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411’s UFC on FOX 6: Johnson vs Dodson Report 1.26.13

January 26, 2013 | Posted by Frank Estrada

411’s UFC on FOX 6: Johnson vs Dodson Report
United Center
Chicago, Illinois

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Welterweight bout: David Mitchell (171lbs 11-2) vs. Simeon Thoresen (171lbs 17-3-1)

ROUND ONE: Mitchell comes out jabbing first. Thoresen content to just circle away. Mitchell presses forward and lands some short uppercuts. They clash again and Mitchell lands another short uppercut. Leg kick from Mitchell. They clinch in the center, Mitchell lands some shots in the belly. Right cross from Thoresen. Hard right from Mitchell. Mitchell presses forward and eats a hard shot from Thoresen. Thoresen buckles him with an inside leg kick. Thoresen opens up and lands a hard combo of strikes on Mitchell. They go back and forth a bit and end up against the fence. Both fighters go punch for punch. Thoresen lands a kick and each a punch. They clinch and Mitchell lands more body shots. Two hard rights from Mitchell ends the round. Thoresen is a bit bloody in the face.

SCORECARD: Mitchell 10-9

ROUND TWO: Mitchell comes out very aggressively this round. Mitchell continues to forward and Thoresen is hurt! Mitchell and Thoresen go to the ground. Mitchell takes his back. Thoresen rolls and moves Mitchell to guard. Mitchell attempts to punch his way out of guard. Mitchell puts a knee on his belly but Thoresen moves him back to guard. Mitchell tries a leg lock. Thoresen escapes and dives for a waist lock on Mitchell. Mitchell goes for a gogoplata. Thoresen defends and pulls his head out. Thoresen stands up in guard and deftly avoids an up kick. Mitchell attempts a triangle but Thoresen defends. However, Mitchell is now able to sweep in to top position. Mitchell stomps the body. Mitchell dives on top of Thoresen and ends the round with an elbow to the face.

SCORECARD: Mitchell 10-9

There appears to be a cut through the eyelid of Thoresen. The fight will continue, though it may be called at any moment.

ROUND THREE: Mitchell rushes forward and they clinch against the fence. Mitchell walks through a right hand from Thoresen and lands a series of strikes. Left hook from Thoresen, followed by a right staggers Mitchell. He recovers and puts Thoresen against the fence. They go to the mat. Mitchell stands up in guard. There’s an exchange of knees. Thoresen takes Mitchell down. Mitchell throws up a triangle. Thoresen is taking punches to the injured eye. Thoresen rolls out of it. there’s some technical difficulties and the stream is over

SCORECARD: Mitchell 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – David Mitchell by unanimous decision (30-27X3).


Middleweight bout: Rafael Natal (185) vs. Sean Spencer (186)

ROUND ONE: Spencer rushes forward. Natal circles away. Spencer throws some single right hands but Natal evades them. Natal throws a kick and manages to shove his fingers directly into Spencer’s eye. Spencer misses with a right hand. Leg kick from Natal. Spencer lands a big right hand. He lands another and follows with a right. Leg kick from Spencer. Natal continues to circle away. Both men throw some heavy hooks. Natal throws a spinning back fist and follows with a leg kick. Spencer lands a superman punch. Natal lands a clean straight right. Kick to the body from Natal. Natal follows with a right. Natal shoots but Spencer sprawls and defends. Natal lands a spinning back fist. Natal takes him down and gets full mount. Natal unloads on him with ground strikes.

SCORECARD: Natal 10-9

ROUND TWO: Natal starts off throwing a combination of strikes. Natal lands a spinning back kick to the body. Spencer lands a right hand. Straight right to the body from Spencer. Side kick to the body followed by a takedown from Natal. Spencer gets back to his feet but Natal keeps him pressed into the cage. Natal lands some knees to the body. Natal trips him down again. Spencer holds on to Natal in order to limit his offense. Natal, for his part, is trying to punch his way to a better, more advantageous position. Natal takes his back. Spencer starts taking punches to the face. Natal is working toward an RNC but there’s just not enough time.

