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411’s UFC 152: Jones vs. Belfort Report 9.22.12

September 23, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert


We are live at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan are of course on the mic tonight as we go to the octagon for our first fight.


Welterweight bout: Charlie Brenneman (15-4) vs. Kyle Noke (19-6-1)

ROUND ONE: Noke finding his range early with the jab. Brenneman trying to counter over the top with the right but can’t connect. Noke catches Brenneman clean with a right hand that drops him. Noke pounces on him with punches and the ref jumps in to stop things. On replay it looked like Brenneman was shooting for a single as Noke was swarming on him but the ref stopped it anyway. Could be questionable, but what’s done is done.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Kyle Noke by TKO (Punches) at 0:45 in Round One

Bantamweight bout: Mitch Gagnon (10-2) vs. Walel Watson (13-4)

ROUND ONE: Watson tried to use his range early, but as he came in with a superman punch, he got caught with a left hook that dropped him. Gagnon swarmed on him, took the back, locked on the rear naked choke, and got the tap out. Back-to-back quick fights.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Mitch Gagnon by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:09 in Round One

Welterweight bout: Seth Baczynski (16-2) vs. Simeon Thoresen (17-2-1)

ROUND ONE: Baczynski scoring with the left hook early and looking light on his feet. Thoresen trying to establish his range with the jab but can’t connect with any consistency. When Thoresen scores with the right, Baczynski does a good job returning fire with the left. Thoresen doing a nice job with leg kicks and he’s cut the lip of Baczynski with his punches. Thoresen gets poked in the eye on an exchange but it’s not bad and he fights on. Thoresen was doing a nice job coming over the top in the clinch but on the break Baczynski connected with a clean left that put Thoresen on the mat face first. A couple of underneath the armpit punches and the ref jumped in to stop the fight as Thoresen was out cold.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Seth Baczynski by KO (Punches) at 4:10 in Round One


Featherweight bout: Marcus Brimage (5-1) vs. Jim Hettes (10-0)

ROUND ONE: Brimage stumbles Hettes with a left early. Brimage doing a nice job mixing things up and going to the body. Brimage moving forward aggressively and putting together nice punches. Brimage sweeps Hettes off his feet when he throws a kick but allows him up. Brimage drops Hettes with a left and jumps into guard to finish. Hettes recovers, tries to keep Brimage in guard, but he backs away and lets Hettes up. Brimage lands some more power lefts but Hettes returning fire with the right hand. Brimage slowing down a bit, which allows Hettes to find his chin on the counters. Brimage still landing some good shots, but they lack the pop they had earlier. Brimage is still landing some big hooks though. Couple of good counter rights by Hettes to end the round. Very entertaining round. Hettes came on strong after the knockdown, but Brimage still landed the more significant punches and hurt Hettes more than once.

SCORECARD: Brimage 10-9

ROUND TWO: Hettes misses with a head kick, Brimage takes the back, and lands a flurry of punches before Hettes is able to spin out. Hettes working the jab well this round. Hettes is able to clinch and immediately get a trip takedown. Hettes lands a couple of elbows but Brimage is able to scramble out and up. Jumping knee by Hettes rocks Brimage. Hettes gets another takedown. Hettes goes for a guillotine, Brimage scrambles out but gives up his back. Brimage works hard to escape but Hettes does a nice job staying on his back and controlling him. Brimage gets up to his feet and pushes Hettes away. Hettes tags Brimage with a couple of straight punches but then gets shrugged away when he tries a takedown. Brimage swarms and misses to end the round. Another entertaining round. Hettes takes it with his ground control and work on the feet.


ROUND THREE: Brumage continues to work the body and now he’s added leg kicks. Brimage lands some good over the top lefts. Hettes is moving forward with straight punches. Hettes is bleeding behind the ear. Brimage lands back-to-back lefts. They don’t have the power they had in round one, but they’re scoring. Hettes tries a takedown but Brimage easily avoids it and lands some more punches. Hettes keeps moving forward, but he’s also eating the majority of punches. Brimage continues to work the leg kicks. A lot of swinging and missing to end the round. Very fun scrap overall. Hettes was the aggressor in the last round but Brimage easily landed the better strikes.

