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411’s UFC 149: Faber vs Barao Report 7.21.12

July 22, 2012 | Posted by Jon Butterfield


MAIN CARD (Pay-per-view)
Urijah Faber vs. Renan Barao (for interim bantamweight title)
Tim Boetsch vs. Hector Lombard
Shawn Jordan vs. Cheick Kongo
Brian Ebersole vs. James Head
Chris Clements vs. Matt Riddle

Court McGee vs. Nick Ring
Roland Delorme vs. Francisco Rivera
Ryan Jimmo vs. Anthony Perosh
Bryan Caraway vs. Mitch Gagnon

Antonio Carvalho vs. Daniel Pineda
Mitch Clarke vs. Anton Kuivanen



Welcome everyone to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of UFC 149! Taking place in the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we’ll be bringing you round-by-round updates on all the action as it takes place! Let’s do this!

Lightweight bout: Mitch Clarke (155 lbs 9-1) vs Anton Kuivanen (156 lbs 16-5)

ROUND ONE Touch of gloves. Leg kick by Kuivanen. Clarke catches Anton with a left. Clarke pushes Kuivanen against the cage, now looking for a single leg, and gets the takedown. Anton fighting, Clarke doesn’t have full control yet as they’re against the cage. Clarke manages to move up Kuivanen’s body, has the waistlock, and as soon as Anton gets to his feet, Clarke slams him down! Clarke transitions and looks for a guillotine from the top, doesn’t get it, and Kuivanen takes Clarke down as a result! Kuivanen in Clarke’s guard. Clarke trying to scramble away, but Kuivanen catches him with a good right as he dives into Clarke’s guard again. Kuivanen posturing up and trying to throw down as Clarke looks to work off his back. Clarke suddenly grabs an arm, and looking for an armbar! Nice move by Clarke! Clarke doesn’t get it, so settles for taking the back of his opponent! One hook in, one minute left! Clarke working for a kimura from the back! Kuivanen defending well, but Clarke all over him, looking for an arm triangle, doesn’t get it, and he’s in Kuivanen’s guard. Ten seconds left. We’re done. 10-9 Clarke.

ROUND TWO Clarke swings and misses, and the facebook feed is awful right now. Both men looking for an opening to strike. Both swinging, neither connecting, and Clarke gives it up and completes a single leg takedown instead. Kuivanen has Clarke’s arm, but can’t complete a kimura from the bottom. Clarke in Kuivanen’s guard. Clarke progressing, almost has side control, but Kuivanen out and suddenly Clarke tries a rolling armbar! Doesn’t get it, and Kuivanen has hold of Clarke’s neck. Kuivanen trying a neck crank, a guillotine, now an arm triangle, anything he can get! Kuivanen on top, but Clarke getting out with two minutes left. Clarke looking for a single leg as he powers to his feet, but Kuivanen blocks it well. Clarke trying to throw Kuivanen, but Kuivanen rolls through with Clarke’s arm just like Clarke did a minute ago! Kuvianen on top, in half guard, but not landing much ground and pound. One minute to go. Clarke looking for a heel hook as Kuivanen stands, NICE upkick from Clarke, Kuivanen drops down and they’re both looking for heel hooks! Trading fists now from the 50-50 position and Kuivanen lands a nice shot! Very close round, but Clarke did slightly more in my eyes. 10-9 Clarke, 20-18 overall.

ROUND THREEKuivanen comes out looking aggressive, lands a body kick, but Clarke looking to fire back. This feed is AWFUL. They clinch, Kuivanen looks to land a low knee, but Clarke pushes through for a single leg. Against the fence. Kuivanen manages to turn things round, and winds up on top! Nice work from the Finn! Kuivanen has Mitch all tied up, drops some fists, and now has Mitch’s neck! Drops in for a guillotine, but doesn’t get it. Kuivanen still on top, though, in side control, though Mitch gets back to half guard. Clarke pushes off the cage, almost gets out but not quite, and he’s now working for a kimura from the bottom. Kuivanen on top, but not doing any damage and defending instead. Good left from Kuivanen from the top. Mitch Clarke finally gives up on the kimura, tries to flip Kuivanen, not quite, both men to their feet, and a nice knee from Kuivanen! Clarke backed up, but immediately goes back to the single leg attempt! He is tenacious! Kuivanen defending, and winds up on top once again! Kuivanen in guard, stands up, starts dropping good punches! Clarke getting caught clean, he’s clearly tired, but goes for a leg lock! No real danger for Kuivanen, and Clarke is bleeding. Kuivanen has the rear waistlock, throws a BIG knee, and that’s a strong way to end the round (and the fight)! Clear 10-9 for Kuivanen, making it 29-28 for Clarke on my scorecard, but could go either way!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Anton Kuivanen, split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Featherweight bout: Antonio Carvalho (145 lbs 13-5) vs Daniel Pineda (145 lbs 17-8)

