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411’s Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman Report 8.18.12

August 19, 2012 | Posted by Mark Radulich

Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman Report
The Valley View Casino Center
San Diego, California

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rousey vs kaufman

MAIN CARD (Showtime 10:00 PM)
Champ Ronda Rousey (135lbs 5-0) vs. Sarah Kaufman (134lbs 15-1)
Ronaldo Souza (186lbs 15-3) vs. Derek Brunson (186lbs 9-1)
Tarec Saffiedine (169.5lbs 12-3) vs. Roger Bowling (170lbs 11-2)
Lumumba Sayers (185lbs 6-2) vs. Anthony Smith (186lbs 14-7)
Ovince St. Preux (205.5lbs 11-5) vs. TJ Cook (203lbs 15-4)

PRELIMINARY CARD (Showtime Extreme 8:00 PM)
Miesha Tate (136lbs 12-3) vs. Julie Kedzie (135lbs 16-9)
Adlan Amagov (186lbs 9-2-1) vs. Keith Berry (186lbs 12-9)
Hiroko Yamanaka (145lbs 12-2) vs. Germaine de Randamie (145lbs 2-2)
Bobby Green (155lbs 18-5) vs. Matt Ricehouse (155lbs 6-0)

We are live from The Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California! Your announcers for tonight’s card Mauro Ranallo, Frank Shamrock and Pat Miletich. We go to the cage for our first fight of the prelims:


Lightweight bout: Bobby Green (155lbs 18-5) vs. Matt Ricehouse (155lbs 6-0)

ROUND ONE Green comes out jabbing. Ricehouse lands a hard shot. Ricehouse is circling away from Green’s power shots. Ricehouse jabs. Green lands a series of knees. The two fighters are exchanging and clashing, making this a relatively even round. Body kick from Ricehouse. Ricehouse with a 1-2 combo. Ricehouse is picking up the pace until Green nails square in the face! He’s dropped and Green is moving in the for the kill. Ricehouse recovers and tries to defend but Green is all over him with uppercuts and knees. Ricehouse is on his bicycle, just trying to get through this round. Ricehouse throws and kick and is taken down. Green hits two knees once they get back to their feet as the buzzer sounds.

SCORECARD: Green 10-9

ROUND TWO Ricehouse comes straight at Green to start the round. Front kick from Green. Green is doing a lot damage from the Muay Thai clinch. Low kick from Green allows Ricehouse to land another 1-2 combo. Ricehouse is staying busy with a variety of shots but nothing too hard. Ricehouse continues to be aggressive but he’s not doing a lot of damage. Uppercut from Green. Green picks up the pace. Jab from Green. One-two and knee from Ricehouse. From the standing position against the cage, Green takes Ricehouse’s back. He’s brought to his knees. Ricehouse turns into him, gets to his feet and presses him against the fence.

SCORECARD: Green 10-9

ROUND THREE They clash and Ricehouse lands good shot. Green lands a left hook. Green is throwing a lot of hard shots, which is forcing Ricehouse to circle away. Ricehouse lunges forward but is turned into the face. Green gets a takedown. Ricehouse is back up. Green goes to the body. Green attempts a crane kick! Leg kick from Ricehouse. Ricehouse is throwing everything but the kitchen sink but isn’t having much luck landing anything of significance. Straight right from Ricehouse backs Green up. Green ducks a shot and attempts a takedown. Nothing doing, and thats the fight folks.

SCORECARD: Green 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Bobby Green by unanimous decision (30-27X3).

Women’s Featherweight bout: Hiroko Yamanaka (145lbs 12-2) vs. Germaine de Randamie (145lbs 2-2)

ROUND ONE Both women start off trying to find their range. Hard right backs Yamanaka up. Double jab from Yamanaka. Yamanaka is doing the Clay Guida perpetual movement thing. De Randamie misses with another power right. And another. Straight right tags Yamanka on the chin. Yamanaka effectively using her jab. Right cross lands for de Randamie. Yamanka eats a few shots but clinches up and shoves her opponent against the fence. Yamanaka knees de Randamie, looking for a takedown. ZZ Top stands them up. Low kick from Yamanaka ends the round.

SCORECARD: Yamanaka 10-9

ROUND TWO The commentators have the first round for de Randamie. We’ll see what happens. De Randamie misses with the right hand. Trading of kicks from both women. Hard shot from Yamanaka. De Randamie is looking for a home for the right hand. Yamanaka clinches and holds de Randamie against the fence. Yamanaka knees her in the leg. Yamanaka attempts a high crotch but de Randamie ain’t having it. Yosemite Sam warns them not to stall. Yamanaka knees her and they are separated anyway. Double jab and that right hand bomb from de Randamie but she just misses. Now de Randamie picks up a few points with hard shots that connect as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Yamanaka 10-9

ROUND THREE De Randamie continues to punish Yamanka. Yamanaka pushes her against the fence but de Randamie belts her again and gets away. They are trading heavy shots! Yamanaka rushes forward but this time she is the one pressed against the fence. Not for long as Yamanaka turns her around. De Randamie is knee’d in the groin (technically not a nut shot). The ladies throw down right in the middle of the cage! It’s a back and forth brawl. Yamanaka attempts to the throw de Randamie. De Randamie clobbers Yamanaka. Yamanaka eats another one that lands square on the jaw. Head kick lands on the cheek of Yamanaka. Front kick to the face! Wow, good round for the ladies.

