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411’s UFC on FX 3: Johnson vs. McCall Report 6.08.12

June 8, 2012 | Posted by Mark Radulich

UFC on FX 3: Johnson vs. McCall
BankAtlantic Center
Sunrise, Florida

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UFC on FX3


Demetrious Johnson (125lbs 14-2-2) vs. Ian McCall (126lbs 11-2-2) – flyweight-tourney semifinal
Charlie Brenneman (171lbs 15-3) vs. Erick Silva (169lbs 13-2-0, 1NC)
Josh Neer (170.5lbs 33-10-1) vs. Mike Pyle (171lbs 22-8-1)
Scott Jorgensen (136lbs 13-5) vs. Eddie Wineland (135.5lbs 18-8-1)


Mike Pierce (171lbs 15-5) vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha (170.5lbs 9-1)
Seth Baczynski (170.5lbs 15-6) vs. Lance Benoist (171lbs 6-0)
Leonard Garcia (146lbs 15-8-1) vs. Matt Grice (146lbs 14-4)
Dustin Pague (136lbs 10-5) vs. Jared Papazian (133lbs 14-7-0, 1NC)
Tim Means (155.5lbs 17-3-1) vs. Justin Salas (156lbs 10-3)
Caio Magalhaes (186lbs 5-0) vs. Buddy Roberts (185lbs 11-2)


Bernardo Magalhaes (155lbs 11-2) vs. Henry Martinez (156 8-2)
Jake Hecht (171lbs 12-3) vs. Sean Pierson (170lbs 11-6)

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Isn’t it loverly?

I didn’t come here to tell you that so without further dudes, let’s make with the fussin’ and-a fightin’!



We are live from the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida. Jon Anik and Kenny Florian will be doing commentary for the fights.

Welterweight Bout: Jake Hecht (171lbs 12-3) vs. Sean Pierson (170lbs 11-6)

ROUND ONE: Hecht immediately ducks a hook, grabs the single and gets Pierson down with ease. He appears to land in half guard and works for a submission. Pierson defends and is able to reverse position into top control/full guard. Pierson smashes Hecht and that allows him to pass in side control. Pierson goes knee-on-belly and gets to full mount. Hecht is able to scramble out and stand up. Pierson stays with Hecht and Hecht puts him down. Pierson edges up against the fence, getting to his feet. Pierson has Hecht against the cage as he peppers him with body shots. Hecht throws a knee to the body and is taken down with an inside trip. Pierson gets to full guard again. He smashes and passes again. He appears to be bleeding from the top of the head. We’re back to clinching against the fence. Hecht lands a few knees. Hecht lands a kick to the body. Pierson lands a big right hand to end the round.

SCORECARD: Pierson 10-9

ROUND TWO: High kick from Hecht is blocked. Hecht keeps throwing it but it’s not landing. Pierson moves in and attacks the body. The trade positions against the fence. Hecht moves in and gets caught with an uppercut. Pierson is effectively countering Hecht. Hecht throws a kick-punch combo and becomes entangled with Pierson. An exchange of knees in the clinch ends with Pierson landing a vicious punch. Hecht tries another takedown but Pierson stuffs it. Pierson is outstriking Hecht according to the stats. Hecht lands a kick to the body and is caught with a hook. Hecht tries another takedown and Pierson easily stops it. More knees in the clinch. Hecht lands a head kick. Pierson gets the superman punch. Pierson lands another hook. A closer round than the first but Pierson is still leading in my opinion.

SCORECARD: Pierson 10-9

ROUND THREE: Hecht comes out very aggressively first, completing a takedown. Pierson controls Hecht on his back with a butterfly guard/body lock combo that results in a stand up. Hecht is still whiffing most of his kicks. He’s giving chase to Pierson. Pierson is looking to land a big counter punch. Hecht rushes Pierson. Pierson stuffs another takedown attempt. Pierson misses an uppercut. Pierson is proving to be a fairly elusive target. Hecht rushes Pierson again as they crash into the fence. Pierson shrugs him off. Straight left from Pierson. Neither fighter is attacking with urgency or accuracy. And that’s a wrap.

SCORECARD: Hecht 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Sean Pierson by unanimous decision (29-28X3).

Lightweight bout: Bernardo Magalhaes (155lbs 11-2) vs. Henry Martinez (156 8-2)

ROUND ONE: Magalhaes shoots for the takedown and gets nada. Martinez backs him off with strikes. Another try and fail from Magalhaes. Both fighters having some difficulty landing strikes. Magalhaes lands a hard left and Martinez doesn’t blink. Martinez is in his face. Another clash and exchange of strikes. Magalhaes misses the teep kick. Martinez is the aggressor in this fight but he’s not able to land much. Martinez gets a takedown but Magalhaes counters with a leg lock. Martinez defends and gets back to his feet. Martinez is outstriking Magalhaes by a small margin. He stuffs a takedown but Magalhaes tries to butt scoot into pulling guard. Martinez isn’t having it. Magalhaes misses a kick and is caught with a straight. Martinez ends the round chasing his prey.

