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411’s Bellator 88 Report 2.07.13

February 7, 2013 | Posted by Mark Radulich

411’s Bellator 88 Report

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Featherweight Bout: George Hickman (145.8 lbs.) vs. Stephen Upchurch (145 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Hickman jabs. They trade kicks. HIckman continues to jab and kick Upchurch. Body kick from Hickman. Hickman ducks a hook and takes Upchurch. He gets a hook in and delivers a series of lefts. He sinks in the other hook and tries for a rear-naked choke. Hickman sinks it in tight and book goes the dynamite!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – George Hickman by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:19 of round 1.

Catchweight Bout (160lbs): Clay Harvison (159.2 lbs.) vs. Ururahy Rodrigues (155.8 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Rodrigues circles for a bit and comes rushing forward. He gives Harvison chase but no serious damage is done. Harvison lands a leg kick. Rodrigues attempts a takedown. Harvison defends. Harvison pats him about the face. Rodrigues slips off of the leg and Harvison catches him with a right square on the button. Rodrigues recovers and rolls for a leg lock. Harvison gets out of dodge and they scramble. Rodrigues ends up in the top position but Harvison gets back to his feet. Rodrigues tries for another takedown but is denied. Harvison lands a left to the body and takes a kick in the cup. They resume and Harvison walks into a right hook. He gets hit with a pair of leg kicks and is backed up into the fence.

SCORECARD: Harvison 10-9

ROUND TWO: They trade kicks to start off. Rodrigues shoots and slams Harvison on his back. Harvison gets back to his feet against the fence. Rodrigues comes forward and turn about his fair play as he takes a shot in the balls. Rodriguez with a punch-kick combo. Outside leg kick from Rodrigues. Harvison rushes forward with a hard left. Harvison evades a series of wild swings. Leg kick from Harvison. Rodrigues ducks looping punch and attempts a takedown. He is denied. Harvison is content to circle away now. He evades more punches. Rodrigues attempts a takedown. The fighters are admonished for not doing enough work against the fence. Rodrigues slips a few punches and we’re done with this round.

SCORECARD: Rodrigues 10-9

ROUND THREE: Rodrigues throws a series of kicks, most of which miss. Harvison looks for a hard counter shot but he’s not able to land anything. Leg kick from Harvison. More kicks from Rodrigues, Harvison catches one and attempts to counter. Both fighters are too laid back in this final round. Spinning back kick from Rodrigues. Rodrigues is generating a lot of wind with his wild swings that couldn’t hit a blind man while he was napping. Rodrigues dives for a takedown and Harvison nails him with a knee! He follows up with a few more punches and boom, done! Nice win for the TUF alumni.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Clay Harvison by TKO at 3:34 of round 3.

Catchweight Bout (152lbs: Shane Crenshaw (152 lbs.) vs. Ronnie Rogers (145.6 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Crenshaw immediately shoots for a takedown. Rogers defends but is backed up into the fence. Rogers spins out. Crenshaw circles and periodically just walks around in a circle. Crenshaw attempts a judo throw and Rogers lands on his back. He is nearly tapped out with an RNC. Rogers hits a big knee. Crenshaw continues to keep circling away and not landing anything significant. He shoots for a takedown and gets it with a trip. Crenshaw passes easily to side control, attempts to mount and loses position.

SCORECARD: Rogers 10-9

ROUND TWO: Crenshaw bows his head and rushes into a clinch with Rogers. Rogers throws a single right hand. Crenshaw shoots and is stuffed. Wild swings from Crenshaw. Spinning back fist from Rogers. Rogers lands a leg kick. The best part of this fight so far is Crenshaw’s corner incessantly screaming at him to let his hands go…I concur. Mirgliotti just admonished both fighters IN THE STAND UP to start fighting. This is right up there with Rashaad Evans vs Lil Nog. Side kick from from Rogers. Crenshaw rams Rogers but can’t get a takedown. Overhand right from Crenshaw. Rogers lands a right.

SCORECARD: Draw 10-10

ROUND THREE: “Stop backing up on this mutha-fucka!” Awesome. Crenshaw goes for 2 back to back takedowns. Rogers defends against the fence. Crenshaw backs out. Two more wild swings from Crenshaw and tries taking him down again. Both men throwing lots of feints…I wish they were throwing more punches. They clash and Rogers throws an inside knee. Crenshaw slips and Rogers pounces on him. Crenshaw gets to his feet and takes Rogers down. He lands in a North-South choke. Rogers defends and puts Crenshaw in his guard. Rogers throws a lot of elbows from the bottom. Rogers is fighting hard off of his back. The fight is over, huzzah.

SCORECARD: Rogers 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Ronnie Rogers by unanimous decision (29-28X3).

Lightweight Bout: Jerrid Burke (155.4) vs. Joe Elmore (158.8)

ROUND ONE: Both fighters exchange leg kicks. Elmore throws a spinning back fist and the fighters collide. Front kick from Burke. Elmore throws a series of punches and kicks. Elbmore gets kicks in the nuts. One more kick in the crotch and I’m breaking out the Robot Chicken. Burke lands a side kick but misses the follow up punches. Elmore throws a hard counter right. Burke is effective with the jab. Elmore plants a fist in the back of Burke’s head. Elmore gets a takedown. Elmore works him over from guard. He postures up and gets nailed with an up-kick. He adjusts and continues the punishment.