SCORECARD: Natal 10-9

ROUND THREE: Natal attempts a single but Spencer fights it off. Natal tries again and gets it. Natal immediately gets side control. Natal moves to a full mounted crucifix. Natal is grinding his elbow into Spencer’s face. Natal is going for a kimura. He converts to an arm triangle and that’s the end.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Rafael Natal by submission (arm triangle) at 2:13 of round 3.

Heavyweight bout: Shawn Jordan (251) vs. Mike Russow (256)

ROUND ONE: Russow immediately clinches with Jordan and presses him into the fence. Jordan breaks free. Russow clobbers him! Jordan eats a big knee! Jordan is bleeding from both of his eyes! Russow tries for a single leg. He can’t get it so he presses Jordan into the fence again. Big right from Russow and he lets go of Jordan. Back to the clinch from Russow. Jordan breaks away. Russow lands a double right hand and stuns Jordan. Russow gets double underhooks from the back. Jordan doesn’t seem to know what to do with the big man. Russow lets him go. Another lead right from Russow. Another followed by and elbow. Russow changes levels for a single. Jordan is leaving his hand on the ground to prevent a knee. Jordan misses with an uppercut. Jordan lands an elbow before time is called.

SCORECARD: Russow 10-9

ROUND TWO: Jordan blocks a punch and lands an uppercut. Jordan is starting to open up. Russow is poked in the eye. Russow and Jordan are slugging it out! Russow has slowed down. Kick to the body from Jordan. Jordan takes Russow and gets to full mount. It’s not looking good for the Chicago Police Officer! Jordan takes his back. Russow is covering up under the weight and attack of Jordan. Russow reverses position gets to his feet. He tries for a front choke. Russow knees Jordan once his hand left the mat. Jordan takes him down again. Short elbows from Jordan. Jordan gets full mount again. Jordan goes to town and defeats Russow with a flurry of punches.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Shawn Jordan by TKO at 3:48 of round 2.

Light Heavyweight bout: Ryan Bader (205) vs. Vladimir Matyushenko (205)

ROUND ONE: Leg kick from Bader. Matyushenko jabs. Bader lands a huge left hook that drops the Belurussian and pounces on him! Bader locks up a guillotine choke from his back while Matyushenko is still standing. Folks, that was the fastest submission in the history of light heavyweight division. You can’t complain about that!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – .Ryan Bader by submission (guillotine) at 0:50 of round 1.

Welterweight bout: Pascal Krauss (171) vs. Mike Stumpf (170)

ROUND ONE: Stumpf lands a leg kick. Krauss is looking to get inside with punches. Stumpf with another leg kick. Pretty evenly matched kick boxing match so far. One-two kick from Krauss. Stumpf takes him down. Stumpf works from guard but Krauss is able to get to his feet. Krauss lands a superman punch. Krauss is starting to open up now. Krauss backs him up into the fence. Lots of knees from Krauss. Krauss eats an uppercut. They exchange leg kicks. Krauss has thus far landed more strikes than Stumpf. Front kick to the mush from Krauss. Krauss drops Stumpf with a short right. Stumpf tries for a takedown. Krauss gets a standing guillotine. Stumpf survives the round.

SCORECARD: Krauss 10-9

ROUND TWO: Leg kick from Krauss. Krauss is scoring well with a variety of strikes. Krauss is cutting Stumpf to pieces with precision strikes. Superman uppercut from Krauss. Stumpf plants one on the nose of Krauss. Krauss gets a takedown. Stumpf hits a switch and takes his back. Stumpf ends up back in guard. Now he moves to half guard. Krauss gets to his feet. Krauss turns him around. Dirty boxing from Krauss gets through. Krauss hammers him with elbows. Uppercut from Stumpf. Stumpf tries for a takedown. Krauss grabs a front head lock and follows with knees. Krauss keeps up the pressure in the clinch to end round 2.

