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411’s The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale Report 12.15.12

December 15, 2012 | Posted by Wyatt Beougher

Heavyweight bout: Roy Nelson (18-7-0, 252 lbs) vs Matt Mitrione (5-1-0, 257 lbs)
TUF 16 Finale Welterweight bout: Mike Ricci (8-2-0, 171 lbs) vs Colton Smith (5-1-0, 170 lbs)
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OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Tim Elliot def. Jared Papazian via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-26)
OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Mike Rio def. John Cofer via submission (Armbar, Round 3, 4:11)
OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Hugo Viana def. Reuben Duran via TKO (Punches, Round 1, 4;05)


OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – TJ Waldburger def. Nick Catone via technical submission (Triangle Choke, Round 2, 1:04)
OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Rustam Khabilov def. Vinc Pichel via knockout (Suplex and punches, Round 1, 2:15)
OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Johnny Bedford def. Marcos Vinicius via knockout (Strikes, Round 2, 1:00)
OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Mike Pyle def. James Head via TKO (Knee and punches, Round 1, 1:55)


And welcome to the live portion of the coverage! We get the UFC on FX intro with the battling robots, and then Ricci and Colton talking about their fight. Mitrione and Nelson are up next, hyping their fight, and then we get the nu-metal video intro showing fighter highlights. And we get our first Goldbergism, saying Ricci and Colton were the most dynamic fighters on this season of the show. Ricci, I can see, but Colton? I’m a former wrestler, and I appreciate the ground game as much as anyone; however, Colton’s fights just weren’t that impressive.

Featherweight bout: Jonathan Brookins (14-5-0, 146 lbs) vs Dustin Poirier (12-2-0, 146 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and we’re off. Poirier coming forward swinging, but Brookins doing a good job of avoiding it. Poirier with a leg kick and Brookins answers with hooks to the body, and he lands a nice punch that stuns Poirier and Brookins GOES TO WORK. He’s pummeling Poirier against the fence, but Poirier looks for the takedown before settling for a rear waistlock. They jockey for position until Poirier lets Brookins go. Brookins tags him again, but he doesn’t get nearly the follow-up offense in. Poirier still looks clear-headed here and he pushes Brookins against the cage, but Brookins reverses. Poirier lets him go and looks for a big right, but Brookins is able to narrowly avoid it. Poirier lands a big right hook, but he slips avoiding a punch from Brookins. Brookins presses him against the fence but Poirier fires back and Brookins’ hands are down and he eats some shots. Brookins keeps coming forward but he’s eating as many punches as he’s landing, and Poirier eventually catches him with a great punch that puts him on his rear for a minute. Poirier pushes him against the cage and lands some more shots before Brookins looks for a takedown. Poirier defends, and he locks in a D’Arce choke. Brookins scrambles and tries to get free, but he has no choice but to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Dustin Poirier, Submission (D’Arce choke, Round 1, 4:15)

Poirier says Brookins did hurt him, but he was lucky enough to be able to clip Brookins’ chin and back him up a bit. Poirier says that he watched Brookins’ last fight and he couldn’t believe Brookins gave up the choke that easily again. Poirier says it was great to get redemption for losing to the Korean Zombie via D’Arce Choke, but it was even cooler because he tried out for The Ultimate Fighter on the season that Brookins won but he wasn’t selected to be on the show. Looks like we’re getting preliminary action next, and I’ll get to see the sweet suplex that ended Vinc Pichel’s night.

Lightweight bout: Rustam Khabilov (14-1-0, 155 lbs) vs Vinc Pichel (7-0-0, 156 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Pichel throws a jab but Khabilov staying on the outside. Hesitation from both guys, but Khabilov comes forward with a nice combination and then he looks for the takedown. Pichel defends, but Khabilov powers through and picks up the takedown and he works some hammerfists. Pichel pushes him away with his feet, but Khabilov hangs on. Pichel stands up and Khabilov with a nice German suplex, and another! The camera is zoomed in too closely on Pichel’s back and I can’t see what’s going on, but they switch cameras and Khabilov tries to take Pichel’s back, but instead he lands ANOTHER HUGE SUPLEX. Khabilov lands a few punches, but Pichel is clearly out and the fight is over!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Rustam Khabilov def. Vinc Pichel via knockout (Suplex and punches, Round 1, 2:15)

That. Was. AWESOME. Pichel was one of my favorite fighters on the show, but Khabilov is a fighter I’m going to be watching closely from here on out! Khabilov says his friends asked him to throw some suplexes so he prepared for that. Khabilov says the suplexes were elementary sambo. Rampage should draw in the casual fans for UFC on FOX 6, and hopefully they’ll stick around for what should be an awesome fight between John Dodson and Demetrious Johnson in Johnson’s first flyweight title defense.