ROUND ONE Pineda comes out to the Mortal Kombat theme! Awesome! Carvalho comes out to Bret Hart’s theme! More awesome! Theme of the Night is going to be a tough call tonight! Touch of gloves, Pineda with a leg kick, answered by Carvalho. Pineda tries a knee, doesn’t quite get all of it. HEAD KICK by Carvalho, Pineda goes down but survives! Pineda up, knee to Carvalho, nice response from ‘The Pit’. The two clash, Carvalho throws a head kick, then BAM! Clean left hook, Pineda down, Carvalho follows in but the referee has seen enough! Carvalho landed twice, but wow! Much improved stand up from Carvalho!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Antonio Carvalho, TKO, 1:11, Round One

Carvalho thanks Pineda for taking the fight, reminds us he did so on short notice, and he has a ton of respect for him. Carvalho very emotional, talks us through the finish, and he’s a happy man!


Bantamweight bout: Bryan Caraway (135.5 lbs 16-5) vs Mitch Gagnon (135 lbs 8-1)

ROUND ONE WEC veteran Caraway is making his bantamweight debut here, and Meisha Tate is right there to see it. Touch of gloves, leg kick by Caraway, and a left hook follows. Right hand by Caraway, Gagnon goes for a single, but takes Caraway’s back instead. Gagnon throws a couple of punches, Caraway rolls, Gagnon enters his guard. Gagnon trying to pass, fails, postures up, throws some HEAVY shots, but Caraway suddenly looking for an armbar! Gagnon’s arm is trapped, and Caraway looking to make it work. Gagnon out though, and BIG shots to Caraway, this is brutal ground and pound! Huge shots, but Caraway JUST ABOUT survives! Gagnon stands out of Caraway’s guard, looks for a front choke, but Caraway is up. Gagnon pressing Caraway against the fence. Good control for the Canadian. Gagnon trips Caraway, but Bryan up. Slam, but Bryan up again. Gagnon with one more throw from the rear waistlock, but Caraway won’t stay down! Gagnon pressing Caraway against the fence again, arm-in waistlock applied. Gagnon switches to a plum clinch, nice knee, and almost another! But Caraway breaks away, some good punches land from Caraway, and ‘Kid Lightning’ gets the double leg takedown! 40 seconds left. Caraway in top position, trying to pass to mount, gets it with ten seconds left, but Gagnon defending well. 10-9 Gagnon, but did he blow his stack too soon?

ROUND TWO Leg kick by Gagnon. Caraway looking to pick his shots, but Gagnon rolling with the punches. Weak spinning backfist attempt from Gagnon, as Caraway pushes forward. Gagnon looks heavy-legged. Caraway with a decent punch, gets the double-leg, but can’t keep hold of Gagnon. Gagnon with Caraway against the cage, lands a knee, but Caraway hit a punch or two in that exchange. Gagnon knees Caraway, and they are swinging! Caraway may be heard, but Caraway gets the takedown! Gagnon looking for a guillotine, doesn’t get it, and he gives Caraway top position! Caraway has Gagnon’s back, landing some punches, but nothing major. Gagnon trying to defend, but Caraway working for a mount or a rear naked. Gagnon is in a bad position, but Caraway not threatening too much, just waiting for an opportunity. The fans are booing, with 90 seconds left. Caraway has full mount, he’s dropping punches, and Gagnon not able to escape. Caraway looking for an armbar, doesn’t get it, but transitions to the back again! Nice. One minute left. Caraway has both hooks in, tries to sink in an RNC, but Gagnon escapes, and gets on top! Where did that come from?! Gagnon trying to choke out Caraway, the crowd scream for knees as Caraway gets to his feet, but none come. Caraway and Gagnon trade, nice knee from Gagnon, and there’s the buzzer! Good stuff! Clear round for Caraway though, 10-9, 19-19 overall. All to play for in round three!

ROUND THREE Gagnon with a lead left, and tags Caraway again as Caraway comes forward. Caraway pushing forward, then shoots in, presses Gagnon against the fence, but can’t complete the double – wait, now he can! Gagnon trying to explode to his feet, but Caraway takes his back. Body lock from the back for Caraway, and he lands more of those little punches, but they accumulate. Caraway puts his hand over Gagnon’s mouth, Gagnon tries to move it, opens up the chance for Caraway to go for the rear naked choke, he gets it, Gagnon fights, but has to tap! Welcome back Bryan Caraway!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bryan Caraway, Submission, Rear Naked Choke, 1:39, Round Three

Light Heavyweight bout: Anthony Perosh (205 lbs 13-6) vs Ryan Jimmo (206 lbs 16-1)

ROUND ONE Jimmo makes his UFC debut here. They touch. JIMMO KO’S PEROSH! Oh my goodness! One punch! Jimmo followed up with another shot, but he didn’t need to, Perosh was out! Jimmo delivered the overhand right, and Perosh was out like a light! Rogan calls the KO at 7 seconds! He ties for the quickest KO in UFC history! Not a bad debut, huh?!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryan Jimmo, KO, 0:07, Round One

Rogan tells Jimmo he tied for the fastest KO, Jimmo says he’s very happy, he loves his mom, and that he knew if he threw hell-for-leather he’d catch him, and he did! Jimmo does the ‘robot’ having already wowed us with the splits!

