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411’s Bellator 64 Report 4.06.12

April 6, 2012 | Posted by Mark Radulich

Bellator 64
Caesar’s Windsor
Windsor, Ontario

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bellator 64


Champ Ben Askren (169.6) vs. Douglas Lima (170) – for welterweight title
Alexandre Bezerra (146) vs. Marlon Sandro (146) – featherweight tourney semifinal
Travis Marx (135.2) vs. Masakatsu Ueda (135.8) – bantamweight tourney quarterfinal
Rodrigo Lima (136) vs. Hiroshi Nakamura (135.8) – bantamweight tourney quarterfinal


Rich Lictawa (192.2)* vs. Elias Theodorou (185.6)
Kyle Prepolec (158.6) vs. Lance Snow (159) – 160-pound catchweight
Chad Laprise (169.8) vs. Josh Taveirne (170.6)
Chris Horodecki (145.8) vs. Mike Richman (145)
Matt Secor (170) vs. Nordine Taleb (171)
Jason Fischer (155.6) vs. Taylor Solomon (155.6)

Tonight Ben “Funky” Askren puts his undefeated streak and his welterweight title on the line tonight against Bellator Season 5 Welterweight winner Douglas “The Phenom” Lima! Funky is one of Bellators rising stars and this fight could go far in putting on him on most people’s radars in the MMA universe IF he can put on a dominant performance. His last outing against Jay Hieron ended in a close split decision that left most fans wondering if there was anything more to Askren then just smother humping wrestling. Tonight we shall see if Askren has evolved as a fighter or if he’s just another wrestler.

I didn’t come here to you that (and lord knows I wish I didn’t have to) so let’s make with the fussin’ and a fightin’!


We are live at Caesar’s Windsor in Windsor, Ontario!

Announcers are Sean Wheelock and Jimmy Smith.

We go to the cage for our first fight.


170 lbs.: Chad Laprise def. Josh Taveirne via submission (triangle choke) at 2:48 of round 1
145 lbs.: Mike Richman def. Chris Horodecki via knockout at 1:23 of round 1
170 lbs.: Nordine Taleb def. Matt Secor via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Jason Fischer def. Taylor Solomon via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:59 of round 3


Bantamweight Tournament Quarterfinals bout: Rodrigo Lima (136) vs. Hiroshi Nakamura (135.8)

ROUND ONE: Lima lands a few shots. Nakamura circles, shoots and takes Lima down. Lima defends and tries for a triangle. He transitions to an armbar and then an omaplata. Nakamura defends but can’t get much going despite being in top position. Lima lands strikes from bottom. Nakamura hits him back. Both fighters are trading strikes from guard. Lima tries for another armbar, Nakamura postures up and gets hit with an up kick. Nakamura comes back with a diving right. Another right from Nakamura. Lima hits an up kick in the chest. Lima sweeps and takes his opponents back. Nakamura stands and brings Lima to the fence. Lima nails him right in the nuts…#herewegoagain.

Lima opens up on Nakamura with front kicks and rights. Nakamura closes the distance and presses Lima against the fence. Lima takes his back again. Nakamura defends and puts Lima on his back. Lima tries for another armbar before the horn sounds.

SCORECARD: Lima 10-9

ROUND TWO: They trade shots, clinch up and Lima hits him in the nuts again…sigh. One point is deducted from Douglas Lima.

Nakamura lands a shot on the chin. Lima presses forward and they’re back against the fence again. Nakamura takes Lima down. Lima utilizes the butterfly guard. We’re back to trading short strikes from guard. Nakamura lands some hammerfists. Lima looks for the armbar again. Nakamura is defending and hitting with Lima with hammerfists. Lima goes for a third omaplata. Nakamura steps over and is safe for the moment. Nakamura lays into Lima with more hammerfists. We have our fourth omaplata. Lima goes for an inverted toe hold. Nakamura pulls free. Lima tries for a kneebar. Nakamura attempts to counter with a leg lock. Ding Ding! Times up!

SCORECARD: Draw (point deduction) 9-9

ROUND THREE: Nakamura drives forward and takes Lima down. Nakamura may but cut over his eye from a knee Lima threw as Nakamura got the takedown. Lima is going for a kimura. He switches back to an omaplata (number 5 for those playing the home game). Nakamura smothers Lima and smashes on his face. Nakamura pounds away, trying to pass the guard. He postures up and Lima goes for a kneebar. He tries for a heel hook. Nakamura counters with a leg lock of his own. The ref stands them up amidst submission attempts. Nakamura grabs a waist lock and takes his back. Lima is on the ground but goes right for the submission. Nakamura counters again and the we’re out of time.

SCORECARD: Lima 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Rodrigo Lima Hiroshi Nakamura by unanimous decision (29-27X3) .

To all MMA fighters, don’t bother fighting off of your back unless you can finish. You will lose according to the judges.

Bantamweight Tournament Quarterfinals bout: Travis Marx (135.2) vs. Masakatsu Ueda (135.8)

ROUND ONE: Marx comes out throwing a series of kicks. Ueda is having difficulty getting inside. Marx stays on the attack with kick and punches. He grabs Ueda by the waist and takes him down. Ueda goes for a kimura. Marx gets free. Marx gets to top position and controls Ueda. He lands some punches before Ueda turns around and tries to drive through Marx. The fighters get back to their feet. Marx throws a body kick. They are trading kicks. Ueda is starting to open up now. A few more strikes are traded before the round ends.

SCORECARD: Marx 10-9

ROUND TWO: Marx starts the round coming forward again. Ueda puts him on his back. Marx tries to escape. Ueda passes around and tries for a submission. Marx stands up and Ueda slams him down. Marx slips out and takes his back. Ueda tries for a kimura. Marx smothers Ueda from half guard. Ueda walks around and gets to half guard. They grapple for a little while longer but Marx is able to get free. He throws a body kick. Ueda hits him back and that’s the end of the round.