SCORECARD: 29-28 Brimage

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Marcus Brimage by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

Welterweight bout: Lance Benoist (6-1) vs. Sean Pierson (12-6)

ROUND ONE: Benoist comes out swinging but Pierson slows things down with a clinch. Benoist doing a good job with leg and body kicks but he gets caught on a body kick and dropped. Benoist quickly up but he ate some punches getting to his feet. Pierson doing a nice job countering the kicks with punches. Pierson catches a kick and shoves Benoist down. Pierson jumps into guard and lands a couple of punches before fighting off an omoplata. Benoist gets to his feet. Pierson lands a couple of body shots before stumbling Benoist a bit with a left. A clinch goes nowhere and they break. Pierson continues to do a good job countering kicks with punches as the round ends. Good round for Pierson, who landed the better punches and spent some time on top.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Pierson

ROUND TWO: Pierson lands a quick flurry before clinching up and quickly breaking. Benoist lands a couple of kicks before trying a takedown, but Pierson reverses and lands on top. Pierson grabs a front head lock as Benoist tries to get up and drags him back down. Benoist gets up but eats a knee and a punch for his troubles. Benoist tries some wacky jumping hammerfist and eats a right hand that stumbles him. Pierson landing cleaner and more frequently as the round continues on. Benoist explodes with a combo but it amounts to nothing. Pierson tries a last second takedown but it’s easily shrugged away. Less action this round, but still a nice job by Pierson landing the cleaner punches.

SCORECARD: 20-18 Pierson

ROUND THREE: Slow start to the round as neither man can land anything clean. Pierson doing a nice job landing and not sticking around for the counter while Benoist is throwing wild punches and getting countered. Pierson doing a nice job with his jab to throw off the timing off Benoist. Benoist trying to go back to his leg kicks, but Pierson still countering. A left makes Pierson do the chicken dance. Benoist pounces on him and drops him. Benoist unleashes a flurry of ground and pound and it looked like Pierson was out but he survives. Benoist drops down elbows. Pierson gives up his back and escapes to his feet. Benoist charges after him but Pierson clinches up and rides out the final 10 seconds. Benoist took the round with that near ending sequence, but I don’t think it’ll be enough.

SCORECARD: 29-28 Pierson

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Sean Pierson by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

Lightweight bout: Evan Dunham (13-2) vs. T.J. Grant (18-5)

ROUND ONE: Dunham scoring with the lead uppercut-left hand combo. Grant returning fire with a good lead left hook. Dunham scores with a couple of punches over the top before eating a knee in the clinch. Big exchanges by both men by Dunham landing with more frequency. Grant is scoring with his fair share of punches through. These two are just throwing bombs and continuing to walk forward. Dunham is connecting with the lead uppercut at will but Grant continues to take it and fire right back. A couple of nice elbows in the clinch by Grant followed by a combo on the break. Grant turning up the aggression but that leads to a Dunham takedown. Dunham swings and misses with some punches as the round ends. No defense necessary in that round as both guys just threw down. Close round, but I think the takedown will sway the judges.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Dunham

ROUND TWO: They pick up where they left off in round one, and that’s eating punches and returning fire. Grant continues to be the aggressor though. Grant lands a knee in the clinch that opens up a nice cut on the forehead of Dunham. Dunham pays no attention to it and continues to throw his lead uppercut-right hand combo. Dunham lands some big punches as Grant tries to clinch but Grant takes them and comes back with some big punches on his own. Grant lands a big knee and Dunham responds by walking forward and yelling. Grant punches him again for his trouble. Grant seemed to swing the momentum with that knee. Dunham scores with another takedown late in the round. Grant gets up and now he eats a knee. Dunham tries another takedown but the round ends. Another close round but Grant did much more damage on the feet and that negated the late takedown.


