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411’s BAMMA 11 Report. 12.01.12

December 1, 2012 | Posted by Alex Watt


Hello loyal 411 readers, welcome to our live coverage of BAMMA 11. Two-thirds of the UK 411 team Alex Watt and Jon Butterfield are live from press row at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England. As ever, tonight promises to be a fantastic night of fights from Europe’s No. 1 Mixed Martial Arts promotion and the card is stacked from top to bottom with UK and international talent, including two British title fights, an international main event and the BAMMA return of the UK tabloid press’ favourite “cagefighter” Alex Reid.

For a preview of the event, take a look at Alex’s Thoughts From Across The Pond.

Alex also conducted interviews with two of the men involved in tonight’s British Championship contests; Steven Ray and Warren Kee, so be sure to check those out too.


And after an extended dubstep mixtape, we are finally ready to start the first fight of the evening.

Light Heavyweight bout: Thomas Denham (205lbs) vs. Mike Neun (205lbs)

Alex Watt kicking things off with the coverage…

ROUND ONE: Mike Neun got knocked out in just 8 seconds at BAMMA 10. Let’s hope he fares better tonight!

Touch of the gloves. Nice leg kick from Dunham and a right hand. Neun lands a 1-2 combination. Jab from Neun but Dunham counters with a takedown. Straight to side control. And now mount. Some heavy elbows from Dunham and he takes the back. Can’t get the choke. Back to mount and a few more punches land. Neun scrambles well and they’re back to the feet. Dunham lands a nice punch and gets another takedown. Dunham landing some heavy punches from top position. Punch to the chest as Neun tries to scramble. Dunham has head control and lands a knee to the sternum. They’re back to their feet but Dunham has it right back to the floor with a single leg takedown. Neun trying to employ a high guard but Dunham is controlling him well on the mat. Duelling chants from opposite sides of the arena now. The referee stands them up with 90 seconds remaining in the first round. Body shot from Dunham lands. A lovely counter leg kick temporarily drops Neun. They exchange punches and Dunham gets another takedown. Dunham looking to advance his position but Neun scrambles to this feet. They exchange leg kicks to end the round.

SCORECARD Thomas Dunham, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves. Neun takes the centre of the cage immediately and turns the pressure up with leg kicks. One of them hurts Dunham and he’s on the mat. Neun keeps the assault of the legs while standing over him. Dunham is back to his feet but Neun landing more leg kicks and Dunham doesn’t like it. Dunham gets a takedown to stop the kicking. Neun reverses the position and kicks the legs of a downed Dunham for good measure. He lets Dunham up and kicks his leg again. Dunham gets another takedown. Neun needs to work on his takedown defence! Dunham inside the full guard but not able to land much of note. Dunham trying to pass but no joy. Dunham going body, body, head now to try and work towards an advanced position. Referee stands them up. Straight right from Neun. Dunham is on wobbly legs and Neun piles on the pressure. More leg kicks whilst Dunham is down. They’re back to their feet and a Dunham leg kick goes wayward and catches Neun low. He’s okay though and lands another leg kick when the fight restarts. Another takedown from Dunham but he’s not throwing anything as the round ends.

SCORECARD Mike Neun, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE Touch of the gloves. Cautious start to round three. Another Neun leg kick lands. And another. Dunham is in some pain now. Dunham tries a takedown and Neun is actually defending it against the fence! Not for long though, he’s put on his back again. Dunham gets top position but he’s just resting there so the ref stands them up. Another leg kick and a straight right from Neun. And another takedown from Dunham. The story of this fight is a simple one, folks. Neun tries to scramble and nearly gets caught in a guillotine. He avoids it and Neun takes Dunham down! Dunham working for a kimura from the bottom. Neun landing some nasty elbows to the midsection. Dunham tries to sweep but no joy. Neun on top now and landing elbows and punches. Body, body, head from Neun now. Dunham is just surviving now, he’s exhausted. Neun landing elbows over and over again now. The referee has no choice but to step in and stop the fight as Dunham isn’t intelligently defending himself.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mike Neun, TKO, (3:58, Round 3)

Bantamweight bout: Dawid Farycki (135.5lbs) vs. Brian Creighton (134lbs)

Jon Butterfield here, taking control of the keys! And Brian Creighton I getting led out by military drummers whilst wearing a wolf mask! Interesting…

ROUND ONE: They touch gloves. Front kick misses from Farycki. Left sneaks through from Creighton. Farycki comes in but gets countered with a left hook. Leg kick from Creighton. Creighton leaps in, loses his balance, and almost got tagged! They tangle, and Creighton takes Farycki down with a trip! Farycki quickly scrambles though, and suddenly he’s on top, in full mount. Fast and furious start from these bantamweights! Creighton defending himself well, as Farycki smothers him and lands some body shots. Farycki having trouble posturing up. They’re right up against the cage, and squirming around as Farycki looks for some tight elbows on the ground. Creighton wriggles himself into trouble, and Farycki takes his back! He has an arm trapped with his leg BJ Penn-style! Creighton turtles up with Farycki on his back, and suddenly Farycki is looking for a kind of side-triangle. Scoring some elbows, but Farycki looking more to isolate Creighton’s arm! Creighton stands, but can’t get free of Farycki’s triangle! Ten seconds left… he’s not going to tap… Creighton survives! Good first round for Farycki.

