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411’s UFC on FOX 4: Shogun vs. Vera Report 8.04.12

August 4, 2012 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

UFC Fox: Shogun vs. Vera
Los Angeles, CA
Staples Center


Mauricio Rua (205 lbs. 20-6) vs. Brandon Vera (203.8 lbs. 12-5, 1NC)
Lyoto Machida (201 lbs. 17-3) vs. Ryan Bader (205 lbs. 14-2)
Joe Lauzon (155.5 lbs. 21-7) vs. Jamie Varner (156 lbs. 20-6-1, 2NC)
Mike Swick (170 lbs. 14-4) vs. DaMarques Johnson (171 lbs. 16-10)


Cole Miller (145 lbs. 18-6) vs. Nam Phan (145 lbs. 17-10)
Phil Davis (205.5 lbs. 9-1) vs. Wagner Prado (205 lbs. 8-0)
Josh Grispi (1456 lbs. 14-3) vs. Rani Yahya (145.5 lbs. 16-7)
Phil De Fries (235 lbs. 8-1, 1NC) vs. Oli Thompson (232 lbs. 9-3)
Manny Gamburyan (145.5 lbs. 11-7) vs. Michihiro Omigawa (145.5 lbs. 13-11-1)
Ulysses Gomez (125.5 lbs. 9-2) vs. John Moraga (125.5 lbs. 10-1)


Hey 411 readers, thanks for joining 411’s live MMA coverage tonight!

Tonight we are once again reporting to you LIVE from press row for UFC on Fox: Shogun vs. Vera! The event is live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Tonight we will be covering the FUEL TV and main Fox card live from the actual UFC event, so get ready and buckle up. And now to the action.


We are live on press row at the Staples Center in LA for UFC on Fox: Shogun vs. Vera.

Intros for the first preliminary fight begin at approximately 2:00PM PST.

Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan are of course your broadcast team for tonight as we go to the octagon for our first fight.

Flyweight Bout: Ulysses Gomez (125.5 lbs. 9-2) vs. John Moraga (125.5 lbs. 10-1)

-Herb Dean is the referee for this opening flyweight bout. Both fighters here are making their UFC debut. Gomez is a former bantamweight and flyweight champion from Tachi Palace Fights.

ROUND ONE: They work and exchange strikes in the clinch. Moraga pushes Gomez against the cage. Gomez separates. Moraga gets a low kick. Moraga misses on a high kick. Moraga connects with a solid kick to the midsection. Moraga appears to be dominating and dictating the pace of the round. Gomez catches a kick and works for a takedown but Moraga stuffs it. Gomez connects with a solid right. Moraga gets a good knee and punch in the clinch and then connects with some elbows and a punching combination and Gomez goes down. Herb Dean steps in and that is it!

OFFICIAL RESULT: John Moraga by Knockout at 3:46 in Round 1.

-Joe Rogan is with John Moraga making his successful UFC debut. Moraga says he is proud with his performance.

Featherweight Bout: Manny Gamburyan (145.5 lbs. 11-7) vs. Michihiro Omigawa (145.5 lbs. 13-11-1)

ROUND ONE: They circle and feel each other out for a bit. Omigawa gets a flash knockdown on Gamburyan but he quickly recovers. They trade punches standing up. Gamburyan lands on a good right hook. Omigawa gets a good punch to the body. Gamburyan shoots in for a single leg but Omigawa quickly spins away and steps out of it. Close round but I think Omigawa edged it out.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Omigawa. Overall Omigawa 10-9.

ROUND TWO: They swing hard on the early outset of the round. Omigawa avoids a trip. Gamburyan shoots in for a takedown and Omigawa defends it. Omigawa tries to put Gamburyan in a choke but can’t finish it. Gamburyan gets the takedown but Omigawa quickly recovers. Omigawa gets slammed to the mat again by Gamburyan but again quickly gets back up. Gamburyan gets the back and slams Omigawa to the mat. Gamburyan gets the back and both hooks. Omigawa fends off any submission attempts from Gamburyan. Gamburyan gives up the back and moves into Omigawa’s full guard. Omigawa is able to return to his feet as Gamburyan works for the takedown. Gamburyan gets a punch off the separation of the clinch before the end of the round. Much stronger round for Gamburyan as it’s pretty much even going into round 3.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Gamburyan. Overall Even 19-19

