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411’s UFC 154: St-Pierre vs Carlos Condit Report 11.17.12

November 18, 2012 | Posted by Mark Radulich

UFC 154: St-Pierre vs. Condit
Bell Centre
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Champ Georges St-Pierre (170) vs. interim champ Carlos Condit (169) (welterweight-title unification)
Johny Hendricks (171) vs. Martin Kampmann (171)
Tom Lawlor (184) vs. Francis Carmont (185)
Mark Hominick (145) vs. Pablo Garza (145)
Mark Bocek (156) vs. Rafael dos Anjos (155)
Constantinos Philippou (185) vs. Nick Ring (184) Nick Ring fell ill and will not be able to compete.


Patrick Cote (185) vs. Alessio Sakara (186)
Cyrille Diabate (206) vs. Chad Griggs (205)
John Makdessi (155) vs. Sam Stout (154)
Antonio Carvalho (145) vs. Rodrigo Damm (145)

PRELIMINARY CARD – Facebook, 6:20 p.m. ET

John Maguire (171) vs. Matt Riddle (170)
Azamat Gashimov (135) vs. Ivan Menjivar (135)
Darren Elkins (145) vs. Steven Siler (145)


We are live at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan are of course on the mic tonight as we go to the octagon for our first fight.


Featherweight bout: Darren Elkins (145) vs. Steven Siler (145)

ROUND ONE: Elkins gets a few shots off first. Siler tries to tie him up. They clash, Siler lands some knees but eats right hook from Elkins. Elkins presses Siler against the fence. Elkins gets him down. Elkins gets to side control. Siler defends and moves Elkins back to guard. Elkins delivers some vicious ground and pound. Elkins passes guard and gets to side control. Siler continues to defend and gets to half guard. Siler gets to his feet but Elkins tackles him again. Elkins thus far has outstruck Siler. Elkins goes for guillotine. Siler survives the first round.

SCORECARD: Elkins 10-9

ROUND TWO: Elkins gets off first again, Siler counters with a kick and is taken down. Elkins tries for a neck crank. Elkins stands in his guard and gets up kicked in the mush. Elkins passes guard and locks up a one-armed rear-naked choke. Siler defends and Elkins has to let it go. Elkins has Siler in a body triangle and he’s working him over with punches. Siler is just trying to get out of this round. Elkins locks up another guillotine and Siler nearly taps out. Siler tries to punch his way out. Siler is saved by the buzzer.

SCORECARD: Elkins 10-9

ROUND THREE: Siler looks early for the KO hook. Elkins fakes a shot. Elkins connects with a straight right. Elkins shoots for a takedown and Siler knees him in the face. It doesn’t matter as Siler goes down anyway. Siler can’t land much and he leaves himself open for yet another takedown. Elkins works Siler over from half guard. Siler attacks with Mission Control. Elkins postures up and Siler gets to his feet. Elkins takes him down again. Elkins shoots, Siler sprawls and that’s all she wrote.

SCORECARD:Elkins 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Darren Elkins by unanimous decision (30-27X3).

Bantamweight bout: Azamat Gashimov (135) vs. Ivan Menjivar (135)

ROUND ONE: Inside leg kick from Gashimov to start. Menjivar goes to the body. Menjivar comes forward and eats a few shots from Gashimov. Gashimov gets a takedown. Menjivar goes for an armbar. Gashimov stands up and dives back in, taking a kick to the face in the process. Gashimov tries an Ezekiel Choke, according to Rogan. Menjivar locks up another armbar, Gashimov tries to slam his way out of it but no dice. Menjivar submits the Russian!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Ivan Menjivar by submission (armbar) at 2:44 of the first round.

Welterweight bout: John Maguire (171) vs. Matt Riddle (170)

ROUND ONE: Lots of circling to start off with. Both men are rather tentative. Body kick from Riddle. Riddle sticks his jab out there. Leg kick from Riddle is nearly caught. Maguire is having difficulty landing anything of significance. Riddle tries some sort of jump kick and falls all over himself. Riddle throws another kick, Maguire catches it and RIddle runs into the fence trying to get away from him. Maguire tries for takedown but can’t get it.

SCORECARD: Riddle 10-9

ROUND TWO: Maguire lands a leg kick. Riddle hits him against the fence and ties him up. Both men are flicking punches but aren’t hitting anything. Maguire throws a kick to the body, Riddle catches it and knocks him down. Riddle works from full guard. He stands over Maguire until the ref stands them up. They tie up against the fence again. Maguire sprawls and we have a bit of a brawl to end round 2.

