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411’s UFC on FUEL TV 3: Korean Zombie vs. Poirier Report 5.15.12

May 15, 2012 | Posted by Mark Radulich

UFC on FUEL TV 3: Korean Zombie vs. Poirier
Patriot Center
Fairfax, Virginia

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Dustin Poirier (145lbs 12-1) vs. Chan Sung Jung (145lbs 12-3)
Jorge Lopez (171lbs 11-2) vs. Amir Sadollah (171lbs 6-3)
Donald Cerrone (155lbs 17-4-0, 1NC) vs. Jeremy Stephens (155lbs 20-7)
Jeff Hougland (135lbs 10-4) vs. Yves Jabouin (135lbs 17-7)
Fabio Maldonado (205lbs 18-4) vs. Igor Pokrajac (205lbs 24-8)
Tom Lawlor (186lbs 7-4-0, 1NC) vs. Jason MacDonald (185lbs 26-15)

Brad Tavares (185lbs 6-2) vs. Dongi Yang (186lbs 10-2)
Marcus LeVesseur (155lbs 21-5) vs. Cody McKenzie (155lbs 12-2)
T.J. Grant (155lbs 17-5) vs. Carlo Prater (155lbs 30-10-1)
Rafael Dos Anjos (156lbs 15-6) vs. Kamal Shalorus (155lbs 7-2-2)
Jeff Curran (135lbs 35-14-1) vs. Johnny Eduardo (135lbs 25-9)
Francisco Rivera (134lbs 7-2) vs. Alex Soto (135lbs 6-1-1)

Hey 411 readers, thanks for joining 411’s live MMA coverage today!

It was nice while it lasted. However, all good things must come to an end. Yes, we had a few weeks of no UFC/ZUFFA brand MMA for a bit there but starting tonight we’re back to nearly weekly shows until roughly July, possibly August. Ah it’s the summer of ZUFFA and it kicks off now with the White Korean Zombie vs Dustin Poirier on Fuel TV. I know most MMA fans don’t give a hoot about this sort of card but if you deign to give it a chance, you might find yourself enjoying a bit of free MMA…or you could just skip it and watch this:

And you call yourselves MMA fans…for shame. I didn’t come here to tell you that so without further dudes, let’s make with the fussin’ and-a fightin’!


We are live at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia!

Our hosts for tonight are Jon Anik and Kenny Florian. We go to the octagon for our first fight!


Bantamweight bout: Francisco Rivera (134lbs 7-2) vs. Alex Soto (135lbs 6-1-1)

ROUND ONE: Soto starts with a high kick. Soto shoots, gives it up quick and misses with a hook. Soto lands a kick but Rivera clobbers him! Soto dives for a takedown but Rivera defends. Rivera lands a hard uppercut. He follows up but Soto defends and backs away. Soto finally gets a desperation single leg takedown. Rivera escapes, stands up and eats a knee for his troubles. Soto continues to circle away while countering Rivera’s power punches. Rivera lands a knee to the belly. Soto kicks but it is blocked. Rivera throws a hook, cutting off the octagon. Rivera tries a flying kick of sorts but Soto scrambles away. Rivera catches Soto with knees in the clinch. Soto took more damage than he was able to dish out so I have to give this one to Rivera.

SCORECARD: Rivera 10-9

ROUND TWO: Soto resumes bouncing and circling. Rivera lands a front kick. Soto kicks Rivera in the liver. Rivera is swinging for the fences but he”s producing a lot of wind. Soto is doing a better job of evading Rivera in this round. They exchange kicks. High kick from Soto is met with an overhand right attempt. Soto attempts a flying knee. Soto is not able to get his takedowns going. Rivera finally nails Soto with a right hand but Soto shakes it off and says, “Please Sir, may I have another.” And we have a pause in the action due to a kick in the balls (the third this round). Rivera kicks Soto in the shoulder. Rivera tags Soto with a kick in the mush. Soto falls down but bounces back up before Rivera can finish him off. Rivera opens up on Soto looking for a KO before the round ends.

SCORECARD: Rivera 10-9

ROUND THREE: Soto aborts a flying crane kick and then takes Rivera down (apparently he was mesmerized). Rivera gets back to his feet. Side kick from Soto. Soto jabs at Rivera. Soto misses and eats a straight right but as Rivera has noted, Soto won’t go down. Rivera rocks him with an overhand right. Soto stays alive! Kick in the gut from Rivera. Soto scratches Rivera with an uppercut. Soto resumes jabbing. Soto picks up the pace of his punches. Rivera responds with a knee. Soto blocks a head kick. Soto ducks a hook. Soto put up a good fight but ultimately Rivera was the one doing damage.

