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411’s UFC on FUEL TV 7 Report 02.16.13

February 16, 2013 | Posted by Alex Watt

Main Card (Fuel TV / ESPN UK – 3pm ET / 8pm GMT):

UFC Interim Bantamweight Championship: Renan Barão (29-1, 1NC) vs. Michael McDonald (15-1)
Cub Swanson (18-5) vs. Dustin Poirier (13-2)
Jimi Manuwa (12-0) vs. Cyrille Diabaté (19-8-1)
Gunnar Nelson (10-0-1) vs. Jorge Santiago (25-10)
James Te-Huna (15-5) vs. Ryan Jimmo (17-1)
Che Mills (15-5, 1NC) vs. Matthew Riddle (7-3, 1NC)

Preliminary Card (Facebook – 12.30pm ET / 5.30pm GMT):

Terry Etim (15-4) vs. Renee Forte (7-2)
Paul Sass (13-1) vs. Danny Castillo (14-5)
Andy Ogle (8-2) vs. Josh Grispi (14-4)
Tom Watson (15-5) vs. Stanislav Nedkov (12-0, 1NC)
Vaughan Lee (12-8-1) vs. Motonobu Tezuka (19-5-4)
Phil Harris (21-10, 1NC) vs. Ulysses Gomez (9-3)


Hello loyal 411 readers, welcome to our live coverage of UFC on FUEL TV. Two-thirds of the UK 411 team Alex Watt and Jon Butterfield are again live from press row at the Wembley Arena in London, England.

We’re running a bit late here due to various issues with getting into the building, finding the press area, getting internet access (and so on) but we’re set up and ready to go now.


Here are the results so far:

Phil Harris defeated Ulysses Gomez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Vaughan Lee defeated Motonobu Tezuka via unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Middleweight bout: Tom Watson (15-5) vs. Stanislav Nedkov (12-0, 1NC)

Tom “Kong” Watson swaggers out donning his trademark gorilla mask.

ROUND ONE: Watson confidently takes the centre of the Octagon. Watson gets the clinch and lands a few knees to the body. Watson pushes Nedkov against the cage. They battle for position and Watson lands some more knees to the midsection. Nedkov fires back with a knee of his own. Nice elbows to the head and knees to the body from Watson. He’s doing some damage in that plum clinch. They separate. Nedkov looks wobbly and Watson lands a hard knee to Nedkov’s nose. Watson pushes Nedkov back against the fence and continues to beat Nedkov up with knees – to the body and the head. Nedkov tries to fire back with punches but none connect. A few leg kicks from Watson and a head kick attempt. Watson pushes forward for the clinch again and he lands more knees. Nedkov lands a hard right hand and now he pushes forward for the clinch. Nedkov scores a takedown and he’s absolutely assaulting Watson with hammerfists on the mat. The referee is taking a close look. Watson is still moving but he’s taking an absolute beating on the ground. Watson survives the round and plays to the crowd. A tough round to score. Watson was easily winning until the end. The judges will probably give it to Nedkov based on that.

SCORECARD Nedkov, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Nedkov takes the centre of the Octagon. A hard right hand from Nedkov lands flush. Watson is still standing but he just got rocked. Nedkov pushes forward with more strikes and gets the fight to the ground. Nedkov landing more strikes on the mat but Watson is doing a better job of defending this time. They’re back to there feet and the crowd are loving this fight. They want “knees!” Watson has Nedkov pushed up against the fence and he’s landing more knees. Nedkov fires back with punches which land and he goes for the takedown. He eventually gets it. Both men are starting to look tired, which sin’t surprising given the pace of this contest. They’re back up and Watson is landing more knees. Lands a flush knee to Nedkov’s face but Nedkov stays standing. Great chins on these two. Watson landing punches and knees now. He wants the finish but Nedkov won’t go down. Nedkov’s face is busted up. More knees from Watson. Short elbow from Watson and more knees. He’s battering Nedkov. They separate and Nedkov just collapses to the floor. Some follow up strikes from Watson and the referee stops it. That fight was nuts!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tom Watson, TKO, 4:42 of Round 2

