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411’s The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale: Ellenberger vs. Kampmann Report 06.01.12

June 2, 2012 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

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  • On tap for tonight…

    The Ultimate Fighter: Live Finale
    Las Vegas, NV
    Pearl Theatre, Palms Resort & Casino


    Jake Ellenberger (171 lbs. 27-5) vs. Martin Kampmann (170 lbs. 19-5)
    Mike Chiesa (156 lbs. 7-0) vs. Al Iaquinta (155 lbs. 5-1-1)
    Jonathin Brookins (146 lbs. 13-4) vs. Charles Oliveira (144 lbs. 15-2, 1NC)
    Max Holloway (145 lbs. 4-1) vs. Pat Schilling (145 lbs. 5-1)
    Justin Lawrence (155 lbs. 3-0) vs. John Cofer (155 lbs. 7-1)


    Daron Cruickshank (155 lbs. 10-2) vs. Chris Tickle (154 lbs. 7-4)
    Myles Jury (155 lbs. 9-0) vs. Chris Saunders (156 lbs. 9-2NC)
    Cristiano Marcello (156 lbs. 12-3, 1NC) vs. Sam Sicilia (155 lbs. 10-1)
    Jeremy Larsen (155 lbs. 8-2) vs. Joe Proctor (156 lbs. 7-1)


    John Albert (136 lbs. 7-2) vs. Erik Perez (134 lbs. 7-3)


    Hey 411 readers, thanks for joining 411’s live MMA coverage tonight!

    Tonight we are once again reporting to you LIVE from press row for FX’s The Ultimate Fighter: Live Finale. The Finale is live from the Pearl Theatre at the Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Tonight we will be covering the Facebook Prelim, the Fuel TV portion, and main FX card live from the actual UFC event, so get ready and buckle up. And now to the action.


    We are live on press row at the Pearl Theatre for The Ultimate Fighter: Live Finale!

    Intros for the first preliminary Facebook fight begin at approximately 3:30PM PST.

    Jon Anik and Kenny Florian are of course your broadcast team for tonight as we go to the Octagon for the opening bout on Facebook. Also in case you haven’t heard, former UFC title contender Florian has now officially retired from fighting and MMA. Florian is the only fighter who has fought in four different weight classes in the UFC. Thank you for everything Kenflo.

    Bantamweight Bout: John Albert (136 lbs. 7-2) vs. Erik Perez (134 lbs. 7-3)

    ROUND ONE: They both attack early. Albert lands a good outside legkick after a punching combination. Albert initiates the clinch which Perez is able to break and get out. Albert fires in with some aggressive punches and a head kick. Perez fires back with some knee strikes to the body which hurt Albert. Albert gets Perez’s back and tries for a standing rear naked choke. Perez gets out of it and takes top position on the ground. Albert then tries for a triangle choke and armbar. Perez is able to survive the triangle and tries to land some strikes from the triangle position. An amazing visual as both men are trading punches while Albert tries to hold on the triangle choke while Perez launches some big hammerfists while he’s stuck. Albert tries to transition to an armbar. Perez gets out and then Perez switches it to an armbar of his own. Referee Kim Winslow stops the fight and that is all as Erik Perez wins the fight. The replays show that John Albert didn’t tap out to the submission and there is some controversy over the decision to stop the fight.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Erik Perez by verbal submission at 4:18 in Round 1.

    -Erik Perez is with Jon Anik. Perez said he didn’t hear Albert verbally submit but hopes he can get submission of the night. A decent albeit controversial debut for Perez. He showed some impressive toughness in surviving those submission attempts and that triangle and was able to get out of trouble. Still it didn’t look like Albert tapped or submitted. Perhaps Winslow heard a cry of pain from Albert which can cause a referee to step in, but still I think it was a bad call by Winslow.

    -We now head to Fuel TV for the next set of preliminary fights featuring contestants of this season of The Ultimate Fighter: Live.

    Lightweight Bout: Jeremy Larsen (155 lbs. 8-2) vs. Joe Proctor (156 lbs. 7-1)

    ROUND ONE: Proctor lands a big jab early. Proctor grabs a Thai clinch and gets a knee strike to the head. Larsen separates and mixes up some punches to the body and head. Larsen goes in low with his punches and Proctor lands a very well placed knee strike to the head and Larsen drops! Proctor dives on Larsen smelling blood and lands a series of hammerfists. Referee Herb Dean steps in and that is all as Proctor wins his UFC debut.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Joe Proctor by TKO at 1:59 in Round 1

    -Proctor goes over the finish and landing the knee. Proctor thanks Team Faber and the UFC for bringing him back in for this fight.

