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411’s UFC on FOX 3 Report 5.05.12

May 5, 2012 | Posted by Wyatt Beougher

UFC on FOX 3: Miller vs Diaz

Nate Diaz (15-7-0, 156 lbs) vs. Jim Miller (21-3-0, 156 lbs)
Johny Hendricks (12-1-0, 170.5 lbs) vs. Josh Koscheck (19-5-0, 170.5 lbs)
Alan Belcher (16-5-0, 186 lbs) vs. Rousimar Palhares (23-3-0, 186 pounds)
Pat Barry (7-4-0, 244 lbs) vs. Lavar Johnson (16-5-0, 253 lbs)

Tony Ferguson (14-2-0, 154.5 lbs) vs. Michael Johnson (11-6-0, 156 lbs)
John Dodson (13-5-0, 126 lbs) vs. Tim Elliott (8-2-1, 125 lbs)
John Hathaway (15-1-0, 169 lbs) vs. Pascal Krauss (10-0-0, 169 lbs)
Louis Gaudinot (5-2-0, 126 lbs) vs. John Lineker (19-5-0, 127 lbs)
Danny Castillo (13-4-0, 155 lbs) vs. John Cholish (8-1-0, 155.5 lbs)
Dennis Bermudez (8-3-0, 145.5 lbs) vs. Pablo Garza (12-2-0, 145 lbs)

Roland Delorme (7-1-0, 135 lbs) vs. Nick Denis (11-2-0, 135 lbs)
Mike Massenzio (13-6-0, 184 lbs) vs. Karlos Vemola (9-2-0, 185 lbs)

Hey 411 readers, welcome to 411’s full report of the UFC on FOX 3, which features a pair of potential title eliminators, as Dana White has said that both Diaz and Hendricks will be in line for title shots with impressive wins tonight, while their opponents, Miller and Koscheck, respectively, would still likely be one fight away. On paper, this looks like a great card, as there are a lot of interesting match-ups and the main event should be 25 solid minutes of action from two guys who just won’t quit. If you’re curious about the staff picks, you can find them here.

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Middleweight bout: Mike Massenzio (13-6-0, 184 lbs) vs. Karlos Vemola (9-2-0, 185 lbs)

ROUND ONE: My apologies, as my Facebook feed keeps freezing and I’m finally getting some decent smoothness as the first round ends. From listening to Goldberg and Rogan, which is always dangerous, Massenzio won the first round striking, but all I saw was Vemola’s big slam to end the round. The replay seems to agree with Goldy and Rogan, though.

SCORECARD: Massenzio, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves, and Massenzio with a nice combination early, and Vemola answers with a punch of his own. Vemola comes in with an overhand right and he’s working from a ducking position and throwing strikes at Massenzio’s head to try for the takedown. Massenzio defends well and Vemola ends up in a sprawl position before looking for a Peruvian necktie. That goes nowhere, so Vemola spins around and locks in a rear naked choke and Massenzio taps!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Karlos Vemola, Submission (Rear naked choke, Round 2, 1:07)

We see Nick Denis warming up, then some crowd shots, and then just a darkened Octagon for several minutes, then back to some drunk guys in the crowd with UFC on FOX shirts, then some drunk guys without UFC on FOX shirts…I’ve got news for Zuffa, this is just as painful as the break at Invicta before their last two fights.

Bantamweight bout: Roland Delorme (7-1-0, 135 lbs) vs. Nick Denis (11-2-0, 135 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Delorme comes out swinging, but misses Denis. Denis lands a couple of punches and Delorme shoots to no avail. They clinch and Denis starts working knees, and as they separate Denis lands a nice punch and elbow combination. Delorme with a nice counter and they trade and back into the clinch. Delorme looks for a trip takedown but Denis ends up taking him down and looking for some ground and pound. Delorme stands up and then drops back down. As he starts with the ground and pound again, Delorme looks for an armbar, but Denis slams him and lands another big shot on the ground. They get back to their feet and clinch again and Denis lands a big knee. They break and start trading again, and then back to the clinch and Denis lands a big knee that stuns Delorme. Delorme clinches, lands an elbow, and then eats another knee. Denis follows it up with another knee and he then takes Delorme down. Delorme working from open guard and looks for another armbar but Denis stands up and lets Delorme up. Delorme is landing punches at will now and he has Denis rocked. Denis clinches this time and Delorme lands a trip takedown. They scramble and Delorme locks in a rear naked choke and Denis taps with seconds left in the round!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Roland Delorme, Submission (Rear naked choke, Round 1, 4;59)

That was an intense fight; a full five minutes of back and forth action that saw both guys rocked and an awesome finish that I was pretty confident wasn’t going to happen before the round ended. The 411 unanimous pick curse strikes Nick Denis, will the other guys picked unanimously (Castillo, Hathaway, Dodson, Ferguson, or Miller) succumb to the curse as well?


Jay Glazer, Kenny Florian, and Benson Henderson are hosting the preliminary show, and they break down the fights and do an “In Memory Of” moment for Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys, who passed away yesterday.