Featherweight bout: Andy Ogle (8-2) vs. Josh Grispi (14-4)

ROUND ONE: Ogle has hair. Lovely. It’s a fast pace to start this one. Grispi is attacking with punches immediately. And the fight goes to the floor. Grispi transitions into an omoplata. Nicely done. Ogle is defending well but he’s an a bad position here. Grispi transitions to a triangle choke. Ogle slams Grispi but the triangle is still locked in. Ogle attacks with punches but he’s still trapped in that triangle. Ogle must have been in this triangle for a good minute or so now. Grispi can’t quite maneuver the triangle into a finishing position. Ogle is frequently landing his left hand from the top now. Ogle is out of the triangle but Grispi is holding onto him from guard. Ogle is on top landing punches to Grispi’s body. Grispi trying for a kimura from the bottom but unable to lock anything in before the end of the first round.

SCORECARD Grispi, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Ogle attacks immediately with a head kick and pushes forward with punches. The Brit is fighting more aggressively in this round. He lands his trademark left hook. The fight hits the floor and Ogle winds up on top. Ogle trying to work towards a rear naked choke. Grispi stands up with Ogle on his back and throws himself backwards. That can’t have felt nice but Ogle still has the back. Ogle has both hooks in and is landing punches. Ogle is landing punches almost at will from this position and Grispi needs to do something to escape. Grispi is trying to turn and face Ogle but no joy. Ogle counters and secures top position. Ogle in half guard landing short elbows. Grispi trying to scramble but Ogle passes his guard and takes Grispi’s back again. Grispi trying to shake off “The Little Axe” (terrible nickname) but Ogle hanging on. They remain in that position as the round ends.

SCORECARD Ogle, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: Grispi pushes forward and lands a body kick but Ogle counters with punches. Liver kick from Ogle and that hurt Grispi. Ogle smells blood and slams Grispi to the mat. Grispi tries for a guillotine but Ogle escapes and he’s on top. Ogle landing some punches from the top but is primarily smothering Grispi. Ogle postures up and lands some punches. Grispi is trying to push Ogle off and escape but Ogle has him pushed right against the fence. Ogle moves to side control and lands some hard knees to the ribs. Ogle landing punches as Grispi tries to work his way back to his feet. Ogle continuing to smother Grispi however and lands some more knees to the midsection. Grispi briefly gets to his feet but Ogle slams him back to the mat. Ogle smothering Grispi again and lands a few punches for the last 30 seconds of the round.

SCORECARD Ogle, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Andy Ogle, Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Lightweight bout: Paul Sass (13-1) vs. Danny Castillo (14-5)

ROUND ONE: A short feeling out process. Sass swings wildly and misses and immediately latches on a guillotine. Castillo is out of that but Sass is transitioning to a triangle as Castillo is still standing. Castillo slams Sass to the mat. Castillo out of the triangle and landing punches from the top. Sass working for another triangle choke. Castillo fights out of it and he’s on top now inside sass’ closed guard. Castillo landing some strikes from the top and Sass trying to transition to submissions. Castillo stands up briefly and Sass catches him in a leg lock. Castillo escapes and dumps Sass on his back again. Swelling under Sass’s eye. Castillo stands up and Sass throws a few upkicks. Castillo dives back into Sass’ guard and Sass attempts another leg lock. Castillo out and he’s landing punches as Sass tries for another leg lock. Castillo out of the leg lock again and he’s on top. Strange that Castillo keeps staying in Sass’ guard; he obviously has confidence in his submission defence. Castillo lands some hard elbows from the top. Sass tries for a guillotine but no joy and the round ends.