SCORECARD: Rivera 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Francisco Rivera by unanimous decision (30-27X3).

That was a fairly easy one to judge. Nice work by both men tonight.

Bantamweight bout: Jeff Curran (135lbs 35-14-1) vs. Johnny Eduardo (135lbs 25-9)

ROUND ONE: Curran comes out jabbing, trying to find his range. Eduardo responds with swats and kicks. Curran steps forward with a pair of hard rights. Kick to the shin from Curran. Eduardo kicks him back. Side kick from Curran. They exchange punches. Curran tries again and eats a few himself. Eduardo catches Curran with a knee. Another kick from Eduardo. Eduardo is throwing volume but isn’t landing much. Eduardo lands a hard kick to the lead leg. Eduardo continues to chop at Curran with kicks. Not a tremendously eventful round. I think Eduardo takes it due to the leg kicks landed and the damage they’ve done.

SCORECARD: Eduardo 10-9

ROUND TWO: Eduardo comes out more aggressively. He’s jabbing and following up with hard leg kicks. He nails another one and buckles Curran. Curran misses with a kick. Eduardo hits another kick. Eduardo counters and swipes at Curran. Curran looks like he’s trying to bait Eduardo. Eduardo resumes trying to cripple Curran’s leg. They exchange punches. Curran misses with a series of kicks. Eduardo attempts to take Curran’s head off but misses with the power right. Eduardo is proving to be very elusive. Curran swings and misses with an uppercut. Eduardo lights Curran up with a combination of punches and kicks. Curran tries a takedown all for naught. Eduardo lands one final leg kick before the horn sounds.

SCORECARD: Eduardo 10-9

ROUND THREE: Curran is fighting with some sense of urgency but Eduardo is making him pay for it. Curran fakes with an overhand and tries for a takedown. Eduardo powers out of it. Curran takes a hard kick in the knee and acts like it’s a nut shot (golf clap). Eduardo says he got poked in the eye but the ref didn’t see it and orders him to keep fighting. Curran turns up the aggression. Curran lands a few punches up stairs. Curran is lighting Eduardo up with jabs. Eduardo catches Curran inside with a short uppercut. Curran misses wtih the overhand right. Curran lands a left hook. Eduardo kicks him back. Eduardo catches Curran with a hard counter right. Curran came on a little too late here.

SCORECARD: Curran 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Johnny Eduardo by unanimous decision (29-28X3).

No controversy so far…which is always good.

Lightweight bout: Rafael Dos Anjos (156lbs 15-6) vs. Kamal Shalorus (155lbs 7-2-2)

ROUND ONE: Shalorus comes out jabbing. DA is circling away. Shalorus is looking to end this one nice and early. BOOM!!! DA boots Shalorus right in the noodle!!! DA looks for the TKO but quickly coverts to a rear-naked choke! And the First Round Finish Club has our MVP of the night (so far). :::salute:::

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Rafael Dos Anjos by submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:40 of round 1.

Lightweight bout: T.J. Grant (155lbs 17-5) vs. Carlo Prater (155lbs 30-10-1)

ROUND ONE: An even exchange of punches gets us going. Grant hits a leg kick. They exchange leg kicks. Grant attempts to catch a kick and then counters with one of his own. Prater lands a nice jab. Grant attempts to clinch up but nothing doing. Grant slides in with a combo of punches. Grant ducks a punch and attempts a takedown. He can’t complete it so he settles for driving Prater against the fence. Prater turns him around. Prater attempts a single leg. Grant blocks and escapes. Prater sticks his jab out there but isn’t able to do much with it. Grant barely connects with a left hook. He scores with two fast punches. Prater shoots in, Grant sprawls and attempts a standing guillotine. They scramble, Prater attempts a knee bar but Grant defends while finally landing in half guard. Grant passes guard to side control just in time to hear the horn blow.

SCORECARD: Grant 10-9

ROUND TWO: Prater hits a leg kick. Grant pressures Prater and presses him against the fence. Grant knees Prater in the clinch and finishes the exchange with a hard elbow. Grant presses him against the fence again. He hits a short elbow. Grant keeps the pressure up with more close, short strikes. Grant gets a takedown but Prater bounces up. Prater hits nice kick. They grapple against the fence. Prater tries for another takedown but Prater is the on his butt. Grant passes guard to side control like a hot knife through butter. He goes north-south and pounds on Prater. Prater escapes and reverses but runs out of time.

