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411’s Bellator 89 Report 2.14.13

February 14, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert


We are live at the Bojangles Arena in Charlotte, NC.

Sean Wheelock and Jimmy Smith are of course on the mic tonight.


Bantamweight bout: Mike Maldonaldo vs. Tim Goodwin

ROUND ONE: Goodwin shoots for an immediate takedown but it’s stuffed. Maldonaldo lands a couple of punches before turning and taking the back with no hooks in. Maldonaldo gets both hooks in and tries to flatten Goodwin out, but Goodwin hips his way out. Maldonaldo stays on the back though and lands some hammerfists. Goodwin turns into Maldonaldo, but that only allows Maldonaldo to release the back, land a flurry of punches, and then grab front headlock. Maldonaldo tries for a weak guillotine, which Goodwin easily escapes, but he takes some more punches on the way up. Goodwin lands a couple of nice body kicks before blocking a flying knee and scoring with a takedown. Maldonaldo reverses and gets to his feet as the round ends. Easy round for Maldonaldo.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Maldonaldo

ROUND TWO: Goodwin wins an early exchange before failing on a takedown. Maldonaldo gets the back as Goodwin tries a whizzer. Maldonaldo struggling to keep the hooks, but he’s dominating position. Maldonaldo gets the hooks and locks on what appears to be a tight rear naked choke, but Goodwin somehow fights out. Maldonaldo stays on top though and in half guard. Maldonaldo once again gets the back but Goodwin is able to stand up. They clinch and Goodwin just misses with an elbow on the break. Maldonaldo winning the striking exchanges on the feet with his countering. Goodwin tries a couple of weak takedowns that go nowhere. Goodwin gets a late takedown but runs out of time. Another dominate round for Maldonaldo.

SCORECARD: 20-18 Maldonaldo

ROUND THREE: Goodwin scores an early takedown but doesn’t do anything with it as Maldonaldo gets to his feet. Goodwin doing better on the feet this round, but he needs a finish to win. Goodwin lands a good body kick and looks to secure a takedown, but Maldonaldo sprawls and takes the back again. Goodwin reverses into half guard but Maldonaldo immediately reverses back to north-south. Maldonaldo spins to side control. Goodwin tries to hip escape but Maldonaldo gets the back again. Goodwin gets to his feet with Maldonaldo on his back as the round ends. Strong performance by Maldonaldo, who should easily win the decision.

SCORECARD: 30-27 Maldonaldo

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Mike Maldonaldo via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Welterweight bout: Johnny Buck vs. Chris Mierzwiak

ROUND ONE: Buck gets an early takedown off a body kick. Buck tries for a heel hook but can’t finish it. Mierzwiak tries for a heel hook of his own. They trade leg lock attempts but neither man can finish one. Mierzwiak eventually fends off a heel hook to get the back. Mierzwiak gets both hooks and rides out the position without doing much damage. Mierzwiak set up the armbar from the back for a good minute and when he finally went for it, he failed and ended up on his back. Buck tries to land some ground and pound as the round ends. Mierzwiak takes the round with the long period of back control.

SCORECARD: Mierzwiak 10-9

ROUND TWO: Mierzwiak opens up with a couple of nice left hooks before landing a body kick. Mierzwiak lands a knee to the body but Buck uses that to score a takedown. Buck moves to side control, but Mierzwiak hips back to half guard. Buck swiftly passes to mount but Mierzwiak controls his posture. Mierzwiak hips back to half guard. Buck stays tight and lands short punches before slipping back to mount. Buck locks on an arm triangle but Mierzwiak rolls and fights out of it. Buck stays in top position as the round ends. Dominate round for Buck.


ROUND THREE: Mierzwiak catches Buck low with a kick to start the round, which causes a short break. Mierzwiak is the more aggressive fighter, but it’s working to his detriment as Buck is easily able to take him down. Buck lands in half guard and works the body. Mierzwiak scrambles out and Buck grabs a guillotine to drag him back down to the mat. Buck easily passes to side control. Mierzwiak uses the cage to push off to try and take the back, but Buck turns into him and stays in half guard. Buck continues to land short body punches in half guard, staying just busy enough not to get stood up. Buck ends the round on top landing short shots. Shakey first round, but Buck came back strong to win the last two and the fight.