Featherweight bout: Dennis Bermudez (8-3-0, 145.5 lbs) vs. Pablo Garza (12-2-0, 145 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Garza has a massive height and reach advantage, but Bermudez with a big punch and a slam takedown, but Garza has Bermudez’ neck in half-guard. Bermudez gets his head free and gets back to his feet, and he’s got Garza’s neck this time. Bermudez throwing knees to Garza’s thighs and Garza starts checking them. They break and Garza lands a couple of knees of his own before Bermudez clinches and presses him against the cage. Bermudez with another huge slam and he passes guard, but Garza looks for a triangle from the bottom. They scramble and Garza throwing elbows to the top of Bermudez’ head while Bermudez throws punches to the body. Bermudez stands up and eats and upkick, and then another, and then a third that stuns Bermudez and then a fourth, but Bermudez takes Garza back down. Garza looks for the kimura, but Bermudez defends, so he switches to a triangle attempt and then ties Bermudez up. Bermudez postures up but Garza is able to avoid his ground and pound well. Back up and Bermudez wings a right hand. Bermudez’ nose is bleeding and Garza using his long legs to keep Bermudez at bay, but Bermudez rag dolls him to the ground and drops into half guard, and he’s content to work some ground and pound as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Garza, 10-9 (for the upkicks and the constant activity off of his back)

ROUND TWO: Bermudez chases Garza and gets a clinch against the cage, but Garza is using his length to push Bermudez’ head backwards. Garza with a knee and a punch and he looks for a takedown, but Bermudez defends and takes Garza down. Garza applies a body triangle but as Bermudez postures up, Garza looks for more upkicks. Bermudez avoids them and drops into side control, but Garza hip escapes into half guard and then into full guard. Garza looking for high guard, but Bermudez lands some ground and pound. Bermudez goes to the body and then looks for a D’Arce choke. Garza throwing elbows from the bottom and he rolls backwards to his knees, only for Bermudez to put him on his back and go back to work from half guard. Garza gets him back into guard and then pushes Bermudez off and gets back to his feet. Bermudez tries a flying knee with no luck due to Garza’s height advantage, but Bermudez just rag dolls him back to the mat. Bermudez ends up in Garza’s guard and Garza looks to sweep but it goes nowhere and he ties Bermudez up. Bermudez lets him up and Garza with an uppercut that misses and a knee that glances as Bermudez looks for the takedown again. He isn’t immediately successful, but he does slam Garza back down and land a big punch as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Bermudez, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: They trade punches early and both guys look for a flying knee to no avail. Bermudez pushes Garza against the cage and Garza tries to pull guard but Bermudez slams him down again and starts pounding away. Bermudez stands up and Garza tries to push him off, then throws another pair of upkicks, but Bermudez drops into guard. Garza looks to be looking for an armbar momentarily, but he has to settle for guard. He gets to half guard and doesn’t do a lot. Garza gets him back to full guard and starts throwing elbows, but Bermudez tries to posture up and they end up getting stood up. Bermudez ducks a punch and throws Garza down, only to have to avoid another series of upkicks. Bermudez lets Garza up and Garza looks for some punches, but Bermudez just takes him down again. Bermudez stands up again, and again, Garza looks for upkicks. Bermudez drops back down before Garza can stand up and he gets full mount on Garza, who is covering up and turning over. Bermudez gets back mount, sinks in the hooks, and looks for a rear naked choke. With ten seconds left, Garza throws some weak punches over his head at Bermudez’ head, but the round ends without him doing any damage.

SCORECARD: Bermudez, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Dennis Bermudez, Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

That first round definitely could’ve gone to Bermudez, so I’m not surprised at the 30-27 scores. Bermudez starts his post-fight interview like Mike Tyson, and Bermudez says his strategy was to negate Garza’s reach. He says the upkicks surprised him and rocked him.

Lightweight bout: Danny Castillo (13-4-0, 155 lbs) vs. John Cholish (8-1-0, 155.5 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Circling to start and neither guy seems to want to throw the first punch. Cholish is an investment broker? Impressive. Castillo throws first but it goes nowhere and they circle some more. They trade punches and Cholish looks to clinch but Castillo gets underhooks and presses Cholish against the cage. Cholish avoids the takedown and they separate and Cholish with a nice combination but he falls down and Castillo jumps on his neck for a guillotine but Cholish gets back up and they trade, but Castillo misses a kick and Cholish looks for a takedown, but ends up pressed against the cage. He looks for an hip takedown but Castillo defends well. Castillo with a body punch and we’re back to circling. Cholish with a big right that glances Castillo. Castillo with a right of his own, Cholish lands another one, and they circle some more, until Cholish lands a nice jab. Castillo lands a nice combination in return just as the fans were starting to get restless. Cholish landing a jab nearly every time Castillo comes forward, but Castillo throws a fake and lands a punch. Cholish looks for the takedown, but Castillo defends and Cholish presses him against the cage. They break and Cholish works his jab. Cholish with an inside leg kick and the fans booing as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Cholish, 10-9 (for slightly better striking, but it was an EXTREMELY close round)

ROUND TWO: Cholish with a jab and a leg kick, followed by a straight right. Cholish ducks a punch and takes Castillo down. Cholish looks for mount but he’s working from half guard and Castillo lands an elbow. Castillo looks to get up, Cholish tries to hold him down with a cradle, but Castillo gets back to his feet. Cholish with the jab leg kick combination again and he ducks three of the four punches Castillo threw together. Cholish switching stances repeatedly is seeming to throw Castillo off. Cholish dances away whenever Castillo throws and then he comes forward with his own strikes. Cholish dives for a takedown from out of range, Castillo defends, and they get back to their feet. Cholish working the jab well and countering with a right as well. Fans are booing sporadically as they continue to exchange. Cholish continues to land the better strikes, but they aren’t particularly frequent and the boos are coming more frequently now. Cholish looks for the takedown again, but Castillo defends. Castillo has a leg but when Cholish is able to get back to his feet. Castillo comes in with a nice right, but Cholish continues to land the jab. Castillo lands a jab of his own as the boo birds return. They actually trade combinations, with Castillo getting the better of it. Cholish back to the jab and he avoids a combination from Castillo. Castillo comes in and grabs Cholish and slams him to the mat as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Cholish, 10-9 (again, for the more effective striking, to make it 20-18 overall)