ROUND THREE: Gamburyan lands with a solid right head kick. Gamburyan moves forward with punches and Omigawa looks rattled. Gamburyan even tries a couple more head kick but Omigawa eats them and stays in it, wow. Omigawa then pushes forward with some punches and short elbow strikes. Omigawa gets in some good right hands as he looks to have recovered. Gamburyan shoots in for the takedown. Gamburyan is able to finish it but Omigawa is able to quickly shift back to his feet again. Omigawa attempts a guillotine but Gamburyan escapes and works for the takedown again. Gamburyan is able to pick Omigawa up and gets a big slam, but Omigawa is right back up to his feet yet again. Gamburyan does another big pickup slam and moves into side control but Omigawa recovers yet again. Omigawa cranks on Gamburyan’s neck with a choke but Gamburyan is able to fend it off. Gamburyan looks for the head kick again and gets a kick to the body before the round ends. Close round but I think Gamburyan controlled most of it with his grappling and takedowns and nearly knocked out Omigawa at the start of the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Gamburyan. Overall Gamburyan 29-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Manny Gamburyan by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

-Actor Jack Nicholson is in attendance tonight.

Heavyweight Bout: Phil De Fries (235 lbs. 8-1, 1NC) vs. Oli Thompson (232 lbs. 9-3)

-Big John McCarthy is the referee for this heavyweight bout.

ROUND ONE: Thompson pushes forward but De Fries catches him with some punches as he comes in. De Fries reverses the position against the cage. Not much action happens and McCarthy breaks the two up. Thompson gets a right hand and De Fries initiates the clinch this time. De Fries goes for a single-leg takedown and gets it. Thompson quickly gets it back to his feet. They are clinching against the cage and McCarthy calls for another break back to the center. De Fries pushes forward with some more wall and stall. He separates and lands some strikes as the crowd appears to not be excited by this fight at all.

SCORECARD: 10-9 De Fries. Overall De Fries 10-9.

ROUND TWO: De Fries drops Thompson with a punching combination and swarms on him. Thompson is able to recover and get back up and they are back in their clinching stalemate against the cage. They separate and trade punches. Thompson lands a couple solid rights. De Fries lands a knee and moves forward with some punches. De Fries finally gets Thopson to the ground. De Fries works over from the back but doesn’t mount any big offense. De Fries is able to keep the dominant position though. De Fries swings in some punches and then gets in both hooks. De Fries now applies the RNC and that is it. Not the prettiest heavyweight bout, but De Fries got the finish in the second at least.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Phil De Fries by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:16 in Round 2

-De Fries is with Rogan. De Fries says he wanted to get the takedown in the clinch and talks about dropping Thompson in the second round and getting him with the choke.

-From Manny Gamburyan who defeated Michihiro Omigawa earlier: “It feels so good to snap a three fight losing streak because losing hurts more than anything. I clipped him twice with head kicks and hurt him really badly. I think anyone else would’ve gone down but he just looked back at me like he was telling me to hit him again. All of my friends here in LA were telling me that I couldn’t lose at the Staples Center so there was a lot of added pressure. Omigawa is a really legit judo guy and I knew he would be tough so I trained super hard for this one.” — Sent by the UFC

-From Gamburyan’s opponent, Omigawa: “We knew he was the stronger fighter coming into this so I trained to avoid the takedown and tried to keep moving. I planned on throwing straight left punches to keep the distance and I think it worked very well. I thought I won the first and third rounds but it’s his hometown. I should’ve gotten the decision.” — Sent b the UFC

Featherweight Bout: Josh Grispi (145 lbs. 14-3) vs. Rani Yahya (145.5 lbs. 16-7)

-Herb Dean is the referee for this featherweight fight.

ROUND ONE: Yahya shoots in but gets knocked down by Grispi. Yahya quickly recovers and gets a sneaky takedown on Grispi into full-guard. Yahya tries to pass and stays away from Grispi’s submission attempts. Yahya is able to make a sneaky pass into side control that Rogan says is “like butter.” Yahya moves into a north-south position and applies a choke! Grispi taps and that is it! Extremely slick grappling and BJJ by Yahya.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rani Yahya by Submission (North-South Choke) at 3:15 in Round 1.