SCORECARD: Grant 10-9

ROUND THREE: The fighters exchange leg kicks. Prater clips him on the chin and sort of hits a spinning back kick (which more resembles a crippled mule kick). They exchange more leg kicks. Grant lands a one-two. Grant keeps the pressure up. Grant tackles Prater. Prater has Grant’s head wrapped up. Grant gets to side control. With superior position in hand Grant easily slides his head out of danger. He takes Prater’s back. Florian tells us Grant is either looking for a Banana Split or a Twister and who am I to argue. Grant gets to full mount (Pat Barry, take note). Grant materializes on Prater’s back! Prater tries to scramble out of danger. Grant takes his back again. Prater gets to his feet but that just allows Grant to suplex him down again. Grant has 10 seconds to go to finish with an arm-NOPE!

SCORECARD: Grant 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – T.J. Grant by unanimous decision (30-27X3) .

Seriously, Prater looked like they just plucked him out of the crowd for a demo. Nice work by Grant!

Lightweight bout: Marcus LeVesseur (155lbs 21-5) vs. Cody McKenzie (155lbs 12-2)

ROUND ONE: Levesseur immediately gets a takedown. McKenzie catches with an up-kick in the cup. Levesseur is throwing a lot of leather until something finally connects and down goes McKenzie! Levesseur tries to finish him. McKenzie attempts to escape but LeVesseur wraps him up. McKenzie stalls him with the butterfly guard. McKenzie is looking to reposition himself for a guillotine. After a bit of a struggle Captain Guillotine gets his patented finisher. Nice work from one of the Not-Ready-For-Primetime-Players!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Cody McKenzie by submission (guillotine) at 3:05 of round 1.

Once again, the First Round Finish Club salutes you good sir!

Middleweight bout: Brad Tavares (185lbs 6-2) vs. Dongi Yang (186lbs 10-2)

ROUND ONE: Yang and Tavares exchange strikes but Yang is the aggressor. Tavares continues to circle away. The two middleweights are going toe-to-toe! The tempo slows as Yang is allowing Tavares to score on him. Tavares double jabs. Yang returns with a kick. Tavares is using his volume of strikes to summarily shut Yang down. Tavares misses with a kick, Yang pursues and there appears to be a poke. They exchange again this time Tavares gets poked after receiving a kick in the face. Tavares back Yang up. Yang starts to come forward but Tavares is keeping him at bay with strikes. Yang finally nails him but Tavares clinches up. Yang spins him around against the fence and runs out of time.

SCORECARD: Tavares 10-9

ROUND TWO: Tavares says his vision is blurry but not blurry enough to stop the fight. Yang comes out kicking. Tavares tries to return with kicks but only gets air. Crane kick lands on Tavares! Yang catches Tavares sliding it with a straight. Tavares is hanging tough. Lots of kicks being thrown and blocked. Yang clinches with Tavares against the fence. Yang forces him down but Tavares gets to his feet. Now Tavares has Yang against the fence. Yang attempts a judo trip but Tavares is able to regroup and separate. This is one of those weird rounds where I have to give it to the guy who got takedowns even though they were basically meaningless.

SCORECARD: Yang 10-9

ROUND THREE: Tavares tackles Yang like an NFL player! He’s bullying him against the fence. Yang stalls him out and gets a stand up. Tavares is peppering Yang with kicks. And Tavares splits the uprights…FIELD GOAL!!!! :::rolls eyes::: Tavares leaps in and misses with a right. Neither man is able to pull ahead here with anything significant (above the waist). They kick each other in the leg. Tavares is throwing front kicks that don’t do much more than keep Yang at a distance. Yang gets a takedown as the buzzer sounds. Not going to be enough pally. However, I won’t lose sleep is this a split decision or draw or something like that.

SCORECARD: Tavares 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Brad Tavares by unanimous decision (29-28X3) .

Um…why are you people booing? OK, yes, the fight kind of stunk but the right guy won…nothing to see here. Move along.

And that’s the end of the FB prelims. We’ll back back shortly on FUEL TV.


Middleweight bout: Tom Lawlor (186lbs 7-4-0, 1NC) vs. Jason MacDonald (185lbs 26-15)

ROUND ONE: Chad Griggs Lawlor is tentative to start as McDonald is throwing his jab out there. McDonald shoots and Lawlor sprawls. Lawlor kills McDonald with a straight left right on the button and finishes him off with Dos Santos special (right hook behind the ear). And McDonald is flat. The Fist Round Finish Club salutes you good sir!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – “Filthy” Tom Lawlor by KTFO at 0:50 of round 1.