    Lightweight Bout: Cristiano Marcello (156 lbs. 12-3, 1NC) vs. Sam Sicilia (155 lbs. 10-1)

    ROUND ONE: They circle and feel each other out in the early going. Sicilia stuffs a takedown attempt from Marcello. They start trading punches and Sicilia knocks back Marcello hard with a big right hook. Marcello is eventually able to recover from the attack and go back on the defensive from Sicilia. Marcello gets put on his back but Sicilia shows Marcello’s ground allows Marcello to get back up. Sicilia is able to drop Marcello, but Marcello is able to avoid getting finished in the first round after pushing off the fence area. Marcello is unable to pull guard before the end of the round which I give to Sicilia.

    SCORECARD: 10-9. Overall Sicilia, 10-9.

    ROUND TWO: Between rounds, Coach Dominick Cruz tells Sicilia to repeat the first round again. Marcello goes for the single-leg in the early part of the round. Sicilia defends and is able to keep the fight standing. Marcello can’t get it to the ground. Sicilia keeps throwing up some more big right hooks. Marcello starts to answer back and lets his hands go as the round is starting to turn into a brawl. They trade punches. Sicilia moves forward with some big punches. He nails Marcello with a big left hook followed by some big knee strikes. Marcello goes down! Marcello is unable to intelligently defend himself as he eats punch after punch and the referee waves it off as Sicilia wins his UFC debut.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sam Sicilia by TKO at 2:53 in Round 2

    -Sicilia is with Anik. Sicilia jokes that it was messed up for him and Marcello to fight as they were the two best-looking guys in the house.

    Lightweight Bout: Myles Jury (155 lbs. 9-0) vs. Chris Saunders (156 lbs. 9-2NC)

    ROUND ONE: Jury finally gets to fight in the UFC after a long and tough road through two seasons of The Ultimate Fighter. Both men try for kicks early on. Saunders gets an outside legkick. Jury looks for a high kick a couple of attempts but Saunders is able to check it. A little later on, Winslow calls for a time out after an accidental poke to the eye by Saunders. Jury takes a minute and they get back to it. Jury gets a nice right jab on Saunders and then follows it up with a right cross. Jury tries for a flying knee strike, but Saunders catches it. Jury drops down into a guard in a guillotine choke attempt. Saunders tries to fight it off, but eventually he taps and that is all as Jury has finally made it to the UFC and won his UFC debut fight.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Myles Jury by submission (guillotine choke) at 4:03 in Round 1.

    -Myles Jury is with Jon Anik. Jury gives a shout out for 248 getting their first UFC win. Jury talks about going through The Ultimate Fighter experience and it was like getting a college degree in 13 weeks for MMA. Jury says he worked his whole life for this moment and thanks everyone.

    -Erik Perez vs. John Albert is replayed for the Fuel TV broadcast. So you can decide if you think this was a just stoppage or not. If Albert did yell, it is justified for a stoppage as a cry of pain can be equated to a verbal submission.

    Lightweight Bout: Daron Cruickshank (155 lbs. 10-2) vs. Chris Tickle (154 lbs. 7-4)

    -Daron Cruickshank’s entrance music is “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas. Awesome!

    ROUND ONE: Tickle attacks early and quick. He jumps into guard and lock on a guillotine choke! Cruickshank’s fights out of it and gets his head free! The fight continues. Cruickshank isn’t able to mount much offense in the guard. Tickle is able to push Cruickshank off and get back to his feet, but Cruickshank quickly gets Tickle back down to the mat with an inside leg trip. Tickle goes for an upkick when Cruickshank is down and that’s an illegal move. Referee Steve Mazzagatti calls for a time out and Cruickshank takes a minute. Mazzagatti deducts a point for the illegal upkick. Tickle goes on the attack again and tries for a takedown against the cage. Cruickshank is able to stuff it and uses the inside leg trip again to get Tickle back down. Cruickshank keeps the dominant position and is able to land some short elbow strikes. Cruickshank lands some more elbows until the end of the round. That point deduction is going to cost Tickle big time and he will definitely need a finish in order to win at this point.

    SCORECARD: 10-8, Cruickshank. Overall Cruickshank, 10-8 (Tickle was deducted a point due to the upkick).