SCORECARD: Riddle 10-9

ROUND THREE: The fighters resume their striking sparring session. Riddle tries to move in and do some damage. This fight is so boring Rogan and Goldberg are talking about Jones vs Rampage. Riddle tags Maguire a few times. Maguire tries to take him down but Riddle defends. They tie up against the fence for the remainder of the round.

SCORECARD: Riddle 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Matt Riddle by unanimous decision (30-27X2, 29-28).

OK so what exactly did Maguire think he was accomplishing during that fight? I mean, how do you go through an entire camp and then get to the fight and do next to nothing. Sigh, I don’t get it.


Featherweight bout: Antonio Carvalho (145) vs. Rodrigo Damm (145)

ROUND ONE: Thirty seconds and we have a hell of a staring contest. Carvalho throws a leg kick. Damm moves in, can’t find the target. Another leg kick from Carvalho. Damm fires back with a leg kick. Both fighters are content to kick each other in the leg. Carvalho misses a high kick. Damm misses a straight right. More exchanges of leg kicks. Damm flicks his jab, misses. Carvalho goes high again. Damm lands a left to the chin. One last kick makes Damm buckle and we’re done with round 1.

SCORECARD: Carvalho 10-9

ROUND TWO: Carvalho resumes attacking the leg of Damm. Front kick from Damm. Carvalho is able to kick Damm all day long. Another front kick from Damm. Carvalho falls over throwing a kick, Damm tries to take his back and Carvalho defends, getting back to his feet. Damm comes forward winging punches but he’s not landing anything. Left hook from Damm, Carvalho answers with a pair of kicks. Damm momentarily picks up the pace of his strikes. Carvalho cracks him in the face as the buzzer sounds.

SCORECARD: Carvalho 10-9

ROUND THREE: Carvalho resumes kicking Damm in the leg. Damm cannot seem to find his distance. Carvalho lands more kicks to the leg. Damm throws a hard kick back. Damm finally starts to unload some rights on Carvalho. Carvalho counters. Damm is starting to break through Carvalho’s defense. Carvalho throws a glancing head kick. There’s about a minute left and unless Damm knocks Carvalho’s head off, he’s most assuredly lost this fight. Thirty seconds left and Damm is not fighting with any sense of urgency at all. Carvalho throws a flying knee to end the round.

SCORECARD: Carvalho 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Antonio Carvalho by split decision (29-28X2, 29-28 – Damm).

Well now I’m fascinated. In what way did one of those judges think that Damm won the fight?

Lightweight bout: John Makdessi (155) vs. Sam Stout (154)

ROUND ONE: Stout starts off throwing lots of jabs. Makdessi tries a side kick but almost gets his face smashed in. Makdessi lands a jab. Stout over commits on an overhand right and eats a shot from Makdessi. Side kick lands this time from Makdessi. Right hand from Stout finds its mark. Stout goes to the body. Stout lands a leg kick, Makdessi catches it and counters. Stout with a half-hearted takedown attempt. Makdessi lands kick to the body. Makdessi lands another jab. Spinning back kick from Makdessi. Stout is desperately trying to end this early with a big KO.

SCORECARD: Makdessi 10-9

ROUND TWO: Makdessi continues to pick Stout apart with the jab. Stout throws a pair of overhand rights but they aren’t landing. Stout bull rushes Makdessi and momentarily tackles him. Head kick from Stout. Stout eats a pair of lefts trying to get inside. Stout lands a jab. Makdessi lands another side kick to the torso. Stout ducks a shot and attempts a takedown.

SCORECARD: Makdessi 10-9

ROUND THREE: Spinning back kick from Makdessi. Stout over commits again on a right and absorbs a hard counter hook. Makdessi shrugs off a kick from Stout. Stout can’t seem to cut the cage off from Makdessi. Makdessi lands a kick to the face. Makdessi is able to pick Stout apart with ease. Stout tries for another takedown and faceplants. Stout continues to throw lots of strikes but Makdessi is evading and countering without issue. Stout fails another takedown attempt. Makdessi lands a few more shots and we’re done.

SCORECARD: Makdessi 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – John Makdessi by decision (30-27X2, 29-28).

Light Heavyweight bout: Cyrille Diabate (206) vs. Chad Griggs (205)

ROUND ONE: Griggs rushes forward throws knees to the body. Diabate drops Griggs with a shot to the nose. Diabate tries to grapple with Griggs and gets to side control. Griggs pushes him off and Diabate takes him down again. Sigh. Griggs eats a pair of knees to the face. Griggs picks him up and dumps him. Diabate holds him against the fence, takes his back and finishes him with a rear-naked choke. Now I’m a sad panda.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Cyrille Diabate by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:24 of round 1.

