6lbs*)

    Jon taking control of the wurdz again for the first of two title fights tonight.

    ROUND ONE: Marshman represents the British Armed Forces very proudly once again, as he defends the BAMMA British Middleweight Champion against a very game Andrew Punshon. Chants of ‘Three Para’ for Marshman. Flying knee from Punshon to start. Leg kick from Punshon, as Marshman lets the hands go. Takedown scored by Punshon. Marshman looking to throw his legs up as he defends with a strong guard. Punshon throws down, as he looks to break a tight body lock – and ALMOST gets caught in a triangle. Marshman appears to be cut. Triangle attempt from the bottom from Marshman again! Elbows from the bottom from Marshman, but Punshon escapes the triangle and threatens for a leg lock, only to be denied. Punshon in Marshman’s guard, looking to throw looping punches round Marshman’s defences. Triangle attempt once more from Marshman, and piston-like shots thrown in the mix! Punshon taps! A very active guard there earns Marshman a rare submission win!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Jack Marshman (Submission, Triangle) 2:31 of Round One

    Marshman says he did his homework, and improved his submission game, which he’s been practicing longer than his boxing. He says he found the weight cut difficult and came in a pound overweight, but says he’s ready for the next step. Marshman is still a serving paratrooper, and he thanks his support.

    Punshon says he may have underestimated Jack’s submission game a little, and didn’t expect what happened, but it happened. He says Marshman is a great fighter, and he wanted to put him on the back foot. He says he threw it away, but congratulates Marshman on the win.


    BAMMA Lightweight World Championship bout: Rob Sinclair (11-2, 154lbs) vs. Andre Winner (14-6-1, 154lbs)

    ROUND ONE: Here we go! They touch. Andre has his hands down early. Leg kick misses from Winner. Body kick from Winner blocked. Sinclair looks to throw, but settles for the clinch. Reversed, elbow over the top from Winner. Winner has Sinclair’s back to the fence. Sinclair reverses – muay thai clinch from Sinclair, but Winner escapes. Straight right from Sinclair lands. Front kick from Winner misses. Solid combination from Sinclair – single leg blocked, but Sinclair still scores with an uppercut. Sinclair with Winner against the fence. Winner looking to escape, and gets caught low. Winner says he’s good to go, so Goddard puts them back in the clinch. Knee from Sinclair as Winner lets the hands go. Good takedown from Sinclair. Winner back to his feet, but Sinclair takes his back. Sinclair with good dirty boxing, hurting Winner. Sinclair with clinch control again. They break. Thirty seconds left. Sinclair briefly looks for the muay thai clinch, but nothing comes of it. Winner tags Sinclair late, and wobbles him! Sinclair backs off, and clinches to recover. Good round of action! Sinclair takes the round, despite eating that punch late on.

    SCORECARD Rob Sinclair 10-9

    ROUND TWO: They touch. Leg kick lands hard from Sinclair. Head kick blocked. Solid uppercut from Sinclair! Sinclair grabs a waistlock, but can’t take the back. They break. Overhand right from Sinclair misses. Overhand right blocked well by Winner. Winner grabs a muay thai clinch and scores a knee to the body! Sinclair presses Winner to the fence, and hits some knees to the thighs of Winner. They break. Flying knee from Sinclair doesn’t land. Good left from Winner. Left hook misses from Winner, and he eats a counter. Left-right combo from Sinclair misses, but backs Winner up. Winner clinches with Sinclair, but gets his back to the fence. Sinclair starts to open up on Winner, landing several shots, but Winner shrugs them off. Winner into the clinch, but backed to the fence again. Knee to the body from Sinclair. Good body shot from Sinclair. Big right from Winner misses the mark. Winner hits a good combo, but Sinclair responds. Closer round, but Sinclair landed more it seemed, particularly the good combo against the fence.

