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411’s UFC 150 Report 8.11.12

August 12, 2012 | Posted by Jon Butterfield



Welcome everyone to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of UFC 150! We are live in Denver, Colorado for this one, with Henderson-Edgar II as our main event of the evening!

Featherweight bout: Nik Lentz (21-5-2, 1 NC) vs Eiji Mitsuoka (18-8-2)

ROUND ONE Both men drop ten pounds in order to drop to featherweight – let’s see what these guys have got at this weight class. They touch. Eiji in the southpaw stance. Lentz comes forwards, lands a knee to the body and a right hook. Eiji goes for the takedown, but easy sprawl for Lentz. Lentz presses Eiji against the fence, and they both try and land hard shots. Eiji shoots, Lentz sprawls and takes the back. Nice takedown by Lentz! Lentz has the back, but no clear control and Eiji gets back to his feet. Another takedown by Lentz. Lentz has one hook in, but Eiji is trying to get to his feet. He does so, and they break. Lentz closes the distance, takes Eiji down again, gets an elbow in, and he’s trying to pass from half guard. Lentz drops some shots, and Eiji counters with an upkick. Lentz passes a sweep attempt, and takes Eiji’s back again. Two minutes to go. Slam from behind AGAIN by Lentz. Lentz tries to sneak an arm under Eiji’s jaw, but can’t get it, but now he has both hooks in. Lentz goes to a body triangle, flattens Eiji out, and pounds away! Lentz hammers away, and Eiji isn’t defending… Eiji warned to fight back or defend, doesn’t, and that is all! Dominant debut at 145 lbs for Nik Lentz!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Nik Lentz by TKO, Round One (3:45)


Bantamweight bout: Dustin Pague (11-6) vs Chico Camus (11-3)

ROUND ONE With no hint of sarcasm evident in his voice, Mike Goldberg is pronouncing Dustin Pague as ‘Dustin Peg’. Okay then! They touch. Left hook from Pague misses. Good counter to a jab from Camus. Left hook by Pague! Head kick by Pague, but Camus catches it and takes him down! Camus in Pague’s guard, pressing him to the fence. Body shots by Camus on the ground. Pague throws the legs up for a triangle, but no dice. Tries again, Camus keeps leaving his arm in… Pague with elbows to the head as he looks to sweep or lock in the submission. Another good elbow from the bottom for Pague, who still has Camus tied up. Two minutes left. They trade small shots, and Pague loses the triangle. Camus still on top, and waited that out nicely. Good forearm smash from Camus. Pague quickly catches Camus’ arm and goes for an omoplata, but he loses it. Pague trying for a knee bar, but Camus throwing some good shots to disrupt the BJJ. Pague with a slight cut. Good round, I’ll give it to Camus 10-9 for good defence and cutting Pague late on. Pague was active though.

ROUND TWO Good leg kick from Camus. Another, but Pague catches it and takes Camus down! Pague standing, has control of Camus’ leg, and tries to close the distance, but Camus defends well and gets to his feet. Jab from Pague lands. One-two from Camus. Camus ducks under Pague’s hook and takes him down! Straight into half guard. Camus tries to pass, and throws little shots to try and distract Pague. Good shots by Camus, and he steps into side control. Crowd booed prematurely there! Dustin moves Camus into full guard, and undoes all that work from Camus. Not much action happening, but they’re working hard. Good elbow from Camus. One minute to go. Elbow from the bottom from Pague. Boos from the crowd. Thirty seconds left. Camus avoiding Pague’s BJJ pretty well here. Ten seconds. Pague trying to get up, but Camus keeps hold of him, and we’re done. Much clearer 10-9 for Camus, I have it 20-18 overall.