SCORECARD: Krauss 10-9

ROUND THREE: Krauss blasts out of his corner and backs Stumpf up with a series of punches. Krauss lands another superman uppercut. Krauss lands a flurry of punches. Uppercut and a leg kick from Krauss. Stumpf tries another takedown. Krauss backs him into the fence. Krauss comes forward again and Stumpf just backs up and covers his face. Kick to the face from Krauss. Front kick from Krauss. Stumpf tries another takedown but Krauss sprawls and stuffs it. Hard right from Krauss and he circles out before Stumpf can counter. Stumpf pulls guard. Krauss just continues to work him over from guard. Both are putting minimal effort in the last minute of the fight. Krauss cruises to a decision victory.

SCORECARD: Krauss 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Pascal Krauss by unanimous decision (30-27X3).

Featherweight bout: Clay Guida (146) vs. Hatsu Hioki (146)

ROUND ONE: “With great mustache comes great responsibility…” Guida comes out with a leg kick. Hioki clips him moving in. Guida keeps eating punches every time he moves in. Hioki lands a body shot. Guida misses a superman punch. Guida cannot find his range against Hioki. Hioki continues to effectively counter him. Hioki stuffs a takedown. There’s a series of exchanges that ends with Guida taking Hioki down. Guida tries to stack and pass but Hioki keeps him in full guard. Hioki takes his back and tries to attack the arm. Hioki transitions to a front face lock. They break away from each other. Hioki circles and picks Guida a part.

SCORECARD: Hioki 10-9

ROUND TWO: Guida lands a leg kick, shoots for a takedown and finishes with a big slam! Guida is hanging on to Hioki’s leg. Hioki defends and grabs a kimura. He doesn’t get so he looks for an arm bar. Guida defends by slamming him. Guida works from full guard. Guida is desperately trying to pass guard. Hioki is hanging on to Guida, trying to stifle his offense. Hioki elbows Guida in the body. The ref stands them up. Front kick from Hioki. Guida lowers his head and eats a leg kick.

SCORECARD: Guida 10-9

ROUND THREE: Both fighters try to take control on their feet early in this round. Guida ducks some punches from Hioki and takes him down. Hioki tries for a triangle and Guida slams him again. Hioki rolls and goes for a triangle again. Guida fights through it and hammers on him from full guard. He moves to half guard. Shoulder strikes from Guida. Neither man is doing much and they are admonished by the ref. Hioki can’t get to this feet. They are stood up with 30 seconds on the clock. Head kick from Hioki. A body kick from Hioki. Hioki stuffs a takedown and we’re done.

SCORECARD: Guida 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Clay Guida by split decision (29-28 Hioki, 30-27 Guida, 29-28 Guida).

Lightweight bout: T.J. Grant (155) vs. Matt Wiman (156)

ROUND ONE: Grant starts with a left hook. Wiman counters with a flurry of strikes. Wiman throws a few kicks at various targets. A pair of hooks from Wiman. Grant circles away. Grant lands a right hook. Wiman is giving Grant chase but Grant is evading. Body shot from Grant. Grant throws a knee to the body. It’s very even so far. They clinch and exchange knees. Grant lands a few short shots on Wiman. Grant hurts Wiman with a sharp elbow and moves in but Wiman takes him down. Grant defends and ends up on Wimans back. He gets back to his feet but Grant puts him back down and ends up standing in his guard. Wiman has been bloodied up. Wiman gets back to his feet and gets into a brawl with Grant. Grant throws a flurry of elbows and the fight is stopped as Grant rains down vicious hammer fists. Done and done.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – TJ Grant by KO at 4:51 of round 1.

I say they book Grant vs Healey in a battle of the beards!


