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411’s Bellator 65 Report 4.13.12

April 13, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Bellator 65
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Boardwalk Hall

-Jimmy Smith & Sean Wheelock are the announcers.

-They break down tonight’s fights.

-Remember, elbows to the head are not allowed in tournament bouts.

BANTAMWEIGHT QUARTERFINAL TOURNAMENT BOUT – Marcos Galvao (10-5-1) vs. Ed West (17-6)
ROUND ONE: And here we go. They com out, side kick by West. Leg kicks follow, throws another, Galvao catches a kick and take shim down. Galvao into the guard, and now transitions to the back. On the back, West to the feet with him on his back, and Galvao hops off and lands a knee. Galvao DROPS West with a sweet right, pounces on him and into guard to land more shots. West recuperates, up kick by West but Galvao into side control. Galvao tried for a choke, now back to guard. To the feet, knees by Galvao. They separate, kick by West. Galvao checks the head kick, push kick by West, almost caught. Jabs by West, and then the body kick. To the cage they go, knee by West. They get wild as the bell sounds.

SCORECARD: Galvao 10-9

ROUND TWO: Round two begins, and Galvao is throwing wild shots to begin. Good counter right by Galvao, he shoots and West looks for a guillotine. Body shots by Galvao as West continues to work the guillotine. To the feet and Galvao throws knees. Out of the guillotine try and more knees by Galvao. West turns him along the cage, lands some knees and body shots. Foot stomps by West, they separate. Leg kick by West, jumping knee by Galvao. To the cage they go, they separate, and Galvao keeps moving forward with shots, as West counters. Leg kick by West, and a leg kick by Galvao in return. Another, jab by West, and a side kick. The round ends.

SCORECARD: Galvao 20-18, but it was close.

ROUND THREE: Final round now, and they come out throwing. Galvao shoots, and West works the standing guillotine, but Galvao escapes. gets the takedown, and works from guard. West works for an arm bar, but Galvao escapes. Galvao into side control, and works knees to the body. Galvao back into guard, and now gets the back. West stands and Galvao is off his back. They work along the cage, knee by Galvao and they separate. Galvao drops West as he leaps in and then drops into guard. Hammer fists by Galvao, West rolls out and they stand along the cage, and West fails on the outside trip. West presses along the cage, lands some knees, but not much happening. They separate, circle and a right by Galvao as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 30-27 Galvao, but I could see 29-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT Marcos Galvao via unanimous decision (30-27 across the cards)

Jimmy is with Marcos Galvao. Galvao thanks his wife, coaches and thanks the fans. He loves fighting in Bellator.

BANTAMWEIGHT QUARTERFINAL TOURNAMENT BOUT – Luis Nogueira (12-2) vs. Alexis Vila (11-1)
ROUND ONE: And here we go. They circle, measuring each other and not committing just yet. Lots of movement and fakes, but that is about it. Jumping knee misses for Nogueira, lands a left hook and then a leg kick. Head kick by Vila checked, he shoots and exits with a right after failing for the takedown. Jab by Vila, misses with a combo. A right by Nogueira, and then a left by Vila as he backs off. Both men with pawing jabs, solid left by Nogueira. Body kick misses for Vila. Solid combo by Nogueira, but a good left in return by Vila. Body kick by Nogueira, left hook by Vila and he avoids a boy kick by Nogueira. Right-left combo by Nogueira, and a leg kick by Vila. Nogueira manages a takedown late in the round, works for the back but Vila defending. Vila to his feet, to the cage they go and some knees to the thighs by Nogueira. Nogueira with the takedown and the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Nogueira

ROUND TWO: Round two begins, they come out and circle like in round one. Lots of fakes again, dancing and backing off. Some jabs by Vila, a combo but misses a wild right. Vila shoots, gets a takedown but Nogueira right back up. Jumping knee by Vila blocked, Vila shoots and takes Nogueira down. Nogueira right back up again, only for Vila to pull him back to the mat. Nogueira gets back to his feet after taking next to no damage, jab and a kick by Nogueira, but the kick missed. Vila with a right after his shot failed, pumps the jab, but Nogueira with a combo. Leg kick by Nogueira, right hook lands as well. Jab by Vila, Vila then trips backing up and as Nogueira comes in, he drops down for a heel hook, but Vila pops out. Vila slips on a kick, to the cage they go. The round ends.

SCORECARD: Likely a 10-9 round for Vila, but I went 10-10, so I have it 20-19 for Nogueira.

ROUND THREE: Final round now, they come out, circle and dance a bit. I am shocked as well. Nogueira, please use your jab. More circling, leg kick by Nogueira. Vila misses a kick, and Nogueira presses with a left hook. More circling, jab by Vila. Left hook by Nogueira, body kick by Vila. Jab by Vila, combo by Nogueira. Leg kick by Nogueira, more dancing, they trade center cage and back off again. Chasing jabs by Vila, not connecting, Vila shoots, tries to drag Nogueira down, but Nogueira escapes and Vila throws a wild uppercut and misses. Good right by Nogueira, he shoots after circling, looks for the single leg, to the cage they go. The round ends.

