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411’s Bellator 68 Report 5.11.12

May 11, 2012 | Posted by Mark Radulich

Bellator 68
Palladium Ballroom in Caesars
Atlantic City, New Jersey

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bellator 68


Marlon Sandro (145.8lbs 22-3) vs. Daniel Straus (146lbs 19-4)
Marcos Galvao (136lbs 11-5-1) vs. Travis Marx (135.4lbs 19-3-0, 1NC)
Carmelo Marrero (230lbs 14-5-0, 1NC) vs. Seth Petruzelli (225.5lbs 14-6) – 230-pound catchweight
Seth Petruzelli was not cleared to fight
Waachiim Spiritwolf (172.4lbs 9-9-1, 1NC)+ vs. Marius Zaromskis (169.8lbs 16-6-0, 1NC)


Aung La Nsang (175.2lbs 8-7) vs. Jesus Martinez (175.5lbs 6-2) – 175-pound catchweight
Claudio Ledesma (134.5lbs 6-2) vs. Anthony Leone (136lbs 10-5)
Marcin Held (155.5lbs 12-2) vs. Derrick Kennington (154.5lbs 6-2)
Don Carlo-Clauss (156lbs 8-6)* vs. Jacob Kirwan (156lbs 9-4)
Francois Ambang (183.5lbs 1-3-1) vs. Gregory Millard (186lbs 2-2)

+ – Missed weight, fined portion of purse
* – Made weight on second attempt


Hello and thank you readers for tuning into to this evenings live MMA coverage.

We are live at the Palladium Ballroom in Caesars, Atlantic City, New Jersey!

Announcers are Sean Wheelock and Jimmy Smith.

We go to the cage for our first fight.


Francios Ambang defeats Gregory Milliard via Split Decision.

Anthony Leone defeats Claudio Ledesma via Split Decision.

Aung La Nsang defeatsvJesus Martinez via KO/TKO (punches).

Don Carlo-Clauss defeats Jacob Kirwan via Split Decision.


Welterweight bout: Waachiim Spiritwolf (172.4lbs 9-9-1, 1NC) vs. Marius Zaromskis (169.8lbs 16-6-0, 1NC)

ROUND ONE: Spiritwolf comes out very aggressively. He’s changing levels and alternating between throwing strikes and trying for takedowns. Zaromskis opens up on Spiritwolf but he gets pushed against the fence. The ref breaks them up. Zaromskis lands a hard shot on Spiritwolf and now he appears to be bleeding. Spiritwolf shoots Zaromskis and takes him down. He can’t keep him there. They grapple against the fence and Zaromskis takes Spiritwolf down. Spiritwolf stands up and smashes his opponent with elbows. Spiritwolf presses Zaromskis against the fence. They trade positions against the fence. Knees in the clinch from Spiritwolf. With 10 seconds left they are separated and Spiritwolf lands one last shot before the horn sounds.

SCORECARD: Spiritwolf 10-9

ROUND TWO: Spiritwolf comes out swinging again. Zaromskis throws a head kick. Spinning back fist just misses. Spiritwolf comes forward with more strikes. Zaromskis smashes Spiritwolf with a hard left. Spiritwolf recovers and shoves Zaromskis against the fence. The trade positions against the fence. Zaromskis tries a knee and a head kick. Spiritwolf Smashes Zaromskis and puts him on spaghetti legs. Zaromskis crashes to the mat and Spiritwolf attempts to ground and pound his way to victory. Zaromskis locks him up in guard, just trying to survive. Spiritwolf is content to hammer on Zaromskis in guard until the round ends.

SCORECARD: Spiritwolf 10-9

The fight has been stopped due to a cut. It appears that although he was winning the fight, Spiritwolf will not be the victor tonight. It looks like Marius Zaromskis will win this fight via TKO due to a doctor stoppage.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Marius Zaromskis by TKO (doctor stoppage) at 5:00 of round 2.

Lightweight bout: Marcin Held (155.5lbs 12-2) vs. Derrick Kennington (154.5lbs 6-2)

ROUND ONE: Held comes out strong and lands a few punches. Kennington returns fire and drops Held! Held recovers and tries to armbar Kennington. Kennington defends, pulls away and the fighters resume standing. Black shoots, can’t get it, pulls guard and rips Kennington’s leg off! Yeesh!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Marcin Held by submission (heel hook) at 2:08 of round 1 .