SCORECARD Castillo, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Sass pushes forward with a superman punch and a head kick. Sass wants to get in close but Castillo responds by taking him down. This is an interesting strategy from Castillo. Castillo on top and pushes Sass towards the fence, to stop Sass’ submission attempts. Castillo postures up and lands some elbows. Sass has a tight armbar now! Castillo stands up and slams Sass to the mat to escape the armlock. Castillo back on top landing elbows. The referee stands them up just as Sass was transitioning towards a submission attempt. Odd. Sass pushes forward aggressively with strikes, too aggressively because Castillo times a takedown to perfection. Castillo is back on top and Sass looks frustrated now. More ground and pound from Castillo. Sass wants to work towards submissions but Castillo is posturing up to stop that to perfection. Sass’ face starting to show the effects of this fight now. Castillo lands some heavy elbows and hammerfists. Sass survives to the end of the round but he took some hard shots there.

SCORECARD Castillo, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

ROUND THREE: They touch gloves. Sass looks tired but fires off a jab. Castillo still bouncing around but the pace has slowed significantly. Sass tries for a spinning back kick which lands a glancing hit. Castillo barely misses with an overhand right. Sass looks for the body kick and lands a right hand. Sass’ striking looks much better than it has in the past. Sass pushes forward but Castillo, again, counters with a takedown. Castillo back on top smothering Sass. Sass is landing some elbows from his back but Castillo responds with some ground and pound. Castillo lands some punches to the body and postures up. Sass clinging on to Castillo’s wrists and transitions towards a triangle. Castillo slips out and moves to north-south. He lands some punches to the body of Sass as Castillo moves to side control. Castillo lands some short elbows. Sass trying to scramble but Castillo is holding him down. They’re back on there feet for the last ten seconds but there’s not enough time for him to land a hail Mary punch. Impressive tactical performance from Castillo.

SCORECARD Castillo, 10-9 (30-27 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Danny Castillo, Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Lightweight bout: Terry Etim (15-4) vs. Renee Forte (7-2)

Etim walks out, as usual, to “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. One of the best entrances in MMA, for my money.

ROUND ONE: Forte charges forward with a superman punch. Etim tries for a head kick. Forte aggressive early on; constantly attacking with punches. Etim constantly looking for that head kick but Forte is wise to it so far. Forte is throwing with a lot of power but not landing, Etim counter-punching effectively. Forte is swinging but Etim’s movement and counter-punching is dealing with that fairly well. Etim lands a leg kick but Forte grabs the leg and backs Etim up against the cage. Forte wants the takedown but Etim is defending well against the fence. They separate. Forte attacking again but Etim counters with a body kick and then a head kick, which Forte blocks. Forte pushes forward again and barely misses with a piston of an uppercut. They’re clinched against the cage again. Forte lands some knees to Etim’s leg and lands an elbow in close. They separate again. Forte attacks with a takedown and gets it this time. Etim is right back to his feet, however, and they are clinched against the fence again. Etim continues to control the wrist of Forte and the Brazilian is unable to land much of note as the round ends.

SCORECARD Etim, 10-9

ROUND TWO:Etim fighting more aggressively now, attacking with multiple jabs. Forte pushes forward once again and they exchange knees in the clinch. Forte has Etim up against the fence again and lands some knees to the leg of the Brit. Etim is still defending the takedown well, however. Forte lands some punches and finally Etim reverses the position and they separate. Aniother body kick from Etim. A right hand rocks Etim and Forte pushes forward with numerous punches. Etim is on wobbly legs. Forte drops Etim! Forte attacks with ground and pound but Etim is able to get to half guard. Etim weathers the storm and survives the onslaught. Forte on top though. Etim holding on but Forte lands a few hard punches from top position. Forte postures up and lands a few punches. Forte lands some knees to the midsection and transitions to mount. Forte landing some hard punches now as Etim covers up. Etim survives to the end of the round. Just.