SCORECARD: 29-28 Buck

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – John Buck by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Middleweight bout: Kyle Bolt vs. Joe Pacheco

ROUND ONE: Bolt tries to use his range early but Pacheco gets inside, clinches, and scores a takedown. Pacheco lands some short hammerfists in guard but Bolt does a nice job controlling his posture. Bolt using the rubber guard to control the posture, which is opening him up for short body shots. Pacheco is finally able to shrug the legs aside and pass to side control before slipping to mount. Bolt throws his legs off to throw Pacheco off and then tries for a heel hook, but that only gets him punched in the face a couple of times before Pacheco drops to half guard. Pacheco lands a couple of nice elbows as the round ends. Easy round for Pacheco.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Pacheco

ROUND TWO: Pacheco immediately shoots in and gets a slam takedown into side control. Pacheco gets the crucifix position and lands some short punches before Bolt is finally able to escape. Pacheco stays in side control and continues to land short punches and knees to the body before passing to mount. Bolt once again throws his legs up to push Pacheco away and try for a heel hook. Pacheco lands some punches as Bolt refuses to give up on the leg. Pacheco finally gets his leg out and blasts Bolt with a series of elbows that puts Bolt out cold. Brutal finish.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Joe Pacheco by KO (Elbows) at 4:02 in Round 2

Middlweight Tournament bout: Sultan Aliev vs. Mikkel Parlo

ROUND ONE: Aliev drops Parlo with a counter left hook early, but Parlo bounces right back up. A lot of swinging and missing but Aliev is connecting a bit more. Aliev fails on a takedown attempt but then tries again and succeeds. Parlo pops right back to his feet though. Parlo really loading up on his right hand and coming up way short each time. Besides the early knockdown and uneventful takedown, not much happened that round. Still have to give it to Aliev.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Aliev

ROUND TWO: Parlo is the aggressor but none of his punches are connecting. Aliev isn’t really making him pay with counter strikes though, so the result is a lot of air hitting. Aliev tries a takedown, gets stuffed, then stuffs a Parlo takedown, and ends up tripping Parlo down. Aliev does nothing with the takedown though as Parlo gets up unscathed. A lot of one and done punching from both guys. The only punch scoring for either guy right now is the jab. Pretty uneventful round with neither guy really establishing or connecting with anything.

SCORECARD: 20-19 Aliev

ROUND THREE: Aliev lands some good uppercuts in the clinch after a failed takedown. Aliev has some of the most telegraphed takedowns I’ve ever seen. Parlo still doing a nice job controlling the center of the cage and landing leg kicks when he decides to throw them. Parlo lands a stiff body kick and then gets a takedown. Parlo lands some short shots from half guard before posturing up and raining down some heavier stuff. Easily the most dominate round of the round. Will come down to how the second round was scored.


OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Sultan Aliev by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Welterweight bout: Aaron Johnson vs. Brennan Ward

ROUND ONE: Ward gets an immediate takedown and then gets caught in an armbar and is forced to tap. Well, that was fast.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Aaron Johnson by Submission (Armbar) at 0:15 in Round 1

Heavyweight bout: Mont McMullens vs. David Mejia

ROUND ONE: Mejia takes the center of the cage and presses forward but McMullens counters well and keeps him at bay with kicks. Mejia gets a takedown off a body kick. McMullens tries to get up but eats some punches and gets put back down and in side control. McMullens tries to scramble up but just ends up giving up his back. Mejia has turtle position and keeps dropping punches as McMullens doesn’t do much to defend himself. The ref finally stops things.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – David Mejia byTKO (Punches) at 4:15 in Round 1


Middleweight Tournament bout: Doug Marshall vs. Andreas Spang

ROUND ONE: Spang opens up with some good leg kicks and counter rights. Spang doing a nice job checking kicks. Marshall really loading up on his punches. Marshall backs up Spang with a nice flurry. They go nowhere in a clinch are broken up. Marshall lands a big right but Spang fires right back. Marshall lands a big right hand that drops Spang and just walks away as the ref jumps in. Walk off punch by Marshall. Stoppage may have been questionable as Spang looked to roll to his back and defend quickly, but he definitely looked out on initial contact. Tough call.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Doug Marshall by KO (Punch) at 3:03 in Round 1

Middleweight Tournament bout: Brett Cooper vs. Norman Paraisy

ROUND ONE: Paraisy opens up with some good strikes before stuffing a takedown. Cooper gets a takedown but Paraisy is right back up. Cooper presses forward, lands a quick flurry, and then gets another takedown. Paraisy gets up and lands a knee in the clinch before throwing a head kick. Paraisy tries the plum clinch again but Cooper blocks the knees and lands some body shots. Cooper lands a takedown into side control but Paraisy gets up and eats a ton of punches. Paraisy tries to fire back but misses. Paraisy gets a takedown but Cooper bounces back up and then puts Paraisy on his back. Cooper ends the round on top but doesn’t do much damage. Fun first round with a slight edge to Cooper based on his takedowns and damage.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Cooper

ROUND TWO: Cooper drops Paraisy with an uppercut and tries to finish but Paraisy survives and gets to his feet. Cooper puts him right back down though. Cooper lands some good under the arm punches as Paraisy turns away from him. Paraisy tries to wall walk up but all that gets him is punched in the face multiple times. Paraisy gets up but Cooper stays tight to him and gets another takedown. Cooper lands some good ground and pound but Paraisy once again gets up. Cooper lands a big slam takedown. Cooper lands some short punches but Paraisy reverses things as the round ends. Easy round for Cooper.