SCORECARD: Elmore 10-9

ROUND TWO: There’s a quick exchange and Elmore goes for a takedown. Burke defends and locks Elmore into a guillotine. Elmore is on his back and Burke shifts to full mount. Elmore looks for a stall and a stand-up. Elmore shifts to his hip but Burke stays with him and looks for a submission. Elmore cage walks and escapes from under Burke. Elmore lands 2 vicious lefts. Elmore has cut Burke and he has him on the run. Elmore KO’s Burke!!! One shot one kill baby!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Joe Elmore by KO at 4:11 of round 2.

Featherweight Quarterfinal Bout: Fabricio de Assis Costa da Silva (145.6 lbs.) vs. Magomedrasul Khasbulaev (145.6 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: #TeamFrodo #TimetoMurderIt They clinch up and exchange knees. Fodo misses with an overhand right. Inside leg kick from Fodo. Silva grabs a Thai plumb and knees him in the face. He tries a flying knee but misses. Frodo lays into him with a series of hard strikes. Silva takes him down and gets full mount. Fodo sweeps and stands over him in guard. Frodo smashes him but Silva takes his arm and attempts an arm bar. Frodo defends and resumes smashing from guard. Silva is taking a lot of shots to the head. Triangle attempt but Frodo slams out of it. Silva tries for a heel hook, he converts to a knee bar. Frodo escapes and continues to smash Silva from guard. He tries for a heel hook to end the round.

SCORECARD: Khasbulaev

ROUND TWO: The fighters exchange strikes. Frodo takes him down and works him over. He locks up the arm triangle and taps him out. #FrodoLivesMMA

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Magomedrasul “Frodo” Khasbulaev by submission (arm triangle) at 1:15 of round 2


Featherweight Quarterfinal Bout: Alexandre Bezerra (145.6 lbs.) vs. Genair da Silva (145.6 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Da Silva throws a few kicks and shoots for a takedown. Popo defends and takes da Silva’s back after a stiff jab. He tries for a rear-naked choke. Da Silva drops to the mat and defends. He throws a hammerstrike and Popo taps him out with an arm bar.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Alexandre Bezerra by submission (armbar) at 1:40 of round 1.

Featherweight Quarterfinal Bout: Mike Richman (145 lbs.) vs. Mitch Jackson (145.2 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: There’s an even exchange of jabs and Jackson attempts a takedown. Richman defends. Flash knockdown and Jackson gets right back to his feet. Richman drops Jackson three separate times with straight rights. Richman works from full guard. Jackson wraps him up with a body triangle. Richman is very to Jackson. Jackson gets back to his feet. Richman kicks Jackson directly in the face and down he goes. Jackson goes to town with hammerfists and we are out! Nicely done!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Mike Richman by TKO at 4:57 of round 1.

Featherweight Quarterfinal Bout: Marlon Sandro (145.6 lbs.) vs. Akop Stepanyan (145.8 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Leg kick from Sandro. Overhand right from Sandro misses. Sandro tries for a takedown. Stepanyan defends and gets to the fence. Stepanyan holds the fence, stopping Sandro from taking him down. They break a apart. Sandro lands a kick. Spinning back kick lands from the Russian. Spinning side kick from Stepanyan. He throws it again. Sandro kicks him back. Sandro attempts a takedown, misses and ends with an uppercut. Another spinning back kick but the fighters end up colliding. Sandro tries for a takedown, backs him into the fence, picks him up and slams him. He ends the round in top position.

SCORECARD: Sandro 10-9

ROUND TWO: Stepanyan comes out throw more strikes including 2 spinning back kicks. Stepayan rocks Sandro! He hits him with another spinning back kick! He tries for a takedown and ends up on his back! Stepanyan violently gets out his guard. Sandro is stood up by the ref. Head kick from Stepanyan. Body kick from Sandro. Sandro content just to circle. Body kick from Stepayan. Jumping spinning back kick from Stepanyan. Sandro is not having any success with his takedown attempts. Right hand connects from Stepanyan. Sandro looks for the single. He rolls for a leg lock but runs out of time.

SCORECARD: Stepanyan 10-9

ROUND THREE: Before the round starts the ref takes a point from Stepanyan making the last round 9-9. Sandro takes him down. Sandro works from half guard. The ref stands them up. Leg kick from Stepanyan. Sandro dives under a spinning back kick. Sandro slams Stepanyan three times to try and get loose. He does it again. Stepanyan is driven into the fence. Sandro hammers on his body. And we’re off to the judges scorecards.

SCORECARD: Sandro 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Marlon Sandro by majority decision (28-28, 29-27X2).

Middleweight Championship Bout: Alexander Shlemenko (184.8 lbs.) vs. Maiquel Falcao (184.8 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Shlemenko jabs and they clinch. Just as quick they break a part. Shlemenko is circling away from Falcao. Falcao takes him down. Shlemenko gets to his feet and leans against the fence. Falcao stays tight in the clinch. Falcao throws a kick and Shlemenko catches it. Shlemenko throws two overhand rights. He gets a trip and now is in Falcao’s guard. They are stood up. Spinning back kick from the Siberian. Body kick from Falcao. Falcao takes him down again but Shlemenko falls on top of him. They get back to their feet. Two short lefts from Falcao. Shlemenko throws a hook and attempts to take Falcao down.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Shlemenko

ROUND TWO: The fighters exchange punches and knees in the center of the cage. Shlemenko throws a variety of punches and kicks as Falcao backs into the cage. It’s a pretty close boxing match in their as they are going punch for punch. Shlemenko drops him with a spinning back kick and finishes him off with ground and pound! BOOM, done, new champion!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Alexander Shlemenko by KO at 2:18 of round 2.


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