SCORECARD Dawid Farycki, 10-9

ROUND TWO: They touch. Leg kick from Creighton. A more tentative start to this round. Now they start coming together, but nothing landed of note yet. One-two from Creighton misses. Neither man wants to sacrifice control of centre-cage. Right from Farycki sneaks through. Creighton tries a leg kick, but gets countered with a tight one-two. Farycki starting to open up. Hard leg kick from Creighton. Switch kick finds the body from Creighton. Farycki happy to box and trade punches for kicks! Creighton lands a left, then gets taken down by Farycki! Creighton temporarily threatened to apply a guillotine, but no dice! Farycki in side control, and he’s clearly the better grappler. Farycki in mount now, and threatening an arm triangle, but he has to settle for straight forward ground and pound. Creighton is getting dominated. Punches and elbows rained down, and the referee tells Creighton to do something! He’s getting hammered on, and that’s it! Nice job by Farycki!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dawid Farycki, TKO, (4:25, Round Two)

Welterweight bout: Jonathan Bilton (169.5lbs) vs. Leon Edwards (167.5lbs)

Alex Watt back on the keys.

Bilton is out first, accompanied by a colourful Colin “Freakshow” Fletcher. Edwards enters to a huge crowd reaction but does he have a TUF competitor dressed as a clown in his corner? I think not…

ROUND ONE: A section of the crowd behind us are solidly behind Leon Edwards here. He’s a Birmingham lad, you see. No touch of the gloves as Edwards pushes forward early. Left straight lands by Edwards. Edwards goes for a body kick but Bilton counters with a low kick. Nice body kick from Edwards. Body kick from Bilton, countered by an Edwards straight right. Head kick misses from Bilton. They are swinging HARD here! “Let’s go Rocky!” chant the crowd (that’s Edwards’ nickname). Edwards opens up and lands some heavy punches against the fence. 1, 2 combination from Edwards and a right hook. Edwards lands a knee to the sternum. Edwards rushes forward with more punches. Bilton needs to put his combinations together, like Edwards is. Leg kick from Bilton. Bilton leg kick countered with a straight left and Edwards pushes forward for a takedown. Bilton jumps up for a guillotine. Edwards manages to shrug him off and they are clinched against the fence now. Jockeying for position and Edwards reverses him onto the fence. And lays into Bilton with punches and knees. Some vicious offence from Edwards, which looks close to finishing Bilton. Bilton manages to see out the round.

SCORECARD Leon Edwards, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Bilton attempts a leg kick as Edwards pushes forward. Bilton tries to push forward with punches now but Edwards reverses him against the cage. Bilton reverses and looks for a takedown. Edwards ends up taking him down, briefly, and lands a knee to the sternum during the scramble. They are back on their feet and a flurry drops Bilton! Bilton turtles up as Edwards lands numerous hard hammerfists until the referee steps in and waves off the fight. Edwards leaps on top of the cage to soak up the cheers.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Leon Edwards, TKO (1:11, Round 2)

Middleweight bout: Ben Constantine (179lbs) vs. Yannick Bahati (182.5lbs)

Jon back, and Constantine comes to a remix of Samoa Joe’s ROH tune! We’re getting some interesting entrances tonight! Bahati fights out of the same camp as Leon Edwards, so you can imagine how loud it’s going to get in here!

ROUND ONE: Bahati is 6’3 and looks a lot bigger than Constantine, but both weighed well under the 185 lb limit. They touch. They engage, and they start swinging. Constantine may be smaller, but he is aggressive! Furious flurry of body punches and kicks against the fence from Constantine, whose style is defined as ‘brawling’. Another nice combo from Constantine. Bahati not taking too much damage though, and he looks more measured. Bahati catches a leg kick and throws a one-two. Knee to the body from Bahati is caught, and Constantine takes him down! Constantine in full guard, and looking to throw fast and often, but Bahati ties him up. Bahati defending well, trapping Constantine’s arms, and periodically alluding to a triangle, but no more than that. Heel kicks to the back from Bahati from guard, but Constantine responds by posturing up and throwing a right-left. Bahati suddenly has the makings of a triangle, but hasn’t quite locked it in. He’s controlling Constantine and improving it, and now it’s in! Elbows from the bottom from Bahati. Constantine has 50 seconds to endure. He’s out! Nicely done by Constantine, but he can’t get side control. He’s back in full guard. Big right thrown from Constantine! That’s it! Close round, and though Bahati threatened most, Constantine landed more strikes and scored the only takedown.

SCORECARD Ben Constantine, 10-9

ROUND TWO: They touch. Nice left from Constantine. Constantine swings, but Bahati counters with a one-two, and misses a front kick. Two body shots from Constantine. Flying knee from Bahati is mostly blocked. One-two from Bahati, but Constantine fires back with a leg kick. One-two from Bahati forces Constantine back. Nice leg kick from Constantine. Bahati scores with one of his own, and this is literally tit-for-tat, so to speak. Big swing from Constantine misses, and Bahati throws a nice counter combo punctuated with a body shot. Big straight right from Bahati, and a nice knee to follow! Two more knees from the taller Bahati, but it’s a straight left that really connects from Yannick, who’s starting to take over. Body kick from Constantine caught and countered, and Constantine charges Bahati against the fence. Bahati quickly turns it round, but can’t quite secure the plum clinch. Superman from Bahati followed by a knee. Nice straight left from Bahati! Nice left hook from Constantine. Bahati hints at a takedown, but it’s a feint. Bahati then pushes forward for a takedown, but Constantine defends it. Body shots from Constantine, and Bahati drives in for the takedown again, but can’t get it. Well defended from Constantine. Bahati teeing off knee, landing several straight punches, and a knee. Bahati can’t complete the takedown though, but Constantine looks gassed! Good round for Bahati!