Heavyweight bout: Shane Del Rosario (11-1-0, 244 lbs) vs Pat Barry (7-5-0, 238 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Del Rosario throwing the jab to keep Barry outside, but Barry landing heavy kicks to the inside of Del Rosario’s front leg. They tie up and Del Rosario looking for knees to the body and he pushes Barry to the cage and lands some more knees and punches to the body. Knee to the body and Del Rosario looks for the takedown, but Barry defends well and actually looks for a submission. Del Rosario gets his head free and lands another knee to the body, then another, and a third. Del Rosario working the knees to the body and mixing in punches to the body as well. Del Rosario with a punch to the thigh and Barry throws him off. Del Rosario lands a leg kick but Barry answers with a nice jab. Del Rosario landing some good leg kicks and he drives in for the takedown but has to settle for pushing Barry against the cage. Del Rosario takes Barry’s back and gets one hook in before locking in a choke. Del Rosario gets a hook over Barry’s arm but Barry gets his head free. Del Rosario hangs on and transitions for an armbar before looking for an omoplata. Del Rosario again gets a hook in, then both, but Barry reverses with an ankle pick and gets to side control. The round ends before Barry can do any damage.

SCORECARD: Del Rosario, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Barry comes forward with a jab-jab-cross combination that Del Rosario mostly blocks, but Barry lands a big hook, followed by another, and then a flurry of big shots that puts Del Rosario down and out!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Pat Barry, Knockout (Punches, Round 2, 0:26)

Barry says it’s been a rough ride to come out to fight, and he’s had a lot of ups and downs. He says he woke up to a horrible text message about the shooting in Connecticut, and he says to hugs your kids, parents, friends, and family members. Barry says he wants to go home and he hugs Rogan. Barry says he’s feeling ridiculously emotional, that his team is 1000% and he gives out nicknames for his coaches and says he’s going to win all the way or lose all the way. Barry says he debated whether or not Del Rosario was baiting him in for the ground game and the last time he thought he won, he woke up and Cheick Kongo had won. He says he’s still up 2-1 on Kongo. Joe and Goldie hype up UFC 158, featuring six top welterweights in action (GSP vs Diaz, MacDonald vs Condit, and Ellenberger vs Hendricks), and it’s pretty messed up that not only does Hendricks not get the title shot he earned against GSP, he doesn’t even get the co-main event. More preliminary action up next, as we get Mike Pyle vs James Head.

Welterweight bout: James Head (9-2-0, 171 lbs) vs Mike Pyle (23-8-1, 171 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Pyle rocking the mullet – Miguel Torres would approve. Pyle avoiding Head’s advances and he feints in and lands a nice punch. They clinch and Pyle lands a knee while eating a punch and he gets out quickly. Head with a nice combination that rocks Pyle, but Pyle regains his bearings quickly and locks up a plum clinch and lands a couple of nice knees as Head presses him against the cage. Pyle lands a nice right hand as he escapes. Pyle locks in the clinch again, eating some decent punches in the process, but he lands a huge knee to the face that puts Head down, Pyle with follow-up punches, and the fight is over!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Mike Pyle, TKO (Knee and punches, Round 1, 1:55)

Pyle says his team has made the biggest difference for him coming into his own at age 37. Rogan says he’s always been intelligent and technical, and Pyle says he’s so stoked and he’s overwhelmed with emotions. Pyle said all he was thinking was that Head would go out or go down, because Head really got him against the cage and he was thinking about Spongebob Squarepants. Pyle was able to shake it off though and come back and win. Pyle says he thinks he deserves to be in the top 10 and he’ll fight any top 10 welterweight and puts over his afterparty at Pure.