Featherweight bout: Erik Koch (145) vs. Ricardo Lamas (145)

ROUND ONE: Lamas lands a leg kick. He follows with several more. Koch returns fire. Head kick from Koch. Koch throws another head kick. He jabs and then throws another head kick. Lamas feigns a kick and shoots for a takedown. Koch sprawls against the cage. Lamas drags him but can’t keep him there. Lamas is pressing Koch against the fence. Lamas knees his leg. Lamas knees him in the body. Lamas trips him but Koch stays on his feet. Spinning back elbow by Lamas and Koch gets free. They exchange leg kicks again. Koch tries to get inside with strikes. They clinch again. Lamas tries for a single. Koch falls on his duff but gets back up.

SCORECARD: Lamas 10-9

ROUND TWO: There’s a quick exchange of strikes to start the round. Koch has actually out struck Lamas so far. Lamas sticks his foot in Kochs face. Lamas slips, Koch tries to capitalize but ends up with Lamas in his guard. Lamas stands in guard and throws down punches. Koch is taking a lot of shots from Lamas! Lamas beats Koch bloody and finishes the fight with a series of punches and elbows! Lamas vs Korean Zombie next I would assume for the true number one contender spot (assuming they don’t just throw Lamas at the winner of Aldo and Edgar).

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Ricardo Lamas by TKO at 2:32 of round 2.

Lightweight bout: Donald Cerrone (155) vs. Anthony Pettis (155)

ROUND ONE: Pettis lands a solid right hand. Cerrone counters and stumbles Pettis. Pettis tries a flipping kick. Pettis lands a hook. Body kick from Pettis. Cerrone seems perplexed. Another body kick from Pettis. Pettis backs him up and pounces off the cage and kicks him. OH MY GOD!!! Pettis buries his leg in Cerrone’s liver. Down he goes and that is all! Showtime vs Black Jesus II, coming soon!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – .Anthony Pettis by TKO at 2:35 of round 1.

Light Heavyweight bout: Quinton Jackson (204) vs. Glover Teixeira (206)

ROUND ONE: Tex and Rampage have a few quick exchanges. Rampage lands a few jabs. Tex takes Rampage down, LET THE HUMPING BEGIN! Tex takes his back and goes for an arm triangle. Tex pounds on Rampage, looking for the RNC. Rampage gets back to his feet. He lands a leg kick. They resume a fairly back and for the boxing match. They exchange big hooks. Tex lands 2 to the body. Tex has out struck Rampage thus far. Rampage tries for a takedown, Tex sidesteps and chases him down. Rampage recovers but Tex drops him with a big punch. Tex tries to finish but Rampage gets to his feet. The round end has Rampage throws a kick, which is caught.

SCORECARD: Teixeira 10-8

ROUND TWO: There’s a few quick exchanges and Tex takes Rampage down. Tex works from half guard. Rampage is taking a lot of elbows to the face. Tex lets him back up. Rampage lands a series of short uppercuts. They clinch and Rampage lands more uppercuts. Rampage lands a right hook. Rampage is doing a good job of keeping his jab out there. Tex lands a big uppercut. Right hand from Tex. A pair of kicks from Tex. Rampage is trying to counter but he’s only hitting air. Two to the body from Tex. Tex is scoring all over Rampage but to his credit, Rampage keeps coming.

SCORECARD: Teixeira 10-9

ROUND THREE: Rampage starts off with a flurry. Tex plants one his Rampage’s chin. At this point it’s fairly even in the striking department at 41-38 Rampage. Tex takes him down and the crowd boos. This ain’t boxing folks. Tex smashes his elbow in to Rampage’s face. Rampage gets back to his feet. They have a quick exchange and Rampage tries for a single leg. Tex shrugs him off. Tex lands a clean uppercut hook combo. Head kick from Tex. Tex is walking him down scoring. Tex takes him down, lands one punch and is kicked off. Rampage gets back to his feet. They are going toe-to-toe. Tex takes him down and gets to full mount. Tex ground and pounds his way to a decision victory!