SCORECARD Yannick Bahati 10-9, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE Constantine takes a deep breath, and we’re back underway! Constantine pushes forward, almost into a spinning back fist! Just misses. Overhand right from Constantine. Constantine pushes forward, throwing straight punches, but few land. Bahati looks the more technical fighter, and scores two knees that slow Constantine’s offense. Leg kick from Constantine, he’s just wading through Bahati’s shots and trying to land whatever he can. Nice uppercut from Bahati lands flush. One-two from Bahati. One-two again, countered by a body shot. Two more knees from Bahati. Leg kick from Constantine, and a few body shots. Nice knee to the body again from Bahati. Body shot from Constantine, who opens up with a nice combo involving a nie uppercut. Constantine still wading forward, Bahati countering with knees, but Constantine finding the energy to continue to throw hard and often! Bahati landing the cleaner, straighter punches at this point. Nice combo from Bahati hurts Constantine, but he is tough. Uppercuts from Bahati in another flurry! The crowd smells blood! One minute left. Nice counter left from Constantine finds the jaw of Bahati. Big swing from Constantine misses! Wow! Knee to the head by Bahati punctuates a back-and-forth exchange, and we are done! Very entertaining fight!

SCORECARD Yannick Bahati 10-9, 29-28 overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: Yannick Bahati by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Featherweight bout: Andrew Fisher (145lbs) vs. Andy Green (146lbs)

Alex Watt back to cover some featherweight action. They’ll have some job outdoing that last fight. What a slobberknocker that was!

Andrew Fisher has some good tattoo artwork on his back. Like genuinely cool, knights and the like. No tribal stuff or grenades for this guy. His nickname is less cool, however. “The Pain Deliverer”. Come on, dude… And Green’s nickname is “The Darkness Rising”. It’s the battle of the bad nicknames!

ROUND ONE: Judo throw by Green but they’re straight back up. Trip takedown from Fisher. They’re scrambling all over the place here. Another judo throw from Green but Fisher ends up on top and in side control. Fisher working to secure the crucifix position. He’s got it and he’s raining down some hard punches. Green is trying to get out of it but Fisher is maintaining the position well and continues to land punches. Green trying to use the cage to push his way out of it but no luck. Fisher throwing hard elbows in this position now and Green just can’t escape. The referee stops the fight. Once Fisher got that crucifix position, there was nothing Green could do. Dominant performance from “The Pain Deliverer” (still an awful nickname…)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Andrew Fisher, TKO (2:26, Round 1)

Lightweight bout: Marc Allen (155lbs) vs. Kyle Redfern (155lbs)

Marc “Suplex” Allen enters to some frantic heavy metal [‘Clouds over California’ by Devildriver according to Jon]. Well played that man. Interchangeable hip hop about a sheep for Kyle Redfern. Not so good.

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. Hard leg kick from Redfern and Allen pushes forward with an attempted takedown. They jockey for position against the fence. Nice knee to the body from Redfern and he takes Allen down. Redfern looking to take the back but Allen defends and scrambles back to his feet. They clinch against the fence again and some good knees to the leg from Redfern. Allen works for a standing guillotine but Redfern pulls his head out. Redfern with more knees to the legs of Allen as they are clinched against the fence. Allen tries to separate but Redfern pushes him straight back to the cage. “Don’t kiss him, hit him!” yells an audience member. Gotta love UK heckles. Redfern gets a brief takedown but he can’t keep Allen on the mat. Redfern still pushing Allen against the fence and landing some hard knees to the body. The referee brings them back to the centre of the cage. They exchange punches and Redfern pushes forward for a takedown and they end up clinching against the fence again. Redfern finally gets a takedown and lands a few strikes. Allen scrambles back to his feet but gets slammed to the mat! Redfern suplexes “Suplex” Allen! And that’s the last act of the first round.

SCORECARD Kyle Redfern, 10-9

ROUND TWO: A frantic exchange to start out and Redfern gets the better of it by landing a 1-2-leg kick combination. Redfern pushes Allen back against the fence. I sense a theme developing here. They battle for position and Allen looks for a trip takedown. Redfern defends but then gets caught with another trip takedown. They hit the mat and Redfern immediately reverses the position and ends up on top. Redfern looking to land punches but Allen manages to push him off with his feet. They get back to their feet and Allen immediately secures a takedown. Only a brief one though as Redfern scrambles back to his feet. They battle for position again against the fence. Allen drops down for a double leg against the cage but Redfern is defending it. Redfern gets the fight to the mat and lands a few hammerfists while trying to take the back/. Back to their feet again and Redfern lands a couple of knees to the body. Allen lands a beautiful hipthrow takedown on Redfern. Allen is in mount. He’s working for the submission now. Allen locks in an arm triangle and it looks pretty tight. Allen can’t turn his body to fully lock it in, however, as Redfern defends well. Allen lets the choke go and takes Redfern’s back as he attempts to scramble. Allen has the rear naked choke locked in but Redfern survives until the buzzer.