Goldie and Rogan put over Mitrione’s athleticism, saying that is what Mitrione thinks he can do better than Nelson since he doesn’t have the ground game or knockout power of Roy Nelson. They put over the Blackzilians (Mitrione’s new camp) and Nelson was talking about how no one would corner Mitrione when they were on The Ultimate Fighter together and how Nelson felt Mitrione was weak on the ground. Goldie thinks Nelson will use his ground skills to win the fight, but Rogan puts over Nelson’s timing on his right hand before talking about Nelson’s highly-respected grappling game. And Rogan says Nelson has the “BEST JAW IN THE HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION. EVER.” I’d give that nod to Big Nog in his prime, but that’s just me. They proceed to put over both TUF Finalists, eventually building to THEIR athleticism. “Athleticism” is tonight’s “elusiveness” apparently. Rogan says wrestling is the most important technique in wrestling, and that it’d be the base of the MMA skills pyramid. I can’t argue with that, but I think it’s more a matter of personal preference than Joe is making it out to be. And, yes, they put over Colton’s military background. Shocking. Aaaannnddd we get comparisons to Tim Kennedy, who Colton has trained with, and Brian Stann. And a Couture comparison? Really? I thought last night’s comparison of

Jon Manley wins Submission of the Season for his fight to get into the house. Eddy Ellis and Colton Smith won the Fight of the Season, and Mike Ricci won Knockout of the Season for his knockout on Neil Magny from the semifinals. Each guys wins $25,000, which is definitely a nice little bonus.

TUF 16 Finale Welterweight bout: Mike Ricci (8-2-0, 171 lbs) vs Colton Smith (5-1-0, 170 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and we’re off. Colton avoids a head kick that would’ve decapitated him while shooting for a low single leg. Ricci with some HUGE elbows to Smith’s head and Mazzagatti warns him. Back to the feet and Colton has a front waistlock on Ricci against the cage. He gets Ricci down, but Ricci gets back up. Colton drags him back down and gets one hook in. Colton works the power half nelson but Ricci manages to break his hands apart. Colton gets Ricci down and gets both hooks in, but Ricci scrambles and briefly gets one hook out, but Colton gets it back in and works some punches to the head before looking for a choke. Ricci keeps his chin down and Colton goes back to punches. Ricci is blocking the worst of the damage, but he locks in a choke as Ricci tries to adjust his hands. Ricci scrambles free and they get back to their feet. Another glove touch and Ricci is stalking Colton but not throwing anything. Colton slips a lunging jab from Ricci and looks for another takedown, but again Ricci defends his initial attempt and he ends up pressed against the cage. Colton looks to drag Ricci down, but Ricci defends, only for Colton to take him down anyway. Colton working from the side with one hook in and he transitions to a rear waistlock and works knees to the ribs as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Smith, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Ricci lands a body kick and Colton looks to have inadvertently hit Ricci in the groin. Ricci wings a straight left as Colton comes in and he again grabs his crotch. Colton looks to Mazzagatti before rushing in, but the worst referee in MMA proves why he is the worst referee in MMA. We end up with Colton holding Ricci against the cage and he throws a knee to the thigh before again taking Ricci down. Ricci gets a knee up to prevent Colton from mounting him and he tries to stand up, but Colton gets partially on his back and lands some punches to the head. Ricci stands up, but Colton knees him in the hamstring until he drops down again. Colton takes his back again and gets a hook in, and he looks for a rear naked choke, but Ricci again gets free. Colton with the body lock immediately and he presses Ricci against the cage and again drags him down. Colton gets one hook partially in, lands some punches and sinks it all the way in. Colton lands more punches and then sinks in the other hook as Ricci rolls. Ricci tries to push off of the cage and Colton looks for the choke again, but Ricci keeps his chin down and Colton has to release it. Colton looks for the choke across the mouth but he releases it as Ricci gets to a seated position and locks in a power half nelson again. Ricci manages to tie Colton’s arms up, but Colton slips his right arm free and starts punching Ricci in the side of the head again. Colton tries for a crossface as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Smith, 10-9

ROUND THREE: Ricci whiffs on a head kick, but then he lands another kick. Ricci glances Colton with a kick as Smith shoots in. Smith again drags him down with a body lock and he ties up Ricci’s arm before climbing on his back and getting a hook in. The crowd that had formerly been chanting “USA” is now getting listless as Colton tries for a neck crank. Colton releases the neck crank and tries for a choke, even switching hands, but Ricci rolls. Colton hangs on and looks for an arm triangle, but Ricci defends again and Colton goes to punches to the side of the head. Halfway through the round, and Ricci looks like he’s given up. He’s just sitting there and absorbing Colton’s punches and defending the choke attempts. Ricci gets to all fours, but Colton hangs onto his back again. Smith throws elbows from the power half nelson, which is a nice strike I haven’t seen before. Colton goes for the arm triangle again and the crowd is actually booing now. Ricci rolls to his back with Colton beneath him, and he spins and takes dominant position. Ricci looks for a choke, transitions to an armbar, and Colton reverses and takes his back again as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Smith, 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Colton Smith, Unanimous Decision (30-27×2, 30-26)