SCORECARD: Teixeira 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Glover Teixeira by unanimous decision (30-27X2, 29-28).


Flyweight Title bout:Champ Demetrious Johnson (125) vs. John Dodson (124)

ROUND ONE: Body kick from Dodson. Leg kick from Johnson. Both fighters are struggling to find their range for their punches. Leg kick from Dodson. Johnson gets inside and is dropped momentarily by Dodson. High kick from Johnson and Dodson tosses him down. Left hook from Johnson. Johnson evades a hook and tries to tie up with him. Dodson gets away. There’s a quick exchange of strikes. Johnson so far has out struck Dodson. Johnson backs him up and attempts to take him down. He picks him up and slams him down. Dodson gets to his feet and is smacked with a hook. Johnson clinches and controls ending the round.

SCORECARD: Johnson 10-9

ROUND TWO: The fighters start off again with a series of quick exchanges. Johnson backs Dodson into the fence and takes him down. Dodson gets back to his feet. Right hand from Johnson. Leg kick from Johnson. Straight right from Johnson. Dodson drops him with a straight left. Johnson comes in again and Dodson smashes him with a left hook! Dodson nails him again with a one-two combo. Dodson catches a kick and drops Johnson again. Dodson lands a short punch right on the nose. He’s starting to tear Johnson out. Dodson lands another left hook. Johnson is walking Dodson down but Dodson is evading him. Dodson catches a kick. Johnson clinches up before the end of the round.

SCORECARD: Dodson 10-9

ROUND THREE: Johnson opens up with a series of leg kicks. Johnson goes for a takedown and is lit up with the left. Johnson dives for a takedown and is kicked in the face. Johnson knees him and Dodson calls or time. Body kick from Dodson. Dodson lands a flying knee. Dodson catches a kick and hits him with a right. Leg kicks from Dodson. Another quick exchange between the fighters. Dodson lands a body kick. Johnson eats a left hook coming in for a takedown. Johnson wraps him up around the waist. Johnson stays tight to Dodson in his guard. Dodson escapes. They clinch up. Dodson lands a knee. Counter left from Dodson to end the round.

SCORECARD: Johnson 10-9

ROUND FOUR: Dodson lands a leg kick. Johnson eats a few coming in. Johnson dives at Dodson. Johnson knees Dodson in the face but Dodson had his hand on the mat. There’s a break in the action. Dodson catches and kick and counters. Johnson goes for a takedown. Johnson has 104 significant strikes to Dodson’s 71. Dodson breaks free. Short hook from Dodson. Another quick exchange of strikes between the fighters. Johnson tries for a single leg. Knee to the body from Johnson. Johnson is controlling Dodson’s body and pummeling him with knees. Dodson tries to respond with elbows. They trade hooks and go toe-to-toe to end the round.

SCORECARD: Johnson 10-9

ROUND FIVE: Dodson gets tied up early and Johnson goes to work with knees again. Johnson takes him down. Dodson gets to his feet. Johnson lands two punches to the chest. They exchange knees in the clinch. Johnson pulls guard against the cage. Dodson presses Johnson against the fence. Dodson goes for a single leg. Johnson stuffs it. Johnson tee’s off with knees in the clinch on Dodson’s face. Dodson is hurt. Johnson lands a series of hard shots. Dodson looks like he’s out on his feet. They clinch up against the fence. Dodson is fighting to not be finished. Johnson knee’s him over and over until the round ends. Nice try Dodson.

SCORECARD: Johnson 10-8

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION – Demetrious Johnson by unanimous decision (48-47X2, 49-46).

I thought this was a perfectly fine night of fights. We had mostly finishes, only the Guida fight was terrible and the main event was quite entertaining. No complaints from this corner of the MMA universe.

Remember we will be talking about this show and more tomorrow at 11:00AM on the 411 Ground and Pound Radio Show.

Until then, be good, be safe and behave.


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