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411’s Bellator 75 Report 10.05.12

October 6, 2012 | Posted by Wyatt Beougher


Bellator was live last night from the Horseshoe Casino, in Hammond, Indiana, and the show featured the first round of the Season 7 Heavyweight Tournament. I was on The Ultimate Fighter coverage duty last night, so I DVRed Bellator, hence why you’re getting this report today.


*Bantamweight Feature Fight: Chase Beebe def. David Harris by Unanimous Decision (30-27×2, 29-28)
*Heavyweight Tournament Reserve Bout: Ryan Martinez def. Manny Lara by Majority Decision (29-27×2, 28-28)
*Welterweight Feature Fight: Joe Williams def. Rod Montoya by Submission (Rear Naked Choke, Round 1, 3:17)
*Welterweight Feature Fight: Jason Graves def. Rafal Skibinski by Submission (Rear Nake Choke, Round 1, 2:50)
*Light Heavyweight Feature Fight: Anthony Gomez def. Jose Medina by Submission (Rear Naked Choke, Round 1, 2:32)
*Featherweight Feature Fight: Cliff Wright def. Bobby Reardanz by Submission (Rear Naked Choke, Round 1, 3:39)


Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal Fight: Vinicius Queiroz (5-2-0, 247 lbs) vs Mark Holata (12-3-0, 249.2 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and we’re off. Queiroz has a pretty decent height and reach advantage, and Holata closes the distance quickly, clinching and pushing Queiroz against the cage. Holata throws a knee and a punch, Queiroz counters with a knee and gets Holata off balance when he responds with a knee. Holata with an uppercut, knee by Queiroz, and they separate. Holata comes forward, only to eat a right hand. Queiroz with a nice body kick and a hard right hand. They trade punches on the feet, and Queiroz works in a few knees and kicks. Queiroz catching Holata with the jab every time he comes forward and he’s also throwing a wicked front kick that hits in the thigh or stomach. Queiroz throws a combination, but Holata counters with a big left hand that puts Queiroz down. Holata pounces on him and works some ground and pound, but Queiroz defends and ties Holata up. Holata working from half guard and landing some punches to the body, and now to the head, but Queiroz pushes him into rubber guard. Queiroz locks in a triangle, but Holata slips out the back door Queiroz has to settle for closed guard. Queiroz defends some more ground and pound and then locks in an armbar! Queiroz with a belly-down armbar and Holata taps!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Vinicius Queiroz, Submission (Armbar, Round 1, 3:26)

Queiroz says he had to ask his coach what happened after the fight, so Holata’s big punch was definitely a solid one. Kudos to Queiroz for hanging in there and getting the submission. Queiroz says he’s going to win the tournament and become champion.

Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal Fight: Richard Hale (19-4-1, 233 lbs) vs Mike Wessel (12-4-0, 262.2 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Hale is outweighed by thirty pounds, he has an 8.5″ reach advantage. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. Hale avoids Wessel’s jab and seems content to avoid Wessel. Hale lands a huge punch combination and it looks like Wessel might be stunned. Hale literally landed 16 unanswered shots on the feet and he sprawls when Wessel shoots and lands a couple more shots. Hale spins and takes Wessel’s back and looks for the rear naked choke, but instead opts to pound away at Wessel, who tries to buck him off. Hale gets both hooks in and flattens Wessel out. Hale pounding away, the official tells Wessel to defend himself; he doesn’t, and this fight is over!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Richard Hale, TKO (Punches, Round 1, 1:19)

