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411’s Invicta FC One Report 4.28.12

April 29, 2012 | Posted by Wyatt Beougher

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411’s Invicta FC One Report 4.28.12

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  • Starting at 8:00PM ET!
  • Thanks for joining 411 for our live coverage!
  • On tap for tonight…

    MAIN CARD – 08:00PM ET
    Marloes Coenen (19-5, 146 lbs) vs Romy Ruyssen (5-1, 149.8 lbs)
    Jessica Penne (8-1, 105.6 lbs) vs Lisa Ellis-Ward (14-7, 106 lbs)
    Liz Carmouche (5-2, 134.2 lbs) vs Ashleigh Curry (1-0, 136 lbs)
    Leslie Smith (3-2, 135 lbs) vs Kaitlin Young (6-5, 135.4 lbs)
    Sarah D’Alelio (4-2, 135.2 lbs) vs Vanessa Mariscal (2-0, 136 lbs)
    Sally Krumdiack (9-4, 113.6 lbs) vs Sarah Schneider (5-5, 115.6 lbs)

    Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc (7-5, 105.4 lbs) vs Amy Davis (2-2, 105.6 lbs)
    Sarah Maloy (2-2, 125.4 lbs) vs Michele Gutierrez (3-2, 125 lbs)
    Mollie Estes (1-0, 145 lbs) vs Randi Miller (0-0, 149 lbs)
    Ashley Cummins (2-0, 115 lbs) vs Sofia Bagherdai (4-1, 120.6 lbs)
    Cassie Rodish (1-3, 105.2 lbs) vs Meghan Wright (1-3, 103.5 lbs)

    Hey 411 readers, thanks for joining 411’s live coverage of the card from Invicta Fighting Championships, an all-female promotion!

    Forgive me if it takes me a little while to get back into the swing of things, as I’ve been covering The Ultimate Fighter: LIVE for the past couple of months and the format is quite a bit different than covering a normal fight card. I should back in the swing of things by the main event, though, so hopefully you’ll stick around with me until I find my groove. Interesting note for tonight (especially for those of you who constantly disparaged Gina Carano for her struggles in making weight) – main eventer Romy Ruyssen, main card fighter Ashleigh Curry, and preliminary fighters Randi Miller (making her pro debut) and Sofia Bagherdai all missed weight for the event and will forfeiting part of their fight purses. Curry was able to make weight on her second attempt and will only be fined 10%, but the other three will lose 25% of their respective purses. I can’t imagine the payroll for this event will be too terribly high, so these ladies are largely going to be fighting for the experience, as I can’t imagine there was a lot of sponsorship money either.


    We are live at the Memorial Hall, in Kansas City, Kansas! Mauro Renallo and Julie Kedzie are our hosts, and Mauro’s all wound up already! Kedzie says Invicta FC isn’t about competing with the men, it’s about establishing their weight classes and having a cage of their own. King Mo is also on commentary? He’s looking very dapper with a purple tie, but he’s already annoying me, as he keeps putting the emphaSIS on the wrong sylLABle of words. Seems like a pretty lively crowd as the cage announcer is warming things up. We’ve got our first technical difficulties of the night, as Mauro’s commentary is too low to be heard during Meghan Wright’s walk-out; however, they fix it quickly and Mauro talks about the five weight classes that they want to establish – atomweight (105 pounds), strawweight (115 pounds), flyweight (125 pounds), bantamweight (135 pounds), and featherweight (145 pounds). Wright doesn’t have her mouthpiece, so we’re delayed a minute, but now she’s ready and we move onto Cassie Rodish’s walk-out, and Rodish has apparently taken the fight on short notice because Wright’s original opponent had a child 13 weeks ago and couldn’t make weight. Megan Write weighed in at 103.5 pounds, and I’m guessing about 13 pounds of that weight is tattoo ink.


    Atomweight bout: Cassie Rodish (1-3, 105.2 lbs) vs Meghan Wright (1-3, 103.5 lbs)

  • ROUND ONE: Rich Franklin’s brother is the ref for this fight. No touch of the gloves and Wright looks to go to work, but her clinch really goes nowhere, as Rodish ragdolls her down and seems content to just use her weight to hold her down…or she has a one-armed guillotine locked in that causes Wright to tap out. Nice camerawork there – I literally couldn’t see the choke until just before Wright tapped out because the camera angle didn’t switch.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Cassie Rodish, Submission (Guillotine choke, Round 1, 0:36)

    Wow, Rodish took the fight on one week’s notice? Impressive. She moves to 2-3, so she’s got a ways to go, but she looked good tonight. As mentioned, this next fight is a catchweight bout, as Bagherdai was over five pounds overweight, and Mauro and Kedzie opine that she should stick to 125 rather than cutting so much and risking her health. Bagherdai and Miesha Tate are teammates, and Bagherdai came out to the song that Tate used when she beat Marloes Coenen for the Strikeforce Bantamweight title. Cummins trains with Greg Jackson and gave up her college scholarship to focus on MMA.