Light Heavyweight bout: Fabio Maldonado (205lbs 18-4) vs. Igor Pokrajac (205lbs 24-8)

ROUND ONE: For what everyone assumed would be a standup battle, Pokrajac oddly enough takes Maldonado down. he works him over from half guard. Maldonado looks like he’s trying to shrimp out. Don’t look now but I think Pokrajac is going knee-on-belly in order to pass into mount. Pokrajac smashes Maldonado. Pokrajac tries to take his back on lands on his own. Maldonado lets him up. Pokrajac lands a few strikes but Maldonado comes back strong and swarms the Croatian with a series of his own strikes. Pokrajac tries to grab a Thai plumb! Maldonado works him over even though they are clinched up! Pokrajac fires back with a knees to the face. The horn sounds! Pokrajac got a bit beaten up there but he had the advantage for most of the round.

SCORECARD: Pokrajac 10-9

ROUND TWO: Pokrajac uses his boxing to start this round. He jams one right on Maldonado’s chin. Pokrajac shoves Maldonado against the fence and tries for a single leg takedown. Maldonado blocks but can’t get off the fence. Thai clinch and knee to the face from the Croatian. Another knee, this time in the gut. Maldonado strikes back in the body and then the head. He goes back to the body before Pokrajac ties him back up. Short uppercut from Pokrajac. Maldonado presses Pokrajac against the fence. He circles away and gets back to the center. Another knee from Pokrajac. Spinning back fist from Pokrajac (in slow motion). Pokrajac tries another takedown and somehow crumbles under Maldonado.

SCORECARD: Pokrajac 10-9

ROUND THREE: Maldonado rushes forward and eats a bowl full of knees from the Croatian. Maldonado continues to tenderize the midsection of Pokrajac. Body shots vs knees to the face against the fence. Jumping knee from Prokrajac. Not enough action for the ref so they are broken up. The fighters go punch for punch. Pokrajac lands a hard left that stuns him. He lands a right this time. Maldonado looks to be fading. Maldonado lands a few short shots and tries a trip down. Pokrajac resists and drops his mouthpiece. Pokrajac is circling away. He lands a kick and eats a punch. Straight left from Pokrajac pushes Maldonado back. They are going ROADHOUSE! It’s back and forth, rock’em sock’em robots! The horn blows and everybody wins!

SCORECARD: Pokrajac 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Igor Pokrajac by unanimous decision (29-28X2, 30-27).

WAR NEW CRO-COP POKRAJAC!!! Jon Jones…YOU’RE NEXT!!! OK, maybe not.

Bantamweight bout: Jeff Hougland (135lbs 10-4) vs. Yves Jabouin (135lbs 17-7)

ROUND ONE: They kick each other in the shin. Jabouin fires off another kick. He jabs. Hougland is starting off very slowly. Hougland misses with a double jab. Hougland tries a kick, eats right hook and then gets kicked so hard he bounces off the fence. Head kick from Jabouin is blocked. Hougland is struggling to find a way inside on Jabouin. Kick to the face from Jabouin. Leg kick from Hougland. Hougland through some haymakers but doesn’t connect. Another teep from Jabouin. Spinning back kick to the gut from Jabouin crumbles Hougland! Jabouin is mauling him. Hougland barely survives to see round 2.

SCORECARD: Jabouin 10-9

ROUND TWO: Jabouin comes out pretty aggressively. He goes to the well again with another spinning back kick. He kicks him again. Front kick to the midsection from Jabouin. Hougland is taking a beating and just being outclassed by Jabouin. Hougland misses with a spinning back fist. A kick in the thigh from Hougland. Hougland fails a takedown. Jabouin has proven to be too fast for Hougland. Another kick in the chest for Jabouin. Head kick from Jabouin. They continue to exchange kicks. Hougland has started to land but not enough to take the fight from Jabouin.