SCORECARD Forte, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: Forte comes out aggressive again, pushing forward with punches already. Forte lands a hard right hand and Etim needs to start using his footwork to avoid this because Forte is starting to light him up on the feet. They clinch against the fence again. Not enough action so the referee separates them. Forte pushes forward again but Etim lands some nice counter punches. Forte pushes Etim against the cage again. Etim defending Forte’s takedown attempts well but this pressure is clearly wearing him out. Forte finally drags the Brit to the mat. Forte on top, landing some punches. Etim wants to work for submissions from his back but Forte has wisely pushed Etim up against the cage to prevent that. Forte postures up and lands more punches. Etim looks exhausted and Forte is content to stay in this position and smother Etim. Forte postures up again and lands some punches as the round comes to an end. Great performance from the Brazilian in rounds two and three to (unless the judges somehow get it wrong) score the massive upset.

SCORECARD Forte, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Renee Forte (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)


Lightweight bout: Che Mills (15-5, 1NC) vs. Matthew Riddle (7-3, 1NC)

Matthew Riddle is all smiles as he gets a nice, healthy dose of boos courtesy of the English fans as he enters the arena. Che Mills, in contrast, is the epitomy of cool.

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. Kick from Riddle and he swings wildly before immediately attempting a takedown. Mills defending well but Riddle pushes him against the fence. Mills tries to create separation but Riddle pushes him right back against the cage. Riddle drops for the takedown but he’ll need to watch out for those elbows from Mills. Riddle finally secures the takedown and gets on top. Mills quickly back to his feet though and they are clinched against the fence once more. Mills circles away and they’re back to the centre of the Octagon. Nice body kick from Mills but Riddle drops under a punch and takes Mills down. Mills straight back to his feet again though. Impressive. Mills pushing forward with punches and Riddle can’t keep moving backwards in a straight line like that. Riddle clinches with Mills against the fence again. Mills still defending well but this is going to sap his energy if he doesn’t stop Riddle doing this. Riddle gets the takedown and is able to keep the fight on the mat this time. Riddle in half guard landing punches. Randy Couture liked this position, you know, but don’t expect to hear about that again anytime soon. Riddle lands some good elbows to the midsection and a few punches as the round draws to an end.

SCORECARD Riddle, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves. A nice leg kick from Mills and Riddle pushes forward for a takedown. Mills lands a knee, Urijah Faber style, and then a vicious kick as Riddle takes him down. Riddle on top now looking for a North-South choke. He gives it up though and transitions to side control. Knees to the body from Riddle and some (admittedly weak) punches to Mills’ temple. Mills trying to put Riddle back in half guard but Riddle is smothering Mills now. Riddle back to side control and he lands some more knees to the body. Riddle looking to advance his position as Mills tries to trap him in half guard. Riddle gets to side control again and lands some punches. Mills gets Riddle in half guard but Riddle slips his leg out and secures mount. Riddle lands some punches so Mills gives up his back. Riddle may look for the choke now. Riddle gets both hooks in and he’s looking to slip his forearm under Mills’ chin. Mills is struggling and Riddle transitions back to mount and starts working towards an arm triangle. He gives it up, however, and chooses to throw punches as the round comes to an end.

SCORECARD Riddle, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

ROUND THREE: Touch of the gloves. Mills may need a finish here and he’s pushing forward with that in mind. Mills lands some punches and a body kick. Riddle smiles as he fires back with a leg kick. Mills lands a left hook and Riddle drops down for another takedown. Mills defending against the fence. Riddle is not giving up on this takedown attempt but Mills is doing well at stopping him. Riddle keeps pushing forward for the takedown but Mills’ sprawls and then tries to counter with a judo throw but it doesn’t work. Finally Riddle secures the takedown and he’s on top in full guard. Riddle not able to land much as Mills holds on well. Riddle lands a nice elbow and advances to half guard. Riddle smothering Mills now and the Brit can do little to get the American off him. Riddle looks for a kimura and that’s a mistake because Mills takes advantage and reverses the position. Mills on top now! He lands some punches and then stands up to land a few more punches. Mills lets Riddle stand up which is an odd call considering he was on top. Riddle immediately looks for another takedown and we end the fight with the two clinched against the cage.