ROUND THREE They touch, and Pague takes Camus’ back immediately! Nice! Full body lock from Pague! Pague working for a rear naked choke, but Camus rolls to his side and defends. He’s in a BAD position, though… Pague working, but Chico has some decent defence. Pague trying to strike, but this is nothing more than a distraction. Camus sees a gap, rolls through, and he’s in full guard! Wow, nice defence from Camus, and now he’s on top! Camus trying to pass, with two minutes to go. Camus close to mount, but settles for half guard. Camus struggles, and he’s got mount! Nice patience in that transition! One minute to go. Pague gives up his back, and Camus looking to secure the rear naked choke… Thirty seconds… One arm rear naked locked on, but Pague hangs on! Final seconds! Pague stands with Camus on his back, and we’re done! Pague got the takedown, but Camus out-grappled him and came closer to the finish! That’s a 10-9 Camus, and 30-27 overall, but I can certainly see Pague getting the first, maybe.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chico Camus by Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Bantamweight bout: Erik Perez (11-4) vs Ken Stone (11-3)

ROUND ONE Rogan spoke to ‘a long distance runner’ about competing at altitude. Yep. Anyway, here we go! Leg kick by Perez. Good jab from Stone, but Perez clips him with a counter, and DOWN GOES STONE! Stone face planted, gets back up, but Perez lands a couple of follow up shots, Stone stiffens, Herb Dean jumps in, and that is all! Boos from the crowd, but that was fair enough in my opinion, and the replay validates that and quietens the crowd! Wow, that was quick work!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Erik Perez by KO, Round One (0:17)

That was the fastest KO in UFC/WEC Bantamweight history. Nice. Joe is with Perez, who feels great, thanks everyone, his family, his coaches, and a few others including Leonard Garcia and Cowboy Cerrone. Perez says he wasn’t thinking, he just went for the punch and get it.

Middleweight bout: Jared Hamman (13-4) vs Michael Kuiper (11-1)

ROUND ONE Kuiper is just 23. Rogan reels off a list of great Dutch strikers, but not Alistair Overeem – what gives?! Hamman tries in Colorado, so we’ll see if that makes a difference. He also has 3 inches in height and 2 in reach to his advantage. They touch. Leg kick from Hamman. Leg kick from Kuiper. Knee from Hamman as he ran in. Body shot and body kick from Hamman. Kuiper walking forward, but Hamman striking from the back foot. Switch kick from Kuiper. Right from Kuiper. Leg kick from Hamman. Big swing from Kuiper misses. Nice combo from Hamman. Knee to the body from Hamman, but Kuiper with a counter. Hamman looks for the takedown, but Kuiper stuffs it and takes Hamman down! Hamman up, knee from Kuiper, but he can’t get the slam. Knee to the body from Hamman, but Kuiper catches him and rocks him. Nice overhand from Hamman. Huge shot from Kuiper, staggers Hamman, head kick from Kuiper, Kuiper coming forward, but Hamman isn’t done! Great stuff! Kuiper knocks Hamman down, but Hamman is tough and keeps fighting! Kuiper really tagging Hamman over and over, and Hamman is on wobbly legs. Hamman swinging all the time, but Kuiper wading through them easily. Good left by Kuiper. They exchange, and that’s the end of the round! Hamman survived! Kuiper with a 10-9 there, Hamman landed just enough to avoid a 10-8, but not much on any of those shots!

ROUND TWO Hamman says he tore a muscle in his thigh, and Kuiper throws a leg kick right on it. Kuiper connects, as Hamman continues to throw, but there’s nothing on his shots. Right hand lands from Kuiper, and a left hook sends Hamman sprawling! Hamman up, but he eats shot after shot, and one more uppercut is enough! Kuiper with the comprehensive win! Hamman is too tough for his own good…

OFFICIAL RESULT: Michael Kuiper by TKO, Round Two (2:16)

Kuiper knew he hurt Hamman’s leg because he was wobbly. Kuiper thanks his coach and his friends. Kuiper is a man of few words!

They show Nik Lentz vs Eiji Mitsuoka. Lentz just dominated this one!