ROUND THREE: Cholish with an overhand right, Castillo answers with a nice jab. They trade leg kicks and Castillo misses with a left hook. Cholish jumps in but Castillo takes him down and Cholish grabs his head but Cholish gets back to his feet against the cage and he’s looking for a high elbow guillotine, but he eventually lets it go and drops down for a leg, but that goes nowhere and Castillo is working from the guard and trying to put Cholish on his back. Castillo steps into half guard and Cholish stands back up. Castillo throwing knees to the thigh, but Cholish gets his back away from the cage and they break. Cholish lands a right on the way out and they circle again. They trade jabs and Cholish follows it up with another one and another one. Castillo comes forward, Cholish throws a right, and Castillo avoids it. Castillo jumps in and misses, but Cholish catches him on his way out. Cholish with a half-hearted leg kick and he avoids Castillo’s big right hand attempts and lands a jab again. Cholish slips a punch and lands a combination, but Castillo answers with a combination of his own. Cholish keeps coming forward but he isn’t throwing and Castillo not taking advantage. Cholish drops down for a leg but Castillo moves into guard and looks to throw some ground and pound, and actually opens a cut on Cholish’s head.

SCORECARD: Castillo, 10-9 (Cholish, 29-28 overall, although I could see it 29-28 for either guy, honestly)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Danny Castillo, Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

Wow, I honestly thought Cholish won that second round at a minimum, but I guess not. Castillo doesn’t get a post-fight interview.

Flyweight bout: Louis Gaudinot (5-2-0, 126 lbs) vs. John Lineker (19-5-0, 127 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and they start trading immediately. Lineker landing several punches for each of Gaudinot’s, but Gaudinot does landa couple of nice rights. They’re just throwing ridiculous amounts of punches. Finally, Lineker throws a leg kick and things slow down a bit. Nope, back to trading ridiculously. Clinch, a knee from Gaudinot and Lineker landing inside and outside leg kicks after they separate. They trade some nice combinations, with Lineker working the head and body and Gaudinot focusing on the head. Lineker, I think, is getting the better of these exchanges, as his punches seem to have a lot more on them. Gaudinot with a nice combination including a knee to the body but Lineker lands another stiff combination. Gaudinot keeps throwing head kicks, but all that does is let Lineker land a couple more good punches. Another set of ridiculous punches and Gaudinot gets a takedown. Lineker, from the guard, throwing heel kicks to the thighs of Gaudinot. Lineker tying Gaudinot up and throwing elbows from the bottom, but Gaudinot keeps getting free and throwing elbows and punches and he has Lineker momentarily stacked, but Lineker goes for a leg. Gaudinot gets free and drops back in with a big shot and he’s working from side control, throwing some nice ground and pound. Both guys get back to their feet as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Lineker, 10-9 (like I said, he got the better of the exchanges and I think that outdoes the takedown.)

ROUND TWO: Picking up where they left off, but they slow things down a bit and look to work from outside the pocket. Gaudinot mixing up his strikes, but Lineker is consistently landing mean combinations. Lineker coming forward and we’re back in ridiculous punch exchange mode and Lineker rocks Gaudinot, then gets a nice knee from the plum. Gaudinot pushes him against the fence and lands a knee of his own and they break. Lineker back to the combinations, and Gaudinot answers with a few of his own, but again, Lineker is throwing punches in bunches and landing almost everything. Lineker with another sick combination, and Gaudinot lands another takedown. Lineker has landed over 121 strikes just over halfway through round 2, to Gaudinot’s 62. Gaudinot working ground and pound but Lineker landing elbows from the bottom. Gaudinot goes to the body, then postures up and throwing down at Lineker’s head. Lineker looks for a leg again, but Gaudinot defends, trapping Lineker’s arm and pounding away on his head. Linker gets his arm free, so Gaudinot adjusts his position and starts dropping short elbows. Lineker gets back to his feet, and Gaudinot locks in an arm-in guillotine, locks his legs in and drops down. Ten seconds left in the round and referee stops the fight because Lineker is unconscious!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Louis Gaudinot, Technical Submission (Guillotine choke, Round 2, 4:54)

Man, what a fight. I really thought Lineker was going to take it until Gaudinot got that takedown in the second and evened things up. Then I thought we’d see a third round, but Gaudinot got that guillotine in tight and it was all over. Gaudinot says he got rocked in the second, the fans loved it, and he thanks Dana White and Sean Shelby for letting him show that the Flyweights belong in the UFC.