SCORECARD: Ueda 10-9

ROUND THREE: Ueda lands a body kick. Both fighters are trying to find a way inside. They trade a few kicks. Marx comes forward and is shoved away. Marx lands a hard right as Ueda shoots for the takedown. Ueda postures up and passes to side control. Marx gets to his knees and tries to stand. Ueda has a front face lock. Marx defends, takes his back and kicks him as they separate. Marx lands another hard right as Ueda shoots again. Marx gets to his feet but Ueda sticks to him like glue. They separate and trade again before the last round ends.

SCORECARD: Ueda 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Travis Marx by unanimous decision (29-28X3).

I feel a little bit better about this one. It was a super close fight and there’s an argument to be made for either guy winning the third round.

Featherweight Tournament Semifinals bout: Alexandre Bezerra (146) vs. Marlon Sandro (146)

ROUND ONE: Sandro throws a pair of kicks. Bezerra lands a few lefts. Sandro lands a combination. Lots of feints from both fighters. Bezerra misses with a power left. Sandro chops at Bezerra’s leg. Sandro kicks Bezerra square in the cup.

Sandro lands a kick to the body. Sandro kicks again and Bezerra goes to a knee. Bezerra tries for a takedown and is stuffed by Sandro. Another kick and Bezerra falls over again. Bezerra cannot land that hook he keeps throwing. Sandro misses with a spinning back kick. Bezerra lands a spinning back fist. Sandro makes like he wants to throw a knee but aborts the move.

SCORECARD: Sandro 10-9

ROUND TWO: Sandro throws first and resumes bouncing around the cage. Bezerra throws a high kick. They exchange inside leg kicks. They continue to kick each other in the leg. Sandro seems to be getting the better of the striking exchanges. Head kick from Sandro. This has mostly been a kick boxing match (and not a particularly good one). Lots of back and forth but not too much aggression or power from either fighter. Body kick from Sandro. Bezerra fires off another inside leg kick. Sandro breaks the pitter patter pace of the fight with a final flying knee…that accomplishes nil.

SCORECARD: Sandro 10-9

ROUND THREE: Bezerra finally wakes the hell up and charges at Sandro. Sandro tries to escape and Bezerra throws him down again. Sandro switches and gets top position. They get nowhere fast and the ref stands them up. Sandro resumes landing leg kicks at will. Bezerra smashes Sandro but Sandro quickly recovers. Sandro lands an uppercut to the body. Bezerra misses another hook. Bezerra is trying desperately for a KO but he can’t land anything of significance. Sandro is scoring points all day long. Sandro takes one in the face but circles away quickly. Bezerra lands another hard right but he’s out of time. Maybe he should have tried that level intensity two rounds ago…sheesh.

SCORECARD: Bezerra 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Marlon Sandro by split decision (29-28X2 Sandro. Bezerra 29-28).

Is it just me or is Marlon Sandro the most boring Featherweight ever? And how in the world did one of the judges give it to Popo? Wow.

Welterweight Title bout: Champ Ben Askren (169.6) vs. Douglas Lima (170)

ROUND ONE: #wewantthefunk They clinch and exchange short punches. They clinch again, same result. Askren continues to close the distance as he pushes Lima against the fence. They exchange kicks, Askren gets double underhooks and suplexes Lima. Askren gets to half guard. Askren peppering Lima with hammer strikes while pinning Lima’s leg. Lima sweeps and goes for a submission. Askren pulls away and gets back to top position. Askren throws a few elbows. Lima goes for an armbar. Askren pulls his arm out. Askren passes and attempts full mount. Askren is all over Lima. Askren is throwing punches and elbows from top position. Things are not going well for the challenger.

SCORECARD: Askren 10-9

ROUND TWO: Askren gets an outside trip, is briefly mounted but immediately resumes top position. Lima goes for a toehold. Askren shifts and gets out. Askren scrambles and grinds Lima’s face with elbows. Askren continues to move and pepper Lima with strikes. Askren is mugging Lima. Askren stands over Lima and lands more punches. Lima kicks at him. The crowd is booing (as they have for almost all of the televised fights so far).

SCORECARD: Askren 10-9

ROUND THREE: Askren shoots for a single, Lima sprawls and Askren gets a double. Lima tries for a triangle but Askren cannot be caught. Askren sits on Lima and pounds him with hammer fists. Askren tries for a Darce choke! If this guy finishes a fight I may plotz! Askren gives up on the Darce and shortly thereafter the ref stands them up. Askren clinches and pushes Lima against the fence. Lima turns him around. Lima lands a short uppercut. Askren backs away before the bell sounds.

SCORECARD: Askren 10-9

ROUND FOUR: Lima hits a leg kick. Askren dives at his legs. Lima defends and actually stays on his feet. Askren eats a knee as he charges forward and takes Lima down. Askren maintains his game plan from the previous three rounds. Lima attempts a sweep but Askren keeps him on his back. Askren stands up, drops a forearm smash and resumes smothering Lima. Lima goes for an armbar. He pulls away with ease. The ref stands them up with 10 seconds on the clock, which enough time to do nothing at all.

SCORECARD: Askren 10-9

ROUND FIVE: Askren shoots in and Lima sprawls. Lima is warned not to hit in the back of the head. Askren gets to top position. This fight is so boring Wheelock and Smith are cracking jokes about Smith’s scorecard. Askren stands over Lima and punches him…a lot. Less than a minute left and Lima is fighting with absolutely no sense of urgency. Askren is beating on Lima like it’s a hobby. Sweet merciful Jesus it is finally over.

SCORECARD: Askren 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION – Ben Askren by unanimous decision (50-45X3).



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