    ROUND TWO: Cruickshank misses on a spinning back kick. Tickle lands a punching combination and eats an inside legkick. Tickle pushes forward and sets up a choke. Tickle isn’t able to keep it on and Cruickshank takes top position in the half-guard. Tickle tries to escape and scramble, but Cruickshank shuts him down and keeps him down on the mat. Not much activity and Mazzagatti calls for a stand-up. Tickle gets a lead left kick from Cruickshank, and then Tickle is severely ticked and starts trash talking Cruickshank. Tickle then lands a big right hand that drops Cruickshank! Cruickshank survives and now Tickle works in the guard of Cruickshank. Tickle tries to pass and apply a choke, but Cruickshank is able to defend and get back into guard. Not much else happens as the round expires. Tickle really needed that round, but if he doesn’t get the finish he fight is likely scored a draw.

    SCORECARD: 10-9, Tickle. Overall Cruickshank, 19-18.

    ROUND THREE: They trade some sharp inside legkicks. They trade some strikes and they go into the clinch. This time Tickle is able to get Cruickshank down to the ground into side control. Tickle is able to get Cruickshank’s back and goes for the rear naked choke. Cruickshank escapes and gets top position into full guard. Cruickshank works in the short elbow strikes again. Tickle explodes back to his feet but he gets taken back down and right into full mount by Cruickshank. Cruickshank lays in the punches on Tickle as it looks like he’s managed to keep the fight where he wants it. Cruickshank tries for a guillotine choke but he can’t finish it from his position. Tickle is able to sweep to side mount but there are only seconds left. Cruickshank rolls it back over on top and that’s the fight as it looks like Cruickshank wins his UFC debut.

    SCORECARD: 10-9, Cruickshank. Overall Cruickshank, 29-27.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Daron Cruickshank by unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27).

    -We now head to FX for the main TUF: Live Finale card.

    Lightweight Bout: Justin Lawrence (155 lbs. 3-0) vs. John Cofer (155 lbs. 7-1)

    ROUND ONE: Lawrence goes in for a kick and misses and Cofer quickly gets Lawrence to the ground. Lawrence is able to sweep and gets Cofer on his back and lands some punches. Lawrence stands to his feet and lets Cofer up. Cofer hurts Lawrence with a lefty. Cofer pushes forward with a good punching combination. Lawrence fires back. Cofer lands some knee strikes in the clinch. Lawrence breaks from the clinch and they go back to the center of the Octagon. Cofer pushed forward and lands well on his punching combos. Lawrence connects on a good left hook. Cofer lands on an outside legkick and checks a high kick. Lawrence gets a flying knee in the Thai clinch before the end of the round. Close round, but I think Cofer just edged it out with his higher volume of cleaner, crisper punches.

    SCORECARD: 10-9, Cofer. Overall Cofer, 10-9.

    ROUND TWO: Cofer gets a nice kick to the sternum quickly. Cofer pushes forward and continus to land some quick punches. Lawrence gets a high kick on the tail end of a good combination. They go back and forth on trading their punching and kicking combinations. This round is turning out to be pretty close. Lawrence gets a push kick and a nice left and right pair of punches to the head of Cofer. Lawrence starts opening up with his counter-punches. Cofer lands on a knee strike to the head on the clinch. Cofer gets the back of Lawrence and slams him to the mat with a waistlock takedown. Cofer gets the hooks and tries for the rear naked choke, but Lawrence sneaks out the back door. Lawrence takes the top position in the guard as the round comes to an end. Really close round. I can see the argument for Lawrence, but I think Cofer barely edged it out.

    SCORECARD: 10-9, Cofer. Overall Cofer, 20-18.

    ROUND THREE: Here we go for the third and final round. Lawrence connects with a single head kick that hits right on the button. Cofer drops and he is out as soon as he hits the mat! Lawrence just chopped down the mighty Cofer oak tree. A great needed finish in a really close fight by the All American Kid.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Justin Lawrence by KO (head kick) at 0:19 in Round 3.

    -Lawrence thanks his family for their support and God. Lawrence hopes he made some fans with the win. Lawrence said he saw more openings as the fight went on and his dad spotted an opening for the high kick and he hit it. Looks like he possibly punched his ticket for a Knockout of The Night award.