    Strawweight bout: Ashley Cummins (2-0, 121.5 lbs) vs Sofia Bagherdai (4-1, 120.6 lbs)

    ROUND ONE: Bagherdai with a leg kick and they trade big punches that go nowhere. Bagherdai goes for another leg kick, but Cummins catches it and looks for the takedown, but Bagherdai defends well. Cummins picks her up and slams her down, but Bagherdai gets in an arm-in guillotine. Cummins pounds away on the body and eventually gets her head free. Cummins looks to improve her position, and she eventually stacks Bagherdai up, but then gets back to her feet. Cummins lets Bagherdai up, fakes a punch, and looks for another takedown. Bagherdai defends well by alternating between a crossface and a guillotine, and Bagherdai gets free and tees off on Cummins’ head. Bagherdai with a spinning backfist that misses, and Bagherdai continues to pound away on Cummins, and they trade knees. Cummins presses Bagherdai against the cage and works knees to the inside of Bagherdai’s thigh. Bagherdai uses her knee to check Cummin’s knees, and Cummins looks for the single leg, but Bagherdai gets free and starts throwing leather again. She connects with a couple of punches, but Cummins clinches and backs her to the cage. Cummins with a throw attempt and ends up with Bagherdai pinned against the cage upside-down, and Cummins starts pounding on her face. Bagherdai looks for an armbar, but Cummins defends and the round ends with Cummins standing over Bagherdai and kicking away at her.

    SCORECARD: Bagherdai, 10-9, for better striking in a very close round

    ROUND TWO: Both ladies a little more tentative coming out here, but they start trading punches and Cummins lands a body kick, only to eat one from Bagherdai, who works in another spinning back fist. They continue to trade, with Bagherdai the aggressor, but Cummins countering well. Bagherdai backs her off with a head kick. Cummins with a nice straight right and she gets out before Bagherdai can counter. Cummins finds her rhythm, sneaking punches in as Bagherdai swings at air. Cummins clinches against the cage again and works knees to the thigh and she transitions to a single leg briefly, and then back to kneeing Bagherdai from the clinch. Cummins with a sloppy double transition, but she ends up in half-guard and gets a couple of strikes in before Bagherdai ties up her head and arm and works some strikes of her own. Cummins repositions herself and starts pounding away at Bagherdai’s head. She briefly isolates Bagherdai’s head and pounds away some more, but Bagherdai gets her arm free and ties Cummins up again. Cummins pins the arm down again, puts her other knee on Bagherdai’s stomach and pounds away until Bagherdai pushes her off. Cummins stands up again, but Bagherdai stays on the canvas and nothing happens. Surprised at no stand-up here, but Bagherdai eventual gets up, only to get taken down again. Cummins works some ground and pound as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Cummins, 10-9 (19-19 overall, although I could actually see both rounds going to Cummins)

    ROUND THREE: Touch of the gloves for the first time, and Bagherdai swinging wildly, but Cummins has good head movement and she avoids Bagherdai’s punches and lands nice ones of her own. Bagherdai does land some nice looking leg kicks, and Cummins actually lands one of her own. Cummins catches a kick and throws a punch, but she backs out as Bagherdai throws another spinning back fist. Cummins mixing up the strikes and landing pretty well, but Bagherdai keeps throwing big punches. Cummins interrupts a combo from Bagherdai with a straight right, then swarms Bagherdai after a spinning back kick attempt, landing a flurry of punches and then going for a double leg takedown, but Bagherdai gets her back against the cage and Cummins again settles for knees, but as Bagherdai tries to spin her around, Cummins uses her momentum to take her down. The ground battle doesn’t happen and both ladies are up to their feet, and Bagherdai finally lands her spinning back fist. Cummins comes in and lands another good straight right, Bagherdai lands a big right of her own, but Cummins counters with a nice combination. Bagherdai comes in, but eats a straight right from Cummins. Cummins lands a nice low kick then avoids a body kick from Bagherdai, who then throws another spinning back fist. They start throwing wildly and Cummins still gets the better of the exchanges.