Since that was so quick, they’re showing us Pineda-Carvalho once more. Carvalho looked great in this one.

Bantamweight bout: Roland Delorme (135 lbs 8-1) vs Francisco Rivera (136 lbs 8-2)

ROUND ONE Jimmo came out to ‘Enter Sandman’ and sent Perosh to sleep instantly. Delorme is out to ‘Sweet Dreams’… will it have the same effect? No touch of the gloves, Delorme misses with a right. Body kick by Delorme answered by Rivera with a counter punch. Jab from Rivera. Leg kick from Delorme misses. Uppercut from Rivera, nice combo to follow. Another combo from Rivera, he has bad intentions! Leg kick by Delorme. Jab by Rivera. Leg kick by Delorme, answered emphatically by Rivera. Rivera opening up on Delorme, lands several shots and tosses him to the floor. Delorme is okay though, he’s tough. Leg kick by Rivera. Delorme looking to score with his hands, but can’t catch Rivera, he’s moving well. Body kick by Rivera, Delorme charges forward but misses. Rivera maintaining distance very well here, he’s in and out. Leg kicks by Rivera. Leg kick by Rivera, but Delorme catches him with a right, and they’re trading leg kicks but Rivera throwing with way more technique. Knee to the body by Delorme, and a right hand to follow! Rivera tags Delorme back! Nice scrap, one minute to go! Another leg kick by Rivera. Leg kick by Delorme. Left hook catches Delorme coming in, and he is out! Wow, Rivera looked a class above his opponent here! Not sure that’s the kind of ‘Sweet Dream’ Delorme envisioned when he chose his entrance music…

OFFICIAL RESULT: Francisco Rivera, KO, 4:19 Round One

Rogan says that’s as good as we’ve ever seen him, talks about Rivera’s clean technique. Rivera thanks God, Sean Shelby and Dana White (in that order). Rivera says he’s mom is sick, and he did this for her, and he thanks God she’s okay.

They show us Kuivanen-Clarke. Everyone gets TV time! Clarke may have lost, but he impressed by making his second ‘UFC debut’, at least according to Goldberg…

Middleweight bout: Court McGee (185.5 lbs 14-2) vs Nick Ring (185 lbs 12-1)

ROUND ONE HUGE ovation for Ring. Or is that for Bret Hart in his corner? We’ll say both! Eventual TUF winner McGee wants revenge after Ring beat him early in the tournament. Head kick early grazes Ring. Leg kick by Ring. McGee fires one right back at him. McGee clips Ring with a left hook counter. Leg kick by Ring, body kick by McGee. McGee catches Ring again. Body kick by Ring, and they trade a few more kicks. Combo by McGee, he catches Ring with a hook again. Ring shoots, McGee sprawls easily. Ring shoots again, but again defended by McGee. Body shot by McGee. Front kick to the body by Ring. Ring with a left, catches a kick by McGee, but doesn’t punish him. Ring briefly looks for a single leg, but the door closes on that one. McGee eats a body kick, but having success with the hands. Body kick by Ring, two minutes to go. Leg kick by Ring. Nice right by Ring clips McGee. Nice straight left by Ring to follow. He’s loosening up. Body kick by Ring. Body kick by McGee. McGee misses with a combination. Straight right by Ring. Leg kicks traded. McGee grazes Ring with a right. McGee tries to clinch, dismissed easily by Ring. Nice right hook by Ring as McGee comes in. Leg kick by McGee. Nice leg kick again by McGee. VERY close round, but Ring get it going in the end and could take it 10-9.

