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411’s Bellator 66 Report 4.20.12

April 20, 2012 | Posted by Mark Radulich

Bellator 66
I-X Center
Cleveland, OH

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bellator 66


Eddie Alvarez (154.5lbs 22-3) vs. Shinya Aoki (154.5lbs 30-5-0, 1 NC)
Brian Rogers (185lbs 9-3-0) vs. Andreas Spang (185lbs 7-1-0) – Middleweight Semi-final
Maiquel Falcao (185lbs 30-4-0, 1 NC) vs. Vyacheslav Vasilevsky (185.5lbs 16-1-0) – Middleweight Semi-final
Rick Hawn (155lbs 12-1-0) vs. Lloyd Woodard (154.5lbs 12-1-0) – Lightweight Semi-final
Thiago Michel (154.5lbs 10-2-0) vs. Brent Weedman (155lbs 19-7-1) – Lightweight Semi-final


Jessica Eye (130lbs 6-1-0) vs. Anita Rodriguez (130.5lbs 5-2-0) – 131-pound catchweight
John Hawk (203.5lbs 6-4-0) vs. Marcus Vanttinen (205lbs 21-3-0)
Dan Spohn (204lbs 6-1-0) vs. Attila Vegh (200lbs 24-4-2)
Frank Carabello (145lbs 8-4-0) vs. Donny Walker (144lbs 16-8-0)
Joe Heiland (155lbs 6-1-1) vs. Julian Lane (155lbs 3-0-0)


We are live at the I-X Center in Cleveland, OH!

Announcers are Sean Wheelock and Jimmy Smith.

We go to the cage for our first fight.


John Hawk defeats Marcus Vanttinen via Split Decision

Attila Vegh defeats Dan Spohn via Split Decision

Frank Caraballo defeats Donny Walker via KO (Flying Knee) at 2:25 of Round 4.

Julian Lane defeats Joe Heiland via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 2:49 Round 1.


Lightweight Semi-final bout: Thiago Michel (154.5lbs 10-2-0) vs. Brent Weedman (155lbs 19-7-1)

ROUND ONE: Weedman comes out throwing the lions share of strikes. He’s mixing it up with punches and kicks. Michel circles and looks for the counter. Weedman ducks a strike and clinches but Michel reverses and takes Weedman down. Michel and Weedman scrambles for position and Michel has Weedman all tied up. Weedman defends leaving him in side control. Michel gets to his feet but Weedman still has an arm around his head. Michel pulls away. Michel lands a pair of kicks. Michel lands a counter left and another kick. Michel picks up the pace with another series of kicks. Weedman is taking a lot of hits but he keeps coming forward. Weedman gets a takedown and ends the round in half guard. This is the kind of round that makes me wish pro MMA used the half point system.

SCORECARD: Weedman 10-9

ROUND TWO: The fighters resume trading strikes. Weedman lands an overhand right followed by a kick, which causes him to momentarily slip. Weedman recovers and gets a takedown. Michel attempts a guillotine. Weedman gets his head free and moves to side control. He delivers a pair of knees to the body. He’s really pounding on those ribs. Michel looks get out from underneath Weedman. He does but nearly gets guillotined. Michel is in guard hammering on Weedman but Weedman hits him right back. Michel postures up, Weedman tries to bring him back down but Michel sprawls. Weedman forces his will on Michel and gets back to side control. Michel scrambles and kicks Weedman in the chest as the round comes to an end. Weedman clearly took that round but overall it was less interesting.

SCORECARD: Weedman 10-9

ROUND THREE: Despite controlling most of the fight, Weedman is the one with visible damage as he had a mouse under his eye. Weedman comes forward with a flurry of strikes. Michel misses with a pair of strikes. Michel lands a side kick. Weedman throws a head kick but slips and Michel takes advantage. He lays in some ground and pound. Weedman scrambles and gets to his feet. Michel nails him. Weedman clinches and pushes Michel against the fence. Weedman trips and takes Michel down. Michel gets to his knees and stands up but Weedman wraps his arms around Michels head. Michel pulls away and lands a pair of kicks. Weedman continues to press the action. Michel lands a few kicks to the body, backing Weedman up. Weedman lands a left hook. Weedman tries a last ditch single leg takedown. He settles for a leg lock of sorts. Ding, fries are done the fight is over as we are off to the judges score card.

SCORECARD: Weedman 10-9

Though I’m giving all 3 rounds to Weedman, I can see Michel getting some rounds, maybe even the fight due to damage and volume of strikes thrown/landed.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Brent Weedman by split decision (29-28 Michel, 29-28X2 Weedman).