Welterweight bout: John Hathaway (15-1-0, 169 lbs) vs. Pascal Krauss (10-0-0, 169 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Hathaway pawing away with the jab and then he throws a front kick. Hathaway comes in with a nice combination. They trade some punches on the feet and Hathaway lands a nice body kick. Hathaway keeps coming in with a nice combination that’s landing each and every time. Krauss comes in and ties Hathaway up but they quickly separate and Hathaway goes for a punch and looks for a takedown, but Krauss gets away and lands a nice combination of his own. Hathaway gets stuffed on a takedown, only to hit a big knee that drops Krauss. Hathaway drops down and pounds on Krauss, but Krauss quickly ties him up, getting Hathaway into full guard and controlling his posture. Hathaway has to be content with punches to the body and the official warns them to get busy. Hathaway pops his head out, but Krauss quickly ties him back up. Hathaway lets Krauss back up and then throws a nice kick. Krauss stalks Hathaway and lands a leg kick, but Hathaway comes back with a nice combination and looks for a takedown, but he is unsuccessful and Krauss ends up taking him down. Krauss working from half guard and he lands some good strikes, but Hathaway does a pretty good job of tying him up and riding out the round while taking minimal damage.

SCORECARD: Hathaway, 10-9 (in yet another very close round)

ROUND TWO: Krauss comes forward to start the round but Hathaway lands a combination. They trade jabs and Hathaway gets a big double leg. Again, though, Krauss keeps Hathaway in guard and ties him up, but Hathaway does posture up and drop a nice elbow down. Hathaway into half guard but the cage prevents him from getting side control. Hathaway drops back into guard to try to pass on the other side, and he continues to land ground and pound as he works. Hathaway postures up and looks to pass as Krauss tries to push him off, and one lone douchebag boos as Hathaway continues to land some ground and pound. Krauss with the butterfly guard and he sits up briefly but Hathaway tries to pass and ends up briefly standing over Krauss. They get back to their feet, with Hathaway landing a punch as he backs away. Hathaway with a nice stutter-step right and an inside leg kick. Krauss chases him down and tries to take him down against the cage, but Hathaway defends and Krauss backs away. Hathaway with a nice punch over the top and then one to the body, and he’s more than doubled Krauss’ significant strikes thus far in the fight. Krauss trying for the single leg, but Hathaway defends well. They break and Hathaway lands a right. Krauss comes forward and eats a punch and the round ends with both guys starting to look fatigued.

SCORECARD: Hathaway, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

ROUND THREE: Hathaway out quickly with a jab, and he dodges Krauss’ counter. Hathaway throws another knee that catches Krauss in the armpit. Hathaway with a punch/kick combination and he eats a punch as he jumps in with a follow-up punch. Krauss looks for the clinch but eats a knee for his troubles. Hathaway looks for a single leg against the cage, turns Krauss, and then gets a nice takedown. Krauss controlling the head, but Hathaway working from half-guard and dropping elbows to Krauss’ head. Krauss gets him back to guard and ties him up, but Hathaway gets free and batters Krauss’ head back and forth with some ground and pound. Hathaway postures up again and Krauss leans into him and tries to drag him back down, but Hathaway gets free and lands a nice flurry of punches to the head. Hathaway lets him up and lands a flying knee and he continues to come forward with punches. Krauss lands a leg kick, Hathaway misses a head kick, and they circle some, with both guys missing on some punches. Hathaway going for the knee, and he jogs away from Krauss only to throw a spinning back fist. Nice knee by Krauss and he chases Hathaway, who lands a big right. Hathaway matadors Krauss into the cage and lands a big right. Krauss looking for the takedown but Hathaway defends well and eventually they break, with Hathaway landing a big knee, a right, an uppercut, another flying knee, and a big combination as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Hathaway, 10-9 (30-27 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – John Hathaway, Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27×2)

Nice effort by Hathaway and he’s surprised that Krauss survived his knees because he’s pretty sure he broke Krauss’ nose. Hathaway says he felt some ring rust but this is the kind of win he wanted to rise up the division. (I think that’s what he said, I didn’t pick up all of it.) Oh, boy, another flyweight fight? Hello carpal tunnel! The things I do for the 411 readers…

Flyweight bout: John Dodson (13-5-0, 126 lbs) vs. Tim Elliott (8-2-1, 125 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Elliot with a kick that misses, and then he throws a sidekick that only glances. Elliot with a jump spinning back kick that misses, but it causes Dodson to miss a jumping front kick. Dodson connects with a punch and then brushes off Elliot’s counter combination attempt. Elliot with a nice combination and they trade, and Elliot manages to get Dodson down twice in five seconds for a combined total of two seconds. Elliot with a side kick and Dodson is content to avoid his follow-up. Dodson with a knee and Elliot leaps in with a flying knee that misses, only to eat another one from Dodson. Elliot throws an overhand right to back Dodson up. Dodson pumps the double jab and Elliot answers with an overhand left. They trade, with Dodson landing the better punches and things seemed to have settled into normal striking now. Elliot leaps in with an overhand left, but Dodson throws two lightning quick counters to make him pay for it. Elliot continuing to leap in, but every time he comes forward, Dodson landing two or three punches in quick succession. Dodson catches a kick and puts Elliot down, but Elliot looks for an armbar, only to have Dodson back off and catch him with a knee on the way up. Elliot in with a nice combination and Dodson misses on a flying knee. Dodson keeps coming in with the double jab and I can’t do justice to just how fast he is. Dodson catches Elliot in the eye with a finger and we get a momentary break in the action. Dodson was going for a clinch and accidently poked Elliot in both eyes, it looks like, and Elliot is getting checked out by the doctor. Elliot still has peripheral vision as they check it, and he says he’s fine, so the fight is restarted. Dodson apologizes and Elliot jumps in with a combo and then another, but Dodson lands some ridiculous punches and a knee, some more punches, and a spinning back fist. Dodson with a flying knee that maybe glanced Elliot’s shoulder and the round ends.