-Yahya is with Joe Rogan. Yahya talks about getting the North-South Choke and thanks the fans and calls this a second home for him. Grispi now has lost three in a row unfortunately and will likely have to work his way back into the UFC. Yahya rebounds from a previous decision loss to Chad Mendes from last year.

-From John Moraga who defeated Ulysses Gomez in his UFC debut: “I felt really good out there and I didn’t have any extra nerves considering it was my debut. I wanted to get my standup going a little quicker than I did but it all worked out in the end so no complaints. I had him up against the fence and was able to push his arm down and open him up to get my overhand through. When it connected I just followed up with shots as quickly as I could and got the finish. I don’t care who’s next and I just want to keep the UFC happy. Maybe someday I’ll get to avenge my only loss to John Dodson but that’s in the future.” — Sent by the UFC

-From Ulysses Gomez after his loss: “I don’t know what happened out there and I’m really disappointed in myself. He just surprised me.” — Sent by the UFC

-From tonight’s winning heavyweight, Phil De Fries: “Very happy to go in there and get on a winning track. My training at Alliance MMA in San Diego has been amazing with all their great fighters and champions. As much as I love my fish and chips and being in England the time spent there just focusing on training made all the difference. There was huge pressure in this fight to win. I used to be scared to go in and get beaten up or hurt but in the UFC you’re just scared to lose. It took me a bit of time to get warmed up out there but I’m glad I got out of the fight with no injuries and I was able to use my Jiu Jitsu and show that us Brits have ground game too.” — Sent by the UFC

Light Heavyweight Bout: Phil Davis (205.5 lbs. 9-1) vs. Wagner Prado (205 lbs. 8-0)

-Phil Davis returns after a decision loss to Rashad Evans in the main event of the second UFC on Fox card earlier in February. Wagner Prado makes his UFC debut here. Luis Cobian is the referee for this light heavyweight battle.

ROUND ONE: A lot of feeling out early on. Prado connects with a couple solid punches. Prado then gets a poke to the eye from Davis and gets a timeout. The doctor checks on Prado whose eye is looking really bad and he’s having trouble seeing. The ringside doctor calls an end to the fight and that’s all for this one. Well that was anticlimactic.

OFFICIAL RESULT: No Decision due to unintentional foul.

Featherweight Bout: Cole Miller (145 lbs. 18-6) vs. Nam Phan (145 lbs. 17-10)

-Both Cole Miller and Nam Phan are coming off recent losses. Big John McCarthy is the referee for this fight at featherweight.

ROUND ONE: Miller hits a nice front kick to the face early on. Miller looks like he wants to use his rangy strikes on Phan. Phan tries to work his way in and lands some punches. Phan gets a good punching combination to the head and body of Miller. Phan moves forward and lands a similar combination again. Miller fires back with a body shot of his own and some more front kicks. Phan starts finding success with his right hand and lands some hard shots on Miller. Phan opens up with another body/head punching combination yet again. Phan lands a good left hook and continues to utilize the body/headshot combination. Miller starts firing back and starts throwing some aggressive punches. Phan continues to fire back with that same combination on multiple times. Extremely close round, but I think Phan edged it out with his striking as the round progressed and found more success with his boxing and punching combinations.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Nam Phan. Overall Nam Phan 10-9.

ROUND TWO: Miller tries to keep phan on the outside of Phan with his range. Phan tries to get in close and let go with his punches. Phan continues to utilize his boxing technique well against Miller, but Miller stays in it and continues to counter and fire back with some strong punches. I could easily see this fight getting a split decision at this rate it’s going. Miller lands a good left on Phan and tries to keep the the distance with a front kick. Phan goes low with a left punch to the bread basket. Miller lands some good right hooks. They continue to trade punches standing up with less than a minute to go. Phan lands another good right hand on Miller’s head. Miller fires back with a Superman punch. Another extremely close round. I think Miller barely edged it out with his range and counter-striking in this round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Cole Miller. Overall Even 19-19.