Welterweight Fight: Rod Montoya (15-14-0, 170 lbs) vs Joe Williams (7-1-0, 170 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and they start quickly, trading punches in the center of the cage. Montoya has a weird stance where he keeps his right hand on his forehead, but Williams is pretty much landing at will. Williams lands a nice combination and he scoops Montoya up and slams him down. Williams working the ground and pound from half guard, and he’s winging big right hands at Montoya’s head. Williams with big knees to Montoya’s body and he works a couple of lefts to the head in on the other side. Williams postures up and Montoya sits up, but Williams beats him back down and alternates between flurries of punches and knees. Montoya warned for locking his toes in the cage, and Williams pushes him down again when he tries to sit up. Another warning for Montoya for locking his toes in the cage and he tries to sit up, but instead gives up his back. Williams pounds away at his body, and Montoya turns, leaving Williams in full mount. A few punches from Williams and Montoya gives up his back again, so Williams immediately locks in the rear naked choke, and Montoya taps almost immediately!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Joe Williams, Submission (Rear Nake Choke, Round 1, 3:17)

The standard Bellator intro before the Volkov/Rogers fight is preceded by at King Mo TNA/Bellator commercial. Not sure it’ll be a successful experiment, but at least both promotions seem to be behind the idea.

Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal Fight: Alexander Volkov (16-3-0, 225.2 lbs) vs Brett Rogers (12-4-0, 265.8 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Like both earlier heavyweight fights, one fighter has a height/reach advantage (Volkov) and the other a pretty significant weight advantage (Rogers). Volkov takes the center of the cage and Rogers throws an inside leg kick. Volkov answers with an outside leg kick, and another. Volkov stalking Rogers and he throws a combination that Rogers blocks. Rogers with a one-two but Volkov shakes it and lands a counter punch of his own. Volkov with an inside leg kick and a left jab and he lands a pair of one-two combinations and then he lands some single punches afterwards. Fight stopped as Volkov has lost his mouthpiece and we’re back underway. Volkov seems to have found his range and he’s just landing punches on Rogers. Rogers with an inside leg kick that Volkov checks. Volkov lands a pair of front kicks, and another. Volkov catches a Rogers kick attempt and lands a kick and several punches, though Rogers blocks his head kick. Volkov landing more strikes, including a straight right hand and a knee. Rogers answers with a big uppercut that bloodies Volkov’s nose, but Volkov keeps coming forward and landing. He lands a combination, catches another kick, and then throws a right hook-left straight combination. Volkov moves in with another nice combination and Rogers answers with a single punch. Volkov with another combination and Rogers moves away, avoiding a head kick. Volkov with another big combination, though Rogers is getting his hands up for the worst of it. Volkov walks Rogers down, landing a punch-kick-punch combination and then a one-two. Volkov misses with a head kick and Rogers ties him up and presses him against the cage as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Volkov, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Rogers looks to be bleeding slightly as well, and we’re back to action. Volkov with a straight left, and another, and another, as Rogers looks flatfooted. Volkov backs Rogers against the cage and starts shaking his hands, trying to get in Rogers’ head, and he lands a big combination on Rogers. Volkov backs off, and then backs Rogers against the cage again, landing another good combination. Volkov with a front kick to the face that glances Rogers. Volkov with an outside leg kick and Rogers answers with a jab. Volkov with an inside leg kick and a right hand. Volkov moves in with a one-two combination and he blocks a Rogers punch before landing a body-head combination. Rogers with a right to the body, but Volkov lands a nice right hand. Volkov lands a head kick but Rogers bails before he can follow it up. Volkov with a front kick to the chest and then he goes back to straight punches. Volkov with a four-punch combination and then a two-punch combination, and while Rogers blocks most of the impact, he’s still getting hit. Volkov with a straight right and then a pair of one-two combinations. Volkov whiffs on a spinning back kick. Volkov comes in with a one-two-body kick combination and he starts kicking away at Rogers. Rogers leaps forward with a punch, but Volkov avoids it and lands a big punching combination of his own. Volkov lands another straight right and the round ends.