SCORECARD Riddle, 10-9 (30-27 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Riddle, Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Split decision? Really? Okay…

Light Heavyweight bout: James Te-Huna (15-5) vs. Ryan Jimmo (17-1)

James Te-Huna enters the arena donned in a full suit and sunglasses and proceeds to break into a choreographed Men In Black inspired dance routine with his team. That was a little bit awesome.

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. They clinch up immediately and Te-Huna secures the underhooks and pushes Jimmo against the cage. They exchange knees to the leg. The referee separates them and immediately Jimmo lands a brutal head kick! Te-Huna is down and hurt. Jimmo is battering him with punches. Te-Huna looked like he was about to go out cold there but somehow he survives. Te-Huna’s face is covered in blood but he’s holding onto Jimmo effectively in full guard. Jimmo lands some punches but Te-Huna works his way back to his feet. Jimmo looks for a takedown but Te-Huna latches on a guillotine. A good attempt but Jimmo slips his head out and winds up on top. Jimmo lands some more punches from the top. Te-Huna transitions towards an armbar but Jimmo works his way out of it. Jimmo landing more hard punches and Te-Huna’s face is a mess. Jimmo content now to smother Te-Huna in full guard; he doesn’t want to tire himself out early on. Jimmo postures up and lands some nice elbows. Te-Huna fights back with elbows from his back but Jimmo lands a few punches from the top. Te-Huna tries to scramble back to his feet but Jimmo holds him down as the horn sounds.

SCORECARD Jimmo, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Te-Huna’s right eye is almost swollen shut. Jimmo looks for the head kick again but Te-Huna avoids it this time. Jimmo lands a hard body kick. Te-Huna pushes forward for a takedown and they end up clinched against the fence. Te-Huna tries to lift Jimmo and throw him down but great balance from Jimmo to remain upright. Jimmo pushes Te-Huna against the fence and lands some nice knees to the leg. Jimmo wants the inside trip but he can’t quite get it. Te-Huna reverses the position and tries for the slam again. Jimmo defends it the first time but winds up on his back on the second attempt. Te-Huna on top and he advances to side control. Jimmo trying to bridge out of the position but Te-Huna does well to maintain side control. Te-Huna landing a few short elbows and punches and now advances to mount. Jimmo does well to escape back to half guard. Te-Huna still on top though and he’s landing some good elbows now. Hammerfists and heavy strikes from Te-Huna as he postures up. Te-Huna is landing some hard punches now and Jimmo is trying to hold on and stop the assault. A big punch from Te-Huna! Jimmo responds with a glancing upkick but Te-Huna lands a few more hard punches before the end of the round.

SCORECARD Te-Huna, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: Touch of the gloves. Te-Huna tries for a takedown but Jimmo slips out. Jimmo reverses the position and has Te-Huna up against the fence. Te-Huna landing some decent knees to the midsection from that position. Jimmo pressuring but not landing many strikes against the fence. Jimmo tries for a takedown but no dice. Te-Huna reverses the position and lands some good punches. Jimmo circles away. Te-Huna pushing forward now and they end up clinched against the fence once more. Te-Huna gets the takedown. Te-Huna on top landing some good elbows. Te-Huna controlling the position. If he maintains this, he’ll probably win the fight. Te-Huna postures up looking for more punches but Jimmo grabs hold of him to stop that from happening. Te-Huna lands a hard body punch and a few punches to the head. Te-Huna lands a few hammerfists and some elbows to see out the round on top. Don’t call it a comeback, folks! Actually, you should, because that’s precisely what it was.