SCORECARD Marc Allen, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE Left hand from Allen to open the round. Redfern swings wildly. Allen misses a knee and Redfern lands a legkick. Nice 1, 2 from Redfern and Allen pushes forward with a takedown attempt. Redfern reverses the position and pushes him against the fence. They separate. Redfern sprawls on Allen’s takedown attempt and ends up in half guard on top. Redfern lands an elbow but gets to his feet and allows Allen back up. That could have been a mistake as Allen immediately takes him down. Allen takes the back and has both hooks in. Allen working towards a rear naked choke but Redfern defending well. Allen lets go of the choke attempt and attempts to secure mount. That was a bad idea as Redfern reverses the position and ends up on top. Redfern throwing some hard elbows now but Allen doing a decent job of blocking them. Allen trying to get back to his feet but Redfern is making him carry his weight. Redfern pushing Allen against the fence but Allen creates some space and gets the takedown. That could be enough to win him the round if he can maintain that position. But no, Redfern reverses the position right at the end and he closes out the round on top landing some punches. That round could go either way!

SCORECARD Marc Allen, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Marc Allen, Split Decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)

Marc Allen is quickly becoming the king of the split decision. He edged a close fight like that at BAMMA 10 too.

Jeremy Petley is up next. He’s quickly becoming a BAMMA favourite of mine and Jon’s. The question is, will Richie Downes’ fanclub be as good as it was for Dyson Roberts; Petley’s last opponent? DYSON!!!

Jon here – I remember that well – Petley sent Roberts’ fans home in tears.

Lightweight bout: Jeremy Petley (156lbs) vs. Richie Downes (152.5lbs)

ROUND ONE: Here we go, no touch. Leg kick from Downes the first strike thrown. Big body kick misses, and Petley slips while delivering it, but straight back up. Straight right from Petley, and a series of body shots in reply to a leg kick from Downes. Leg kick from Petley. Leg kick against from Petley, answered by Downes with one of his own. Head kick from Downes misses. Looping right misses from Petley. Leg kick again from Petley. Superman punch attempt from Petley misses. Leg kick from Downes lands. Another from Downes. Petley scores one of his own, and an instant reply from Downes. They’re bouncing about, and Petley lands a left. They score one leg kick each, and Petley looks to leap in with a right but misses the target. Petley drives forward, Downes defends the takedown, but gets pushed to the fence. One minute left. Petley smothering Downes, just jockeying for position. He drops for a leg, but Downes defends well. Twenty seconds. Downes keeps it standing. Ten seconds. Petley scores a right as they break, and the horn goes. Close round, but I’ll give it to Petley for taking centre cage and controlling the last minute.

SCORECARD Jeremy Petley, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Leg kick from Petley. Leg kick from Downes. Feints from Petley, and a leg kick misses. Downes comes forward, but barely connects, and Petley does likewise. Downes comes forward and we get a wild exchange, but not much landing. Body kick from Downes, as Petley looks to land some punches on the counter. Leg kick misses from Petley. Leg kicks exchanged. Front kick misses from Petley, and so does a leg kick. Petley can’t connect with much, and Downes lands a hard leg kick. Straight right from Petley, and a leg kick from downes. Body kick from Petley blocked. Halfway through the round. Petley lands a right-left in and amongst a wild exchange, and Downes lands a leg kick. One-two from Downes. Another clash, Petley marginally gets the better of it. Downes pressing forward, and a front kick is caught, and Petley gets the takedown he couldn’t get in round one! Petley takes the back of Downes, one hook in, and the other, and Petley rolls on to his back with one minute to work for the rear naked choke. Petley gives it up, rolls into half guard and drops some elbows. Hammerfists from Petley, and he spins to take Downes’ back again. Slam from Petley, didn’t get all of it though, and he’s in side control. Ten seconds left. Takes the back again, Petley, and scores with some short punches. Petley once again take control of an otherwise close round in the final minute and made it his. Smart fighting from the Canadian.

SCORECARD Jeremy Petley 10-9, 20-18 overall

ROUND THREE Heavy leather thrown early in round three, as both men want the finish, and Petley scores a takedown that is escaped from by Downes. Downes looks very aggressive here, he knows he’s probably down on the cards. Downes swinging frantically, and Petley trying to answer in kind, but he’s happier when he ties Downes up against the cage with a clinch. Short elbow from Petley, and they break. Head kick from Downes blocked. Petley drops for a takedown, easily blocked, they go rock ‘em sock ‘em robots for a moment, and Downes blocks a trip. Petley counters a body kick with a takedown, gets the back, and finally he can breathe. Petley wearing Downes to the ground, and Downes is cut in the middle of his forehead. Petley as both hooks in, rolls to his back, threatens with the RNC, but rolls out to mount, then side control. 90 seconds left. Petley has full mount again, dropping left hands and hammerfists. Downes struggling, almost has half guard, but Petley is too slick and has mount again. Half guard achieved by Downes, but he has to get to his feet. Petley smothering Downes, landing little punches, and smearing Downes’ blood all over the mat. The horn goes, and Petley fought smart, punctuating rounds with suffocating control against a very game opponent.