SCORECARD: Dodson, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Elliot having a hard time keeping his left eye open and Dodson catches another of his kicks, but Elliot somersaults away, eating punches from Dodson the whole time, then comes back in with a cartwheel kick, eating a kick from Dodson but catching his leg too. Dodson using the double jab to keep Elliot on the outside, and Elliot leaps in with a flying knee that misses, only for Dodson to land one of his own. Elliot lands a pair of nice left hands, and Dodson answers with a head kick. Dodson whiffs on a standing elbow, but he comes in with a nice combination. Dodson puts another one together and then goes back to working the double jab and avoiding Elliot’s strikes. Dodson lands three jabs in about 1.5 seconds and then backs away from another aggressive combination from Elliot. Dodson in with a flurry and back out as Elliot counters and he just looks to be moving in a higher gear than Elliot. Dodson with a knee, and Elliot with a big left. Elliot keeps coming forward with big punches, but Dodson avoiding them well until Elliot stumbles and grabs Dodson’s leg, tripping Dodson up. Dodson rolls away as Elliot comes after him and they get back to their feet, trading punches on the way. Dodson with a lead right hook after a nice combination but then he lands a slap to the groin that pauses the fight momentarily. Elliot comes out winging that left again while Dodson staying in the pocket and countering well. Dodson fakes a punch and drops down for a double leg, slamming Elliot to the mat. Dodson lands a nice punch, but Elliot grabs Dodson’s leg as he’s getting up and he looks for a trip takedown that goes nowhere and has to settle for a knee to the body. Elliot jumps in with a right hook as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Dodson, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

ROUND THREE: Dodson comes out pumping the double jab again, and Elliot pawing away with the left. Elliot gets a clinch and a pair of nice knees that connect with Dodson’s chest, but Dodson shoves him down and Elliot rolls backwards over his head to his feet. Dodson with a leg kick and they trade punches. Dodson’s left hand is injured, and he’s just throwing the right and holding the left down, which is allowing Elliot to connect with more punches. Dodson throws a one-two combination and he switches to a left elbow when he tries it again. Elliot is actually in the lead in significant strikes, and he comes forward with another nice combination. Dodson trying to trade with him, but now he can’t keep up. Dodson looks for a takedown but it goes nowhere and Elliot throws another combination. Ddoson looks for a kick, Elliot catches it, but he can’t get Dodson down. Elliot with another combination, but Dodson lands a nice knee. Dodson with the double jab, but Elliot counters with a combination of his own. Dodson throws a pair of nice kicks and Elliot pops Dodson’s head back on successive punches. Elliot catches a kick, lands a couple of nice punches and a kick to Dodson. Dodson comes in with another nice combination, but he finishes with a kick that Elliot again catches, and Elliot again makes him pay with a flurry of punches. Dodson leaps with a flying knee that catches Elliot in the ribs as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Elliot, 10-9 (Dodson, 29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – John Dodson, Unanimous Decision (29-28 overall)

Lightweight bout: Tony Ferguson (14-2-0, 154.5 lbs) vs. Michael Johnson (11-6-0, 156 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Neither guy looking to engage, and Johnson catches Ferguson with an inside leg kick as Ferguson pumps his jab. Johnson with another leg kick and Ferguson glances him with a front kick and then lands a nice combination. Ferguson whiffs on a head kick and he drills Johnson with a stiff right as Johnson tries for a leg kick. They trade and Johnson lands another leg kick. Johnson misses a high kick and Ferguson barely misses with a combination. Ferguson slips a punch by Johnson but he can’t connect with an uppercut. Johnson lands a big left that put Ferguson down on his butt, but Ferguson immediately back up. Johnson with an outside leg kick and both guys whiff on body kicks. Both guys throwing, but nothing really landing except for the occasional leg kick from Johnson. The boos are starting, and it has been pretty uneventful for a minute. Johnson with a left hand and then a leg kick. Ferguson pins Johnson against the cage and lands a nice kick and a pair of nice punches, then chases him and lands another nice punch as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Johnson, 10-9, barely

ROUND TWO: Ferguson comes out swinging but he only glances Johnson. Ferguson with a leg kick and a big punch when Johnson comes in with a leg kick. Ferguson with another kick, this one to the body. They exchange on the feet, with Johnson getting the better of it. Boos starting up again as we’ve had nearly a minute with no contact. Ferguson with a nice jab but he can’t follow it up. They trade leg kicks and then exchange punches, with Ferguson getting the better of this exchange. Johnson with a nice body kick. They trade combinations and Johnson gets the better of it again, but Ferguson answers with a leg kick. Lots of movement but minimal contact again. Johnson jumps in with a combination and Ferguson catches him with a straight left as he tries a follow-up kick. They trade on the feet again, with Johnson landing a nice left hand. Ferguson throws a kick to keep Johnson honest, but he makes no attempt to follow it up and the boos start yet again. They trade wildly with neither guy landing much. Ferguson with a leg kick and then he lands a nice straight right. Ferguson checks a leg kick from Johnson and then lands a pair of nice combinations while avoiding Johnson’s left hand. Johnson with a flying knee and he looks for a takedown, but Ferguson stuffs him. Ferguson jumps in with a combination as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Johnson, 10-9, another close round (20-18 overall)