SCORECARD: 20-18 Cooper

ROUND THREE: Paraisy looks gassed to start the round and Cooper immediately gets a takedown and passes to half guard. Paraisy gets up, eats punches, gets put back down. Rinse and repeat. Cooper finally gets him down and eventually takes the back. Paraisy escapes, gets up, but of course gets put right back down. The round finally ends. Dominating performance by Cooper, should be a shut out on the cards.

SCORECARD: 30-27 Cooper

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Brett Cooper by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Middleweight Tournament bout: Dan Cramer vs. Brian Rogers

ROUND ONE: Cramer gets Rogers in the plum clinch early and lands some nice knees but ends up on his back after a takedown. Cramer nicely reverses things and ends up in half guard. Rogers takes a couple of punches on the way up before clinching back up and getting taken down again. Rogers gets up and eats a good right by Cramer. Cramer winning the exchanges but Rogers having his moments with leg kicks. Rogers lands a furry as Cramer tries to clinch. Cramer complains about an eye poke, takes a body kick, and then gets the back of Rogers as he slips. They clinch, break, and swing with bad intentions as the round ends. Good round of action, slight edge to Cramer as he landed cleaner and had a decent amount of top control.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Cramer

ROUND TWO: Rogers lands a couple of nice punches and then reverses a takedown. Rogers hammers away on Cramer from the top position before Cramer can tie him up. Rogers backs out and lets Cramer up. Cramer lands some good punches but Rogers gets a takedown. Cramer takes a few punches but is able to get up and takedown Rogers. Rogers gets up and lands a good flurry on the clinch break. Rogers presses forward with a flurry, but Cramer clinches up and gets a takedown. Cramer slips to side control before passing to mount but Rogers quickly uses his strength to push him back to half guard. Rogers eventually escaped to his feet. Rogers lands a right that looked like it wobbled Cramer, but Cramer stood there and fired back. Cramer lands a right as the round ends. Another good round of action that favored Cramer.

SCORECARD: 20-18 Cramer

ROUND THREE: Cramer lands early and then clinches up. Cramer tries a takedown but they both just fall before getting up. Cramer landing the better punches on the feet and then doing a nice job neutralizing Rogers as he moved forward by clinching. Cramer lands a big flurry followed by a right that stumbles Rogers and a knee that drops him. Cramer in half guard on the ground with Rogers trying to control posture and recover. Cramer easily passes to mount as Rogers is gassed out. Rogers uses his strength to get up and then throw a flying knee followed by a flurry that rocks Cramer. Cramer fires right back though. Cramer throws Rogers to the ground but Rogers reverses him over. They get up and Rogers tries a throw but ends up on his back. Cramer ends the round on top. Another good round of action with Cramer taking it. Rogers might get a round, but Cramer definitely won the fight.

SCORECARD: 30-27 Cramer

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Dan Cramer by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Bantamweight Title bout: Eduardo Dantas vs. Marcos Galvao

ROUND ONE: Dantas using a lot of leg kicks early. Dantas trying to get his jab working as well. Galvao really loading up on his right hand. Dantas stumbles on a kick and Galvao immediately gets the back on the feet. Galvao tries to slam Dantas down but can’t. Galvao decides to just knee Dantas in the thighs. Dantas escapes and covers as he moves away. Dantas scoring with the jab and looks to be the quicker striker. Dantas lands a nice flurry but Galvao comes back with a couple of nice rights. Good, competitive opening round. I slightly favor Dantas as he was the more effective striker.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Dantas

ROUND TWO: They trade leg kicks to start. Dantas continues to pump his jab and then move on the counter. Dantas continuing to use leg kicks effectively. Dantas lands a big kick that drops Galvao to a knee. Galvao gets up and starts swinging but Dantas moves smartly and picks his shots. Dantas lands a spinning back kick and Galvao seems hurt. Dantas drops Galvao with an uppercut, lands a couple of hammerfists on the ground, and that’s all she wrote. Great performance by Dantas.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Eduardo Dantas by KO (Punches) at 3:01 in Round 2


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