ROUND THREE: They trade punches punches. Phan lands a solid left and Miller is wobbled. Miller shakes it off and looks to be OK. Phan does a spin kick to the head of Miller. Phan lands with a good right and left punching combination to the head and an outside legkick. Miller shoots in but Phan is able to nicely shrug it off. Phan gets a hard shot to the kidney of Miller. Miller tries to go for a knee strike but it doesn’t look like it landed. Phan gets some more shots to the body on Miller. Miller goes low with a left hook to the midsection of Phan. Phan is able to slip some punches and land another shot to the kidney. Only a minute to go now. Both men are continuing to try and move forward with their punches. Miller misses with a knee and gets a light kick to the body. Bell sounds and that is it for this exciting striking battle. This was close but I think Phan had the more effective striking. He was slipping and dodging a lot of Miller’s offense and was continuing to land the better strikes. Unfortunately the judges might see Miller as having the more effective counter-striking and give him the fight.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Nam Phan. Overall Nam Phan 29-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Nam Phan by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

-Whew that was a close one. Great fight, but Phan really took that one.

-Rani Yahya: “This feels awesome and I’m very emotional because I trained so hard for this victory. All my thanks go to God, my family, training partners, and coaches who helped me through this. I was mentally and physically prepared for this after I recovered from surgery and I feel better than ever. I wasn’t in the best position for the choke but I was able to put all my weight on his ribs and finish it.” — Sent by the UFC

-Josh Grispi: “He’s a legend on the ground and I know he loves that choke but in the spot he was in I didn’t think he was going to be able to tighten it enough to finish. I had my hand on his face and an underhook but somehow he got it really tight and things started to fade out around me. I didn’t want to be that guy asleep on the mat so I tapped. Congrats to Rani.” — Sent by the UFC

-Phil Davis: “I’m surprised that it turned out like this but I haven’t really seen the replay so I don’t know what happened. I don’t even know if I actually poked him in the eye for sure. It’s just very disappointing to wait so long to get in the Octagon and then have this happen and start the whole waiting period over again.” – Sent by the UFC

-Wagner Prado: “In MMA you’re supposed to have a clenched fist and Phil definitely didn’t which is why I got poked. The doctor didn’t ask me if I wanted to continue fighting he asked how I was feeling and I said that I was seeing double. I’ve never felt more comfortable coming into a fight. It’s been my dream to come to the UFC and show the fans what I can do win or lose. I just didn’t want it to end like this.” — Sent by the UFC

-It is now time for the main Fox card.

-We get new 2012 UFC opening. The main event fighters give their thoughts on tonight’s fight. “Face the Pain” montage and it is now time for UFC on Fox: Shogun vs. Vera.

-From the broadcast booth: Curt Menefee, Randy Couture, and Brian Stann’s are serving as tonight’s analyst for the card. Couture and Stann talk about what the main and co-main event fighters have to do in order to secure the victory and show who should get the title shot.

Welterweight Bout: Mike Swick (170 lbs. 14-4) vs. DaMarques Johnson (171 lbs. 16-10)

-Mike Swick makes his long-awaited return to the UFC after a two and a half year-long absence. Herb Dean is the referee for this welterweight bout. Swick’s style is announced as “Swick-Fu.” Nice.

ROUND ONE: Swick rocks Johnson with some punches early on. Swick double underhooks Johnson against the cage. Johnson recovers and fires back. Johnson moves forward with some right and left punches. Johnson gets Swick to the ground. Johnson moves into full guard and Swick eats some elbow strikes. Swick is able to get out and gets back to his feet. Swick lets the hands go and they are swinging for the fences. Swick fires in some big knees and Johnson clinches up with Swick and gets him to the ground again. Johnson gets full mount on Swick on the ground! Johnson tries to transition to the choke, but Swick gets out and is able to pull half-guard. Johnson tries for the D’arce choke! Johnson can’t get it deep enough and escapes getting subbed. Swick pulls full-guard before the end of the round. Action-packed first round, but Johnson rallied and was able to take it back in his favor.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Johnson. Overall Johnson 10-9.