SCORECARD: 10-9 de Randamie

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Germaine de Randamie by decision (30-27X3).

Good for GDR! I thought Yamanaka would get more credit for control but the story of this fight was clearly in the strikes landed. Hey, I’m not going to argue too much about this decision. Also it was nice to see Yamanaka do something other than run backwards in sheer terror.

Middleweightweight bout: Adlan Amagov (186lbs 9-2-1) vs. Keith Berry (186lbs 12-9)

ROUND ONE Amagov starts off with a spinning back kick! Amagov nails Berry in the knee with a side kick (re: illegal). He pounces and Herb Dean stops the fight. Lots of controversy here as Berry argues that the didn’t give up. Dean counters that when he spoke it signaled to Dean he was giving up. Meanwhile Amagov won with a possibly illegal kick. Sigh.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Adlan Amagov by TKO (strikes) at 0:48 of round 1.

Women’s Bantamweight bout: Miesha “Cupcake” Tate (136lbs 12-3) vs. Julie Kedzie (135lbs 16-9)

ROUND ONE Tate has ditched the “Takedown” nickname and is running with “Cupcake.” Well now she’s made a fan of my wife for life…moving on. The girls are throwing ALOT of leather. Kedzie smashes Tate! Tate recovers but is shaken up. Tate throws a pair of kicks and Kedzie answers in kind. Tate gives up the striking in favor of pressing Kedzie against the fence. Kedzie turns her around. Kedzie lands few kicks. Tate shoots for a takedown but Kedzie gets the better of her there too! Tate escapes and gets back up. Tate takes more punishment and shoots for another takedown. Kedzie employs the old sprawl and brawl. Kedzie stands up and smashes Tate again. Tate skins her with an overhand right. She follows with a takedown but Kedzie defends again. Tate with one last try but Kedzie stuffs it. Back on their feet and KEDZIE DROPS TATE WITH A SIDE KICK! Kedzie dives in for the kill and is swept and mounted! Tate on top in the end but she still loses the round.

SCORECARD: Kedzie 10-9

ROUND TWO They clash and Kedzie takes one to the jaw. They clinch and Tate eats a knee back out. Kedzie presses Tate against the fence. Knees and elbows from Kedzie. The girls go down and Kedzie locks up a triangle on Tate. She transitions to an omaplata. Tate defends. Tate escapes and takes her back. Tate has turned the tables on Kedzie. Tate goes for the rear-naked choke. Kedzie turns over but now Tate is in full mount. Kedzie attempts to sweep and promptly sticks her head in the guillotine. Kedzie stands up and resumes kneeing Tate. They trade elbows. Tate is trying for the double leg. Kedzie basically collapses on Tate and Ranallo calls it takedown.

SCORECARD: Tate 10-9

ROUND THREE Kedzie kicks Tate in the leg, knocking her down. She allows Tate to get up. Tate shoots and is stuffed again. BOOM! Kedzie kicks Cupcake in the face! Kedzie dives into her guard and pounds on her. Tate gets her composure back and gets Kedzie in an armbar! Kedzie is show just how amateur her grappling is. She can’t get her arm free and this may cost her. Tate extends the arm. Kedzie is in a lot of trouble. Yep, she taps out to the armbar. That’s a heart breaker for Kedzie but good on Tate for hanging in there and stealing a victory.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Miesha “Cupcake” Tate by submission (armbar) at 3:28 of round 3.

Tate gives a professional post-fight interview despite some of the rather silly things she’s said both before and after her fight with Rousey. No call-outs, she’s just going to watch with interest.

That’s the prelims folks! We’ll see you after a brief intermission on SHOWTIME proper.


Light Heavyweight bout: Ovince St. Preux (205.5lbs 11-5) vs. TJ Cook (203lbs 15-4)

ROUND ONE OSP starts with a left head kick. Cook returns fire with a hook. Cook is landing some hard punches and kicks. Another head kick from OSP. Cook nails one of his own. They clash and clinch. OSP controls him against the fence. Cook turns him around. Hook to the body from Cook and OSP drops Cook with a hook of his own! OSP dives on him to finish but Cook covers up and recovers. He’s fighting back! He’s swinging for the fences and backs OSP into the fence! OSP backs off and slows this fight back down. OSP goes head hunting. Cook lands more shots to the body. He falls over and OSP tries to take advantage. OSP takes him down. OSP goes for a keylock. He can’t finish so he settles for pounding on Cook. He takes his back but Cook escapes and gets to his feet. Action packed round from these two light heavyweights!