SCORECARD Jeremy Petley 10-9, 30-27 overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeremy Petley, Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Bantamweight bout: James Doolan (136lbs) vs. Spencer Hewitt (135lbs)

Spencer Hewitt has some awful, awful music. The end.

ROUND ONE: They touch. Hewitt swings and misses. Doolan staying evasive, but then gets tagged big as Hewitt catches his leg! Doolan down to his back, but manages to pull guard, and Hewitt trying to land short elbows as Doolan tries to rein him in and apply a triangle. Doolan has an arm-in triangle now, and Hewitt taps! Wow, Doolan turned a bad position into a good one pretty quickly! That triangle was literally his only offence.

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Doolan by Submission, Triangle, (1:42 of Round One)

Doolan says he wanted to stay standing and use his reach, but he ended up on his bum and settled for a triangle. He speaks highly of Hewitt’s knock down, but he says his triangle isn’t bad for a kick boxer. I agree. He thanks his camp, the Dinky Ninja’s, and plugs his protégé Steven Ray who fights for the British Lightweight title later tonight!

Light Heavyweight bout: Marcin Lazarz (202.5lbs) vs. Sam Mensah (201.5lbs)

Alex Watt back on the laptop and Sam “Blams” Mensah is up next. Can he deliver another 8 second KO?

ROUND ONE: A solid leg kick from Mensah and this has already lasted longer than his outing at BAMMA 10. That said, he lands a heavy punch as Lazarz pushes forward and a few follow up punches on the ground for good measure. Lazarz back to his feet and Mensah barely misses with a punch. Lazarz capitalizes with a takedown and moves to half guard. Short punches to the temple of Mensah as Lazarz looks to pass the guard. Mensah holding Lazarz well and stopping him from dropping any ground and pound. Lazarz looking to posture up and lands a couple of punches. “Stand them up” shouts the crowd, as Lazarz is in Mensah’s half guard attempting to pass. Somewhere Joe Rogan is weeping. Lazarz landing some short punches but Mensah is covering up well here. Lazarz leaning his forearm in Mensah’s face to try and create space and lands a few punches. And he locks in the armbar. That was slick and Mensah taps immediately. Lazarz jumps atop the cage and lets out an almighty scream.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Marcin Lazarz, Submission (Armbar), (4:16, Round One)

There’s a half hour break now until the main card starts. So go for a wee, grab a beer and meet us back here at 9pm GMT / 4pm ET. Okay?

Remember, the main card of the event will be broadcast live in the United Kingdom on Channel 5 from 11pm (GMT).

Internationally BAMMA 11, presented by Go, will be shown on AXS-TV (US), The Fight Network (Canada), Red Media (RUSSIA), TV Esporte Interativo (Brazil), Setana (Africa) and TDN (Latin America).


BAMMA Lonsdale British Lightweight Championship bout: Steven Ray (155lbs) vs. Dale Hardiman (154lbs)

And here we go with the main card. Time for our first title fight of the evening. Hardiman is the fan favourite in the NIA Arena tonight.

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. Hardiman takes the centre of the cage. Ray lands a straight punch and scores the takedown. Ray in full guard trying to create some space. Ray postures up and lands a few punches. Ray rolls for a kneebar. Hardiman avoids it but Ray turns it into a heel hook. Hardiman trying to roll out of it but Ray is rolling with him to keep the hold locked in. They battle for position and Ray gives up the heel hook to move back into Hardiman’s full guard. Nice elbow from Ray. Ray posturing up, sweeps Hardiman’s leg aside and lands an elbow. Looking to advance again now but Hardiman doing a good job of maintaining full guard. Ray lands a punch to the midsection and Hardiman sweeps to secure top position. Only temporarily though, as Ray sweeps back. Ray on top but Hardiman secures a triangle. Hardiman rolls into a mounted triangle, Ray defends and Hardiman tries to switch to an armbar. Loses it. Ray on top now and secures the mounted crucifix. Ray lands some hard elbows and punches from that position to close out the round.

SCORECARD Steven Ray, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves. Ray attempts a superman punch but Hardiman avoids. Inside leg kick from Ray. Body kick from Hardiman. Hardiman lands a punch and rocks Ray. Hardiman pushes forward looking to take advantage and Ray attacks with a double leg. Hardiman sprawls but Ray able to push Hardiman onto his back. Nice elbows from the bottom by Hardiman but Ray landing punches from top. And Ray takes Hardiman’s back. Ray works and gets both hooks in. Hardiman fights out of that position but ends up with Ray on top of him in mount. Hardiman trying to sweep but Ray capitalizes and takes the back again. Both hooks in and Ray landing some solid hammerfists to the temple of Hardiman. Nice back elbow from the bottom from Hardiman in response to a Ray body punch. Ray moves back into mount now and lands some quick punches. Hardiman keeping Ray close to prevent the ground and pound but Ray lands a hard elbow to the midsection to create space. And another elbow to the face. Hardiman is partially blocking those elbows but they can’t feel nice. Ray goes into beserker mode as the 10 second clapper sounds and lands numerous punches as the round ends.