ROUND THREE: Dunham comes out firing with a barrage of punches and ends with a head kick. Grant seems to be slowing down, but Dunham doesn’t care enough about defense to pick his shots. Dunham getting busy with his jab now. Grant still landing his fair share of punches as Dunham is justing willing to exchange. Grant landing some good body shots as Dunham continues to get the better of the chin punches. They both fail on a takedown attempt in between trading leather. Grant doing a nice job catching the body kick but Dunham still throws even on one leg. Dunham gets another late round takedown. Dunham lands a couple of good short punches as the round ends. If you like dudes hitting each other in the face, you’ll love this fight. Very close fight overall, but the late takedown probably solidified a round that I already had going to Dunham. Scores should be very interesting.

SCORECARD: 29-28 Dunham

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – TJ Grant by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Light Heavyweight bout: Vinny Magalhaes (15-5, 1 NC) vs. Igor Pokrajac (25-8)

ROUND ONE: They clinch early and Magalhaes lands some short knees to the body as Pokrajac pushes him into the cage. Magalhaes trips Pokrajac down to the ground. Magalhaes lands a couple of elbows and beautifully passes to side control. Magalhaes tries an armbar but Pokrajac swivels out and ends up in the guard of Magalhaes. Magalhaes tries to control him from his guard but Pokrajac gets to his feet and lets him up. They clinch again. Pokrajac lands a right on the break that stumbles Magalhaes and has him diving for a takedown as the round ends. The late stumble won’t be enough for Pokrajac to take the round as Magalhaes dominated the majority of it on the ground.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Magalhaes

ROUND TWO: Another quick clinch and Pokrajac throws him to the ground but Magalhaes immediately looks to lock up a triangle. Magalhaes switches to an armbar, flips Pokrajac to his back, and gets the tap out. Beautiful jiu-jitsu by the black belt.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Vinny Magalhaes by Submission (Armbar) at 1:14 in Round Two


Featherweight bout: Charles Oliveira (16-2, 1 NC) vs. Cub Swanson (17-5)

ROUND ONE: Swanson lands a couple of good left hands before Oliveira scores with a big takedown. Swanson takes minimal damage on the ground before getting up to his feet. Swanson winging punches and missing while Oliveira throwing good straight punches. Swanson lands some good body shots and then follows up with a right hand. Oliveira just stands there and…..falls down. Swanson goes to rush him but the ref recognizes that Oliveira is done and pushes Swanson away. A weird ending, but Swanson packs a hell of a punch.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Cub Swanson by KO (Punch) at 2:40 in Round One

Light Heavyweight bout: Matt Hamill (10-4) vs. Roger Hollett (13-3)

ROUND ONE: Hamill comes out quickly. Hamill tries to work the jab while Hollett looks to counter with a left hook. Hollett lands a good left to the body. Hamill still keeps his hands by his waist. Hamill doubling up with his jab and throwing some leg kicks as well. Crowd boos as not much happens on the feet. Hamill doing a nice job covering when Hollett throws. Hamill grabs a single, dumps Hollett on the ground, and quickly takes the back. Hollett turtles up as Hamill pounds away. Hollett tries to get up but Hamill keeps him down and continues to punch him. Hollett manages to survive and get to his feet but he took a beating. Hollett lands a nice body shot as the round ends though. Good round for Hamill once he got the takedown, but he may have punched himself out.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Hamill

ROUND TWO: Both guys look pretty tired as the round starts. Hollett looking to go to the body some more in this round. Hollett throws a sloppy kick to the body and Hamill gets an easy takedown. Hamill does nothing on the ground though and Hollett pushes him away and gets up. Crowd boos as nothing happens. Hamill tries a weak takedown that Hollett easily avoids. Hollett landing some decent body shots but they’re few and far between. Hollett tries a spinning back fist but misses. Hamill gets the back standing and slams him down. This round sucked. Hamill got two takedowns but did nothing with them. Hollett at least landed something on the feet, but not much. I guess we’ll give it to Hollett.