ROUND THREE: Ferguson comes in with a flurry and a body kick and we cut to a long shot that shows me nothing but we’re back quickly. Ferguson with a leg kick that’s caught and he eats a left. Johnson looking for combinations but Ferguson avoiding nicely. Ferguson throws a spinning back kick and Johnson counters well. Johnson has a big lead in significant strikes, but Ferguson lands a big right that buckles Johnson’s knees momentarily. Johnson with an inside leg kick. Ferguson goes to the body. Johnson jumps in with a left, but Ferguson counters well. Ferguson with a leg kick and he gets his head back in time that Johnson’s counter left doesn’t land. Johnson misses on a body kick and Ferguson looks to be loading up his right hand. He throws a leg kick-right straight combination. Ferguson with a right, Johnson counters with a big left. Ferguson with a leg kick and he jumps in with a combination, only to have Johnson attempt a takedown. Ferguson stuffs it, but Johnson lands a lead left and an overhand right. Johnson counters with a left and then another, bigger one. A third! Ferguson looks for a takedown, but Johnson defends it well and the round ends.

SCORECARD: Johnson, 10-9 (30-27 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Michael Johnson, Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)


Video package with ominous voiceover guy and then we get the fighting robots with Bruce Buffer’s “It’s Time!” exclamation. Kurt Menefee is with Randy Couture and Brian Stann. Menefee gives a nice (albeit brief) tribute to MCA and we go to commercial. Down to Goldberg and Rogan and Johnson told Goldy he wants to end the fight early. They hype the striking match-up between the two guys and we get a video package including Johnson getting shot on July 4th, 2009. Johnson talks about how he barely survived the first night and Barry talks about watching Johnson’s first fight. Barry says one of them is going to be sleeping.

Heavyweight bout: Pat Barry (7-4-0, 244 lbs) vs. Lavar Johnson (16-5-0, 253 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Johnson has a 6.5″ reach advantage and a 5″ height advantage and has devastating power, but Barry’s a far more technical striker. Touch of the gloves and Johnson comes in with a nice combination, but Barry answers with a big leg kick. Johnson backs Barry against the cage and lands a nice uppercut, but Barry counters with a big head kick. Johnson keeps coming in and he gets a knee, then presses Barry’s head to the side with a crossface and lands three big knees, a pair of uppercuts, and a couple of wild punches. Barry looks for the takedown, Johnson sprawls, but Barry manages to mount Johnson, electing then to drop into side control. Johnson is controlling Barry’s head well, but Barry gets his head free, presses his knee on Johnson’s stomach, and looks for an Americana. Johnson manages to get his arm free and they punch each other in the head, with Barry coming out the better of it. Barry works the body but Johnson throwing elbows to Barry’s head. Johnson gets back to his knees, but Barry looks for a guillotine. Johnson gets to his feet and Barry lands another big leg kick. Johnson comes in with another knee that connect with the chest, then one to the face, and he backs Barry against the cage and starts teeing off on him. Barry covering up, but he’s taking a lot of damage and Johnson gets a big one through, stunning Barry, and more and more get through, and Barry is out!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Lavar Johnson, TKO (Punches, Round 1, 4:38)

Rogan said prior to the interview that Barry didn’t want to be in front of a big destroyer like Johnson and he was right – Johnson looked like a bad dude. Johnson says he’s just glad to be in the UFC, thanks New Jersey, and says he wasn’t surprised that Barry mounted him, as they’ve all been working on their ground game. Johnson asks Rogan if it was a KO or TKO (I think it’s a KO, because Barry was out), says he wants that bonus, shouts out his hometown, and leaves the cage. Oh, a baseball promo? *Yawn* Goldy and Rogan break down Belcher/Palhares and we get a video package. Belcher says this is the most important fight of his life, and Palhares says everyone knows he’s going to take it to the ground. Belcher says if Palhares touches you, he’s going to rip something off, but that he’s going to walk away a winner. Belcher says jaws are going to drop and people are going to realize that he’s the number one contender. We get the awesome JDS/Mir commercial again, and while it’s not as cool as the Bones “Believe” promo for UFC 145, it’s still pretty cool. They had to photoshop Belcher’s tattoo in the Tale of the Tape photo because it actually looks like Johnny Cash.

Middleweight bout: Alan Belcher (16-5-0, 186 lbs) vs. Rousimar Palhares (23-3-0, 186 pounds)

ROUND ONE: Palhares with decent head movement to start and he throws a big front kick that misses. Palhares dives in for a takedown, gets the fight to the ground and they scramble a bit. Belcher is looking for a twister, but Palhares gets free, so Belcher looks for a banana split. Palhares is defending well and he rolls into a seated position and he rolls into a leg lock. Belcher tries to escape and they roll, but Palhares hangs on. They roll more and Belcher tries to get himself free, but Palhares continues to hang on. Belcher lands some punches to the head, but Palhares again looks for the submission, trying for a heel hook. Belcher amazingly escapes and works from guard. Belcher pulls out of an armbar attempt and Belcher is back in full guard. Belcher throwing big elbows, but Palhares covers up, so he switches to punches and hammerfists and Belcher knocks Palhares out!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Alan Belcher, TKO (Punches, Round 1, 4:18)

Wow. Didn’t see that coming, especially after Palhares had Belcher right where he wanted him. We had some audio issues for a second there (or Goldy developed a stutter). Rogan is with Belcher, and Belcher says ask Toquinho who the baddest man on the ground in MMA is, because it’s not him anymore. Belcher says he trained this every day in training camp and he wasn’t scared at all. He says he’s coming for the belt and that he was waiting for the fight to be stopped. Belcher thanks his family and his fans.