    SCORECARD: Cummins, 10-9, (29-28 overall)

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Ashley Cummins, Unanimous Decision (30-27×2, 29-28)

    Interesting that Miller, an Olympic wrestler, couldn’t make the weight cut. I’m guessing she’ll have a pretty significant size advantage here, although they say Estes has a reach advantage. Estes trains with friend of 411 Jason High, and Mo relates a story about making Miller cry because he would tell her she couldn’t beat Cyborg. Miller is a stout, stout woman with impressive musculature. She’s giving up seven inches of height, but will have a weight advantage. Odd that they don’t have reach on their Tale of the Tape; hopefully something they’ll add for Invicta FC Two. Miller has Aoki cheater pants on, for those keeping score at home.

    Featherweight bout: Mollie Estes (1-0, 145 lbs) vs Randi Miller (0-0, 149 lbs)

    ROUND ONE: Miller comes out swinging, but Estes avoids and Miller looks for the clinch and tries for a throw and then a takedown, and then she tries for a big punch to Estes’ face. Estes landing some knees, but she’s primarily on the defensive right now, trying to avoid the takedown, but they trade punches before clinching up again. Estes gets Miller against the cage and starts landing knees and elbows. Estes just kneeing Miller in her unprotected face, but to her credit, Miller just takes them and eventually gets Estes pressed against the cage. Miller throwing big lefts but I’m not sure how much effect they’re having. Estes with knees again and Miller drops for a double leg, but Estes defends well and pushes Miller off, but Miller starts throwing big punches, only to eat another pair of knees to the body before being pressed against the cage. Estes with another pair of knees right to the face and then one to the body. Estes continues to work knees to the face and body and she even sneaks a few short elbows in as she looks to control Miller’s head. Miller with a left and a right, but Estes goes back to the knees. They separate and Miller throws wildly until Estes ties her back up and knees her in the face until the end of the round.

    SCORECARD: Estes, 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Estes breathing out of her mouth and Miller rushes her again, but Estes keeps her on the outside by simply pushing on her face. Estes ties Miller up and lands more knees to the body until Miller presses her against the cage. Estes again with knees to the face. Miller looks for the single leg, but Estes pins Miller against the cage and starts working knees to the body and elbows to the face. Miller looks for the ankle pick, but Estes takes her back and gets a hook in, but Estes is too high and she transitions for an armbar. Miller defending and she starts landing punches before dropping into half guard. Miller landing shots to the head and to the body and she takes Estes’ back and lands a couple more punches and looks for a rear naked choke or a neck crank, but Estes gets back to her feet. Miller throwing punches, but Estes defends well when Miller drops for the takedown. Estes drapes herself across Miller’s back and lands some shots to the head and as Miller gets up, Estes goes back to the knees to the head, much to the enjoyment of the crowd. Miller gets a takedown, they scramble, and Miller mounts Estes and pounds away, although Estes keeps rolling and doesn’t let her get a great deal of ground and pound in. The round ends with Miller on top with one hook in.

    SCORECARD: Miller, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

    ROUND THREE: Both ladies slow to engage as the round starts and Estes trying to keep Miller on the outside, but Miller keeps coming forward. They trade leg kicks and Estes keeps working the jab. Miller presses her against the cage but Estes keeps moving. Miller lands a couple of body shots and a punch to the head, but Estes gets free and tries working the jab again. Miller again presses her against the cage and Estes goes back to the knees to the face. Miller with a knee to the inside of Estes’ thigh, but Estes catches her with another knee to the face. Miller drops down and looks for a single, but Estes drops down on top of her, but Miller plows through and into mount, but Miller gives up mount and drops into half guard. Miller working elbows and hammerfists now, and Estes turtles up and the fight is stopped!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Randi Miller, TKO (Hammerfists, Round 3, 3:20)

    Flyweight bout: Sarah Maloy (2-2, 125.4 lbs) vs Michele Gutierrez (3-2, 125 lbs)