Bantamweight Semi-final bout: Marcos Galvao (136lbs 11-5-1) vs. Travis Marx (135.4lbs 19-3-0, 1NC)

ROUND ONE: Marx goes to the body. He follows with knees but Galvao catches his leg. Galvao lands a kick. Galvao counters with a hard right that drops Marx. He clinches with him against the cage. Galvao is landing a series of knees to the body. He takes a few knees to the thigh before pulling away from Galvao. Marx tries to go to the body again but Galvao evades. Marx clinches now and pushes him against the fence. Galvao pulls away. Galvao kicks Marx in the body. Galvao lands a hard right. He follows with a knee. Leg kick from Galvao. Galvao evades Marx’s shots and clobbers him. Marx clinches again. They exchange knees in the clinch before disengaging. Marx with a push kick. Galvao lands a final kick before the round ends.

SCORECARD: Galvao 10-9

ROUND TWO: Galvao comes out kicking! And we have our first nut shot of the night. Marx shoots and presses Galvao against the fence. Marx is turning up the offense with knees. Another shot to the cup. Don’t make me pull out the Robot Chicken clip. Galvao lands a knee. A kick to the body drops Marx for a moment. Marx clinches again. The fighters keep clashing and the exchanges are pretty even. Leg kick followed by a punch to the jaw from Galvao. Marx clinches again. Marx tries a hard punch before disengaging but Galvao lands the harder shot. The round ends no clear advantage going to either fighter.

SCORECARD: Marx 10-9

ROUND THREE: Marx lands a kick that drops Galvao. Galvao presses forward but Marx circles away. Marx eats a knee while moving in for a clinch. Galvao with a kick to the body. Marx lands a leg kick. Galvao returns fire. Marx is throwing but Galvao is evading. Marx hits a one-two to the body. They continue to have fairly even exchanges. Another chopping leg kick from Galvao. Marx gets a takedown. Galvao gets up but Marx is sticking to him like glue. Marx lands a lot of knees but Galvao is hitting Marx with light punches. They go toe-to-toe for the final 10 seconds of the round. Tough one to call folks. I’m guessing Marx will win because Galvao has no luck at all in decisions.

SCORECARD: Galvao 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Marcus Galvao by unanimous decision (29-28X3).

I’m happy for him. The right man won.

Featherweight Final Tournament bout: Marlon Sandro (145.8lbs 22-3) vs. Daniel Straus (146lbs 19-4)

ROUND ONE: And we are barely into this one and we already have a nut shot. And we’re back. Both fighters are trying to find the distance,Sandro misses with a kick,an then another kick, Straus tries to counter with a one-two. Sandro throws some hard strikes,Straus goes under and goes for the take bt settles for the cage. Sandro attempts a trip down and gets planted on his back. Sandro gets to his feet and Judo Throws Straus to that ground,Straus stays on his back and attempts and rear naked choke. Sandro escapes and gets back to his feet. The fighters are trying to find distance once again,Straus lands a hard left and goes for a take down,holding on to a single leg while Sandro lights up his face. Straus stands up,hangs on his hips, and knees him in the thighs. Straus is fishing for an outside trip. Straus is looking for a suplex but Sandro is fighting it.

SCORECARD: Straus 10-9

ROUND TWO: The fighters are trading strikes. Straus, with a kick to the body. Sandro attempts to counter but Straus ducks under, shoots and pushes him against the fence,again. They disengage and get back to center. Straus continues to back Sandro up, even with strikes that aren’t landing. Sandro cannot find a way inside. Straus with a high head kick and follows with a leg kick. Sandro shoots for a single,gets nothing,and they are back to center. Sandro lands a uppercut and misses with the hook. Sandro attempts a flying knee,but for what reason? Nobody knows. Straus hits a flying knee,and Sandro retaliated with a flying knee of his own,Straus catches it and throw him against the fence. Straus is attempting to find a home for his left hook. Sandro leaps inside and lands a knee to end the round.

SCORECARD:Straus 10-9

ROUND THREE: They’re coming out roadhouse style. Straus lands a leg kick. They clench in the center of the cage and Sandro backs him up against the fence. Sandro lands some knees to the thigh, Straus shoves him off. Straus with a head kick flush to the face. He is doing the same thing,h lands a strong kick then goes for the takedown. Its getting him nowhere. Sandro goes for a single legs,cant get it, settles for against the fence and locks in a standing arm triangle, Straus is hopelessly trying to defend. We are locked in a stalemate at this point. Sandro isn’t progressing and he isnt giving up the choke,then he goes for a trip and Straus defends. Straus ducks the punch,grabs Sandro’s hips and suplexes him. Straus has his back an is going for the rear naked choke.Sandro was saved by the bell as we go to the judge’s scorecard.

SCORECARD:Straus 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Daniel Straus by unanimous decision (30-27X2, 29-28).

Good for Straus. I’m excited to see him compete for the title next year.

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