ROUND TWO Body kicks traded early, and Court with a body-leg kick combo. Ring comes forward, but both miss. Leg kicks traded. Leg kick by Ring. Another. Court charges forward, but can’t catch Ring. Body kicks traded, Court misses a head kick. Ring with a straight right. Court presses forward for a takedown, but doesn’t come close. Leg kicks traded again. Court looking to pressure Ring, but openings are few and far between. They exchange punches, then McGee opens up with a combo. Head kick lands for Court! Ring with a straight right, then catches McGee with a left. McGee comes forward with a combo, but Ring moving well. Uppercut by McGee! He’s picking it up. Two minutes to go. Leg kick by Ring. Ring caught McGee with a straight left, and McGee backs up! Ring with a straight left, McGee fires back, but another straight left from Ring lands hard! Kicks traded, and another straight left connects! McGee’s nose is bleeding, possibly broken now from those clean shots. McGee throws a kick, it’s caught, but Ring can’t complete a takedown. Ring boxing well here. Court looks for a takedown, but stuffed by Ring. Left hook by McGee. Final seconds. McGee started that round well, but Ring picked it up late again and probably ‘stole it’ as his corner say. 10-9 Ring, 20-18 overall, but it’s close.

ROUND THREE McGee comes forward with a flurry of fists, but Ring survives. Counter by Ring. McGee means business. Clinch, but little happens. ‘Go, Ring, Go’ chant the crowd. Court really trying to chase down Ring, and landing some shots. Nice right by McGee, but Ring fires back. Good exchange, and the tempo has increased nicely until the referee stops it so Ring can have some loose tape cut off. Straight left by Ring as McGee presses. Leg kick from McGee, and Ring stumbles and falls, but gets up. Trading punches. Series of uppercuts by McGee! Clinch against the cage, but Ring gets out. McGee using his hands well, three minutes left. Right by Ring, but Court pouring it on! Spinning back kick lands for McGee! McGee tagging Ring over and over now, Ring not defending well. Against the cage, here come the shots, over and over, head and body! Nice elbow amidst a flurry from Court. McGee looking great. Nice counter from Ring, and another! McGee just relentless here, uppercuts and body shots. Leg kick by McGee, but Ring makes him pay. One minute to go! McGee lands more shots, and a head kick is blocked. Ring looks exhausted. Clinch, and McGee with a shot on the exit. More combos from McGee, hurting Ring. Ring shoots weakly, but sprawls, looks for a guillotine but loses position because of it! 15 seconds! Ring on top, but McGee has his head. Side control for Ring, but that is McGee’s round as the buzzer goes! 10-9 McGee, 29-28 overall for ring on my card, but this is a coin flip!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Nick Ring, Unanimous Decision, (29-28 x3)

That had split decision written all over it, but Ring gets the decision presumably for finishing strongly in rounds one and two. Unfair on McGee? Either way, we’re on to the PPV!



Welterweight bout: Chris Clements (170 lbs 11-4) vs Matt Riddle (170.8 lbs 6-3)

ROUND ONE Chris Clements comes out to ‘Rockin’ Robin’ to claim that elusive Worst Song of the Night award… for now. Riddle has a 6 inch reach advantage, and is ten years Clements’ junior. Bruce Buffer also ignores his ‘Deep Waters’ nickname to Riddle’s dismay. They touch. Leg kicks thrown at the same time, Riddle gets the better of it. Leg kick by Clements. Shot by Riddle, gets the single and trips Clements nicely! Clements gets up, Riddle connects with a punch on the exit. Riddle connects with a right hook. Body kick by Riddle, but Cements counters. Leg kick by Clements. Clements steps in with an elbowm they clinch, Riddle with a knee, and Clements connects with an uppercut. Riddle pushes Clements to the fence, but separates quickly! They trade, nice right by Clements! Knee by Riddle, and Clements forces him to the cage and breaks. Nice left hook by Riddle, and a body kick appears to hurt Clements and Rosenthal thinks it’s low! It wasn’t! Nice straight left by Riddle. Body shot by Clements. Trip by Riddle, and he throws some elbows that barely miss! Riddle passes from guard to half guard, and throws to the body and head. Clements tries to escape, but Riddle looking for a choke. Clements up, and Riddle gets sprawled on. Riddle suddenly has Clements back! Nice transition! 30 seconds to go! Riddle on top, in side control/half guard, and Riddle lets Clements up. Clements with an uppercut. Riddle letting Clements off the hook, but that was a strong round for ‘Deep Waters’! 10-9 Riddle.

ROUND TWO Touch of gloves, and a leg kick by Clements. Nice right by Clements, spinning back fast follows and ALMOST connects hard! Riddle clinches, looks for a single leg, and drags Clements down. Riddle has Clements’ back, and he’s been taking Clements down with ease. Body lock applied by Riddle, and he’s punching Clements over and over to loosen him. Clements is trying to turn, but can’t. Riddle looking for an arm triangle position to get mount, but gives it up and resumes the back body lock. Back elbow from Clements to Riddle! Riddle transitions to side control using the arm triangle threat, and he’s making this look easy. Riddle has the back again. More nice elbows from Clements, however. Riddle just all over Clements in terms of position. One hook in for Riddle, but Clements is up, one minute to go! They break! 45 seconds! HARD body kick by Clements! Spinning back kick catches Riddle on the back! Clements with a right, then sprawls on Riddle as Riddle goes for a shot. Riddle on his back, Clements drops a big right! Florian-like elbows from Riddle, and round two is in the book! Clements did well at the end, but that was 80 % Riddle. 10-9, and 20-18 overall.