    Featherweight Bout: Max Holloway (145 lbs. 4-1) vs. Pat Schilling (145 lbs. 5-1)

    ROUND ONE: Schilling shoots in for the takedown. Holloway almost gets lifted off like a rocket but is able to keep himself from getting slammed. Schilling switches for the single-leg takedown and gets it. Holloway is able to quickly escape and get back up. Holloway gets a kick to the midsection of Schilling. Holloway goes in with a punch and outside legkick combo. Holloway stuffs another takedown attempt and Schilling tries to roll through for a knee bar, but Holloway spins and gets out of trouble. That is some really slick defense by Holloway as Schilling clearly wants to take this into the grappling realm. Schilling lands on a nice spinning backfist. Holloway goes low with a body shot and misses on a flying knee attempt. They exchange punches and Holloway tees off on Schilling against the stage. Holloway sprawls on the takedown attempt and looks to be shutting down most of Schilling’s game. Holloway pushes forward with some punches and a head kick. Schilling rolls for a kneebar and almost gets it on but the round ends. Good first round for Holloway as he kept it standing and defended well against Shcilling’s grappling attempts.

    SCORECARD: 10-9, Holloway. Overall Holloway, 10-9.

    ROUND TWO: Schilling shoots in for the single but he still can’t get it to the ground. They break from the clinch and Holloway goes to the body with his punches again. Holloway connects on a right hand. Holloway hurts Schilling with his punches and Schilling goes down. Holloway lets him up to avoid the guard. Holloway initiates the Thai Clinch and gets some powerful knee strikes. It looks like the damage and shots to the body have really hurt and winded Schilling who can’t mount much in the way of offense. Holloway continues to relentlessly go after Schilling with some brutal body shots. Schilling can only desperately shoot in for a takedown he can’t even finish and can barely get back to his feet. Holloway almost gets taken down by a single-leg but quickly slips out and returns to his feet.Holloway doesn’t let up with the punishment. Schilling struggles to get back to his feet when he tries to get up after his failed takedown attempts. Holloway continues to just tee off on Schilling against the fence. Schilling is able to get a spinning backfist punch, but Holloway unloads on a downed schilling just as the horn sounds. Holloway is absolutely decimating Schilling.

    SCORECARD: 10-8, Holloway. Overall Holloway, 20-17.

    ROUND THREE: Schilling thinks something is wrong with his right shoulder. Schilling tries to stay in it as Holloway mixes up his strikes and some more shots to the body. Schilling tries to press back but his attacks look to be starting to lack in some pep and strength. Holloway pushes forward with his punches and mixes up punches to the head and body as Schilling is really slowing down. Schilling misses on a takedown attempt and eats a left/right punch combo and a big knee strike. Schilling is hurt and flops to his back. Holloway stays out of the guard and lets Schilling up even though Schilling is clearly hurt. Pettis almost looks like he’s going to do the Pettis Showtime Kick but it doesn’t make it. They get to the center and Holloway misses on a jumping spin kick and that’s the fight as Holloway has secured his first Octagon victory. Great performance by Holloway who kept the fight where he wanted and completely shut down Schilling’s game and used some brutal body punches to great effect.

    SCORECARD: 10-9, Holloway. Overall Holloway, 30-26.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Max Holloway by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

    -Anik is with Holloway. Holloway thanks god and the fans. Holloway says he’s still a baby in the sport so he’s going to keep training to get better.

    Featherweight Bout: Jonathin Brookins (146 lbs. 13-4) vs. Charles Oliveira (144 lbs. 15-2, 1NC)

    ROUND ONE: Oliveira goes for the outside legkicks early on. They trade strikes in the clinch. They break and Oliveira gets a kick to the body. Oliveira slips in some punches and goes for a knee but gets taken down to the mat by Brookins. Oliveira goes for an armbar and Brookins slips out of the hold. Brookins can’t get in and Oliveira stnds back up. Oliveira pushes forward with his punches and lands a knee to the bread basked and an inside legkick. Oliveira nearly drops Brookins after a dynamite right. Oliveira looks to be landing the stronger and greater volume and punches. Oliveira knocks Brookins back with his punching combinations. Brookins stays in it and fires off some of his own left and right punches. Oliveira works in some more kicks to the body. Oliveira tries for a knee strike, but Brookins catches it. Oliveira defends against the takedown and is able to hit a shining wizard type knee. Round ends and it looks like Oliveira is soundly in control.

    SCORECARD: 10-9, Oliveira. Overall Oliveira, 10-9.

    ROUND TWO: Oliveira gets another legkick. He attempts like a switching high kick but just misses. Brookins pushes forward and lands some good punches and clinches Oliveira against the cage. Oliveira gets a nice right straight down the middle. He tries for another big knee strike which Brookins catches. Oliveira defends and Oliveira clinches and shoots for the takedown. Brookins grabs onto the head and neck of Oliveira and tries for a choke. Oliveira finishes the takedown and escapes the choke attempt. Oliveira shoves Brookins against the cage and wraps his arms around his neck and locks on a guillotine choke against the fence. Oliveira sits back on it and Brookins taps!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Charles Oliveira by submission (guillotine choke) at 2:42 in Round 2.