Featherweight bout: Dennis Bermudez (8-3) vs Tommy Hayden (8-1)

ROUND ONE They touch. Bermudez is a south paw. Bermudez pumps the jab, finds nothing but air. A takedown attempt from Bermudez is an after-thought and goes nowhere. Hayden charges in, gets caught by Bermudez, powered up and slammed down. Bermudez in Hayden’s butterfly guard. Bermudez tries to step over, but Hayden gets up. Head kick from Hayden. Front kick from Bermudez misses. Bermudez comes forward, gets caught with a right, and Hayden shoots, but Bermudez sprawls. Bermudez tries to spin to Hayden’s back, Hayden scrambles out, but eats a knee on the way up. BIG knee from Hayden drops Bermudez, and Hayden immediately takes his back! Beautiful! Hayden has one of Bermudez’s arms trapped! 90 seconds to go! Bermudez suddenly reverses things, but almost gets caught in an armbar! Slam escape from Bermudez, and he’s on top! Nice! Bermudez to half guard, and then full guard. Bermudez stands up, allows Hayden up, and there’s 30 seconds to go. Big front kick catches Hayden in the chest and hurts him! Bermudez looking for a standing guillotine, gets it, powers Hayden up against the fence, and Hayden taps!! Great single-round fight!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dennis Bermudez by Submission, Standing Guillotine, Round One (4:43)

Rogan is with Bermudez, who didn’t even know he got hit with a knee, and the next thing he knew he was in a rear naked choke! They talk through the finish, and Bermudez thanks his jiu-jitsu coach, and says that looks like the ‘finish of the season’ from TUF when he submitted Akira Corassani.


Featherweight bout: Max Holloway (5-1) vs Justin Lawrence (4-0)

ROUND ONE I’m not sure how this made the PPV portion, but here we are… better hope these guys make good on this. They touch. Front kick from Lawrence misses. Side kick from Lawrence misses. Head kick from Holloway is blocked easily. Leg kick from Lawrence. Overhand right from Lawrence connects. One-two from Holloway, both miss. Front kick from Lawrence misses, but he avoids Holloway’s counter. Body kick from Holloway partially caught. Overhand left from Lawrence lands. Kick lands low from Holloway – and we’re going to get a bit of a break in the action. Lawrence has a small cut on his hairline. He misses a spinning back kick. Lawrence pushes forward, eats a body shot. Left hook from Holloway sees Lawrence drop for a takedown, and he gets most of it. They’re back up now though. Lawrence bleeding more now, after that hook. Nice one-two from Lawrence staggers Holloway, but he was off balance and is okay. One minute left. Nice one-two finished with a left hook from Lawrence. Body shot from Lawrence. Nice right from Lawrence. Head kick from Holloway blocked, and Lawrence comes over with a right that lands. Ten seconds. Flying knee from Holloway apparently catches Lawrence low – but the buzzer goes and we get a replay – it was his trailing foot that landed low. Close round, but Lawrence ended really well and scored the most dominant period. 10-9 Lawrence.

ROUND TWO Jab from Holloway. Lawrence throws a few kicks, lands only a leg kick. Body kicks miss from Lawrence, he threw a pair. Jab from Holloway misses, so does a front kick. Leg kick from Lawrence. Nice jab from Lawrence, double-pumped it to connect. Boos from the crowd, so Lawrence breaks out a spinning back fist that grazes Holloway. Good right from Holloway. Body kick from Holloway, leg kick from Lawrence counters. Big overhand misses from Lawrence. Lawrence shoots, stuffed easily by Holloway. Uppercut grazes Holloway. One-two from Lawrence mostly blocked. Lawrence comes forward, but isn’t landing anything big. Lawrence goes for the takedown, but Holloway stuffs it again. Good right from Holloway. He throws straight and fast. Knee to the body from Holloway. One minute left. Holloway tags Lawrence with a left, several body shots, HURTS Lawrence, and Holloway finishes with a flurry against the cage!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Max Holloway, TKO, Round Two (4:49)

Joe congratulates Max, who is just 20, and Holloway feels good, he wanted to fight, and they put it out there for the fans. Joe shows the knee that hurt Lawrence, and the body shots that dropped him, and he thanks someone in California for teaching him the knee.