ROUND THREE The crowd respond to Riddle, and Riddle and Clements embrace! Body kick by Clements! GREAT body shot by Clements, weak shot by Riddle, easily sprawled on. Clements tags Riddle again, and presses him to the cage. Riddle is fine, but Clements landed a couple there. Head kick is MILIMETERS away from landing. Spin kick again from Clements, misses. Riddle grabs a single, gets the trip, and Clements needs to get up. D’Arce attempt by Riddle, doesn’t get it, so throws a knee to the head as Clements gets up. Clements throws a spinning back fist, misses, standing arm triangle locked in instantly from Riddle, Riddle trips, gets the tap, and HOLY CRAP! How good was that technique?!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Riddle, Submission, Arm Triangle, 2:02, Round Three

Rogan says it’s an amazing fight, Riddle says he knew Chris wanted to bang, but went back to his roots and got the win. Riddle says he let Chris up because he wanted the crowd to roar. They talk about the low blow that wasn’t, Riddle doesn’t really care! He thanks a bunch of people, including Calgary and Joe Rogan! Riddle and Rogan announce that they love each other. Riddle thanks Rob Drysdale for the training regarding the finish.

Welterweight bout: Brian Ebersole (171 lbs 50-14-1, 1 NC) vs James Head (170 lbs 8-2)

ROUND ONE The physical stats are almost identical. Experience levels are not. Ebersole has the ‘hairow’ going on again, and fights out of Thailand now. Ebersole shoots, good sprawl from Head. Head with a punch, and Head lets Ebersole up. Another shot, another sprawl. Head doing well here. Body kick by Ebersole. Body punch by Head. Head opening up on Ebersole against the cage. Body kick by Ebersole. Another from Ebersole. Ebersole tries a takedown, but it’s stuffed easily again by Head. Ominous signs for ‘Bad Boy’. Nice knee from Head. Leg kick by Head. Body shots, and a flurry from Head with Ebersole covering up against the cage. Ebersole looks very small. Nice body-head combo from Ebersole, he landed clean on Head. NICE right hand uppercut through Head’s defences. Leg kick by Ebersole, takedown stuffed AGAIN. Ebersole tries to spin out and shoots again, and Head finally takes the bait and drops for a guillotine. Bad mistake by Head. Ebersole finally on top and it was an open invitation from Head. One minute to go. Head uses the cage to reverse things, not quite, BIG right from Ebersole, they get up, cartwheel kick grazes Head, but Head now gets top position coming out of that. Elbow from head. Ten seconds. And we’re done. I’m going to give that to James Head 10-9.

ROUND TWO Another shot by Ebersole, another sprawl by Head, and Head controlling Ebersole by the head again. Head lets Ebersole up, and Ebersole throws a couple of weak leg kicks, and they exchange but miss. Leg kick by Ebersole. Knee to the body by Head. Nice straight left by Ebersole lands. Leg kick by Ebersole. Uppercut from Ebersole misses. Ebersole tries a takedown, but no success. They clinch, Head with a knee to the midsection, and Ebersole presses Head to the ground and has double underhooks. They separate, and Head beginning to open up on Ebersole, but just can’t land flush. Another shot by Ebersole, another sprawl! 6 for 6 now for Head’s sprawl. They’re up, and someone in the crowd boos. Nice uppercut from Ebersole. Nice elbow over the top from Head. Counter right from Ebersole as Head swings and misses. Good body shot from Head, and a good knee to the head! Ebersole manages to drag Head into the mire, though, and is in top position. Shoulder thrusts on the ground for Ebersole. Head defending well, but Ebersole pressing him. Sweep by Head! Head on top now, but seconds left. Done. 10-9 Ebersole, and 19-19 overall.

ROUND THREE Head with a couple of good punches, and Ebersole with a body kick. Ebersole shoots, and Head defends fairly easily again. Those takedowns just aren’t happening. Another shot, another sprawl, but Head has nothing from that position. Leg kick by Ebersole. Nice combo by Head, and a knee to the midsection of Ebersole. Good left by Head, and another knee. Ebersole slowing. Nice right from Ebersole however. Head gets the waistlock, takes Ebersole’s back and trips him! Ebersole spins out, ALMOST catches the leg of Head, but not quite. Boos from the crowd as Ebersole opens up with some nice body kicks. Another shot, another sprawl. Another shot-sprawl. Ebersole trying to drag Head into a grappling game, but it’s not happening. Knee to the body from Head, body kick from Ebersole. More boos. The crowd doesn’t like this one. One more shot from Ebersole, but no dice. Head on top of Ebersole, but he just doesn’t have the grappling chops to do anything. Shot-sprawl again. More boos. 30 seconds left. Head went for a D’Arce, but only lets Ebersole on top. Ebersole working, 6 seconds, and we’re done. Very tough to score, but I have to give it to Head for the upset. 29-28 Head. Ebersole shouts to Rogan about borrowing his takedowns. He mentions 155, saying ‘these guys are big’.