SCORECARD Steven Ray, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

ROUND THREE They hug it out to start the round. Hardiman pushing forward; he needs a finish here. Hardiman lands a good straight right but Ray grabs him and slams him to the canvas. Ray moves into side control and lands an elbow. Ray looks to move to mount and Hardiman takes advantage and takes Ray’s back. Ray getting back to his feet but takes some hard knees to the head on the way. Back on their feet and Hardiman lands some good punches. Ray with another takedown and almost secures mount but has to settle for half guard instead. Ray looking to create space but Hardiman continues to defend well. Ray has his forearm right in Hardiman’s face, which can’t be very comfortable. Ray lands a glancing elbow and tries to pass. Hardiman uses half butterfly guard to prevent that and Ray remains in half guard. One minute left and Hardiman needs to do something drastic. Hardiman landing a few good punches from the bottom and ties Ray up well. The referee stands them up. Hardiman pushing forward for a finish now. Lands some punches and a knee and defends the takedown. A big Hardiman right hand snaps Ray’s head back and Ray secures a desperation takedown to see out the final round.

SCORECARD Steven Ray, 10-9 (30-27 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Steven Ray, Decision (30-27 x 3)

Steven “Braveheart” Ray is the first ever British Lightweight Champion. Ray says he has heart and Dale caught him a few times. He felt he’d be stronger than Dale and wasn’t concerned about Dale’s moustache; he was just determined to punch it off his face. He’s delighted to be the first champ and he’ll probably wear the belt in bed tonight. A well deserved win for Ray tonight and he was a lovely bloke when I chatted to him last week. Congratulations to him.

Light Heavyweight bout: Kevin Thompson (203lbs) vs. Max Nunes (206lbs)

Max Nunes swaggers out to the cage. It can’t compete with Antonio Silva’s strut in Brazil but it’s a good effort nonetheless.

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. A quick flurry from Nunes to start. A leg kick from Thompson and a Nines counter punch barely misses. Nunes lands a leg kick then just misses with a leaping head kick. That would have been sweet if he’d landed it! A straight right from Nunes snaps Thompson’s head back. Nunes gets a big takedown and immediately passes to side control. Lands a few short punches but Thompson gets him back to full guard. Nunes lands some big punches. Nunes postures up and lands more hard punches. Nunes lands a big bomb and Thompson is done. Out cold. That was dominant stuff, folks.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Max Nunes, KO (1:40, Round One)

Thompson says he was caught with a kick early and felt his power on the ground. He says he just got caught and thanks his sponsors.

Nunes moves to 9-0 with this win. He says it feels great to remain undefeated and gives props to Thompson. Nunes says a swear (whoops) and says he likes to put on a show and mix it up a bit. Nunes says he tries to remain as well rounded as possible and keep improving. He refuses to call anyone out but says he’ll fight anyone.

So, I interviewed Steven Ray and he won the British title tonight. Could the same happen with Warren Kee next? (I interviewed him too, you see).

BAMMA Lonsdale British Welterweight Championship bout: Warren Kee (170lbs) vs. Tom Breese (169.5lbs)

We’ll see Alex – that’s right, Jon taking control of the Kee-board – this should be a Breese! Geddit? Good reception for the local boy Tom Breese!

ROUND ONE: No touch. Straight right from Breese immediately catches Kee! He throws a few follow ups, but Kee is happy to be tied up against the cage, where Breese hits a knee to the body! Fast start! Kee turns and puts Breese’ back to the fence, but Breese turns it round again and delivers a knee to the body. Back and forth they go, and they trade knees – one catches Kee low, and we get a break in the action! The referee gives Breese a warning, and Kee is ready to go. Head kick from Breese just misses, and he presses Kee to the fence once again. Nice knee to the body from Kee, and Breese drops down, secures a double leg, completes the takedown, and passes to side control! Breese working for an arm, but settles for the back, and gets a body lock! Rear naked choke sunk in, and that is all she wrote! Very impressive performance from young Tom Breese as he takes the gold!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tom Breese by Submission, Rear Naked Choke (3:06, Round One)

Tom Breese is the new Lonsdale British Welterweight Champion!

Warren says Tom imposed his game, so hats off to him. He says the finish was awesome, and Breese is a deserving Champion. He says it’s ‘frightening’ the kind of future Breese has, touting him as a UFC star of the future.

Breese says it sounds amazing to be champion, and this is the happiest he’s ever been in his life. He says he’s been throwing up all day, but when the adrenaline hit and it was fight time it all went away. Breese says Marc Goddard’s words in his corner helped greatly and helped him put in the performance he did. He talks us through the replay. He says he turns pro at boxing in a few weeks! He says it’s the first time he’s fought at the NIA Arena, and he’ll fight anyone BAMMA put in front of him.

Middleweight bout: Jack Marshman (186lbs) vs. Xavier Foupa-Pokam (186lbs)

This is the main event of the evening, to precede the co-main event which will go out LIVE on Five in the UK! This one will be taped and broadcast afterwards.