Middleweight bout: Yushin Okami (26-7) vs Buddy Roberts (12-2)

ROUND ONE Buddy Roberts steps in for Rousimar Palhares to fight Okami in his second UFC fight. He’s just beaten Tony Lopez and Ciao Magalhaes. Okami BADLY needs a win after losing to Anderson Silva and Tim Boetsch back-to-back. No touch. Roberts looks for a right, then left, both miss. Head kick from Roberts misses. He’s starting aggressive. Stereo leg kicks. Okami lands a right. Buddy Roberts goes for a body kick, but eats a straight jab. Leg kick from Roberts. Good left hook from Roberts hurts Okami. Straight jab from Roberts. He’s landing. They clinch, and Roberts throws a knee to the body. Okami backs Roberts up, takes his back. Okami lifts Roberts, but can’t slam him. Okami tries to drag Roberts to the floor, and finally does, and Okami spins into guard. Omoplata attempt is fleeting from Roberts, and Okami has two minutes to work from guard. Roberts tying up Okami well. Okami passes to half guard, and has head and arm control. Okami almost has mount, but Buddy blocks it. Okami in to side control. One minute left. He’s just transitioning, looking for a submission or an opening. Okami moves to full mount, and takes Roberts’ back. Good punches from Okami, almost finishes, but the bell rescues Roberts! Wow! Herb Dean was VERY close to stopping that! Okami stole that one 10-9.

ROUND TWO Roberts charges in, his legs buckle, but I’m not sure why. Balance maybe. Good straight punch from Roberts. Okami rushes Roberts, clinches with him, and takes his back. Drags him down much easier this round. Roberts looking for a guillotine, but can’t get it, but Roberts to his feet anyway though still in the clinch. Okami takes Roberts down, and it’s much easier at this point. Okami transitioning to half guard and looking for mount, but can’t get it. Now he does. Two and a half minutes to go. Okami has Roberts’ back and has him flattened out. Punches unanswered from Okami. The shots are being eaten by Roberts’ arm, but he isn’t moving, and he is clean out of gas it seems. Dean stops it. That was a little anti-climactic since there wasn’t much on those punches, but Okami dominated that second round with ease and Roberts wasn’t moving or trying to fight out of there. He must have hurt Roberts in the first and wore him down completely after that.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Yushin Okami by TKO, Round Two (3:05)

That was Okami’s eleventh win in the UFC. No interview though.

Middleweight bout: Jake Shields (27-6-1) vs Ed Herman (20-8)

ROUND ONE Jake Shields is 2-2 in the UFC, and moves up to 185 lbs at long last. Last time he fought at middleweight? He beat Dan Henderson… DAMN… Crowd firmly behind Herman here. Good jab from Herman. Body kicks from Shields, who looks tentative. Herman clinches with Shields, gets tripped, and gets back up. Pressing Shields to the cage, but Jake looking to reverse things. Can’t do it yet. Body shots from Shields, and now he does reverse things, albeit briefly. Shields looking for a guillotine, but Herman defends. Shields finally trips Herman and winds up on top. Elbows to the thigh from Shields. Shields takes Herman’s back, and Herman grabs the fence and gets told off for it. Herman up though, and has clinch control once more. Knee from Herman misses Shields’ face. Shields looks for another trip, but Herman remains vertical. They go round and round looking for dominance, but Herman looks slightly stronger. Knee inside from Shields. Herman pressing him to the fence, controlling things. Herman cannot trip Herman. Guillotine attempt from Shields distracts Herman, and Shields shoots, but Herman fights it off. Herman with Shields to the fence, clearly trying to wear Shields down in his current home state. Boos from the crowd. Shields reverses things and scores a nice knee to the body, but Herman reverses. The crowd didn’t like it, but you could see what Herman was doing. 10-9 Herman for sheer control.

ROUND TWO Body kick from Shields, and he lands a jab as Herman comes forward. Herman right back to the clinch with Shields against the fence. Crowd cheers when Shields trips Herman though, they don’t like Herman’s tactics. Shields on top, in side control. Shields isolates an arm, looking for a kimura. Ed could be in trouble. Shields straightening Herman’s arm, but loses it. Shields wants mount now, can’t get it, but he’s smothering Herman here. Shields looking for some elbows, but it’s very tight and there’s not much space to get anything off. Herman looking to use the cage with his feet, but Shields pulls him away and into space – nice. Shields tries for mount, near-sweep from Herman results in Shields dropping into his guard. Short elbows from the bottom from Herman. Hammerfists from Shields. Elbows from Shields. Shields steps over to half guard. 30 seconds left. Good punches from Shields. Buzzer goes, definitely Shields’ round 10-9 – he’s the better grappler and Herman is playing a dangerous game looking for the clinch. 19-19.