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Head, Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

No interview, and probably the right decision.

Wanderlei Silva is in the house!

Heavyweight bout: Cheick Kongo (231 lbs 17-7-2) vs Shawn Jordan (250 lbs 13-3)

ROUND ONE Jordan far shorter than Kongo, but much heavier and apparently a great athlete to boot. They touch, circle, and Kongo lands a leg kick. Uppercut from Kongo barely misses, and Jordan presses Kongo against the fence. Kongo defending well, but can’t get out on the first attempt. Chants of ‘Let’s go Kongo’. Knee from Kongo. Jordan still pressing, but no dice. Good defence from the Frenchman. Knee from Kongo. Kongo gets Jordan’s back! Throws some short punches, and tries to tie Jordan up. A punch or two from Kongo, and a low elbow sends Kongo down and we have a time out… Ouch… Yves Lavigne says it was an accident and there will be no point deduction. Kongo ready, and they touch as Jordan apologises. Head kick from Kongo, and Kongo clinches with Jordan but no takedown. Jordan misses a side kick to the head, Kongo lands a leg kick. Kongo pawing with a jab, clinches with Jordan, eats a knee to the midsection, but keeps pressing forward. Kongo toys with the idea of a takedown attempt but doesn’t commit. Jordan reverses things, pressing Kongo to the cage and looks for a takedown. Doesn’t happen, good defence again from Kongo. Knee from Kongo to the body at the bell. Very close, but I say Kongo 10-9.

ROUND TWO They touch, nice knee from Kongo, and they’re up against the cage again! Jordan reverses, they stay clinched, and Kongo reverses back. Round and round they go looking for a good position. Kongo with inside elbows as Jordan drives for a takedown. They break, beautiful knee to the body by Kongo. Jordan tries to hit home with his hands, but gets nothing. Kongo trying to wear Jordan out. Kongo drops down, but Jordan gets away. Back to the middle. Two BIG rights from Kongo! Jordan eats them, and tries to clinch, but gives up his back! They split. Nice left from Kongo, and another takedown attempt bites the dust. More clinchwork. Kongo has Jordan’s back again in the clinch, and wearing him down with punches and by pressing his weight on him. Kongo drags Jordan down, and has less than a minute to work. He tries to get a hook in though, and loses position! Jordan on top, thirty seconds left. Jordan running out of time, but Jordan gets a punch through. Jordan couldn’t capitalize. Boos. 10-9 Kongo, 20-18 overall.

ROUND THREE They touch gloves. They start swinging, and Kongo lands a good knee against the cage. Jordan winds up pressing Kongo to the fence again, and Jordan delivers a knee to the thigh. Kongo reverses, and the crowd boo. There’s no slug fest here. Upward elbow by Jordan. Knee to the body by Kongo. They separate. Right hand by Kongo, Jordan appears to be slowing down. Jordan and Kongo jockey for position again, knee by Kongo. Kongo tries a takedown but doesn’t get it. They wing punches, but then tie up again. Jordan keeps putting his hand down to prevent the knees coming. Less than two minutes. More boos. Kongo controlling Jordan easily, Jordan is tired out. Kongo won’t break and strike though. Under a minute left. Knee to the body by Kongo. Thirty seconds. Nice elbow by Jordan, but Kongo tying him up and controlling him the entire round. We’re done. 10-9 Kongo, 30-27, but that wasn’t good to watch. Neither was the previous fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cheick Kongo, Unanimous Decision (30-28, 30-27 x2)

That’s Kongo’s 11th win, meaning he’s spent more time in the octagon than any other heavyweight. No interview, just a shot of Bret Hart to give the crowd something to cheer after two dull fights.

Middleweight bout: Hector Lombard (185.5 lbs 31-2-1, 1 NC) vs Tim Boetsch (186 lbs 15-4)

ROUND ONE Hector Lombard has officially arrived! Boetsch looks huge – let’s see if that matters. No glove touch, no eye contact. Here we go! Front kick from Boetsch to start, and Lombard quickly tries to explode but misses his punches. Boetsch shoots in, but gets tossed aside! Impressive! Boetsch tries to tie up Lombard, but eats an uppercut and gets taken down cage-side. Lombard controlling Boetsch, but Tim gets up. Knee from Boetsch, but eats a punch or two from Lombard. Superman punch attempt gets nowhere from Boetsch, but a leg kick lands. Nice right from Lombard. Boetsch tries to get in to wrestle with Lombard, but Lombard gets out of there. Lombard literally standing still, as Boetsch moves around him. Nice right from Lombard, and a leg kick from Boetsch. Lombard coming forward now. Lots of kicks from Boetsch, moving in and out. Boos again. Takedown effort by Boetsch easily stuffed. Leg kick from Boetsch. Buzzer goes, I give that to Boetsch 10-9 but really nothing much happened. Lombard very static, Boetsch landed kicks.