Dana congratulations Colton on winning The Ultimate Fighter and he gets the keys to his new Harley-Davidson. Rogan is with Colton and he says the victory is sweet and he wanted to finish the fight. Colton says Ricci is a 155 pound fighter and he came out and kicked the crap out of everyone in the house. Colton knew he was a dangerous fighter and he couldn’t finish him no matter what he did. He gave his usual spiel about fighting being easy (repeatedly he said that) but what the troops do is hard, and then he thanks his God and Lord Jesus, shouts out his combatives training partners, his family and friends, and his wife. Nice show of sportsmanship as he goes over to Ricci and they hug. Why is Brett Favre in the cage with Colton?

If you haven’t watched this season of The Ultimate Fighter, you probably don’t know that Colton has either improved significantly since taping wrapped or he was sandbagging for the entire show, as his wrestling was good, but nowhere near that good. And Ricci is a lot better than he showed in this fight, and I’d be surprised if he didn’t rebound impressively if he’s given another chance in the UFC. Still, though, kudos to Smith for the dominant win, although I’m not sure how far he’ll go in the welterweight division with GSP, Hendricks, Koscheck, and Fitch already there. By the same token, if Ricci is a natural lightweight, I’m not sure how well he’d do with Bendo, Guida, and Maynard in the lightweight division.

Nelson’s going to have to do something impressive to top Mitrione’s walkout music of “Simple Man”, by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Mitrione was my second-to-least favorite guy on that season of TUF (Schaub was worse) but I’ve really come around to him because he seems like a guy who genuinely loves the sport and wants to get better, but man, Nelson’s overhand right is nasty. And Goldberg name drops Drew Brees in talking about Mitrione (college teammates at Purdue), then compares his jab to JDS’, IN THE SAME SENTENCE. He’s getting ridiculous with the comparisons the last two nights. Nelson comes out to “We Will Rock You” by Queen, so Mitrione narrowly wins the walkout music edge. Kudos to Nelson for keeping it close. With all this talk about Nelson’s chin, it wouldn’t surprise me if Mitrione folds him up with his first punch, because that would be the fitting end to the night that Goldie and Rogan are having. My colleague Robert Winfree pointed out on Twitter that Nelson looks to have improved his physique, and that’s certainly true, but he could still stand to lose a few more pounds. Mitrione has a 9″ reach advantage? We might actually see Nelson’s ground game in this one.

Heavyweight bout: Roy Nelson (18-7-0, 252 lbs) vs Matt Mitrione (5-1-0, 257 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Mitrione with the jab and Nelson with a quick hook. Both guys light on their feet and Nelson comes forward with a one-two combination that glances Mitrione. Nelson keeping his hands up to get inside and he lands a glancing overhand right. Kicks from Mitrione, answered by Nelson with punches. Nelson clinches up with a body lock against the cage and Mitrione tries to get an arm inside and he does. Nelson releases his grasp and Mitrione presses him against the cage. Mitrione with a knee to the body, followed by a punch and an elbow. They trade punches and it’s a slugfest with Mitrione fighting without a mouthpiece. Herb grabs it, but they continue to trade, with Mitrione working in some nasty kicks. They continue to trade, but Nelson lands that big right after an uppercut and a hook, and Mitrione goes down. Nelson puts the exclamation point on the win with a handful of follow-up punches until Herb Dean waves him off. Nelson climbs the cage and rubs his belly, and when he gets down, he gets a hug from Mitrione.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Roy Nelson, TKO (Punches, Round 1, 2:58)

Nice win for Nelson, but it just makes me want to see Nelson/Carwin that much more. Rogan says Nelson told him a crazy thing, that he hadn’t started striking since 2009. Joe seems amazed that Nelson has such power, but Joe, power like Nelson’s isn’t something that you train, it’s something you have. Nelson says he was blessed with it (thank you, Roy) and that he used to submit everybody but after he got his first knockout, he realized that it was way easier than grappling and wrestling. Nelson says his plan was to go five rounds and show that a fat boy could go the distance, and he says he can’t wait to fight Cain or JDS now that he’s learned to throw combinations. He also says that he’s just starting to learn to strike. Another preliminary fight up next, so I’ll make my dog wait just a little longer to go out (he was just out about fifteen minutes before the show started, so I think he’s being dramatic at this point) to cover it for you.