ROUND THREE They touch. Body kick from Shields blocked. Good jab from Herman. Shields shoots, but Herman sprawls. Shields clinches, but Herman with a good uppercut. Shields tied Herman up there, and Herman is back in the clinch with Shields against the cage again. Herman breaks away, misses an elbow on the exit. Uppercut from Herman misses. Shields goes for a takedown, it’s reversed, Herman scores it but gets back up. They trade punches, Shields gets the double-leg and slams Herman in the middle of the ring! That could be crucial! Shields in side control, landing little elbows but nothing major. Herman ties up Shields’ knee and secures half guard. Shields steps over into mount, with two minutes to go. Shields wants a head and arm triangle, but Herman defends well. Hip escape from Herman into full guard. Herman tries to fire off elbows from the bottom, but Shields is smothering him. Ten seconds left. They squirm, wriggle and throw, but nothing major. 10-9 Shields, and Jake wins 29-28 on my card. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get this, the last two rounds were pretty definitive. Shields’ conditioning is way better at 185 lb, it has to be said.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jake Shields by Decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

Lightweight bout: Melvin Guillard (30-10-2, 1 NC) vs Donald Cerrone (18-4, 1 NC)

ROUND ONE Guillard missed weight by one and a half pounds and forfeits some of his purse. Will that affect things? They touch. Cerrone throws a body kick early. Cerrone comes forward, but a counter left DROPS HIM! Guillard charges Cerrone, who is hurt, and lands a big knee! Big elbow by Guillard, but Cerrone has survived it seems! Wow! What a start! Leg kick by Cerrone ALMOST countered by a big right, and then BAM! Head kick from Cerrone! Guillard wobbly, and Cerrone KO’s him with a huge right hand! Oh my goodness! What a freaking crazy 76 seconds that was!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Donald Cerrone by KO, Round One (1:16)

Cerrone says he came in aggressive, and he got caught but it was all good. Cerrone says he only just feels better after the left hook that dropped him. They talk about the kick and the finish, and he said he was going for a rear naked choke but he was out! Amazing fight! One of the fastest turn-around’s since Barry-Kongo!

UFC Lightweight Championship bout: Benson Henderson © (16-2) vs Frankie Edgar (14-2-1)

ROUND ONE Henderson-Edgar II – they touch – HERE WE GO! Henderson wants to establish range with his jab. Head kick missed by Edgar. Leg kick connects from Henderson. Leg kick by Henderson, landed low, but Benson says he’s okay and doesn’t want the stoppage. Fast hands fly from Frankie, but Henderson lands a left. BIG leg kick from Henderson. Edgar jabbing at Henderson, but Benson’s footwork is outstanding. Another big leg kick from Henderson. Henderson almost clipped by a left from Edgar. HUGE leg kick again drops Edgar, who went straight for the ankle of Benson. They scramble, and they’re up. Leg kick from Edgar. Big leg kick misses, nicely avoided by Edgar, because those are hurting Edgar. Leg kick from Benson misses. Head kick from Edgar is blocked. Henderson feints a leg kick. Benson with a jab. Knee from Benson answered by a good right from Edgar. Good leg kick from Edgar! Big leg kick from Henderson caught, and Edgar with the takedown! Henderson has Edgar in a tight guillotine! Ten seconds left! Frankie survives! Man! 10-9 Henderson

ROUND TWO HUGE leg kick scythes Edgar down once more! Edgar’s leg is very red already. Nice combo from Edgar. Frankie feints low and catches Edgar with a jab. Frankie catches a body kick and scores with one of his own. Henderson misses an axe kick and he’s fighting from a traditional Taekwondo stance. He switches to normal. EDGAR DROPS HENDERSON! Nice right hand! Edgar holding on to a front choke, and has Henderson’s leg dropped momentarily. Edgar switches to a guillotine, but Henderson escapes! Edgar on top of Henderson though, two minutes to go! Edgar bleeding from his nose, but controlling Henderson. Henderson with a hand down to prevent knees to the head, but Edgar content to bear down on Henderson. Henderson escapes, and Edgar gives him a knee as a parting gift. Nice short jab from Henderson, who survived. Shot from Henderson stuffed, and Edgar back to the front choke. 15 seconds. Henderson out. Big body kick from Henderson, but that’s a clear 10-9 for Edgar, and we’re all square! Get stuff from the former champion! 19-19