SCORECARD Te-Huna, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Te-Huna, Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Welterweight bout: Gunnar Nelson (10-0-1) vs. Jorge Santiago (25-10)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. Nelson tries for the takedown an the jostle for position. They break and Nelson lands a decent knee. Santiago pushes forward and lands some punches and a knee. Nelson with a side-kick to the body and a side-kick to the knee. Santiago lands a glancing head kick but Nelson shrugs it off. Both men moving very well but neither landing much of note as of yet. Chants of “Nelson” ring out around the Wembley Arena. Nelson gets a takedown and secures top position. Unable to get much offence going however and Santiago pushes Nelson off and stands back up. Santiago pushing forward and catching Nelson with punches. Nelson looks very relaxed out there but he needs to attack more. Santiago is pushing forward and having more of the success in doing so. A cautious first round from both men.

SCORECARD Santiago, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves. Both men cutting good angles and feinting well. Santiago misses with a head kick. Nelson finally pushes forward and lands a good left hand in doing so. Nelson pushes Santiago against the fence and he’s starting to apply pressure now. Great combination from Nelson, with three or four HARD punches. Nelson gets the takedown. Nelson on top in half guard. Nelson landing some good short elbows and then postures up to land some quick, short punches. More punches and another hard short elbow from Nelson. Santiago holding on well and trying to secure wrist control. Nelson postures up to prevent that and lands another nice elbow. Santiago pushes Nelson off and tries to land an upkick. Nelson avoids that and drops into Santiago’s guard. Nelson lands a hard punch and passes Santiago’s guard. Nelson in side control and this is impressive work from the Icelandic fighter, especially when you consider how good Santiago’s ground game is. Nelson moves to mount. Wow. Nelson staying patient and picking his moment to attack with elbows. Nelson ends the round on top.

SCORECARD Nelson, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: Touch of the gloves. Santiago takes the centre of the Octagon. Santiago trying to jab his way inside but Nelson throws a side-kick to make him think twice about that. Nelson lands some good punches as Santiago pushes forward. Nelson starting to take control of the striking exchanges. Nelson lands another good right hand and Santiago looks hesitant to attack now. Santiago clinches but can’t get the takedown. Santiago lands some good knees against the fence and an elbow on the break. Santiago more aggressive now attacking with wild punches. Nelson lands a good leg kick. Nelson standing in front of Santiago, goading him into over committing. Santiago lands some good punches but Nelson responds with a hard uppercut. That rocked Santiago and Nelson hits some heavy follow up punches. Santiago is on wobbly legs as Nelson continues to attack. Santiago bravely hanging on but he gets hit with another uppercut. Nelson pushes forward for a takedown. Nelson lands a right hand as Santiago wades in with punch attempts. Santiago grabbing Nelson’s wrists now to try and stop Nelson hitting him. They exchange punches for the last ten seconds of the fight. Nelson avoiding well with his hands at his side but Santiago wobbles him with the very last punch of the fight!

SCORECARD Nelson, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gunnar Nelson, Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

And Nelson explodes with excitement upon hearing the judges’ verdict. Just kidding, he stays as calm and collected as ever.

Light Heavyweight bout: Jimi Manuwa (12-0) vs. Cyrille Diabaté (19-8-1)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. Manuwa confidently takes the centre of the Octagon. A hard leg kick from Manuwa. And another one. Manuwa pushes forward with punches and the two men end up clinched against the cage. Manuwa gets the takedown and immediately winds up in side control. Diabaté does well to work his way into half guard. Manuwa lands a short elbow. Diabaté works his way back to his feet and Manuwa intelligently prevents the Frenchman from countering with a takedown. Manuwa lands a good knee and they break. Manuwa throws a high kick. Diabaté lands a good knee to stop Manuwa’s advances and they clinch. Manuwa throws Diabaté to the mat and waves him to his feet. The two exchange strikes in close. Diabaté lands a good knee but Manuwa pushes forward with more punches. Manuwa keeps landing that right straight now and an elbow to the temple. Diabaté attacks with another knee to the body and Manuwa responds with a takedown. The round ends with Manuwa on top.

SCORECARD Manuwa, 10-9

The doctor is in the Octagon and checking on Diabaté’s leg. It sounds like it may be a torn calf muscle off one of the takedowns. The doctor asks if Diabaté can continue and he says no. The referee waves the fight off.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jimi Manuwa, TKO, 5:00 of Round 1

Diabaté hobbles out of the Octagon. A shame it had to end that way. It was shaping up to be a great fight. Manuwa looked good while it lasted though.