    ROUND ONE: Maloy comes out with a Supergirl punch that misses, and Gutierrez is circling nicely, avoiding a flying knee attempt and some punches from Maloy. Gutierrez blocks a punch from Maloy. They circle some more Maloy throws a push kick that misses before landing an outside leg kick. Gutierrez continues to avoid Maloy’s strikes and throws a leg kick, then goes back to avoiding Maloy’s strikes, jumping back any time Maloy moves forward. Maloy finally lands a push kick to the stomach and then a round kick to the head that Gutierrez checks. Gutierrez knocks Maloy down with a kick, but Maloy is right back up. Gutierrez lands a leg kick and then avoids an overhand right. Maloy with a high round kick and a punch follow-up that grazes Gutierrez, but this has been a largely dull round. Gutierrez nearly catches a front kick, but Maloy gets free and looks for a Supergirl punch. Gutierrez continues to avoid Maloy’s strikes as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Maloy, 10-9 for cage control

    ROUND TWO: Gutierrez actually comes out swinging this round, and she lands a couple of punches. Gutierrez much more aggressive and she’s landing well. Gutierrez is back to avoiding all of Maloy’s strikes. *sigh* Gutierrez lands a check hook and they exchange front kicks. Maloy lands an outside leg kick and wings an overhand right that misses. Gutierrez counters a Supergirl punch with a left. Maloy with a front kick and then trade front kicks. Gutierrez working the jab, but not landing anything. Body kick by Maloy, answered by Gutierrez, answered with a front kick from Maloy. Gutierrez with a combination. Maloy throws a quick front high kick that misses and she jumps in, but they drop each other with punches and Gutierrez jumps into guard and works a little ground and pound before letting Maloy back to her feet. Maloy with a leg kick and she comes forward, but Gutierrez counters her well. Maloy pulls guard, but Gutierrez lands some decent strikes. Maloy looks for the submission, but Gutierrez lets her up. Round ends with nothing else happening.

    SCORECARD: Gutierrez, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

    ROUND THREE: They trade kicks, with neither lady really landing, and Maloy wings a big right and then a front high kick that both miss. Gutierrez throws a combo that misses and then dances away. Maloy with a front kick, but Gutierrez counters nicely. They start trading, and Gutierrez lands some better strikes before dancing away. Both ladies throwing away but landing nothing as Gutierrez continues to dance apart. Gutierrez lands a punch to the thigh and avoids a high kick from Maloy. Gutierrez sidesteps another front high kick attempt and she then avoids a takedown attempt. Maloy with a big leg kick but she misses two front high kicks. Make that three. Maloy glances with a body kick and then misses a front kick. Maloy lands a leg kick and Gutierrez answers. Gutierrez half-heartedly tries to catch a kick but then backs away. Gutierrez lands a jab but they both miss on follow-up punches. Gutierrez goes back to avoidance and throws a couple of punches as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Draw, 10-10, (29-29 overall)

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Sarah Maloy, Unanimous Decision (29-28×2, 30-27)

    That fight was genuinely tough to watch at times. Also, I’d like to point out the irony of Invicta’s DJ playing Rihanna between rounds. Not exactly women’s empowerment music, and probably inappropriate in the grand scheme of things.

    Atomweight bout: Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc (7-5, 105.4 lbs) vs Amy Davis (2-2, 105.6 lbs)

    ROUND ONE: Calanoc comes out swinging and she pins Davis against the cage. Davis is defending well, but Calanoc gets a trip takedown. Calanoc looking to posture up, but Davis looking for the triangle attempt. Calonoc stacks Davis up and throws a couple of punches, but Davis tightens up the choke. Calanoc keeps fighting and she eventually gets herself free. Calanoc stands up and throws a couple of punches before looking for a double leg, but they end up pressed against the cage. Davis throws a couple of knees to the body but Calonoc lands a knee to the inside of Davis’ thigh. Davis spins out but Calanoc ties her right back up and looks for the double leg. Calanoc switches to a single leg and gets Davis down, but Davis pounds away on Calanoc’s body. Calanoc postures up and lands a few shots, but Davis ties her up and pulls her into half guard. Calanoc lands a few strikes, but they get back to their feet and they start trading wildly as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Davis, 10-9 in a very close round

    ROUND TWO: Davis comes out with a body kick and Calanoc lands some punches. Davis continues to land kicks, and they keep Calanoc on the outside, but Calanoc is landing punches. Calanoc continues to throw combinations and Davis answers with a pair of body kicks. Davis lands a nice knee to the face, pins Calanoc against the cage and lands a short uppercut. Calanoc reverses position and presses Davis against the cage, but Davis works the knees to the body. Davis spins out but Calanoc comes back in striking away and she pins Davis against the cage. They struggle for position and Davis briefly reverses but Calanoc quickly ends up with Davis against the cage again. Calanoc looking for an ankle pick, and she gets it, but Calanoc is upside down and eats some hammerfists. Davis gets into top position, momentarily crucifix mounts Calanoc and pounds away, but Calanoc keeps working. Davis looks for an inverted triangle, but Calanoc gets her arm out, only to have Davis grab it and apply a kimura that’s good enough for the win!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Amy Davis, Submission (Kimura, Round 2, 3:47)