ROUND THREE: Both guys swing and miss to start the round. Hamill scores with a takedown. Hollett tries to get up but Hamill gets back side control against the cage. Hamill lands some short punches and hammerfists while maintaining control. Hollett takes a beating but gets to his feet, where Hamill immediately gets another takedown. The ref stands them up as nothing happens. Hamill with another easy takedown into guard. That’ll do it for this fight. Should be an easy victory for Hamill, who dominated rounds 1 and 3.

SCORECARD: 29-28 Hamill

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Matt Hamill by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Middleweight bout: Michael Bisping (22-4) vs. Brian Stann (12-4)

ROUND ONE: They clinch early and trade positions against the cage. They trade short knees before breaking. Bisping using his jab well and putting a straight behind it. Stann looking for the right hand but Bisping doing a nice job avoiding it. Bisping very accurate with his jab. Bisping tries a takedown but Stann stays upright. They clinch and Bisping lands a nice elbow on the break Stann lands a good body shot and just misses with the head shot. They trade groin shots but continue on. Stann doing a nice job using leg kicks. The left eye of Stann starting to swell from all those jabs. Bisping tries a late round takedown but Stann stuffs it and lands a big right that wobbles Bisping. Stann tries to follow up but Bisping clinches and survives the round. Very close round, Bisping was winning until he got wobbled and since he didn’t go down and look too hurt, I still think he won the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Bisping

ROUND TWO: Bisping still very accurate with his jab. Bisping shoots and power slams Stann down and into side control. Stann sweeps him over though and ends up in the guard of Bisping. They trade front headlock control before both men get up and clinch. Rogan says Stann was complaining about a thumb to the eye, but the ref didn’t see it. Bisping now putting a nice straight behind his jab. Bisping picking Stann apart with his jab and straight. Another takedown by Bisping into side control. Bisping lands some short elbows as the round ends. Very good round for Bisping.

SCORECARD: 20-18 Bisping

ROUND THREE: Bisping scores with an early takedown but Stann pops right back up and swings away but Bisping covers well. Stann lands some good leg kicks, but Bisping keeps pecking away with his jab. Stann stuffs a takedown and tries to land an elbow on the break but Bisping covers and then connects again with the jab-straight. Stann stuffs another takedown and lands some good knees to the body. Stann lands some good punches but Bisping gets a takedown with 30 seconds left. Stann gets up and lands a left. Bisping tries another takedown but Stann stuffs it and tries to swing away as the round ends. Good fight and closer than the score may indicate, but Bisping did enough in all three rounds to take this one.

SCORECARD: 30-27 Bisping

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Michael Bisping by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

Flyweight Title bout: Joseph Benavidez (16-2) vs. Demetrious Johnson (15-2-1)

ROUND ONE: Swinging and missing early before they clinch and trade short knees to the body. Benavidez presses forward with punches and clinches. Johnson lands a couple of good knees on the break. Johnson lands a good straight as Benavidez tries a body kick. Benavidez very reckless and Johnson making him pay with strikes. Johnson doing a good job avoiding the winging punches of Benavidez and stuffing the takedown. Benavidez doing a nice job landing body shots. Johnson landing a very good counter right and then follows with a couple knees to the body as Benavidez clinches. Benavidez rolls for a knee bar at the end of the round but Johnson stuffs it and ends up on top as the round ends. Very good round for Johnson, who has Benavidez a bit confused with his speed.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Johnson

ROUND TWO: Wild exchange to start the round but nothing lands clean. Johnson lands a leg kick but Benavidez returns fire with a leg kick and a right. Benavidez gets inside with a couple of rights but Johnson breaks away. Johnson continues to use his speed to just avoid the strikes of Benavidez. Benavidez tries a takedown but Johnson stuffs it and makes him pay with strikes. Johnson slips behind Benavidez and gets the back, but Benavidez spins out. Benavidez lands a couple of power shots, including a big right as the round ends. Pretty close round, but I don’t think Benavidez’s late power shots were enough to give him the round.