SCORECARD: Volkov, 10-9 (20-18 overall) (Very close to a 10-8, though)

ROUND THREE: Volkov misses a right hand, but he follows it up with a nice left, and Rogers still looks content to keep backing up. Volkov with a left and he avoids Rogers counter attempt. Volkov keeps moving in with the jab and Rogers finally comes forward with punches, but nothing really lands. Volkov goes back to the jab and he drops his hands after Rogers misses on a pair of jabs. Volkov leaps forward with a straight right and Rogers is finally throwing , but Volkov lands three big punches (two jabs and a straight right) that make Rogers’ offense look negligible. Volkov comes forward with a four-punch/kick combination. Both guys miss on big punches and Volkov continues to back Rogers against the cage. Volkov lands another jab and then barely grazes Rogers with a big kick. Volkov throws another jab and then doubles them up, and Rogers finally closes the distance. He can’t do anything, and Volkov lands a big overhand right. Volkov continues to stalk Rogers and Rogers throws a combination that misses and as he tries to turn away, Volkov lands a combination to the back of his body. Volkov with a right hook and he misses a spinning back kick, quickly following it up with a nice right hand. Volkov with a jab that makes Rogers shake his head and then he throws a double right hook (one lands, one doesn’t) as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Volkov, 10-9 (30-27 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Alexander Volkov, Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

Heavyweight Quarterfinal Fight: Thiago Santos (10-1-0, 170 lbs) vs Eric Prindle (9-2-0, 170 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Pretty evenly matched, although Prindle does have a couple inch reach advantage. Their first fight ended as a no contest, the rematch was cancelled because Santos missed weight, Prindle went on to lose his title shot to the now-retired Cole Konrad, and here we are. Touch of the gloves and we’re off. Prindle half-throwing a jab here, but Santos staying on the outside. Santos comes in with a big overhand right that misses, follows up with a jab, and he takes Prindle down against the cage. Santos working from side control and he throws a knee to Prindle’s body before Prindle ties him up. Santos transitions to north-south before moving back to side control, then he moves back into a north-south choke, but Prindle escapes and Santos moves back into side control and throws some short left hands. Santos moves back to north-south and gets a warning for hitting Prindle in the back of the head. Santos back to side control and he gets wrist control and looks for a kimura but Prindle explodes enough to stop the submission attempt. Santos back to north-south and he’s just laying on Prindle and wearing him out. The referee wants Santos to show him something significant, so he goes back to side control and looks for either a key lock or an Americana. Santos gets a knee on Prindle’s stomach and throws some ground and pound and after another warning about a stand-up, he pounds away and then looks for another key lock before spinning into an armbar attempt. Prindle manages to fight his way out and he finally gets to his feet. Santos looks to pull guard with a guillotine, but Prindle gets his head free and only waits a moment before standing over Santos. The official warns them about groin kicks, and Prindle lands a HUGE axe kick to the groin. That’s easily the worst flagrant kick I’ve ever seen, and it’s coming from a guy who cuts to 265 pounds. That’s brutal. Santos is still down, so the official calls for a translator and sends Prindle to a neutral corner. Prindle, for his part, looks devastated that the kick landed to the groin. Santos is telling the interpreter to tell the doctor that he’s in a lot of pain, and Santos hasn’t even moved since rolling to his stomach after the kick. Santos rolls to his back and they’re tapping his legs and feet to see how much feeling his has. The official tells Prindle that he’s “got no choice if he can’t continue”, but the first part of their conversation is cut off. Santos has no feeling in his leg because the cup was force into the nerve on his leg, and the official tells the doctor that he’s going to have to disqualify Prindle because Santos wasn’t moving when the kick happened. Santos’ five minute recovery period is up, and Prindle goes and hugs Santos and apologizes. The official tells Prindle that if Santos has been moving, it would’ve been a no contest, but he has no choice. He compliments Prindle on being so courteous, but says he has no choice but to disqualify him.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Thiago Santos, Disqualification (Illegal Kick to the Groin, Round 1, 4:54)

And that’s it for Bellator 75 – a good night of fights with lots of finishes, marred by a controversial ending to the main event. Thanks for reading, and remember 411 for all of your MMA needs!


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