ROUND TWO Both fighters are feigning and pawing. OSP with a kick to the body. Yosemite Sam tells them to pick it up. OSP lands a hard kick. Cook lands a hard right. Cook with a low kick. Cook eats a jab. OSP kicks Cook square in the balls. I feel an Ode the Nut Shot coming on. Cook counters as OSP misses with a high kick. OSP gets the takedown. OSP passes to side control. He uses some short elbows to set Cook up for a choke. He gives up the submission attempt and achieves full mount. Cook survives.


ROUND THREE Within seconds OSP lands a left on Cook’s chin and flattens him! BOOM, done!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Ovince St. Preux by KO at 0:20 of round 3.

Middleweight bout: Lumumba Sayers (185lbs 6-2) vs. Anthony Smith (186lbs 14-7)

ROUND ONE Sayers rushes forward but is hit in the legs by Smith. Smith gets the takedown and gets to full mount immediately. This is not looking good for Sayers. Smith grinding his way to winning this round. Sayers gets tired of being pummeled and tries to buck free. Smith rolls with him and attempts a guillotine. Sayers escapes. They trade a few times. A kick to the leg drops Sayers. Smith nails Sayers but slips and Sayers jumps on him. Moments later Anthony Smith chokes him out with a triangle. God I love a good first round finish!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Anthony Smith by submission (triangle) at 3:52 of round 1.

Welterweight bout: Tarec Saffiedine (169.5lbs 12-3) vs. Roger Bowling (170lbs 11-2)

ROUND ONE Bowling lands left. Bowling follows with a leg kick and then a shot to the body. Saffiedine fires back. Bowling lands a three strike combo. Sponge with a low leg kick. Bowling lands another combo. Sponge knees Bowling in the gut. Bowling is landing a lot of volume on Saffiedine. Saffiedine pushes Bowling against the fence. Saffiedine is starting to open now. Bowling with a high kick but it is blocked. Bowling barrels into Saffiedine and attempts a takedown. Saffiedine breaks free but Bowling keeps coming after him, eating shots along the way.

SCORECARD: Bowling 10-9

ROUND TWO The fighters trade a few shots. Saffiedine gets punched in the stomach and then slips, nearly falling over. Bowling gets poked in the eye (not purposely: see Davis vs Prado). Saffiedine lands a series of punches on Bowling. Front kick from the Sponge. Saffiedine is picking up the volume of strikes landed. Saffiedine clinches and backs Bowling up against the fence. Bowling attempts a brute force single leg takedown. Saffiedine defends and puts Bowling against the fence. Bowling continues to walk into Saffiedine’s superior striking.

SCORECARD: Saffiedine 10-9

ROUND THREE The fighters resume trading hard punches and kicks. Saffiedine pushes Bowling against the fence. This fight is a fairly even kickboxing affair. Niether man is able to pull ahead at this point. Saffiedine peppers Bowling with leg kicks. Bowling attempts a takedown. Bowling is ass against the fence again. Bowling eats a knee to the mush. Saffiedine lights him up on the break. Bowling shoots and Saffiedine takes his back off of the sprawl. Saffiedine tries for the RNC. Bowling pretty much threw this one away.

SCORECARD: Saffiedine 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Tarec Saffiedine by unanimous decision (30-27X3).

No surprise there. At this point I can only assume Bowling keeps his job because SF needs bodies. Otherwise I don’t even think Bellator would bother.

Saffiedine thinks he should get a shot against Marquardt for the title. Well if there is nobody else available, why not?

Middleweight bout: Ronaldo Souza (186lbs 15-3) vs. Derek Brunson (186lbs 9-1)

ROUND ONE Brunson comes out aggressively. Souza looks to the land the right hand…and then he does! Holy cow! Souza just knocked Brunson the BUCGAW out! Apparently that was his first ever KO. Nicely done. Maybe the rematch with him and Rockhold won’t put me to sleep.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza by KTFO at 0:41 of round 1.

Mr. Souza, the First Round Finish Club salutes you!


Women’s Bantamweight Championship bout: Champ Ronda Rousey (135lbs 5-0) vs. Sarah Kaufman (134lbs 15-1)

ROUND ONE Rousey comes out jabbing and then clinches up. Rousey takes her down. You know where this is going…she’s going for the armbar. After a good faith effort to defend, the future Ex-Mrs. Mullin taps out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER AND STILL STRIKEFORCE WOMEN’S BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION – “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey by submission (the same move she’s beaten 5 other women with armbar) at 0:54 of round 1.

OK at this point Rousey vs Cyborg is the only fight worth making. Whatever way that can happen it needs to happens…end of line.

That’s all for me tonight. I’ll be back tomorrow at 11 AM EST for the 411 Ground and Pound Radio show.


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