Featherweight bout: Cub Swanson (18-5) vs. Dustin Poirier (13-2)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. They exchange leg kicks. A right hand wobbles an off balance Poirier. A hard leg kick lands from Poirier. Swanson pushes forward with punches. Those are hard but Poirier is doing well to keep his hands up and block them. Brief takedown from Poirier but Swanson reverses the position and gets back to his feet. A lovely counter right hand and leg kick combination from Poirier. Both men using their footwork well. Poirier lands a leg kick and Swanson charges forward with punches. Another leg kick from Poirier. And another. Swanson needs to start checking those. Swanson throws more hard punches but Poirier blocks them and attacks with a takedown attempt. Swanson defending against the fence but takes a knee to the body from Poirier. They separate. Nice body punch from Swanson. They exchange punches and a hard uppercut hurts Poirier. Swanson pushes forward with punches but Poirier fires back with more of his own. Poirier grabs Swanson’s leg and takes him down. Poirier on top and trying to land elbows. Poirier landing some good body punches but Swanson defending well from full guard. Swanson attacks with a guillotine and uses it to get back to his feet. A nice knee landed by Swanson and some more punches to close out a close first round.

SCORECARD Poirier, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Leg kick from Swanson. Poirier with a leg kick of his own. Both men moving well. Nice combination from Poirier. Swanson attacks with punches but gets caught with a body kick. Swanson with a body punch and Poirier with a leg kick. Three solid jabs from Poirier. Poirier pushing forward with strikes now. Swanson lands a body kick and Poirier responds with a body kick of his own. Poirier looking for a takedown against the cage. They separate. Solid right hand from Swanson. Another hard body punch from Swanson. Swanson tries for a spinning backfist but Poirier ducks underneath it and lands a beautiful takedown. Poirier on top. Swanson locks in an omoplata from the bottom. That does not look nice. Swanson stands up while the shoulder lock is still applied. Poirier is able to wriggle his arm free. Poirier pushes forward for another takedown and they end up against the fence again. Swanson working towards a kimura. Poirier pushes forward for the takedown again but Swanson is able to circle away. Swanson lands a good right hand as the horn sounds. Another close round.

SCORECARD Swanson, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: Touch of the gloves. Good combination from Swanson but Poirier hits back. Poirier pushes forward with punches and drops for a takedown. Swanson defending against the fence. They struggle for position. Poirier lands a beautiful combination. Swanson fires back. Nice uppercut from Poirier. They separate. Swanson lands a leg kick but Poirier lands a 1-2 combination. Swanson with a big takedown of his own. Nicely done. Swanson on top and looking to posture up. Swanson lands a good elbow and a hammerfist. Swanson transitions to the back and gets both hooks locked in. Swanson clinging to Poirier’s back as “The Diamond” tries to stand up. Poirier trying to shake Swanson off but Cub is clinging on. Poirier tries to roll out of it but Swanson rolls with it and winds up on top in mount. Lovely work. Swanson lands some punches but Poirier scrambles to his feet. A throw from Swanson and he takes Poirier’s back again. Swanson trying to pull Poirier’s arm out. Swanson tries to transition to an armbar but Poirier slips out. Poirier on top and they exchange punches on the ground to close out the fight. A fun fight which could go either way.

SCORECARD Swanson, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cub Swanson, Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

UFC Interim Bantamweight Championship bout: Renan Barão (29-1, 1NC) vs. Michael McDonald (15-1)

And here we go! The first world title fight on FUEL TV and it’s on British soil, no less. The Buff-Man is fired up for this one, as am I!