    -Anik speaks to Oliveira through his translator. Oliveira says this victory was for his fans. Oliveira now calls 145 his division and he will work step by step to get “my belt.” Hey if he keeps up performances like this, hard to argue with the guy. Oliveira is looking like a complete beast at featherweight.

    -We get video packages of Al Iaquinta and Mike Chiesa on finishing the show and having to go right into preparing for the finals. Both men give their thoughts on their opponent and why they they will win. Chiesa has an emotional reunion with his mother and sister and we also see him training with Urijah Faber.

    Lightweight Bout: Mike Chiesa (156 lbs. 7-0) vs. Al Iaquinta (155 lbs. 5-1-1)

    ROUND ONE: Chiesa works for a single-leg takedown and gets Iaquinta to the ground. Iaquinta slips out and returns to his feet. Iaquinta lands a good Superman right when Chiesa moves forward. Chiesa goes for a takedown. Chiesa gets Iaquinta’s back and drags him to the ground. Chiesa looks for the rear naked choke but Iaquinta defends. Chiesa locks on the figure four bodylock and finishes the hold! Chiesa cinches the hold back! Iaquinta is trapped and waves his hand! That is it as Chiesa wins and won this season of The Ultimate Fighter tournament!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Mike Chiesa by submission at 2:47 in Round 1.

    -Dana White congratulates Mike Chiesa and gives Chiesa his trophy, and Chiesa is also given a Dyna Street Bob motorcycle from Harley Davidson. Anik is now with Chiesa. Chiesa said there was no way he would lose this fight. He calls Al an animal and says he was in his head all season. Chiesa thanks his friends and family for supporting him and tells his friends in Spokane he will be home tomorrow. Anik speaks with Mike’s mom Theresa who is very proud of her son. Without a doubt a great feel good moment. Harley Davidson also awards winning season coach and top bantamweight title contender, Urijah Faber, with a Heritage Softail Classic Harley Davidson motorcycle.

    Welterweight Main Event Bout (Five Rounds): Jake Ellenberger (171 lbs. 27-5) vs. Martin Kampmann (170 lbs. 19-5)

    ROUND ONE: Seconds into the fight, Ellenberger drops Kampmann with a big left hook! It looked like Kampmann might’ve been out. Ellenberger dives in and pounces. Kampmann is able to pull guard and survives. *Whew* Can’t believe Kampmann made it out of that, incredible. Kampmann attempts a guillotine, but Ellenberger stays away from it. Ellenberger pressures Kampmann against the fence from the guard. Kampmann tries for the guillotine again but Kampmann isn’t locking it on or finishing it. Ellenberger tries to tie up the legs of Kampmann. Looks like the position has reached a sort of stalemate between the two combatants. They move back to their feet and exchange strikes in the clinch. Kampmmann shoots for a takedown but Ellenberger is able to fend it off. They stay in the clinch as the round comes to a close.

    SCORECARD: 10-9, Ellenberger. Overall Ellenberger,10-9.

    ROUND TWO: Ellenberger opens it up with an inside legkick. Now Kampmann comes in with his punches and Ellenberger fires back. Kampmmann gets knocked back on a furious punching combination from Ellenberger. Kampmann is cut and busted open and bleeding from his face now. It looks like he is cut over the eye and bleeding from his nose and mouth. Ellenberger gets rocked by a left hook punch from Kampmann. Kampmann grabs a thai clinch and lands a series of vicious knee strikes. Ellenberger goes down! Mazzagatti steps in and that’s it as Kampmann ends Ellenberger’s six fight winning streak. Another amazing victory from nearly looked like the jaws of defeat by Martin Kampmann who easily puts himself in the top of the welterweight rankings with this win.

    -Anik is with Martin Kampmann. Kampmann sometimes he needs to get smacked and punched around to wake up. Kampmann talks about Johnny Hendricks who he would likely face next in a potential title eliminator fight. Kampmann says he likes Hendricks and they could probably have a good scrap. Anik then speaks with Ellenberger. Ellenberger says he got caught.

    -Ron Perlman goofs off in the cage with who looks to be Chris Jericho after the main event.

    -Myles Jury vs. Chris Saunders is replayed for the FX broadcast.

    -End of show. Thanks for joining us tonight. Remember to tune in for our post-fight press conference recap coming up next.

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