SCORECARD: Jabouin 10-9

ROUND THREE: Jabouin looks as fresh as the day is long while Hougland looks like he’s been in a bar fight. Jabouin smashes Hougland again and down he goes. We resume the mauling that took place in round 1! Jabouin is ground and pounding his way to victory! Holy smoke! Hougland gets top position for a moment! He’s still in this fight! Jabouin gets to half guard. Like a plate of hash browns, Hougland is smothered and covered. Jabouin nearly gets full mount but Hougland stifles him. Jabouin can’t get much going in the way of submissions so he’s just content to bash the man silly. However, he isn’t working hard enough so they are stood up. Jabouin knees Hougland and down he goes again. Jabouin kicks him in the head! Elbows from the top! A for effort from Hougland, he took a Jeff Monson…Monson like beating in that one and made it to the bitter end all on heart. Bravo.

SCORECARD: Jabouin 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Yves Jabouin by unanimous decision (30-27X2, 30-26).

Lightweight bout: Donald Cerrone (155lbs 17-4-0, 1NC) vs. Jeremy Stephens (155lbs 20-7)

ROUND ONE: Stephens throws a few leg kicks. Cerrone kicks him back. Stephens tries a one-two combo. Cerrone lands another kick. Cerrone comes forward, feigns with strikes and lands a leg kick. He does it again. Front kick slides off of Stephens chest. Stephens is looking to take his head off but he can’t find the target. Another kick in the leg from Cerrone. He tries for a high takedown. Short right from Stephens off of a kick. Cerrone picks up the pace and backs Stephens off. Upstairs downstairs, punches and kicks from Cerrone. Stephens made have taken some damage around his eye. Right hand from Stephens skins his noodle. Flying knee from Cerrone misses the mark. Cerrone literally runs after Stephens and kicks him in the leg. Another flying knee from the Cowboy and that’s the end of round 1.

SCORECARD: Cerrone 10-9

ROUND TWO: Cerrone resumes outclassing Stephens with American style kick boxing. Cerrone continues to go upstairs long enough to get inside and damage that lead leg. Spinning elbow from Cerrone. He’s going to break that leg at this rate. Takedown fails. Stephens is looking frustrated. Cerrone continues to tag Stephens at will while taking little to no damage. Cerrone presses forward, Stephens covers up and Cerrone is now toying with him like a cat does with a piece of yarn. Signs of life from Stephens has he lands a shot to the body. Another chopping kick from Cerrone. Another kick and Stephens is starting to fall a part. Inside leg kick from the Cowboy. Cerrone gets a takedown. Stephens won’t just lay down and die as he up kicks Cerrone to end the round.

SCORECARD: Cerrone 10-9

ROUND THREE: Inside leg kick nails Stephens in the cup…

…moving on now. Stephens lands a kick in the leg. Cerrone kicks him back. Leg kick from Stephens is met with a step knee from Cowboy. Cerrone sweeps the leg Cobra Kai style but Stephens defends and gets back to his feet. Another kick from Cerrone and Stephens isn’t having some difficulty walking on that lead leg. Straight left from Stephens. One returned from Cerrone. Kick to the body from Cerrone. Cerrone kicks, rushes in, clinches and releases. Another series unchecked from Cowboy. And Stephens drops his mouthpiece…oy vey. He misses with a flying knee. And people have the nerve to make fun of Shark Fights and M-1…phooey. I expected more from Cowboy.

SCORECARD: Cerrone 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Donald Cerrone by unanimous decision (30-27X3) .

Cerrone wants to fight at UFC 150 and rematch with Diaz. Based on this yawn-inducing performance I say no and no.

Welterweight bout: Jorge Lopez (171lbs 11-2) vs. Amir Sadollah (171lbs 6-3)

ROUND ONE: Both fighters come out strong, trading punches. Lopez is throwing a lot of volume while Sadollah covers up. Sadollah is having difficulty finding a way inside. They clinch up against the fence. Lopez has the advantage. They trade knees. Nothing gained and so they separate. Sadollah turns up the aggression with a few body kicks. Lopez ducks a kick and grabs a single. Sadollah defends and we’re back against the fence again. Lopez picks him and slams him down (while deftly avoiding knocking himself out). Lopez looks pass the guard of Amir Sadollah. He appears to be trying for a Brock Lesnar kimura. Sadollah gets to his feet but gets no clear advantage.

SCORECARD: Lopez 10-9

ROUND TWO: Sadollah catches Lopez coming in. Lopez shakes it off and tries for a takedown. Lopez has Sadollah against the fence. Sadollah lightly knees Lopez in the body. Lopez shrugs him off. Sadollah lands a hard right hand. Another kick from Sadollah. Lopez ducks under Sadollah again. He presses him against the fence. Sadollah counters with a guillotine and Lopez gets out of it by dumping him on the mat. Lopez tries to take his back but Sadollah evades. Sadollah delivers a knee as Lopez backs away. Sadollah throws a few more kicks. Sadollah is scoring upstairs and downstairs. Lopez draws him in and Lopez gets a takedown. He could steal the round with this (if you were watching it backwards : P) but we’re not so the round goes to Sadollah.