ROUND TWO: They are trading punches standing up. Eventually Swick is able to slam Johnson to his back. Quick Swick lands a dynamite punch right to the face of Johnson and Johnson is out! And just like that Swick wins an amazing return to the UFC!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mike Swick by Knockout at 1:20 in Round 2.

-The victorious is with Joe Rogan. Swick says, “Hey you guys, remember me?!” Swick thanks Javier Mendez, family, the UFC, and the fans for supporting him through his ordeals. Swick also gives a shout out to the military. Swick runs down the finish where he got the takedown followed by that huge right hand on the ground. Swick said he had trouble seeing out of one eye and was worried going into the second round.

Lightweight Bout: Joe Lauzon (155.5 lbs. 21-7) vs. Jamie Varner (156 lbs. 20-6-1, 2NC)

-Luis Cobian is the referee for this lightweight battle. Lauzon is coming off a knockout loss to Anthony Pettis at UFC 144. Jamie varner was victorious in his return to the UFC and is a former WEC Lightweight Champion.

ROUND ONE: Lauzon lands some good punches to the body early on in the round. Varner fires in with a big overhand right that rocks Lauzon. Lauzon recovers and is able to eventually fire back with a knee. Near the end of the round and Varner drops Lauzon with a right punch. Varner jumps onto Lauzon who recovers and tries to get an armbar. Varner slips out and Varner gets a strong end to secure himself the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Varner. Overall Varner 10-9.

ROUND TWO: Varner lands some good legkicks. Varner tries to slam Lauzon down. Lauzon goes for a takedown, but Varner goes for a guillotine choke. Lauzon slips out and gets Varner’s back. Lauzon attempts a RNC. Varner stands up and Lauzon attempts a standing version! Varner gets out. Back to standing and both men eventually start swinging big punches. Lauzon is able to punch Varner to the ground. Lauzon works to get Varner’s back for the choke again, but Vanrer gets out. Varner is looking like he has now gassed. Lauzon gets full mount and tries for an arm triangle. Varner gets out and slips out. Now Varner takes top position as the round comes to an end. Lauzon had a good showing in that round as it looks like Varner has gassed but he survived. Should be an interesting round three.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Lauzon. Overall Even 19-19.

ROUND THREE: Varner didn’t have his mouthpiece so the referee calls for a time so Varner can get it. Varner throws some low punches to the body. Lauzon shoots in but Varner defends and gets a knee strike to the body and gets away. Varner shoots and gets a power double-leg takedown. Lauzon is able to get it back up. Varner shoots in and gets another double-leg takedown. Lauzon sweeps it but Varner turns it back over. Lauzon transitions to a triangle choke! Lauzon sinks it in! Varner taps! Wow, hell of a fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Joe Lauzon by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 2:44 in Round 3.

-From Mike Swick who pulled off an amazing highlight career comeback win over DaMarquest Johnson: “It’s been such a long time and this just feels incredible. He came out much harder than I thought he would but I love being in that kind of fight. He caught me with a shot early on and my left eye went blank out there. I jumped ahead a couple times out there and thought I had the finish early on so when he kept coming I was worried. I really had to test my gut and by the time I got the finish I was throwing everything I had behind every shot just trying to end it. It’s so humbling to get such great support from the crowd out there and it was a welcome that I appreciate. I’m going to stay in shape and heal up so I can get right back in there.” – Sent by the UFC

-From Nam Phan who won an impressive and close victory over Cole Miller: “I had to win so I feel great. The fight was everything I thought it would be but I’m surprised he took me down that often. He is really tough on the ground so my goal was to sprawl and brawl throughout the fight. I saw a lot of Asian faces out there in the crowd so I wanted to put on a show for my people. I think the fans loved it so give me the fight of the night bonus! C’mon! I want to get back in there as soon as possible hopefully on the Macau card.” — Sent by the UFC

-From Phan’s opponent Cole Miller: “Ya know I wish I would’ve been more well rounded out there. My boxing was solid but I should’ve worked a little harder. I heard the crowd react to some of his shots that didn’t really do any damage. My posture was too tall and as a result it looked a lot worse than it actually was. He only really clipped me hard with one of his punches. I tried not to force anything out there and stayed loose which cost me on the cards. I don’t want to call him one dimensional but he was everything I expected him to be out there. I just made a few mistakes.” — Sent by the UFC

Light Heavyweight Bout: Lyoto Machida (201 lbs. 17-3) vs. Ryan Bader (205 lbs. 14-2)

-Machida lost his last fight in a UFC title fight against Jon Jones. Bader has won his last two against Jason Brilz and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Machida is a former UFC Light Heavyweight champion. Big John McCarthy is the referee for this co-main event. Both men touch gloves at the outset.