    Strawweight bout: Sally Krumdiack (9-4, 113.6 lbs) vs Sarah Schneider (5-5, 115.6 lbs)

    ROUND ONE: A lot of movement to start with zero strikes thrown. Schneider moves in with a punch, but Krumdiack counters, then jumps in with a combination, presses Schneider against the cage, and then starts throwing knees. Schneider looks for an inside leg trip, but Krumdiack defends well. Krumdiack working knees but Schneider does sneak in a pair of body shots. Krumdiack with a nice short elbow and a flurry of knees. Schneider answers with some punches and she turns and puts Krumdiack against the cage. Krumdiack switches position again and Schneider pulls guard and looks for a triangle, but Krumdiack defends well. Krumdiack scrambles, but Schneider locks in a triangle, rlls into mount, transitions into an armbar, and the referee stops the fight as Schneider hyperextends Krumdriack’s arm!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Sarah Schneider, Submission (Armbar, Round 1, 3:01)

    We get a break as Krumdiack was bleeding pretty badly and they have to clean the cage up before another fight can take place. This kind of thing really shows the difference in Zuffa’s promotion from a fledgling promotion like this. We get the IFC logo and the arena music instead of a video package.

    Bantamweight bout: Sarah D’Alelio (4-2, 135.2 lbs) vs Vanessa Mariscal (2-0, 136 lbs)

    ROUND ONE: Mariscal comes out working the jab and they each land a punch, but D’Alelio with a bodylock takedown and she starts using elbows to ground and pound Mariscal. D’Alelio into side control, but Mariscal quickly gets her back into half-guard. D’Alelio takes her back and gets the hooks in and starts pounding, but Mariscal gets up, scrambles, but she can’t shake D’Alelio off. D’Alelio continues to throw solid punches and she breaks Mariscal down as she tries to get back up. D’Alelio with some more really good ground and pound punches. Mariscal continues to try to scramble free, but D’Alelio hangs on. Mariscal throwing punches back at D’Alelio’s head and she tries to scoot free, but D’Alelio again hangs on, ending up back on top and throwing big punches to the head again. D’Alelio looking for the rear naked choke, but Mariscal defends and throws another punch over the back of her head. Marsical nearly gets loose enough to turn into guard, but D’Alelio recovers and ties her back up. D’Alelio goes back to the ground and pound, but Mariscal throws some wicked back elbows. D’Alelio again working punches to the head and she’s keeping Mariscal tied up well. D’Alelio again looks for the submission but with ten seconds left, she goes back to throwing punches, and Mariscal throws more punches over her head at D’Alelio’s face.

    SCORECARD: D’Alelio, 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Mariscal with some odd movement that seems to throw D’Alelio off, and Mariscal is throwing some nice strikes. For her part, D’Alelio is countering well. D’Alelio throws a front kick and comes in with punches and Mariscal is happy to trade. They continue to throw, with both ladies landing pretty well, and Mariscal backs D’Alelio down with punches. They continue to throw, with Mariscal getting the better of it, but she throws a kick that D’Alelio catches and immediately takes her down. D’Alelio working from half-guard and she’s elbowing Mariscal in the thigh. D’Alelio into back mount, then into full mount, then back into back mount. D’Alelio starts pounding away and Mariscal rolls back over. D’Alelio working from mount, and she flattens Mariscal out and continues pounding, but Mariscal scrambles, only to get pounded more from mount. Mariscal taps out to strikes!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Sarah D’Alelio, Submission (Strikes, Round 2, 3:19)

    Bantamweight bout: Leslie Smith (3-2, 135 lbs) vs Kaitlin Young (6-5, 135.4 lbs)