Nice promo for UFC 146 and Rogan hypes the “grudge match” between JDS and Mir because of JDS training under Big Nog, and the first man to TKO and submit Nog is Mir. Rogan goes into full hype mode, saying they are better than any heavyweights anywhere, ever. Joe and Dana YELLING TO HYPE THE PPV (THREE WEEKS EARLY!) MIR IS THE GREATEST HEAVYWEIGHT SUBMISSION ARTIST EVER! RUAHH! YELLING! BUY THE PPV! MIR IS AN AWESOME STRIKER BECAUSE HE BEAT NOG, CRO COP, AND KNOCKED DOWN KONGO! BUT JDS PUNCHES HOLES IN PEOPLE SO MIR BETTER TAKE HIM DOWN AND USE HIS BEST IN THE WORLD BJJ! YELLING SOME MORE!

Menefee clears up some confusion for saying Stann went to the Naval Academy and failing to mention that he was actually a Marine. Menefee talks about Kos being a bad boy that people don’t like, how Hendricks is an up-and-comer and knocked out Kos’ buddy Fitch. Stann says Kos is a complete fighter, has KO and submission wins, and is looking to prove he’s still a contender. Randy says Hendricks should be taking people down, but he knocking out people he shouldn’t even be beating, naming Amir Sadollah (really, Randy? Really?) and Fitch, who withstood GSP. Randy says he thinks their wrestling will cancel each other out and it’ll come down to who’s the better striker. Goldberg and Rogan go over pretty much the same talking points and we go to a video package featuring Koscheck talking about flying a plane and getting to do his first training camp in Fresno. Hendricks talks about how bow fishing clears his mind and he doesn’t think about training or fights, which allows him to come back and train harder. Hendricks talks about how his killer instinct goes away when he sees his family. Kos says he’s got a lot to prove, but that Hendricks thinks that he’s better than he is and that Hendricks is going to sleep.

Welterweight bout: Johny Hendricks (12-1-0, 170.5 lbs) vs. Josh Koscheck (19-5-0, 170.5 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Koscheck with a front kick and another, and Hendricks answers with a kick of his own. Koscheck throwing the kicks that miss, but he slips Hendricks’ right hand and throws a counter of his own. Koscheck pins Hendricks against the cage and lands a nice combination but he gets free. Kos with another combination against the fence. Hendricks looks for a half-hearted takedown but Kos easily avoids. Hendricks lands a nice combination of his own and then goes for the takedown. Hendricks gets Koscheck down but Kos gets back up, only to eat knees to the back of the thigh and then the front of the thigh. TERRIBLE BREAK by the official. Hendricks lands a big left and he tries a kick, but Kos makes him eat a big right. Hendricks with another left and a takedown attempt, but Koscheck tries briefly for a kimura, only to let it go. Koscheck with another flurry and Hendricks counters then lands another big left, although his follow-up right misses. Koscheck with a kick to the chest and Hendricks in with a nice combination. And again. Kos with a kick to the body and Hendricks coming forward with a pair of punches and a kick as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Hendricks, 10-9 (probably the closest round of the night)

ROUND TWO: Hendricks chases Koscheck across the cage with punches and then lands a kick to Kos’ side. Hendricks was poked in the eye in the first round, but he’s recovered well. Hendricks shoots, but Koscheck explodes into a choke attempt, but Hendricks defends well from the hooks and he stands up and gets a switch and gets free. Hendricks looks for another takedown and he gets Koscheck down briefly, but Kos gets back to all fours. Kos throws elbows to Hendricks’ head and gets back to his feet, but Hendricks starts working the knees to the thighs again, and the stupid crowd starts booing so the stupid ref breaks it up again. Hendricks comes in with a big combination and he continues to land well on Koscheck. They clinch against the cage and Koscheck turns and puts Hendricks against the cage and lands a nice elbow, but Hendricks gets free and jumps in with another overhand right. Hendricks checks a head kick and throws a nice uppercut. Hendricks throwing, and landing, pretty much at will now and he wings a big overhand right that backs Koscheck off. Hendricks with a body kick and he chases Koscheck across the cage before looking for a takedown and the round ends before he can complete it.

SCORECARD: Hendricks, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

ROUND THREE: Kos comes out swinging, but he doesn’t land anything, and Hendricks land a nice right hand. Hendricks comes forward swinging and connects, though he doesn’t land anything with a great deal of power behind it. Hendricks slips Kos’ punches and Koscheck looks for a takedown, but Hendricks defends against the cage and we get our first boos of the round. Hendricks throwing elbows to Koscheck’s head and the ref breaks them apart again. Koscheck with a double jab and Hendricks answers with an uppercut. They stand in the pocket and trade with one another repeatedly and they clinch, and Hendricks lands uppercuts from the clinch. Hendricks turns it around and pushes Kos against the cage and they get separated again. Koscheck with a body kick and Koscheck eats a right hand and a big knee, but he does complete a takedown. Koscheck looking for an arm triangle and he’s trying to pass guard, and he throws some knees to Hendricks’ body for good measure. Koscheck nearly gets mount, but Hendricks gets a leg in and keeps him in half guard. Koscheck working short elbows and a few punches and Hendricks tries to push him off to no avail. Koscheck pounding away on Hendricks’ body with ten seconds left, and the round ends in that position, although Kos lands almost nothing in the last ten.