SCORECARD: I have it 30-29 for Nogueira, due to my 10-10 round. I figure it is 29-28 from the judges.

OFFICIAL RESULT Luis Nogueira via unanimous decision (29-28 across the cards)


FEATHERWEIGHT SEMIFINAL TOURNAMENT BOUT – Mike Corey (12-2) vs. Daniel Straus (18-4)
ROUND ONE: And here we go, lets hope for a finish. Straus out, DROPS Corey and Corey manages to get back up, and to the cage we go. They separate, they circle, and a body shot by Corey. Good left by Straus, clinch and knees by Corey. To the cage they go, they trade some body shots and knees, and separate. Straus checks a head kick by Corey, and then a leg kick by Straus. Nice combo by Straus, flashes the kick and then drives Corey to the cage. Corey sprawls, stops the takedown, and to the feet they go. Body shots by Corey, they separate. Body kick by Corey, and a leg kick by Straus. Another left connects for Straus, who then slips on a kick try. More lefts by Straus, Corey misses a spinning back fist and eats a counter left. To the cage they go, they trade some body shots and then get wild as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Straus 10-9

ROUND TWO: Round two begins now, combo by Straus and Corey shoots, and gets a takedown. Nothing much happens, and we get a standup. Good left by Straus, they circle as Straus lands a shot to the body. Corey is cut up badly from the lefts in round one, and is bleeding here already in round two, he looks way worse than the punishment in round two would have you believe. Straus stuffs a takedown, to the cage they go, Straus tries a throw by Corey stays on his feet. They work along the cage again, Corey throws combos, but isn’t really landing effectively. They work to the cage again, trade some knees, final minute now. Corey working body shots, Straus tries to tie him up. Straus turns him, they separate and another good left from Straus. They trade combos, and the round ends.

SCORECARD: Straus 20-18

ROUND THREE: Final round, thankfully. Leg kick by Straus, another and Corey locks him up. To the cage they go, and they do not do much, unless you count Corey bleeding all over himself as something. They hug along the cage, Corey tries a takedown, Straus turns him and blocks that. Some knees to the thighs of Corey. Straus works for the takedown now, Corey grabs the cage, and they separate. Commentary tells be Corey is valiant for coming forward, I think he is stupid for not being able to block a left hand. To each their own. Straus is slowing, but pumps the jab. Corey shoots, tries for a takedown, Straus blocks that. They now get wild with combos, but Straus is more accurate. Final minute here, some good shots by Corey along the cage, they work along the cage once again. Straus loses his mouthpiece, may have spit it out., he is dead tired. They get wild in the final 10-seconds, Straus tries for a takedown, fails, they throw and the fight is thankfully over.

SCORECARD: Straus 30-27, but I could easily see 29-28, round two was close.

OFFICIAL RESULT Daniel Straus via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Jimmy is with Daniel Straus. Straus says it is a pleasure to be here, and discusses a teammate that just passed away. He thanks the fans for being there, and says he is ready for Marlon Sandro.

BANTAMWEIGHT TILE BOUT – Champion Zach Makovsky (14-2) vs. Eduardo Dantas (13-2)
ROUND ONE: They come out, circle, and Makovsky working kicks early. Dantas keeping low and stalking Makovsky. Knee by Dantas, looking for range and a good kick by Dantas. Leg kick by Makovsky, push kick by Dantas. Makovsky looks for and gets the single leg. Dantas looks for an omoplata, Makovsky escapes into guard. Up kick by Dantas, Makovsky drops back in with a left and Dantas with rubber guard. Dantas tries to lock up an arm, Makovsky escapes and to the feet they go. Jabs by Makovsky, they circle, Makovsky gets a takedown momentarily, but Dantas pops back up. Head kick checked by Makovsky, lands a good body kick, but the round ends.

SCORECARD: Makovsky 10-9

ROUND TWO: Round two now, kicks by Dantas to open the round. Head kick by Makovsky checked. A right by Dantas, Makovsky shoots and gets a single leg, but Dantas with the sweep and lands solid rights from side control. Knee on belly by Dantas, into mount. Now into half guard, and Dantas locks up the head. Lefts by Dantas, as Makovsky work shim back into guard. Rights by Dantas, stands and dives in with a big right. Mount and elbows by Dantas, lefts follow. More rights follow as well as some elbows. Makovsky tries to work off the cage, head and arm choke try by Dantas….and Makovsky is OUT!

OFFICIAL RESULT AND NEW BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION Eduardo Dantas via RD2 (3:26) technical submission

Jimmy is with Dantas. Dantas says this is what he does, he thanks his family and he trained hard and came prepared.

Bjorn is here and says Dantas is one of the best in the world.


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