SCORECARD: 20-18 Johnson

ROUND THREE: Benavidez continues to be the aggressor but Johnson continues to use his speed to just slip. Benavidez is cut on the side of his left eye thanks to the counter right of Johnson. The crowd starts to boo. This fight isn’t bad, but it’s clear that the crowd doesn’t care about these two. Benavidez gets a takedown off a leg kick but Johnson is immediately up. A short clinch goes nowhere and they break. Benavidez scores with a nice combo. Benavidez complains about an eye poke but the ref says he didn’t see it, so the fight continues. Benavidez keeps up the aggression and scores to end the round. Another close round but a slight edge to Benavidez.

SCORECARD: 29-28 Benavidez

ROUND FOUR: Benavidez drops Johnson with a right and and pounces on him. Benavidez immediately looks to lock in a guillotine. Benavidez has full mount but only one arm under the chin. Benavidez gives up on it and Johnson nearly sweeps him with a leg lock. Benavidez stays on top though and in half guard. Benavidez looks for a side choke but Johnson escapes and gets to his feet. They clinch and Benavidez tries a throw but Johnson ends up on top. Benavidez quickly up though and they separate after a quick clinch. Johnson tries a takedown but Benavidez scrambles up and they exchange strikes. Johnson gets a takedown and moves to side control with 30 seconds left. Johnson works the body of Benavidez as the round ends. Excellent round of action. Johnson came back strong, but I think Benavidez still edged it.


ROUND FIVE: A lot of swinging and missing to start but Johnson stops that with a couple of takedowns. Benavidez pops right back up on both of them though. Johnson back to using his speed to move and counter when Benavidez presses forward. Johnson with another takedown and again Benavidez gets up without taking any damage though. Benavidez lands a good left. Johnson avoids a takedown and then lands a kick. Crowd boos again but there has been plenty of action. Johnson continues to counter well and avoid the takedowns of Benavidez. Benavidez scores with a flurry. Johnson slips and counters as the round ends. Very close round and fight, but Johnson landed the more significant punches and scored a few takedowns to take the round and the fight.

SCORECARD: 48-47 Johnson

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – NEW UFC FLYWEIGHT CHAMPION Demetrious Johnson by Split Decision (48-47, 47-48, 49-46)

Light Heavyweight Title bout: Jon Jones (16-1) vs. Vitor Belfort (21-9)

ROUND ONE: Jones does his usual crawl and Belfort swings with a kick. Jones shoots and gets the takedown. Belfort grabs a hold of Jones and controls his posture. Belfort goes for an armbar but Jones powers his way out and lands an elbow. That was a little scare for Jones though. Jones cuts open Belfort with a couple more elbows. Belfort tries for another armbar but Jones easily escapes this time. More elbows by Jones from the guard. Jones very methodical with his ground and pound. Jones passes to side control as the round ends. Dominant round for Jones minus the armbar attempt.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Jones

ROUND TWO: Jones tries a spinning elbow but Belfort blocks it. Belfort fires off a head kick and two punches but Jones blocks and moves. Jones continues to use the front kick to the lead knee. Jones with some big swings but misses. Jones keeping Belfort at bay with his kicks. Jones avoids a couple of punches and clinches. Belfort lands a knee and then pulls guard. Jones lands a couple of elbows followed by some shoulder shrugs. Belfort goes for a desperation triangle as the round ends but runs out of time. Another easy round for Jones.

SCORECARD: 20-18 Jones

ROUND THREE: Head kick by Jones followed by a body kick. Jones lands a side kick to the body and Belfort falls to the ground. Jones falls into his guard. Belfort ties him up nicely so Jones just backs away and stands up. Belfort trying to swing his way inside but Jones covers nicely and continues to use kicks. Belfort clinches and pulls guard again. Belfort tying up Jones and avoiding ground and pound, but not doing anything off his back. Jones passes to half guard and drops elbows. Belfort regains guard but eats another elbow as the round ends. More of the same.

SCORECARD: 30-27 Jones

ROUND FOUR: Belfort throws a head kick and then fires off uppercuts as Jones clinches. Jones tosses him to the ground and into side control though. Jones fires off a series of elbows before locking up an americana for the victory. Domination.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – STILL UFC LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: Jon Jones by Submission (Americana) at 0:54 in Round Four


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