ROUND ONE: Cyrille Diabate corners Foupa-Pokam. They touch. Good inside leg kick from Foupa-Pokam. Another, as Marshman looks to unload some punches. Foupa-Pokam takes it down! Marshman ensnares an arm and straightens it out, Foupa-Pokam almost taps as his arm bends at a horrible angle! Foupa-Pokam isn’t tapping, so Marshman continues to hyper-extend it! Unbelievable! Marshman hammers on the ELBOW of Foupa-Pokam as he bends it, but still no tap! Foupa-Pokam escapes, winds up in Marshman’s guard, Marshman goes for the triangle, and again transitions to an armbar! Foupa-Pokam defends a bit better, and winds up on top! Wow! Marshman kicks Foupa-Pokam off strongly and gets to his feet. Marshman scores some straight punches, and Foupa-Pokam takes him down again. Right from Foupa-Pokam. Foupa-Pokam steps over into half guard, but Marshman is showing a solid defensive ground game. Marshman kicks Foupa-Pokam off, and looks for some upkicks. Good punch from standing as Foupa-Pokam enters full guard once again. Thirty seconds left. Big right from Foupa-Pokam. Big elbow from Foupa-Pokam. Foupa-Pokam scoring with ground and pound, Marshman tries the triangle, but Professor X slips out, and that’s the round! How did Xavier survive that armbar?!

SCORECARD Jack Marshman, 10-9

ROUND TWO: They touch. Body kick from Foupa-Pokam, and Marshman tries to counter. Good right from Marshman, nice knee to the midsection follows, so does a one-two! Good hands from Jack Marshman. Foupa-Pokam tries a takedown but it’s stuffed. Spinning backfist from Xavier blocked by Marshman. Marshman wades forward, lands a left, but gets taken down by Foupa-Pokam. Good ground and pound from Foupa-Pokam, and Marshman is bleeding badly all of a sudden! The referee takes a time out, and the doctor will take a look at this one. The doctor says Marshman is good to continue, but he is bleeding profusely. They restart on the ground with Xavier in half guard. The cut is under Marshman’s right eye and appears to be causing him some trouble. The blood is pooling around his eyes, and Foupa-Pokam continues to work with elbows. Marshman almost gets Xavier back to full guard, but not quite. Marshman employing half-butterfly guard, and the referee stands them up, giving Marshman the chance to wipe the blood from his eyes. Front kick from Xavier misses, and Marshman lands a good left. Leg kick from Marhsman. Big left from Marshman misses. Leg kick from Professor X, and a trip takedown sees him wind up in Marshman’s triangle again! It’s tight! Hammerfists thrown in for good measure. Thirty seconds left. Xavier will NOT tap! Ten seconds left. Elbows from the bottom from Marshman. Xavier survives, and takes the round.

SCORECARD Xavier Foupa-Pokam, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE Marshman has been cleaned up pretty good, the cut under his eye is just a small one, but it was leaking heavily. Foupa-Pokam immediately scores a takedown, and is happy to strike out from Marshman’s guard. Marshman defending well, and absorbing only small body shots at the moment. Hammerfists from Foupa-Pokam, but he isn’t posturing up and there’s not much on them. Foupa-Pokam gets a leg free, and is happy to operate from Marshman’s half-butterfly. Marshman doing a good job of avoiding any major damage, but he’s bleeding again, and the points are all heading one way as Foupa-Pokam controls from the top. Two minutes left. Marshman tries to use the cage to get up, can’t, so settles for full guard. The referee stands them up. 90 seconds left. Body kick from Foupa-Pokam. Foupa-Pokam avoids a looping left, shoots for another takedown, doesn’t get it, but with a minute left he adjusts, grabs a double-leg, and completes the slam. Thirty seconds. Ten seconds left. Not much happening, but Foupa-Pokam has probably done enough to win the fight.

SCORECARD Xavier Foupa-Pokam, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Xavier Foupa-Pokam by Split Decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)

They’re icing Foupa-Pokam’s elbow, as Marshman says he’s massively disappointed and he’s got to go back to the drawing board. He says his ground game isn’t weak, but he needs to stop getting taken down. He says he will come back like he did after he lost to Tom Watson, and says he needs to improve his ‘middle’ game. He says he thought Foupa-Pokam was going to tap to the armbar, and pass out to the triangle – he could hearing him gargling, but he gritted and toughed it out.

Foupa-Pokam says they had the perfect game plan, he says Marshman has dangerous boxing, and the perfect solution was to go to the ground to win the fight. He thanks his wife, who is giving him the greatest birthday present he could ever have – his new daughter. He wants his little girl to be pride of her daddy, and though she doesn’t care about fighting, it’s a good Christmas present.

And we are live on Channel 5 in the UK. Alex Reid vs. Sam Boo will be the first fight ever to be broadcast live on terrestrial television in the United Kingdom. This is a big deal, folks. And, of course, the tabloid newspaper’s favourite “cagefighter”, Alex Reid, had to be involved in it to bring in the ratings. A shame for Marshman and Foupa-Pokam but that’s business I suppose…

Middleweight bout: Alex Reid (184.5lbs) vs. Sam Boo (181lbs)

Alex Reid is accompanied by breakdancing kids who are dressed as the Village People. Which is, erm, an interesting choice. Reid gets the standard frosty reception as he walks out but the booing is not as loud as you might have expected. The underdog Sam Boo is definitely getting the majority of the cheers though.