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves. A cautious start from both men. Barão attempts a spinning back kick but McDonald sidesteps and lands a punch. Early takedown from Barão and he’s immediately in side control. Barão moves into McDonald’s guard. McDonald active from his back, trying to transition to a triangle and he has Barão’s arm trapped now. McDonald takes advantage of an opening and scrambles back to his feet. McDonald pushes forward and lands a good right hand. Barão pushes forward with a punch but McDonald avoids it and lands a good right hand. Nice counter left hook from Barão as McDonald pushes forward. Good leg kick from Barão. Barão goes for a takedown but McDonald sprawls. McDonald pushes forward with a left hand and he’s attacking with punches. McDonald lands a solid right hand to the temple and Barão is wobbled and drops to a knee. Barão fights back with punches of his own as he scrambles back to his feet. Solid knee from Barão and he secures a takedown. McDonald staying composed on his back. Barão on top but McDonald preventing him from landing any offence as the round ends. Very close round.

SCORECARD McDonald, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Touch of the gloves. They exchange punches in the pocket. McDonald with a good left hand. McDonald looking for the right uppercut but Barão circles away. Barão attempts a spinning back kick again but McDonald avoids. A good short left hook from McDonald. Possible clash of heads too. Right hook from McDonald and Barão pushes forward for the takedown. Good sprawl from McDonald but Barão is persistent and gets him down eventually. McDonald defends well and lands an upkick as Barão stands up. They’re back to their feet. Barão pushing forward with combinations. McDonald pushes forward with punches and gets caught with an accidental eye poke in the process. A quick break in the action but McDonald is okay to continue. McDonald pushes forward and catches Barão but Barão fires back at the same time. Good left hook from Barão. Hard leg kick from Barão. Barão lands a front kick to the face. It doesn’t land flush but it can’t have felt good. Barão lands a leg kick but McDonald counters with a solid right hand. A slick left hook counter from Barão as McDonald pushes forward. Another spinning kick attempt from Barão which catches McDonald on the shoulder. The horn sounds.

SCORECARD Barão, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: Touch of the gloves. Barão attempts the front kick again. McDonald trying to be more aggressive but it nearly costs him there as Barão fires back with a good punching combination. Barão fakes a kick. McDonald’s movement looking much better this round. Barão attacks with a blitz and backs McDonald up. They clinch against the fence and Barão drags McDonald to the mat. Barão in half guard but McDonald sees a slight opening and scrambles back to his feet. Nicely done. McDonald attacks with his right hand again. Barão wants to land that front kick but McDonald is wise to it now. Lovely body punch from McDonald. A right hand and a left lands from McDonald. Barão fires back with a solid body shot. Head kick attempt from Barão misses. Good counter punch from Barão as McDonald pushes forward. Good uppercut from McDonald but he looks to be slowing down now. Barão lands a spinning back kick and it snaps McDonald’s head back. He seems okay though. Barão lands a front kick to the body. Barão’s is being more active with his striking and it’s starting to put McDonald on the back foot.

SCORECARD Barão, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

ROUND FOUR: Touch of the gloves. The two men smile at each other and share a quick word. Barão leaps forward with a right hand. McDonald with a good 1-2. McDonald lands a good right hook. Barão looks for the front kick again and now pushes forward with a flying knee and some wild punches. McDonald barely misses with the counter punch. Blood coming from the nose of McDonald now. A furious punching exchange and Barão looks for a takedown. McDonald defends well, however. Another Barão spinning back kick lands a glancing shot on McDonald. Good slip and rip from McDonald. McDonald looks for a right hand but Barão ducks under and pushes forward for a takedown. McDonald defending but in the process Barão takes his back. McDonald turns into it and Barão immediately latches on a tight arm triangle choke. McDonald is gutting through it but Barão is relentless. McDonald taps out! Barão retains the interim title.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Renan Barão, Submission (Arm Triangle Choke), 3:57 of Round 4

Barão, via translator, says he trained hard and thanks all of his sponsors. With the win, Barão extends his win streak to a remarkable 20 fights and he is undefeated in 31 straight contests! Barão tells Dominick Cruz that he’s waiting for him. I hope we see that fight soon!

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