As much as I love good ole Muttonchops, I would not be surprised to see him cut after this. Ashes to ashes…

Middleweight bout: Patrick Cote (185) vs. Alessio Sakara (186)

ROUND ONE: Cote starts off throwing jabs and leg kicks. Sakara lands a jab. They clash and Cote unloads all over Sakara! Sakara nails Cote with a series of elbows! Sakara goes caveman all over Cote with flurry of hammerfists! It’s over! During the instant replay it is clear Sakara hit him at least 4 times in the back of the head.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Patrick Cote by DQ at 1:26 of round 1.

That’s a shame but the right call was made.


Featherweight bout: Mark Hominick (145) vs. Pablo Garza (145)

ROUND ONE: Both come out swinging. They exchange leg kicks. Garza throws a flying knee. Garza is effectively using his reach, scoring with front kicks. Hominick throws a quick combo. Hominick is keeping up the pressure, pushing forward. Hominick stuns Garza with a straight right. Garza attempts a takedown, Hominick reverses but Garza goes for an armbar. Garza kicks Hominick off of him. Hominick drops Garza with a hook to the body! Garza gets to his feet and cuts Hominick! Hominick is a mess! Great first round!

SCORECARD: Garza 10-9

ROUND TWO: Garza throws a fancy jump kick. Garza takes Hominick down. Hominick puts Garza into his guard. Garza tenderizes Hominick from the guard position. Hominick eats a bunch of elbows. Garza postures up and smashes Hominick. Garza continues to control and dominate Hominick for the remainder of the round.

SCORECARD: Garza 10-8

ROUND THREE: The fighters trade pretty evenly to start. Garza attempts a takedown, doesn’t get but then tries again and now Hominick is in trouble. Hominick tries to shrimp out or maybe get a submission from the back but Garza won’t give it to him. Garza keeps up the pressure on the ground. Hominick slaps him in the back of the head a few times. Hominick escapes but Garza chases him down and gets to half guard. Hominick attempts an armbar but he can’t get it.

SCORECARD: Garza 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Pablo Garza by unanimous decision (29-27, 30-26, 29-28) .

Lightweight bout: Mark Bocek (156) vs. Rafael dos Anjos (155)

ROUND ONE: They clash in the center of the octagon and go careening into the cage. Bocek gets a kick as they break away. DA attacks the leg of Bocek. Bocek presses DA against the fence. DA lands a few knees before breaking away from Bocek. DA lands stiff uppercut. Bocek lands a head kick and falls over. Bocek tries for a single leg. DA lands a knee and follows with flying knee that misses. Bocek tries for another takedown. DA continues to light up Bocek.

SCORECARD: Dos Anjos 10-9

ROUND TWO: And moments into this round Bocek punts Dos Anjos in the nuts. And we’re back, dos Anjos takes Bocek down. Bocek tries for a kimura, loses it and DA puts him in one. Dos Anjos is able to control Bocek and keep him at his mercy. After taking a beating, Bocek is able to get back to this feet. Dos Anjos stuffs another takedown. DA takes his back and pounds on him. Bocek gets to his feet but dos Anjos picks him up and drops him down. Bocek gets back to his feet. Another kick from DA ends the round.

SCORECARD: Dos Anjos 10-9

ROUND THREE: DA comes out fast and furious against Bocek. He even tries a superman punch. DA stuffs another takedown and they end up clinched against the fence. DA picks him and slams him down again. Bocek gets back to his feet. Bocek misses another takedown. They clinch against the fence. The ref stands them up. DA is basically clowning Bocek now. He’s playing around, throwing some fancy strikes because he knows the UD is in the bag.

SCORECARD: Dos Anjos 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Rafael dos Anjos by unanimous decision (30-27X3).

Middleweight bout: Tom Lawlor (184) vs. Francis Carmont (185)

ROUND ONE: Carmont sticks his jab in Lawlor’s face. Lawlor presses him agains the fence. Carmont knees him. Lawlor switches to a single. Carmont reverses but Lawlor spins him back. The ref breaks them up. Carmont lands a pair of body kicks. He stuffs a takedown from Lawlor. Lawlor lands a right. He presses him against the fence, much to the chagrin of the ref apparently who demands they be more exciting. He lands a left as Carmont breaks away. Another body kick from Carmont. Carmont lands a punch in the nose, follows with a body kick. Lawlor jumps guard and goes for a guillotine. Carmont gets his head, lands an elbow before the horn sounds.

