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411’s The Ultimate Fighter 16 Report 09.14.12: Episode 1

September 14, 2012 | Posted by Mark Radulich

The Ultimate Fighter 14: Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson
Episode 1

Meet the Cast:



Shane Carwin, Head Coach
Trevor Wittman, Boxing Coach
Nate Marquardt, Jiu Jitsu Coach
Pat Barry, Striking Coach
Duane Ludwig, Striking Coach
Leister Bowling, Wrestling Coach
Loren Landlow, Sports Performance Coach


Roy Nelson
Gilbert Melendez
Nate Diaz
Nick Diaz


• Bristol Marunde
• Sam Alvey
• Igor Araujo
• Saad Awad
• Jesse Barrett
• Diego Bautista
• Frank Camacho
• James Chaney
• Jerel Clark
• Cortez Coleman
• Cameron Diffley
• Eddy Ellis
• Max Griffin
• Nic Herron-Webb
• Michael Hill
• Zane Kamaka
• Leo Kuntz
• Julian Lane
• Ricky Legere Jr.
• George Lockhart
• Lev Magen
• Neil Magny
• Jon Manley
• David Michaud
• Kevin Nowaczyk
• Joey Rivera
• Mike Ricci
• Tim Ruberg
• Matt Secor
• Colton Smith
• Jason South
• Dom Waters

FADE IN: We begin season 16 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. Some of the fighters give their impressions of walking into a UFC cage for the first time. Dana White gives them an introductory speech. He reminds them that these are 2 round elimination fights. He adds that they should fight with urgency because this is the chance of a lifetime. Dana White introduces the coaches…and already he and Nelson are in disagreement. Finally, White announces that the winning coach and fighter will receive custom Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Lev Magen VS Michael Hill

Round 1: Magen jabs first but Hill answers with a combination of strikes. Magen is very tentative. Hill drives him back with punches. Hill finally lands a haymaker and it’s all over! Boom 2 fights, 2 KO’s.

Winner: Michael Hill

Coming up after the break, Bristol Marunde makes his UFC debut!

Bristol Marunde VS George Lockhart

Round 1: The fighters clash in the center and Marunde drives him into the fence. Lockhart reverses and tries for a single leg. He takes his back. Marunde attempts a standing guillotine. He loses it and Lockhrt stays on his back. Lockhart lands some punches on the inside. They switch and then reverse again. Another exchange and Lockhart tries for a double leg. Marunde sprawls and ends up finishing him with a guillotine.

Winner: Bristol Marunde

Jason South VS Mike Ricci

Round 1: Both men are eager to put this one away early as they both come forward and clash a few times. South finally clinches and drives Ricci back. Ricci reverses and breaks off. Ricci plants a hard punch right on the nose. He moves in for the kill. South defends but gives up his back. Ricci keeps up the attack and wins the fight!

Winner: Mike Ricci

And here comes Mr. Mohawk…

Julian Lane VS Diego Bautista

Fight Highlights: Lots of kicks and punches to start off. Lane apparently grapples his way to a decision, much to the chagrin of Dana White.

Winner: Julian Lane

Cortez Coleman VS Igor Araujo

Fight Highlights: Araujo shoots but ends up on his back. Apparently Cortez did well in the first round but was gassed by the second. We go to the third round and Igor catches him with a triangle.

Winner: Igor Araujo

James Chaney VS Jerel Clark

Round 1: Clark moves forward aggressively. Chaney pulls guard and eventually taps him out with a triangle.

Winner: James Chaney

Zane Kamaka VS Cameron Diffley

Round 1: Kamaka looks for the early KO. Diffley evades and shoots on him. Diffley has him down. Kamaka looks for a guillotine. Kamaka sweeps and puts Diffley on his back. Diffley snatches his arm and we’re done. Hooray for jiu jitsu!

Winner: Cameron Diffley


Frank Camacho VS Neil Magny

Round 1: Camacho comes out head hunting! They clinch up and Camacho hits him with a series of should shrugs. He trips him down. Camacho takes his back and wails on him Magny is admonished to fight back. He’s able to get to his feet to end the round.

Camacho 10-9

Round 2: Camacho swings and misses. Magny takes his back. Magny gets him down. Magny is all over Camacho now. Camacho gets to his feet and smacks Magny but he doesn’t have the breath to press his advantage. Magny stays on him and hits him with shoulder shrugs of his own.