SCORECARD: Sadollah 10-9

ROUND THREE: We resume grappling against the fence. Sadollah nearly gets another guillotine but it doesn’t work this time either. Lopez tries for a standing kimura but that ain’t happening. Sadollah scores with a series of kicks. Sadollah clinches, elbows him in the face and backs away. Lopez presses Sadollah against the fence. He’s trying for a third guillotine. Lopez muscles him down, landing in top position. While Anik and Florian think they are staying busy, the ref disagrees and stands them up. Lopez presses Sadollah against the fence again. Sadollah counters and drops Lopez momentarily. Sadollah knees Lopez in the fence. This was the antithesis of Pokrajac vs Maldonado…nobody wins here.

SCORECARD: Sadollah 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Amir Sadollah by split decision (29-28 Lopez, 29-28X2 Sadollah).

“Co-Main Events” like that are why nobody gives a hoot about these Fuel TV cards. Good grief that was Mir/Cro-Crop bad.


Featherweight bout: Dustin Poirier (145lbs 12-1) vs. Chan Sung Jung (145lbs 12-3)

ROUND ONE: Zombie kicks first. Poirier hits him back. He kicks, Zombie catches it and shoves him to the ground. Zombie moves in for the finish but Poirier defends and gets back to this feet. They remain locked up against the fence. Knee in the clinch from Poirier but Zombie drags him back to the canvas! Zombie is in full guard. Zombie elbows Poirier and he’s cut! Zombie is pounding on Poirier. Zombie postures up and is nearly knocked loopy with an up kick. Poirier reverses and gets top control. Zombie sits out and grabs Poirier’s head. Poirier looks to takes his back. Zombie gets to his feet but he’s getting beat up by Poirier! Poirier shoots and Zombie sprawls to end the round.

SCORECARD: Zombie 10-9

ROUND TWO: Zombie kicks, Poirier returns fire but Zombie catches it and punches him in the mush. Zombie resumes business in Poirier’s guard. Poirier adjusts away from the cage but Zombie is plows him in the face with an elbow. Zombie stands up and Poirier follows. Poirier punches Zombie in the shoulder. Zombie takes flight and nails Poirier with a flying knee! Zombie assaults Poirier with more knees to the face. Poirier shoots for his life and Zombie rolls through into full mount! The fighters are scrambling for position! I think Zombie has an inverted triangle on him! Poirier gets free. Zombie puts him in full guard. Zombie is going for a triangle! Poirier is saved by the horn. Zombie is so close to a title shot he can taste it!

SCORECARD: Zombie 10-9

ROUND THREE: Zombie resumes kicking his opponent. Poirier is landing some hard strikes. Poirier seems to want to brawl with Zombie. Poirier jabs and kicks Zombie. He jabs again. Zombie lands a body kick. Zombie comes forward with a series of shots. Zombie eats a punch but locks him and throws him down! Poirier escapes and gets to his feet. Poirier is making Zombie pay with jabs. Zombie knees him in the body. Poirier hits him back with a big elbow. Both men are winging punches at each other. Poirier smacks Zombie. Zombie comes forward again and delivers a boatload of shots on Poirier’s face and body. Another brief brawl. Zombie is absorbing a lot shots to the face. They are going punch for punch until the horn sounds! Poor Igor and Fabio…they will not be getting a FOTN bonus.

SCORECARD: Poirier 10-9

ROUND FOUR: High kick from Zombie. Poirier is landing single shots at will. Zombie lands a knee. A huge Glass Joe style uppercut rocks Poirier and he follows with a devastating knee! Poirier shoots and finds himself the victim of a Darce choke! And the Korean Zombie is your NEW FEATHERWEIGHT TITLE CONTENDER. HELL YEAH!!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung by submission (Darce choke) at 1:07 of round 4.

All I have to say is:

Well that was fun. Other than the Cerrone and Sadollah fights this was a fine card with lots of action, despite almost all decisions. The main event more than made up for it. When the Korean Zombie fights Jose Aldo I may just have to go see it live.

I’ll be back Saturday night for the Strikeforce HWGP Finale on Showtime. Also remember to tune in this Sunday at 11:00 AM for the 411 Ground and Pound Radio show.

Until then, be well, be safe and behave.


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