SCORECARD: Lawlor 10-9

ROUND TWO: Leg kick from Carmont. Both men miss with wild swings. Lawlor ducks a punch, tries to lock him and takes a knee to the face. Carmont throws a three punch combo to break away again. Carmont big brothers Lawlor, using his reach effectively. Lawlor finally smacks him and pushes him in to the fence. Carmont lands a left hook but Lawlor takes him down. Carmont gets back to his feet. Carmont takes a knee from Lawlor. Lawlor takes him down again. Lawlor passes to side control. Another guillotine attempt by Lawlor. Carmont escapes to end the round.

SCORECARD: Lawlor 10-9

ROUND THREE: The fighters come out swinging to start off the third round. Lawlor presses him against the fence. Despite the fact that Lawlor was working, the ref breaks them up anyway. Sigh. Lawlor slips Carmont’s strikes and ties him up. Lawlor pushes him agains the fence. Carmont knees him and they break apart. Lawlor blocks a kick. We have a bit a brawl going on. Both men are winging punches at each other. Foot stomps from Lawlor.

SCORECARD: Lawlor 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Francis Carmont by split decision (29-28 Lawlor, 29-28X2 Carmont).

I think Dana White said it best on Twitter: Who cares! They both lost that fight.

Welterweight bout: Johny Hendricks (171) vs. Martin Kampmann (171)

ROUND ONE: Kampann starts off with a high kick. Hendricks comes forward with a flurry of lefts. Kampmann comes forward OH MY GOD!!! JOHNNY MOTHER FUCKING HENDRICKS JUST KNOCKED MARTIN KAMPMANN THE BUCGAW OUT!!! Hot dog, Hot dog, hot diggity dog!!! OK so he set it up with the right and blasted him with the left. Kampmann fell over like a tree and that was that. Mr. Hendricks, the First Round Finish Club salutes you!

Now unfortunately you poor bastard, you still won’t get a title shot because GSP will be busy with Silva. Sigh.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Johnny Hendricks by KO at 0:46 of round 1.

Fear the beard bitches!


Welterweight Title bout: Champ Georges St-Pierre (170) vs. interim champ Carlos Condit (169)

ROUND ONE: GSP lands a kick to start. GSP tries to establish his jab early. Condit is doing a lot of circling. He tries an overhand right. He throws it again. Condit lands a jab. GSP shoots for a takedown. Condit is on his back and he’s employing Mission Control. Condit tries for an armbar. GSP pulls away. GSP moves to half guard. He postures up and punches Condit. Condit keeps trying to sweep but GSP isn’t giving him much room to get away. Condit gets back to his feet as the round ends. Condit is cut open due to an elbow.


ROUND TWO: Condit comes forward with a series of strikes but GSP defends. Condit ducks kick and lands a punch in the body. Condit is throwing a lot of strikes but he’s not having much success. GSP is doing a good job of evading. GSP counters, counters, and takes Condit down again. He’s elbowing him from half guard. GSP continues to do damage from the guard position. Condit gets back to his feet but eats a punch in the process.


ROUND THREE: GSP hits an inside leg kick. Condit nails GSP with a kick to the head! He’s all over him! Condit is elbowing GSP from the guard position! GSP gets back to his feet. GSP is pissed now! He peppers him with shots and takes him down. GSP works him over, Condit can’t get away. Condit finally gets back to his feet. Condit tries for a standing kimura but GSP muscles out of it, putting Condit on his back. GSP looks to be working for an arm triangle.


ROUND FOUR: Condit lands a kick but GSP counters. GSP comes forward again and takes Condit down. GSP works from half guard. GSP and Condit are battling back and forth on the ground. Condit looks for a knee bar. Condit tries for a triangle. GSP breaks out of it. Condit and GSP stand up, Condit reverses and takes top position. GSP out muscles him again and puts him on his back.


ROUND FIVE: Condit takes the advice of his corner and gets some leg kicks off early. GSP rushes Condit and takes him down. Condit gets back to his feet and side kicks GSP. Condit is scoring with punches. Left hand from Condit. GSP lands a combo and takes him down. Condit gives up his back. They scramble and GSP ends up back in full guard. They fight to the bitter end!


OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION – Georges St-Pierre by unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45X2).

GSP states that he needs to take a vacation and think about what he wants to do next vis a vis Anderson Silva or defending the WW title.

Remember we will be talking about this show and more tomorrow at 11:00AM on the 411 Ground and Pound Radio Show.

Until then, be good, be safe and behave.


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