    SCORECARD Rob Sinclair 10-9 (20-18 overall)

    ROUND THREE They touch. Winner with a leg kick as he takes the centre of the cage. Body lock from Sinclair, and he looks to drag Winner to the mat. Body shots from Winner as Sinclair presses him to the cage. Sinclair picks Winner up and dumps him down, but Winner up immediately! Elbow from Winner backs up Siclair, but he can’t follow up. Good front kick to the body from Winner. Knee to the head NARROWLY misses from Winner. Overhand left from Sinclair just grazes Winner. Winner stalks Sinclair, he’s more aggressive here. Good knee to the head from Winner, as Sinclair ducks in and presses him to the cage once more. Two minutes left. Winner is chasing Sinclair down here. Good left from Winner finds the mark. Sinclair backing off. Body from Winner, leg kick from Sinclair. Right from Sinclair lands amid a flurry. Jab from Sinclair. One minute left. Big right hook misses from Sinclair. Brief muay thai clinch, as Sinclair lands a knee and a left. Sinclair presses Winner to the cage. Elbow over the top from Sinclair threatens as the buzzer goes! Better round for Winner, as he pulls one back.

    SCORECARD Andre Winner 10-9 (29-28 overall)

    ROUND FOUR We go to the championship rounds! They touch. Left-right from Sinclair misses. Sinclair opens up with two lefts, but Winner avoids the most of it. Sinclair with Winner against the cage. They break. Body kick from Winner. Leg kick from Sinclair. Knee to the body from Sinclair lands. Winner gets nowhere with a muay thai clinch attempt. Winner bleeding from the nose. Body kick from Winner lands. Body kick from Winner, leg kick fired right back from Sinclair. Winner trips Sinclair! Sinclair gets to his feet though and they break. We’re halfway through round four. Winner stalking Sinclair. Good left-right from Sinclair, punctuated with a body shot. Sinclair lands a combo, but not much behind them. Winner looking to engage, and scores a good straight right. Left from Sinclair. Knee from Sinclair. Body kick from Winner blocked. Sinclair puts Winner to the fence and sees an elbow blocked. The buzzer goes. That could have gone either way! I’ll give it to Winner.

    SCORECARD Andre Winner 10-9 (38-38)

    ROUND FIVE They embrace. Left from Sinclair. Body shot from Winner, and Sinclair tries to take his head off! Jabs from Sinclair. Leg kick from Winner. They clinch, and Sinclair puts Winner to the fence. Winner throws some knees, spins out, and they engage again, both narrowly missing. Combination from Sinclair, and a knee to the head! Leg kicks traded. Left-right from Sinclair. Sinclair puts Winner to the fence again. They break. Winner’s hands are by his waist again. Left hook from Winner. One-two misses from Winner. Leg kick from Winner. Uppercut from Sinclair misses. Two minutes left. Left hook from Winner. Left-right-left from Sinclair. Nice leg kick, Winner gets fired up! They clinch. Winner looking aggressive now, nice elbow from Winner. One minute to go. Leg kick from Sinclair. Leg kick from Sinclair again. Winner coming forward, but Sinclair is slippery. Wild hook from Winner. Knee from Sinclair misses, and a takedown attempt is stuffed. Sinclair settles for putting Winner to the fence. Knee to the body from Sinclair. Last ten! WINNER DROPS SINCLAIR! Winner wades in for the kill, but the buzzer denies him! Wow, great fight, great finish! I score that for Winner, but this could go either way – a lot hinges on how the judges saw the fourth round!

    SCORECARD Andre Winner 10-9 (48-47)

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Rob Sinclair by Split Decision (49-46, 47-48, 48-47)

    Alex had that 48-47 for Sinclair, and called it perfectly! Sinclair says that was extremely close and it could have gone either way and with different judges it could have been different. Sinclair says he’s (BLEEP)ed, and the announcer apologizes for the language that just went out live on British TV!

    Well, that’s it for 411mania’s LIVE coverage of BAMMA 10, where myself, Jon Butterfield, and my colleague, Alex Watt, enjoyed ourselves on press row! We’ll be doing it all again in Nottingham in two weeks time for UFC on FX: Struve vs Miocic, and we’ll have more in-depth thoughts from BAMMA 10 in Monday Morning MMA on Monday and Thoughts From Across The Pond on Friday.

    Thanks for joining us tonight and for leaving your comments, and remember 411 MMA for all your MMA needs!


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