ROUND ONE: No touch of the gloves. Sam Boo starting fast looking to land his punches. Reid checks a leg kick and starts to push forwards. Boo throws a right hand and Reid goes down. More a slip though. They scramble back to their feet and Boo latches on a guillotine. Reid working his way out and lands some hard punches to the side of Boo’s head. They clinch against the fence. Boo in control but Reid pushes Boo across to the other side of the cage. Boo counters with another guillotine. Reid escapes but takes a knee to the head for his troubles. Straight left by Reid. A nice leg kick from Reid wobbles Boo. And another one. Hard knee to the head drops Boo. Reid has full mount and avoids being swept. Reid has the back temporarily but loses it and Boo scrambles back to his feet. Boo pushing Reid up against the cage wall now. They separate. Leg kick from Boo. Reid pushing forward but gets tagged with a couple of straight lefts. Leg kick from Reid. Reid with a look towards his corner. Perhaps he’s finding this more difficult than he expected to? Boo pushing Reid against the fence again. They separate and Boo lands another straight left. Boo lands a front push kick to the knee but loses his balance. Reid lands some leg kicks as Boo is down. Reid sweeps his legs and ends up on top in side control. Reid ends the round on top.

SCORECARD Alex Reid, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Reid takes the centre of the cage. Superman punch from Boo grazes Reid. Reid needs to let his hands go. Reid grabs a hold of Boo, looking for a takedown but ends up clinched against the fence. Boo with another guillotine attempt. Reid drops down to avoid it and ends up on the bottom. Boo lands some punches from top position. Reid trying to work his way back to his feet and does so. Boo still has him pushed up against the fence though. Reid reverses the position and lands a couple of knees to the head. A few knees to the body now and another to the head. Boo is wincing in pain now. Reid continues to push Boo against the fence and he’s landing multiple knees to the head of Boo. Boo looks hurt but he counters with a big slam takedown! Boo on top and Reid with the high guard. Reid is trying to isolate an arm or work towards a triangle choke. Boo manages to avoid the submission attempt. Boo on top in full guard but Reid doing a good job of keeping Boo tied up. Boo postures up but Reid hits a glancing upkick. Boo back in Reid’s full guard. Boo landing punches to the body. Reid kicks his opponent off and as he tries to get back to his feet Boo hits him with a knee to the head. Reid’s knee was still on the mat so that was illegal. Poor form. The referee deducts a point from Boo for the illegal knee. Reid looks to have recovered now and they fight on. Reid pushing forward with push kicks and punches as the round ends.

SCORECARD 9-9 draw, due to point deduction (19-18 Reid overall)

ROUND THREE Touch of the gloves and Reid immediately lands a punch, which Boo is not happy about. Reid apologises. Reid is pushing forward more now and landing leg kicks at will. Boo fighting back with straight lefts, however. Boo looking tired and Reid wants to capitalize. Reid lands a decent punching combination against the fence. Boo lands a straight left and Reid hits a push kick to the stomach. Knee by Reid from the Thai clinch. Reid pushing Boo up against the fence again. Another knee to the head. And another. And Reid lands another one after Boo had dropped to a knee. So another illegal knee. This is looking good for MMA in the eyes of the general public, I’m sure *sigh*. No point deduction this time. They exchange wild punches in the pocket. A hard leg kick drops Boo and Reid is on top. Reid landing short punches from inside the full guard, but Boo trying to punch from the bottom. Reid stands up and gets a kick to the knee from Boo. They’re both standing now and Reid looks shattered too. Reid moving forward with wild punches and gets tagged with a right hook from Boo. Superman punch from Boo and Reid grabs Boo and lands a few knees to the head. Reid gets a takedown and lands some short elbows from side control. Punches to the body from Reid. Reid stands up again and Boo lands a kick to his knee. That’s all she wrote. Not exactly a classic. Reid should have done enough to win that but he didn’t look very good doing it.

SCORECARD Reid 10-9 (29-27 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Alex Reid, Unanimous Decision (28-27 x 3)

So did Alex Reid have a point taken off him for that illegal knee, after all? That was not made clear at all…

Sam Boo is disappointed but he wishes his wife a Happy Birthday. Boo wanted to stand and fight with a good opponent for a long time and he says he got it tonight. Boo says Reid is experienced and he’s fought some of the best so he was happy to fight him.

Alex Reid says he felt really sloppy and the fight was very close. He gives props to his inexpewrienced opponent and says he really tested his mettle. Reid was worried about a cut and glad it didn’t open again. Reid says all the “media rubbish” left him drained and this is where he feels most comfortable. Reid says he has what it takes to get back to the top. Reid says he underestimated Boo and he was really tested by a hungry opponent. Reid says he has to get rid off all the celebrity stuff and be who he really is; a fighter. Reid says he’ll be straight back in the gym so that he doesn’t make the same sloppy mistakes next time.

Leeroy Barnes has been calling Reid out for some time but there’s no mention of that and Barnes doesn’t get into the cage to challenge him. After that performance, who could blame him? Barnes would destroy Reid if he showed up in that condition.

Anyway, a good show all in all. It’s just a shame that it ends on a bit of a flat note. There some brilliant fights tonight though, we shouldn’t forget that.

Well, that’s it for 411mania’s LIVE coverage of BAMMA 11, where myself, Alex Watt, and my colleague, Jon Butterfield, enjoyed ourselves on press row! I’ll have more thoughts from the event in Friday’s Thoughts From Across The Pond.

Thanks for joining us tonight and for leaving your comments, and remember 411 MMA for all your MMA needs!


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