Yeah I’m not surprised with that result. At this time I want to say MAZEL TOV to Mr. Weedman. Enjoy fatherhood, it ROCKS!

Lightweight Semi-final bout: Rick Hawn (155lbs 12-1-0) vs. Lloyd Woodard (154.5lbs 12-1-0)

ROUND ONE: They clinch immediately and I think Hawk took a knee in the nuts. The ref either didn’t see it or just ignored it. They release and back off. They trade a bit and clinch up again. Hawn pushes Cupcake against the fence. Hawn peppers Woodard with short punches while pressing him against the fence. Hawn is looking for one of his famous judo throws but Cupcake won’t have it. The ref breaks them up and Woodard may have gotten away with yet another nut shot. If this keeps up I may have to pull out the old Robot Chicken bit. Woodard swings for the fences, Hawn ducks and finally gets Woodard to the ground. Hawn tries to mount but Woodard scrambles and gets to his feet. Woodard tries for a takedown but after a struggle they end up against the fence. Hawn is controlling this fight so far. Woodard has but on the defense for the majority of this fight. The breaks them up again but he might as well have let them be as Hawn ends the round with Woodard pressed against the fence…again.

SCORECARD: Hawn 10-9

ROUND TWO: Woodard starts off coming forward with fury and promptly gets knocked the BUCGAW out! BOOM! And the best part was my wife’s reaction, “Noooooooooo! CUPCAKE!” whilst shaking her fist in anger, LOL.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Rick Hawn by TKO at 0:10 of round 2.

Cupcake has been smashed.

Hawn vs Weedman it is and I’m sure sometime this fall will be Hawn vs Chandler for the belt.

Middleweight Semi-final bout: Maiquel Falcao (185lbs 30-4-0, 1 NC) vs. Vyacheslav Vasilevsky (185.5lbs 16-1-0)

ROUND ONE: The fighters trade some hard punches. Falcao lands a few leg kicks. The big Russian nails Falcao and drops him. Vasilevsky lunges into guard for the kill. Falcao defends and tries for an arm bar. Vasilevsky pulls him arm free. Falcao is limiting the Russians offense by using wrist control and inching himself near the cage. He rolls out and nearly gets away from Vasilevsky but he’s taken down again. Falcao is up again but pushed against the fence. He trips him down not once but twice. Vasilevsky is scoring points with trips/slams but not much else. Falcao better submit this guy or he’s going to give this fight away. With 20 seconds on the clock, the ref stands them up. Both fighters miss a few strikes before the round ends.

SCORECARD: Vasilevsky 10-9

ROUND TWO: Falcao picks up the pace and lights Vasilevsky up. The Russian lands a hard kick. Vasilevsky is countering very well off of Falcao’s power punches. Vasilevsky is racking up points via landed punches. Falcao is looking for the one-punch KO but is getting tagged for his troubles. The Russian takes Falcao down again. He gets back to his feet and drives Vasilevsky against the fence. Vasilevsky tries a standing guillotine to no avail. Falcao tries two hooks and neither get through. Vasilevsky presses Falcao against the fence. He trips but Falcao lands on top. He is in the Russians guard. Falcao starts to unload with hammer fists. Falcao is closing points distance with hammer strikes from guard. Vasilevsky is giving this round away.

SCORECARD: Falcao 10-9

Vasilevsky started off strong but Falcao overtook him and won a close round.

ROUND THREE: Vasilevsky resumes out boxing Falcao. Falcao is not having much success looking for the big overhand right. I spoke too soon! He smacks him one good! Vasilevsky ties him but Falcao clinches up and unloads with uppercuts and knees. Falcao is back against the fence but he’s still scoring the Russian. Falcao breaks away. Vasilevsky throws Falcao down but slips in the process. Vasilevsky slips a left hook and tackles Falcao. Vasilevsky is in half guard. He steps over and gets full mount. Falcao sweeps into half guard. Vasilevsky tries to sweep but that exposes him to hammer fists to the side of the face. Falcao is tenderizing Vasilevsky while attempt to avoid being stood up. If he maintains this position for the duration he’ll likely win the fight. Vasilevsky escapes and takes Falcao down. He quickly runs out of time.

SCORECARD: Falcao 10-9

See my comments regarding how close the first fight was. Either guy could have gotten it here.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Maiquel Falcao by (29-28X3).

I’m obviously not the least bit surprised here.