ROUND TWO Lombard comes forward, but gets knocked off balance by a leg kick. BIG left by Lombard! Boetsch ate it well. Lombard stalking Boetsch. Big jab, very fast, and Boetsch backing off now. Boetsch tries to leap in and out, and narrowly avoids getting tagged. Leg kick from Boetsch. Lombard misses a combo. Leg kick from Lombard. Body kick from Lombard. Lombard wings a punch, but misses. Uppercut by Lombard. Body kick hurts Boetsch, Boetsch tries to shoot but sprawled on, and Lombard throws down some punches. Boetsch was hurt there. Lombard lying on top of Boetsch, and Boetsch up. No urgency at all from Lombard. Boetsch finally pushes through Lombard, but Hector is up quickly. Clinch, a couple of knees from Boetsch, and the buzzer goes. 10-9 Lombard, 19-19 overall, but the kick barely clinches it.

ROUND THREE Well who expected this? A dull fight so far, and Lombard needs to pick up the pace to impress now. Leg kick by Boetsch lands, Lombard hits a kick-punch combo of his own. Right-left from Lombard partially blocked. Leg kick from Boetsch. Boetsch tries to push Lombard back, and they both miss strikes. Left hook by Lombard lands. Boetsch misses, and Lombard almost makes him pay. More boos. This isn’t what we were expecting. Front kick from Boetsch misses, shot from ‘The Barbarian’ is stuffed, but no punishment for the attempt. Lombard tries a trip, doesn’t quite happen, both men back up. Boetsch trying to explode with a knee, but this is a stalemate, neither landing major shots from distance. Lombard clinches and takes Boetsch down with a big slam! Boetsch up, hits a good knee to the body, fifteen seconds left. Knees from Boetsch, and they are getting booed out of the building. Tough call, but I have to say Boetsch wins that round 10-9. Tim takes it 29-28 in a very, very disappointing fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tim Boetsch, Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Lombard just didn’t show up tonight. What else is there to say? Just this: Please save us Faber and Barao!

Interim Bantamweight Championship bout: Urijah Faber (135 lbs 26-5) vs Renan Barao (135 lbs 28-1)

ROUND ONE Faber gets the ‘lights out’ treatment. Symbolic? Faber showing more energy in his walkout than Boetsch and Lombard did in their last fight combined… let’s hope THAT’S a good sign. Here we go! Head kick from Barao misses. Another head kick misses. Faber rushes forward, eats a couple of punches. Body kick from Barao. Front kick from Faber misses. Front kick from Barao misses. Leg kick from Faber. Faber comes in, eats a right. Head kick from Faber avoided. Head kick from Barao grazes Faber’s face! Spinning back kick from Barao finds nothing but air. The pace is fast so far, and threat levels are high! Leg kick from Faber. Leg kick from Barao. Spinning back kick from Barao finds Faber’s body, good head kick from Barao, and a knee to the body! Barao so fast, so sharp. Faber comes in, and eats another punch. Front kick avoided by Faber. An exchange of punches goes nowhere. Head kick from Barao blocked. Leg kick by Faber. Faber charges forward, forces Barao to back up. Leg kick from Barao. Spinning back kick misses. Forty-five seconds left. Jab from Barao connects. Leg kick from Barao hits home, but Faber replies. Straight right from Faber hits. Buzzer goes, and Barao takes that for me, he landed more strikes, but this already has a refreshing pace!

ROUND TWO Leg kick from Faber, Barao tries to respond with a charging combo. Faber backed up well. Leg kick from Barao grazes Faber. Head kick from Barao misses by a foot. Front kick from Faber. Nice right from Faber amid a flurry. Leg kick from Barao checked by Faber. Time out now, though, for an eye poke to Barao. Barao is okay, so we’re under way again. Spinning back kick misses from Barao, flying knee misses too, but a left lands! Nice explosiveness from Barao. Faber with a couple of rights. Leg kick from Barao, Faber responds with his own. Hard leg kick from Barao. Nice body shot from Barao. Faber coming forward, Barao backing off and staying out of range. Leg kick from Barao. Head kick grazes Faber! Nice right from Barao, Faber seemed to catch Renan too though. Spinning back kick misses again. Nice right from Faber. The two exchange punches, plenty on them, and Barao hits a jab-leg kick combo. Left-right combo from Barao. Nice leg kick from Barao, and these seem to be hurting Faber. Good pace, 10-9 Barao, 20-18 overall.