Magny 10-9

Round 3: Magny plants one on the face of Camacho. Magny continues to keep up the pressure. Camacho ties him up and slams him down. Magny gets to top position and pummels Camacho’s face. Camacho is yelled at by the ref to, “fight back.” Camacho gets to his feet and tries to force Magny down. Magny takes control again as well as his back. Magny assaults Camacho from the mount to end the round.

Magny 10-9

Winner: Magny

Up next, more fabulous hair-do’s and a man who wants to give his opponent a haircut.


Ricky Leger Jr. VS Jon Manley

Fight Highlights: Lots of grappling between these two fighters. Apparently Dana White hates wrestling as he proceeds to bury both of these guys for, “stinking up the joint.”

Winner: Jon Manley

Colton Smith VS Jesse Barrett

Fight Highlights: Colton does that cheap shot crap where you feign touching gloves and instead do something else. In this case he went in for a takedown. Eventually his grappling give him enough of an advantage where he can strike from top position and win the fight…despite being a douche.

Winner: Colton Smith


Matt Secor VS Max Griffin

Round 1: Secor shoots and Griffin defends. Griffin keeps a hold of him. He puts him on his back. Griffin goes to work with elbows. Secor attempts a knee bar. Griffin defends and pulls away. Secor shoots for a single. Griffin defends again. Griffin knees him in the body. Griffin keeps up the pressure while fighting off submission attempts. Griffin shrugs off another takedown attempt. He finishes the round in the rear-naked choke position.

Griffin 10-9


Round 2: Secor eats one trying to land spinning back fist. Secor ducks a punch and tries for a takedown. Secor gets him against the cage and falls on him. Griffin elbows from the bottom.

Secor 10-9

Round 3: Griffin looks for the KO. Secor feigns a shot, shoots and takes Griffin’s back. He gets to full mount. This fight is slipping away for Griffin. Secor looks for the armbar. Griffin defends and ends up elbowing from guard. Secor throws up a triangle and he gets him!

Winner: Secor

Next up, best in the world – Eddy Ellis! Um I don’t know about that one.


David Michaud VS Eddy Ellis

Fight Highlights: Ellis came out swinging for the fences and won the first round. Michaud gave as good as he got though. The second is more of the same intensity. Ellis eventually gets an arm triangle takes it home.

Winner: Eddy Ellis

Saad Awad VS Joey Rivera

Fight Highlights: Rivera comes out throwing lots of kicks. He continues to thrash Awad and gasses out going into the second round. Nothing much happens in the second and we get more complaining from White.

Winner: Joey Rivera


Nic Herron-Webb VS Tim Ruberg

Round 1: An audible sigh is heard from White as the two fighters clinch and wrestle against the cage. Ruberg has the top position. Ruberg is controlling but isn’t able to advance his position. Herron-Webb can’t get out from underneath him. Lots of heavy breathing and not a lot of action. Ruberg stands up to try and get something going for himself but ends up back in guard. I think White and the coaches have left to get beers because they haven’t said nary a word all round. Herron-Webb rolls and attempts an armbar. He actually gets him!

Winner: Nic Herron-Webb

Next up, good ole’ Smiling Sam Alvey!


Sam Alvey VS Leo Kuntz

Round 1: Kuntz lands a few leg kicks. Alvey just eats him, trying to look for an opening. Moments later he jacks his jaw and gets a one punch KO WAR BELLATOR!!!

Winner: Sam Alvey

Dana addresses the winners and calls out the most impressive victors. He also chastises the shitty fighters.

We now move on to team selections. Every finish will get $5,000. Carwin gets the first pick and goes with Sam Alvey. Last picked is Julian Lane. White thinks Carwin might have the better team but he admits he’s gotten it completely wrong before.

And so ends the season premier of The Ultimate Fighter 16: Team Carwin Vs Team Nelson.

THIS SEASON ON TUF: Lots of yelling from the coaches and fighting in the house from the fighters. And apparently Lane is a bit of a lunatic. It’s all yours Wyatt!

Until the next episode, be well be safe and behave!

For your convenience, here are the teams as they stand now (color coded for easy reading):


Sam Alvey
Bristol Marunde
Michael Ricci
Neil Magny
James Chaney
Eddy Ellis
Igor Araujo
Matt Secor


Dom Waters
Michael Hill
Cameron Diffley
Colton Smith
Jon Manely
Nic Herron-Webb
Joey Rivera
Julian Lane

KEY: Fighters with name crossed out have been eliminated from the competition.


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