Middleweight Semi-final bout: Brian Rogers (185lbs 9-3-0) vs. Andreas Spang (185lbs 7-1-0)

ROUND ONE: Rogers starts with a kick. Rogers misses with a hook. Spang somehow got hit in the nuts…from punches :::shrugs:::. Rogers goes for a kick and slips. Spang goes all spider monkey on Rogers’ back and attempts a rear-naked choke! Amazingly Rogers is still standing. Rogers throws Spang off of him, lands a few shots and takes the center of the cage again. Rogers lands a hard series of punches. He nails him with flying knee! Another flying knee! Holy smokes, Spang is still standing! Spang slows Rogers down. Rogers knocks him down. They scramble on the ground. Rogers has a chin lock but can’t the full RNC. Spang reverses position into full guard. Spang has top control but he isn’t doing much with it. He wakes up and delivers a few huge right hands. Rogers does the Incredible Hulk power clap. Spang was in trouble but I think he took the round back.

SCORECARD: Spang 10-9

ROUND TWO: Spang lands a right hand. A kick from Spang countered by Rogers. They clash and back away. Spang absorbs another shot and looks hurt. He shakes it off. Spang lands a left hook. Rogers almost sweeps his legs with a kick. Hard right from Rogers. Rogers lands a one-two. Rogers is turning up the heat on Spang. Rogers is looking for the KO. He whiffs with a huge right hand. Rogers scores big with a left hand and OH MY GOD!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! Spang counters Rogers with a counter left and BANG! LIGHTS OUT! Now what’s funny here is that because Rogers is a Special Ed teacher my wife was rooting for him. Upon being knocked out her immediate reaction was, “Dammit, why do all the fighters I cheer for lose?”

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Andreas Spang by TKO (punches) at 3:34 of round 2.

Rogers is still arguing with the ref that it was bad stoppage. Um, when the audience sees you losing math the fight is over. We’ll see you in the next tournament sir.

Lightweight bout: Eddie Alvarez (154.5lbs 22-3) vs. Shinya Aoki (154.5lbs 30-5-0, 1 NC)

ROUND ONE: Aoki misses with a high head kick. Lots of feeling out, faints and jabs for the first minute. Aoki misses with the first shot of the fight. Front kick from Aoki. A counter right from Alvarez. Right hand from Aoki. Alvarez lands an uppercut and down goes Aoki! Alvarez jumps all over Aoki and proceeds to hammer in his face. Aoki’s corner throws in the towel but the ref doesn’t see it. Apparently it doesn’t even matter. The ref saves Aoki and Alvarez wins the rematch (when that settles the discussion regarding Aoki’s Top 5 status).

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Eddie Alvarez by TKO (punches) at 2:14 of round 1.

Eddie Alvarez tells Bjorn Rebney to show him the money…yes, I see.

For a bonus (and because my wife is going to bed) I will cover the Bellator 66 Post Telecast Fight:

131-pound catchweight bout: Jessica Eye (130lbs 6-1-0) vs. Anita Rodriguez (130.5lbs 5-2-0)

ROUND ONE: Eye lands a leg kick. Eye lands another shot and takes the back of Rodriguez. Rodriguez shifts her position and gets Eye in a side headlock. Eye repositions herself and attempts a rear-naked choke. Rodriguez tries to escape and allows Eye to get to side control. Eye goes North-South on Rodriguez. The ref isn’t seeing enough so he stands them up. They trade overhand rights. Another trade but Eye lands huge overhand right. Rodriguez misses with a hook. Another hard right from Eye doubles over Rodriguez. Eye tries for a guillotine, loses it and now Rodriguez has top position. Rodriguez tries to work her over but almost gets caught in a triangle before the round ends.


ROUND TWO: Eye attempts to catch Rodriguez’s kick. Straight right from Eye catches her. Body kick from Rodriguez. Outside kick from Eye. Rodriguez is doing a fine job of dodging but she is not countering at all. Rodriguez tries a head and arm throw. Rodriguez goes for a headlock that would make Hulk Hogan proud. Eye backs her up against the fence. Rodriguez turns her around and breaks free. Hard right from Eye, followed by an even harder left. Eye lands a flurry of strikes. Both women stand in the pocket and trade. Eye is kicking her opponent at will as she appears to have no idea how to check a leg kick. Eye is out-striking Rodriguez by a large margin. Eye appears to be on her way to a unanimous decision.


ROUND THREE: Eye resumes kicking Rodriguez at will. Eye continues to land a high volume of strikes. Rodriguez is doing her best impression of Jeff Monson by just standing there absorbing punishment. Rodriguez lands a leg kick. Eye has pretty much completely shut Rodriguez down. Rodriguez tries the old side headlock trick again but Eye isn’t having it. Swing and a miss from Rodriguez with the overhand right. Front kick from Eye. Another front kick, this time to the body. With 10 seconds left they trade back and forth and it is over.


OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Jessica Eye by unanimous decision.

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