ROUND ONE: Machida looks a little leaner than usual and he weighed in at 201 lbs. for this fight. They circle and feel each other out. Machida gets a front kick to the body. Bader gets an outside legkick. Bader moves in and lands some punches to the body and moves away. Interesting. Bader lands an outside legkick. Machida sneaks in a quick kick to the body. Bader moves in but Machida catches him with a knee to the body. Bader swings in with some punches and Machida dodges but catches another outside legkick to the thigh. Machida sneaks in another quick kick to the midsection. Bader lands with a punch. Machida lands a quick jab on Bader. Machida looks like his crazy style is working effectively here. Bader clinches in but can’t get anything done. Bader looks like he’s catching strikes whenever he moves in. Machida lands an elbow strike before the round ends. Vintage Machida in this round as he looks like he’s found his footing and rhythm and Bader is having difficulty getting in.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Machida. Overall Machida 10-9.

ROUND TWO: Machida gets an inside legkick and soon follows it up with another. Rogan talks about the crazy “Jackie Chan” movements Machida is making with his hands. Machida shrugs Bader up when he tries to grapple. Machida eventually drops Bader with a big right that Bader runs right into. Bader goes down and eats a couple more punches but the knockout is already academic. The run of impressive finishes continues on an overall awesome card.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Lyoto”The Dragon” Machida by Knockout at 1:32 in Round 2.

-Machida is with Rogan. Machida feels good about his performance and says, “The Dragon’s back!” Looks like Shogun or Vera will have a tough job in clinching a title shot in the main event and got their work cut out for them now.

-From Joe Lauzon who picked up a third round submission earlier against Jamie Varner in an awesome fight: “I’m happy all around with my performance. Jamie had great boxing and wrestling and came out tough early on. There’s a lot of mutual respect between us and I think that showed out there. I got caught a couple of times but I was never in any real danger in those transitions. He did an awesome job defending from his back and utilizing proper hand control to keep out of the rear naked choke. The triangle wasn’t very deep at first but I knew he’d try and struggle out of it and I’d be able to capitalize and put him in a worse position. I love to fight and can’t wait to get back in there as soon as I heal up. I’m sure I’m going to be a little sore in the morning but it’s all worth it.” — Sent by the UFC

-From his opponent Jamie Varner: “The fight was going well for me and I expected him to come out hard like that. I wobbled him with a right in the first and thought I was going to be able to finish but couldn’t. I threw an overhand in the middle of the second and felt my hand break. Unfortunately I’ve broken them enough to know immediately when that happens. After that I transitioned and tried to use my kicks and elbows but that was really the missing weapon that I needed. I got locked up in that triangle and it was tight enough to know that I wasn’t getting out. It was either continue absorbing elbows and go out or tap.” — Sent by the UFC

Main Event Five Round Light Heavyweight Bout: Mauricio Rua (205 lbs. 20-6) vs. Brandon Vera (203.8 lbs. 12-5, 1NC)

-Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and 2005 Pride Middleweight Grand Prix tournament winner. Brandon Vera after being nearly cut to the UFC returned last December and defeated Eliot Marshall. Herb Dean is the referee for this main event light heavyweight fight.

ROUND ONE: Vera lands a kick to the body early. Vera jumps in with a knee but Shogun catches it and takes Vera down quickly. Shogun goes into half-guard and pushes Vera away from the cage. Shogun works and tries to pass but Vera is able to keep half-guard. Shogun gets pas Vera’s knee and gets side mount. Vera defends a guillotine choke. Vera fights his way up and throws some kicks to the head. Shogun picks up Vera for a single. Vera grabs onto Shogun for a guillotine choke! Vera drops down and tries to sink it on, but Shogun is able to slip out. Shogun lands some ground and pound shots in the guard. Shogun passes guard again and gets Vera’s back. Shogun has both hooks in but there is only seconds to go in the round. Shogun swings some haymaker punches to the head but nothing that will stop Shogun. Shogun rides out the end of the first round. A dominant round for Shogun sure, but it looks like Vera won’t hand Shogun an easy finish. I also wonder if Shogun’s cardio and stamina might fail him later on.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Shogun. Overall Shogun 10-9.