Bantamweight bout: Reuben Duran (8-4-1, 136 lbs) vs Hugo Viana (7-1-0, 135 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Both guys feinting in fast forward here. Duran with a front kick that misses by a mile and Viana with a big right. Duran misses with a left hook and he pumps the double jab. Viana with a huge combination that puts Duran down, but Duran gets right back up and they start swinging again, with Viana landing another big combination that puts Duran on his butt again. Duran right back up, and he gets a double underhook and presses Viana against the cage. Duran lets go of the double underhook, and Viana presses him against the cage, where he throws some more punches before back to the center of the cage. Viana whiffs on a big left hand, but he does land a glancing left-right combination on Duran. Duran to his credit keeps coming forward and he narrowly avoids a big punch from Viana. Duran with a kick to the body and Viana DROPS him again with a big right hand, but again, Duran gets right back up. Viana headhunting now, and he squats down a bit before springing forward with a big overhand right that stops the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Hugo Viana, TKO (Punches, Round 1, 4:05)

Viana says he feels great at 135, he thanks Vegas and everyone who came out, thanks Dana for the fight, thanks Duran for being a tough fighter, then he lapses into Portuguese, which Joe makes him translate (he was thanking Brazil, his team, and his mom). Viana says he’s never seen an ugly man like him look so beautiful on television. Hey, another prelim fight? Sweet! It’s almost like I didn’t miss them at all now!

Bantamweight bout: Marcos Vinicius (20-4-1, 136 lbs) vs Johnny Bedford (18-10-1, 136 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Bedford with an inside leg kick and a jumping knee, following it up with a combination against the cage, but Vinicius circles away. Bedford catches a knee, picks Vinicius up and slams him down, but Vinicius traps him in an arm-in guillotine. Vinicius releases the guillotine and Bedford steps into half-guard while landing some punches. He stands up, lands a couple of punches, and drops back into guard. Vinicius tying up Bedford’s arms and getting a foot up on Bedford’s hip. Bedford is able to move into side control and he stands up again, but Vinicius controls his wrist and he can’t land anything. Bedford back into guard and he stand up and looks like he’s going to let Vinicius up, only to turn back and feint a punch, only to then turn and walk away and let Vinicius get to his feet. They trade punches, and again, and Bedford lands a nice uppercut. They land jabs at the same time, but Bedford follows it up with a nice combination. Bedford partially catches a kick and lands a nice punch-kick combination and he puts Vinicius down with a big right hand. Bedford pounces and lands some good downward elbows from side control. Bedford tries to prevent Vinicius from getting him back to guard, but Vinicius spins free. Bedford holds onto his head briefly, but Vinicius gets to his feet, only to eat some knees against the cage as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Bedford, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Bedford comes out with a combination that glances Vinicius. Vinicius throws a body kick, but Bedford answers with a left hand. Vinicius goes for the body kick but he catches Bedford in the cup. Vinicius misses with a spinning back kick but Bedford can’t capitalize. Bedford puts Vinicius down with a big punch, follows up with a punch, a kick to the chest, and then some more big punches, and this one is over!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Johnny Bedford, Knockout (Strikes, Round 2, 1:00)

Bedford is all smiles, and he said his gameplan was to land the right and put him down. He thanks his coaches, says he’s had a rough 2012, and that he’s just glad to be back. Bedford said he knew Vinicius had a big right hand and nothing else, so he kept circling away from it and throwing the right hand when Vinicius turned the corner. Out of all the finishes on the card, they choose to fluff Pat Barry? He’s not even the second best heavyweight on the main card. There’s five minutes of the broadcast left, but I’m out. Can’t take any more of these guys.

And that’s it for tonight! All in all, it was a great, great night of action with plenty of finishes and an exciting main event. Anyway, thanks for joining me tonight and for leaving your comments, and remember 411MMA for all your MMA needs!


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