ROUND THREE Edgar out quickly. Henderson looks a little more urgent. Good head kick from Henderson finds the shoulder! Good leg kick from Benson. Henderson swings big, but misses. Knee to the body by Benson, and an uppercut to follow. Leg kick by Edgar. Leg kick by Henderson, follow-ups miss though. Body kick by Edgar, Henderson counters. Head kick by Benson blocked. Body shot by Edgar. Nothing landing at the moment. Good leg kick from Edgar. Two leg kicks from Edgar. Powerful kick from Henderson is caught, and Edgar responds with his own! One minute to go. Body shot from Edgar. Side kick from Henderson misses. Leg kick from Edgar. Big leg kick from Henderson. 30 seconds. Body kick by Edgar. Big right by Henderson. We’re done, and that was VERY close. Could go either way, but I give it to Edgar 10-9, and he’s 29-28 up so far…

ROUND FOUR Body kick from Henderson, Edgar tries to catch it and goes for a takedown, blocked. Leg kick from Benson countered with a straight right. Leg kick from Benson lands. Another leg kick from Henderson. Leg kick from Edgar. Combo by Edgar, and then the takedown! Kick to the legs of the downed Henderson! Big head kick from Henderson from the bottom! Edgar takes hold of Benson’s head and arm. Edgar cranking on Benson here with a front face lock! Henderson up though, and is he even submit-able? Good right from Edgar counters an attempted body shot. Two minutes left. Leg kick from Edgar. Body shot from Edgar, but two solid jabs from Henderson to make him pay! Edgar lost his mouth piece, so Herb Dean puts it back in. Nice jab from Benson. Uppercut from Henderson responded to by an overhand right. Leg kick by Edgar. Combo by Edgar. Leg kick from Henderson caught, but Benson pushes through. Jab by Edgar. Ten seconds left. GOOD right by Edgar. We’re done! Wow, I have that for Edgar 10-9, but who knows? If I’m right, that’s 39-37 and Hendo needs a finish……

ROUND FIVE Good right from Edgar, as they came out looking to strike hard and fast! Good right pushes Henderson down, but that was definitely more a push than a knockdown. Good right again from Edgar. Two leg kicks from the former champion – he can smell the gold. The crowd chants ‘Frankie’. Body kick from Henderson, but not much on it. Leg kick misses from Henderson. Body kick from Benson caught. Big elbow misses from Henderson. Good right from Henderson! Jab from Henderson. Uppercut misses from Benson, but the jab connects. Counter right from Frankie, and another. Leg kick from Frankie staggers Henderson! He has 75 seconds left to retain his title! Body kick by Benson, but Frankie caught it. 45 seconds. Good left from Henderson and Frankie adjusts his gumshield. Frankie with another right. Head kick misses from Edgar, Edgar slips, and eats a head kick to the face himself! The buzzer goes! Great fight! I have that round for Edgar, and a 49-46, but I can see it being far closer than that! We shall see!

OFFICIAL RESULT and STILL UFC LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION: Benson Henderson by SPLIT Decision (46-49, 48-47 x2)

Frankie Edgar goes crazy, throws his cap across the ring, the crowd boo, and Benson says he was confused by the 49-46 for Edgar. He says he fights for the crowd who boo, and Rogan reassures him it was a great fight, but they’re pissed about the decision. Edgar looks absolutely furious. He shakes Henderson’s hand, but he’s mad. The crowd cheer Edgar, who says he thought he won. Edgar says he doesn’t know if he’s going to watch the fight again, and he’s upset, and he thought he brought it to Henderson and should have won.

Wow, what a way to finish… I have to say, I disagree with that decision, though the stats say Henderson landed more strikes overall, so hey, there’s a case there I suppose. Edgar clearly won round two, and three and four were close but he had the edge in my eyes, but there we go. Benson Henderson is still a great UFC Lightweight Champion, and I look forward to further defences from him. You have to feel for Frankie Edgar though.

And that is that. Thank you for joining 411mania’s LIVE round by round coverage of UFC 150, and we’ll see you again!


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