ROUND TWO: They trade big punches. Vera looks wobbled by punches from Shogun. Shogun fires some big Muay Thai knees but Vera recovers and fires back with an elbow strike. Vera stays in it and gets a left punch. Shogun looks like he may be starting to tire as well in just the second round. Vera gets a left and a kick to the body. Shogun moves forward with some punches and some more knees but Vera isn’t going down. Shogun goes to the head and Vera is cut under the eye. Vera is able to get back up and he still answers back to Shogun. Shogun lands a solid straight right. They clinch up against the fence. Vera locks up the body and takes Shogun down. Vera literally lays on top of Shogun and does virtually nothing besides driving in his shoulder. Vera postures up and lands some elbows before the end of the round. Eh you can maybe give it to Vera but Shogun landed a lot more before the end of the round and he did almost nothing with the takedown. Shogun’s already gassed though and clearly tired and I’m not sure if he can handle going another three rounds.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Shogun. Overall Shogun 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Vera comes with a big flying knee to the body and clinches up with Shogun. Shogun is looking winded against the fence. Vera breaks the clinch and trips off of missing a knee. Shogun comes in with an elbow strike close. Vera sets up a good outside legkick. Shogun locks up Vera’s head and lands a knee and that takes Vera down. Vera is vulnerable but Shogun is too tired to do much of anything else. Vera is able to fight his way back up and gets an inside legkick. Vera answers back with a punch to the body and another legkick. Vera moves forward with some offensive combos but Shogun locks him up and takes him down again. Vera keeps half-guard and Shogun isn’t doing very much. Shogun lands some hammerfist punches. Vera keeps half-guard until the end of the round. Shogun I think secures another round here but it was close and his stamina and gas tank proves to be his biggest enemies yet again.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Shogun. Overall Shogun 30-27.

ROUND FOUR: Vera clips Shogun with an elbow strike early in the round. Vera moves forward with a knee to the body and a legkick. Shogun looks for a single-leg takedown but Vera defends it. Muay Thai clinch and some knees ot the head and body by Shogun. Vera answers back with some light knees with his back against the cage. Shogun continues with the wall and stall a little bit before they break up the clinch. Vera lands with another legkick combination and Shogun moves forward and sneaks in an uppercut and initiates the clinch against the cage. They separate from the clinch and move back to the center. They trade punches. Shogun moves Vera back with an uppercut and a right. Vera finally gets dropped. Shogun swarms down and pounds out Vera and that is it. Vera proved to be tougher a opponent than Shogun expected, but Shogun’s cardio and gas tank again looked extremely lacking. I’m not sure how he would hope to go up against Jon Jones or try and surpass Dan Henderson if he’s not in good enough shape.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua by TKO at 4:09 in Round 4.

-Rogan is with Rua. Rua thanks his fans for the support. Rua apologizes because he doesn’t think he was at his best for this fight but will show his best in the future but the important thing is his victory. Rua said Vera was more than he expected.

-From co-main event winner Lyoto Machida: “I think I successfully controlled the entire fight. I changed my stance back and forth from southpaw as often as possible to keep him guessing. I was just looking to counter when he made mistakes and that’s how I was able to finish him. The dragon is back. I lost my last fight but I feel better than ever and I’m ready to fight for the title again.” — Sent by the UFC

-From Ryan Bader: “I have no recollection of what happened in there. But I definitely felt like I had to be the one to engage and force the issue since he never did.” – Sent by the UFC.

-Dana White is with Rogan for one more segment. White said Machida looked more impressive tonight and Machida will be granted the next light heavyweight title shot.

-That is all for UFC on Fox: Shogun vs. Vera. Thanks for joining us. But the night isn’t over yet. Please join us for the post fight press conference and coverage.

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Jeffrey Harris
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