SCORECARD: Koscheck, 10-9 (Hendricks, 29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Johny Hendricks, Split Decision (29-28×2, 28-29)

Hendricks had a big advantage in total strikes, but a narrow lead in significant strikes, but if you look at both guys after the fight, Kos clearly took more damage. Good decision. Hendricks gives Koscheck props after the fight and says he wasn’t surprised by anything because he know Kos had heavy hands and was a tough guy and he thanks his family, his team, and his family. He says the title is next.

We get a video package for the Ultimate Fighter, WITH DANA YELLING! WHOO! They show some clips from the show thus far (check out my recaps). Menefee, Couture, and Stann break down the main event. Randy talks about Diaz winning TUF 5 and how he has to use his range and reach advantage to pick up the win. Stann says Miller has to get inside and use his wrestling to score points by dirty boxing and ground and pound. That’s My Boy provides the Keys to Victory; for Diaz, he needs to use his range, effective striking, and look for submissions, while Miller needs to get inside, put Diaz on his back, and posture up. Randy thinks Diaz will win a decision, Stann says Miller gets pushed by the hometown crowd to win the decision.

Goldberg and Rogan hype the fight and Rogan talks about how each guy’s last fight was a “next level” fight for them, getting them to the next level by beating guys who were believed to be extremely dangerous strikers. Video package, and Miller says he’s a father first and everything else comes second. He says growing up and wrestling with his brothers he was always small, but once he got a little bigger, it got more competitive. Cesar Gracie talks about how close the Diaz brothers are and Nate says something unintelligible. Miller says he’s going to choke Diaz out, and he comes out to CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising”, which easily gives him the best walkout music of this show.

Lightweight bout: Nate Diaz (15-7-0, 156 lbs) vs. Jim Miller (21-3-0, 156 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Miller comes out with a leg kick, Diaz pawing away, Miller with a body kick, they clinch, and Miller with a knee to the body. Miller presses Diaz against the cage, but Diaz starts throwing punches to the side of Miller’s head. Diaz with a knee to the body and Miller with a nasty punch. Diaz with another knee to the body and one to the thigh. Miller looks for a big knee, but he slips and Diaz lands a kick. Miller in with a punch and out, avoiding Diaz’ punch. Miller gets a leg kick again, then a body kick. Diaz with a right hand and then a leg kick and Miller comes in throwing an overhand. They clinch momentarily but nobody throws anything before they break. Diaz presses Miller against the cage and lands punches to the head, but Miller turns it around. Diaz with a knee to the body and Miller drops for a single. Diaz tries to grab a leg to block, but but settles for a clinch and a knee to Miller’s head. Miller with more kicks after the break and they clinch again, with Miller landing an uppercut. Diaz with a straight left that stuns Miller and he grabs a leg by instinct, but Diaz controls his head. Nate tries to take Miller’s back, but Miller takes his back instead. They scramble, and Nate comes out on top as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Diaz, 10-9

ROUND TWO: They come out swinging, exchanging punches and Miller lands a nice leg kick. They clinch and Miller gets a knee, but Diaz presses him against the cage and starts punching Miller in the face. Miller answers with dirty boxing and then lands a nasty elbow as they break. Miller with another leg kick and they clinch again. Miller presses Diaz against the cage and works knees to the thigh, but Diaz turns it around and works some dirty boxing of his own. They break and trade and Miller comes back in swinging. Diaz dropping his hands and he lands a nice right and a pair of knees to the midsection. Miller with a flying knee that leaves him vulnerable and Diaz comes in taunting Miller, who kicks him in the face and they clinch against the cage. Both guys dirty boxing and Diaz starts with knees to the ribs and head, and Miller drops down to avoid further knees to the face. Miller stands back up and they break. Miller comes forward striking, but Diaz still has landed 50+ more strikes than Miller. Diaz with some good boxing and Miller goes for the takedown but Diaz locks in a one-armed guillotine. They scramble, but Nate holds on, pulls guard, and Miller has no choice but to tap!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Nate Diaz, Submission (Guillotine choke, Round 2, 4:09)

Miller lost his mouthpiece during the scramble and his tongue was out of his mouth and as Nate cranked down on the choke, he was biting through his own tongue. Nasty visual in the replay. Diaz far classier post fight than his brother has ever been, raising Miller’s hand and putting him over (I think – I can’t really understand him) in his post fight interview. Diaz talks Rogan through the adjustments he made during the choke and then when Rogan asks him about where the win puts him, Diaz puts over Gil Melendez and not Ben Henderson. He thanks about 80 people, and Rogan goes to talk to Miller. Miller says Diaz was hitting him with strikes and hurting him and he wanted to not let Diaz find his range, but he found it and he knew Diaz was good and he thinks Diaz deserves the title shot.

And that’s it for tonight! Great night of fights, and hopefully some of you diehards convinced your fans to tune in, as this was probably the best representation of what MMA can be that we’ve seen on FOX to date. Yeah, the crowd stunk and officials were a little too quick to break up the clinches against the cage, but still a great night of action in the cage, from the Facebook prelims right down through the main event. Anyway, thanks for joining me for tonight and for leaving your comments, Happy Cinco de Mayo, and remember 411MMA for all your MMA needs!

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