    ROUND ONE: Smith comes out looking to trade, but Young avoids well and lands some strikes of her own. They trade well, but Smith catches a kick and throws Young down, dropping into guard. Young looks for an armbar attempt, but she ends up tying Smith up well and applying a triangle bodylock. Smith tries to pop her head free, but Young ties her back up. Smith starts throwing, and gets up, looking to drop down with strikes, but Young gets up and they trade furiously with both ladies landing nice strikes. Young ties Smith up and works knees from the clinch and then lands an elbow and they start trading again, with both ladies landing multiple strikes. Young’s kicks have some serious velocity on them, and she lands some good punching combinations as well. Smith throwing some excellent strikes of her own, but Young is interrupting her combinations and landing some of her own. Smith tees off on Young, but Young blocks them well. Young moving well and landing nice straight punches. Young with a leg kick, but Smith answers with a big multiple punch combination. Young counters with some knees and they throw wildly as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Young, 10-9 (best round of the night, very close, but Young had the better striking)

    ROUND TWO: Smith takes the center of the cage and swings wildly but Young moves well and avoids it. Smith lands a right and then a body kick, but Young comes in with a nice combination. Smith throws another nice multi-punch combination and Young answers, but Smith lands another nice combination. To give you a comparison, this is Axe Murderer style – just punch after punch after punch. They continue to trade, but Young now getting more technical and landing the better shots. Smith lands a nice combination, but Young makes her pay for it. Young landing leg kicks almost at will. Young lands two punches for Smith’s one, but then she eats three punches to land one. Smith with a pair of good body shots, but Young lands a shot to the head of her own. Young checks a head kick and answers with a leg kick and then throws a nice combination of her own. Smith landing another trio of leg kicks and then a three-punch combination. They continue to trade, with Young finally coming on again. Young checks a body kick and lands a nice straight right. Smith ducks her head and eats a short kick from Young, but Smith answers well. Switch kick from Smith and they trade again as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Smith, 10-9 (19-19 overall, and again, a very exciting, very close round that could’ve gone either way. Since Smith trains with the Diazes and they win based on volume of strikes versus actual damage, I think Smith takes this one)

    ROUND THREE: Smith takes the center of the cage, but she eats a big left from Young. Young with a body kick and a punch, but Smith answers with a punch-knee combination. Smith with a body kick of her own, and Young answers with her own body kick. Smith comes forward with punches in punches and Young looks for a takedown, but Smith sprawls and we end up against the cage. Smith throwing punches to the body, and Young is bleeding. Young gets the single leg, but lands awkwardly and Smith ends up on top. Young looks for an armbar, but Smith works the ground and pound, but Young looks for an armbar. Young transitions to a triangle, but Smith gets free and looks for her own armbar. Young escapes and stands over Smith, kicking her. Young lands a nice knees as Smith gets up and they trade on the feet again, with Young getting the better of it. Young with another nice right, but Smith comes in with a combination. Smith with a body kick, but Young counters with a big straight right. Young picking her shots and she’s landing well, but Smith is landing a higher volume of strikes, including a nice body kick. Smith keeps coming forward, but Young holds her ground and counters well. Smith is limping now, and Young continues to work the leg kicks. Both ladies throwing some good strikes, but I think Young is landing the better strikes. They trade until the final bell, and what a fight!

    SCORECARD: Young, 10-9 (29-28 overall, but this could go either way)

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Majority Draw (29-28 Smith, 29-28 Young, 29-29 Draw)

    Didn’t see that coming, but it’s perfectly acceptable, as this was as close a fight as I’ve ever covered.

    Bantamweight bout: Liz Carmouche (5-2, 134.2 lbs) vs Ashleigh Curry (1-0, 136 lbs)

    ROUND ONE: Carmouche comes out with a jab and a high kick and a spinning back fist, and she looks for a takedown and gets it, dropping right into mount. Carmouche pounding away on Curry’s body as Curry hangs onto Carmouche’s head. Carmouche is totally unfazed and she just continues to pound away before moving into side control. Carmouche pops her head free and moves back into mount. Carmouche just pounding away with punches and elbows and Curry is just covering up. Now she ties Carmouche up, but Carmouche postures up and isolates the head, throwing fast, violent hammerfists until Greg Franklin waves her off!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Liz Carmouche, TKO (Hammerfists, Round 1, 1:58)

    Stoppage probably could’ve been a little faster, but not egregiously bad by any means, and Carmouche was just in a class of her own. The spinning back fist directly into a double leg takedown was especially impressive. My feed has apparently frozen, but I’m trying to get it back up and running…bear with me. Okay, I have sound back, but it’s just the Invicta logo again…and there goes my sound again…but it’s back. Hopefully the video will pick back up before the next fight starts.