ROUND THREE Nice jab from Faber to start round three. Big combination from Barao, though, but a flying knee misses to finish! Nice punches though. Faber finally looks for a takedown, but easily stuffed. Front kick sends Barao sprawling, and Faber follows with a good right. Straight left from Barao lands. Straight right from Urijah misses. Barao sends Faber spinning away from a punch and looks again for the flying knee. He throws that so fast. Leg kick from Barao. Left hook from Faber. Leg kick again from Barao. Flurry of punches narrowly miss. Faber shoots, stuffed again by Barao. Uppercut lands from Faber, but Barao is fine. Straight right from Barao lands. Good pace still. BIG leg kick from Barao, Faber takes a step back after that one. Leg kick from Barao, Faber tries a clinch but is shoved away. Shot from Faber brings no success. Faber trying to catch Barao’s kicks now, but not quite getting it. Jab by Barao. Crowd boo slightly, but that’s harsh. Faber shoved back as the two come together, and the buzzer goes. Closest round so far, but Barao is hurting Faber with those leg kicks and takes the round again, but this one could go either way. 10-9 Barao, 30-27 overall.

ROUND FOUR How’s your cardio, Barao? Not bad so far! The two miss kicks, and Faber eats a jab. Barao almost catches Faber with a hook. They clinch, and Faber hits a nice knee. Leg kick by Barao caught, but Barao gets away. Faber clinches again, and gets a quick knee in to the midsection. Spinning back kick to the head misses for Barao, but Faber can’t counter. Leg kick from Barao misses. Faber steps in and hits a right, but gets poked in the eye for his troubles, so we have a time out. Faber is okay after a second or two, so we’re back to the action. Jab from BNarao. Faber with a good right hook. Right lands from Urijah, who is having a good round. Jab from Faber beats Barao to the punch. Barao with a left, spinning kick misses, head kick is blocked, all from Renan. Urijah almost had his leg there. Good left-right combo from Barao, nice body hook hurts Faber a little, and a follow up hook to the head connects. Faber drops for a single leg, but no dice, and he eats a knee to the body. Jab by Faber. Ten seconds to go, and here come the boos! I’ll give that to Faber, I feel he landed slightly more, though Barao landed the heavier strikes at the end and could easily take it. 10-9 Faber makes it 39-37 Barao overall. Faber needs a finish.

ROUND FIVE Right-left miss from Barao. Front kick lands to the body for Faber. Hook by Barao misses. Body kick lands, Faber can’t quite grab the leg. Jab from Faber misses. Faber coming forward, but eats a left hook. Head kick from Barao is blocked. Faber looks for a kick, but eats a jab. Faber with a body shot, but Barao isn’t hurt. Jab by Faber again, but Barao is matching him punch-for-punch. Body kick blocked by Faber’s arm. Barao comes forward, lands a hook. Body kick from Barao. Nice jab-hook combo from Barao, both land! Faber comes forward, but a superman punch barely lands. Barao and Faber reaching out and touching hands constantly here, as the crowd boos. Good leg kick from Barao, as the crowd cheer all of a sudden. One minute left. Hook from Barao connects. Spinning back kick misses for Barao, but that’s helped keep distance throughout. Hook from Barao grazes Faber. Jab from Barao hits. Buzzer goes, and Barao has to take this one for my money. 10-9, and 49-46 overall. Barao landed more, landed the harder shots, and excellently executed the Aldo-Faber strategy. Let’s see what the judges saw…

OFFICIAL RESULT: New UFC Interim Bantamweight Champion Renan Barao (39-36, 50-45, 39-36)

Barao is ecstatic! Rogan asks if Faber surprised Renan, but Barao says no, he came prepared, he knew Faber was a great fighter and a great athlete but he stuck to the plan. Rogan talks about the leg kicks, Barao says his coaches kept telling him to throw them so he did. Barao thanks everyone he knows in Portuguese as Joe goes to Urijah…

Urijah says he knew Barao was good at keeping distance and that he found takedowns hard. Faber says he was hurt early by a knee to the ribs, and it could be broken. Urijah says it wasn’t the same as the Aldo fight, and it was totally different, and that is that!

Well, thanks for joining our coverage of UFC 149. Let’s just say this isn’t one you should rush out and buy on DVD, but the prelims were fun, we got a new UFC Interim Bantamweight Champion, and the promise of a huge Barao-Cruz fight! Hector Lombard disappointed, but Matt Riddle surprised us with a beautiful submission, and Renan Barao proved that he is indeed the real deal! With that, I’ve been Jon Butterfield, thank you for joining us here at, and you have a great night!


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