    Wow, apparently they’re taking a break so that the show lasts until midnight (EST), but talk about killing your momentum. Awesome, awesome fight between Smith and Young, dominant first-round finish by Carmouche, and…nothing. For ten minutes now. *sigh*

    Atomweight bout: Jessica Penne (8-1, 105.6 lbs) vs Lisa Ellis-Ward (14-7, 106 lbs)

    ROUND ONE: They take the center of the cage and paw at the air, but Pennes throws a nice combination. Ellis with a leg kick and they trade flurries. Ellis with a nice combination and Penne comes back in with a combination of her own. Penne nearly catches a head kick before throwing a less successful one of her own. Ellis with a takedown into side control, Penne scrambles, Ellis stands up but quickly drops back down into a top guillotine, but Penne gets free. Penne gets a takedown of her own and she’s working from half-guard. Ellis ties Penne up well, but Penne does get some punches in, and Penne does a good job of keeping Ellis flat so that she can’t escape. Penne goes to the body with some big punches. Ellis keeps using a crossface to push Penne off, but Penne continues to land strikes to both the head and body. Ellis scrambles and gets guard, then looks for an armbar, but Penne stands up and lands a nice body kick. They trade kicks and tie up and Ellis with another body lock takedown, but Penne shows some incredible flexibility and rolls backwards into an armbar as the round ends. Impressive.

    SCORECARD: Penne, 10-9

    ROUND TWO: Ellis’ eye is swollen pretty badly, but Penne circles to her good eye. Some circling to start and Penne working the jab to keep Ellis on the outside. Penn with a leg kick, Ellis with a body kick, and Penne leaps in with a combination. Ellis with an inside leg kick, and Penne steps in with a combination again. They trade good straight punches and Ellis uses a wizzer to drag Penne down, but Penne ends up on top and starts pounding on Ellis’ head again. Ellis ties her up again, but Penne looks to improve her position. Penne works the body shots until Ellis ties her up again. Ellis works elbows to the head of Penne, but Penne continues to pound away on Ellis’ body. Ellis stands up and drops a punch down, but Ellis gets to her feet and scores a takedown of her own. They scramble and Penne looks to lock in a leglock, but Ellis stacks her up momentarily for another scramble. Ellis drops down and Penne works the closed guard, looking for high guard and she attempts to push Ellis back into a triangle, then looks for an omoplata, and then another leg lock. Ellis scrambles free and into guard again but Penne locks in an armbar, only to be slammed and eat some ground and pound. Penne reverses into half-guard and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Ellis, 10-9 (19-19 overall, but a very close round that could’ve gone either way)

    ROUND THREE: Penne comes out with a push kick and Ellis answers with a combination and a body kick that Penne counters with a right hand. Ellis leaps in but Penne avoids and throws a nice combination of her own. Penne landing well, but Ellis getting shots in of her own. Penne with a big punch that glances Ellis and then a nice knee. Ellis looks for the takedown, but Penne defends, looks for her own takedown, but Ellis ends up taking her down. Penne scrambles and looks for a single leg as Ellis’ forehead is bleeding badly. Ellis looked for a kimura, but Penne escapes and back into guard. Penne looks for an armbar but settles for full mount. Penne starts pounding away but she takes Ellis’ back and starts pounding away and the fight is stopped!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Jessica Penne, TKO (Punches, Round 3, 2:48)

    Kedzie is into the cage to interview Penne, and she says Munoz told her you can’t stop moving. She thanks her coaches and says she’s very prepared because of them. Penne says it’s the biggest platform she’s ever fought on and her toughest opponent, and she thanks Invicta’s management for giving her the chance. Miesha Tate is cageside with Mauro and she says it’s great that Invicta is giving women a chance to show their skills. She says the fights have been great (they mostly have). Tate says she’s not medically cleared, but she’s going in for her two-month check-up. She tore her ligaments and the muscles around her ligaments which just shows both how beastly Ronda Rousey is and how tough Tate is. We’re about to get an announcement regarding Invicta FC 2, scheduled for July 28th. The main event of IFC 2 will be between Shayna Baszler and Sara McMann. Both ladies put over their upcoming fight, as well as the job that Invicta has done with matchmaking and the fights themselves. Miesha Tate is replacing King Mo on commentary for the main event, and I don’t necessarily think she can be any worse than Mo, who wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t particularly insightful either. We get a nice little video package for Coenen/Ruyssen, detailing their history (Coenen submitted Ruyssen when they first fought) and giving them a chance to talk up the fight a bit.

    Featherweight bout: Marloes Coenen (19-5, 146 lbs) vs Romy Ruyssen (5-1, 149.8 lbs)

    ROUND ONE: Pretty intense staredown and we’re off. Circling to start and neither lady seems intent to throw any strikes, although Coenen is throwing feints. Finally Coenen with a leg kick, answered by Ruyssen. Wild strikes and a momentarily clinch and they separate. Coenen with a kick that takes Ruyssen’s leg out from underneath her, but Ruyssen lands a big counter punch even while she’s off-balance. Against the cage and Ruyssen seems content to press her against the cage and then throws a knee. Franklin stops the fight to take a point away from Ruyssen for grabbing the cage. Ruyssen with a body kick that Coenen catches, but Ruyssen jumps into guard. Coenen keeps the fight standing by pinning Ruyssen against the cage and Coenen starts throwing short elbows to Ruyssen’s head. To the ground, and Ruyssen looks for better position, but Coenen holds her down and throws short elbows to the body. Coenen looking for a choke, and it looked like Ruyssen tapped, maybe, but no, Franklin just stood the fight up. They trade on the feet, and Coenen again kicks Ruyssen’s leg out from underneath her and Ruyssen again counter punches well. They clinch against the cage with Coenen pressing Ruyssen as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Coenen, 10-8 (due to the point deduction)

    ROUND TWO: Ruyssen with some nice punches and a body kick, but Coenen with a nice right counter. Coenen working the leg kicks and Ruyssen grabs a kick, only to miss on her own counter kick. Coenen with a nice right and they trade. Russyen working the jab and she switches position repeatedly but Coenen charges forward with punches before pressing her against the cage. Coenen with knees to the body and thigh. Ruyssen keeps trying to throw punches, but she eats several knees for every punch she lands. Ruyssen lands a knee of her own and Coenen goes to the body punches and then knees. Ruyssen jumps guard but Coenen agains pins her against the cage and throws short elbows again. Coenen backs away and they stand up. Ruyssen with a Supergirl punch and Coenen clinches against the cage. Coenen again working knees to the legs and Ruyssen throws a punch to the body. Coenen continues to throw knees with sporadic body punches by Ruyssen. Ruyssen throws an elbow that lands, but she remains pinned against the cage. Ruyssen pushes Coenen against the cage, but Coenen easily reverses. They break momentarily and Ruyssen lands a pair of punches, but Coenen clinches again quickly and the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Coenen, 10-9 (20-17 overall)

    ROUND THREE: Ruyssen with a body kick, but Coenen with a right and a push kick. Ruyssen switching stances again, but Coenen still landing well. Spinning back fist from Ruyssen and a body kick and she pressed Coenen against the cage. Ruyssen looking for a takedown, but Coenen easily reverses and starts throwing knees. More knees against the cage and Ruyssen has to be getting desperate. Coenen with body punches and more knees, but Ruyssen locks in a neck crank and pulls guard, forcing Coenen to hold her full weight. Ruyssen loses her grip and Coenen lands a big elbow before going back to the knees. Ruyssen working the ribs but Coenen goes back to the knees. Franklin separates them again for the final minute and Coenen with a push kick. She backs Ruyssen against the cage and starts working the knees again. Coenen with a punch to the face. Ruyssen looks for a body lock takedown that does nowhere, but Coenen throws her down as the round ends.

    SCORECARD: Coenen, 10-9 (30-26 overall)

    OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Marloes Coenen, Unanimous Decision (30-26×3)

    Looks like Coenen has sustained an injury to her left hand, perhaps a dislocated finger. As an aside, it’s 12:20, we haven’t had our official decision for the main event yet, yet they still had that 12-14 minutes of dead time before the co-main event. Kedzie is in the cage to interview Coenen, and Marloes thanks Kansas for being an amazing city. She says her strategy was to take it easy in the first round and frustrate her and then put the pressure on from the second on, but she thought she broke her finger in the first and had to change her strategy. Coenen says she’s not happy with her performance but she’ll do better next time and she thanks Invicta management and calls out Ronda Rousey. And that’s it for tonight – great night of fights (with a couple of exceptions), and I hope you enjoyed it as well.

    Remember to tune into the 411 Ground and Pound Radio show on Sunday at 11:00 AM for some of the best MMA discussion around. I hope everyone had a great evening with me and I’ll see you Tuesday for Five Quick Rounds, and remember 411 MMA for all your MMA news and coverage needs!


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