SCORECARD: Martinez 10-9

ROUND TWO: Magalhaes deftly avoids a kick from Martinez. Magalhaes lands a combo on Martinez. Magalhaes is starting to land some strikes now. He tries and fails another takedown. Magalhaes is starting to land his right hand with impunity. Martinez is less active in this round for some odd reason. Martinez appears content to paw at Magalhaes. Magalhaes is throwing more volume but most isn’t landing. Martinez moves in to do some damage but Magalhaes shrugs him off. Martinez blocks a half-hearted takedown. Martinez looks to be pretty tired. Anik and Florian have been commenting about Martinez’ conditioning the whole fight since apparently he’s dropped from WW. They may have a point.

SCORECARD: Magalhaes 10-9

ROUND THREE: Magalhaes moves in with a knee to the face. Magalhaes is peppering Martinez with shots. Lots of clashing and exchanging in this round but not a lot of damage being inflicted either way. Martinez ducks a hook. Magalhaes is using his jab. Leg kick from Magalhaes. Magalhaes tries for a double and Martinez pulls away. Spinning back kick from Magalhaes. Magalhaes tries a flying knee. Magalhaes shoots and tries to pull guard. Martinez is Junior Dos Santos in his desire to keep this thing standing. And that’s the fight.

SCORECARD: Magalhaes 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Bernardo Magalhaes Henry Martinez by split decision (30-27, 29-28X2) .

*Amendment 7:22 PM UFC officials have announced an erroneous decision earlier. Martinez beat Magalhaes by SPLIT, not UD. via

Alrighty then…:::rolls eyes:::


Middleweight bout: Caio Magalhaes (186lbs 5-0) vs. Buddy Roberts (185lbs 11-2)

ROUND ONE: Roberts comes out swinging! He nails Magalhaes and tries to wake up the crowd finish this one early. Magalhaes defends and gets to his feet. They kick each other in the leg. Roberts lands another series of punches. Magalhaes shoots for a power double but Roberts hops back into the cage to defend. Magalhaes converts to a single, gets him down but Roberts bounces back up. Magalhaes stays glued to Roberts. Magalhaes tries again but Roberts counters and gets his back. Roberts lets him go and stands up. Leg kick from Magalhaes. Big swing from Roberts ends in a back fist. Roberts attempts a switch kick but Lyoto Machida he is not. Inside leg kick from Magalhaes. Tough one to score.

SCORECARD: Magalhaes 10-9

ROUND TWO: Roberts skins Magalhaes with a power right. Roberts wings another at him. Roberts blocks a high kick. Roberts tries a third power right. Magalhaes charges forward and tries for a single. Roberts defends the takedown. Magalhaes tries to slam Roberts but Roberts defends, defends and defends some more, staying on his feet. Spinning back kick from Magalhaes. Roberts swings and misses with the right. He clobbers him with a right. Roberts lands and outside leg kick. Magalhaes lands a leg kick. Roberts rushes forward again. Roberts lands a hard punch. Roberts lands a few more, looking for the KO.

SCORECARD: Roberts 10-9

ROUND THREE: Roberts lands a front kick. Magalhaes returns fire. Magalhaes is walking Roberts down, throwing kicks. They exchange kicks. Magalhaes shoots and gets him down. He tries for a leg lock bt Roberts defends and stands up. Magalhaes takes him down again. Roberts gets back to his feet. Roberts skins the chin with an uppercut. They blast each other. Magalhaes walks into a flying knee and tries one last takedown.

SCORECARD: Magalhaes 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Buddy Roberts by unanimous decision (30-27X2, 29-28) .

I’ll give them this, the scores for this one at least jive with the consensus scores from

Lightweight bout: Tim Means (155.5lbs 17-3-1) vs. Justin Salas (156lbs 10-3)

ROUND ONE: Salas shoots for the takedown but Means is all over him trying to finish this one before it begins! Salas is trying to recover but Means won’t let up! He’s punching him and kneeing him all over the cage before the ref finally pulls Means off of him. HUZZAH! We have a first round finish!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Tim Means by TKO at 1:06 of round 1.

Bantamweight bout: Dustin Pague (136lbs 10-5) vs. Jared Papazian (133lbs 14-7-0, 1NC)

ROUND ONE: Jab-kick exchange between Pague and Papazian. They clinch up and start blasting each other. Pague trips Papazian and lands in mount. Pague smashes Papazian with an elbow. Papazian flips over, giving up his back. Papazian is expending a lot of energy defending the rear-naked choke. He can’t do it! Pagues chokes him out!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Dustin Pague by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:21 of round 1.

Now we’re talking!

Featherweight bout: Leonard Garcia (146lbs 15-8-1) vs. Matt Grice (146lbs 14-4)

ROUND ONE: Grice takes the center of the octagon. Both fighters are flinging leg kicks. Garcia is having some difficulty finding his distance and then he’s taken down. Grice pounds on Garcia while in guard. Garcia starts to maneuver, possibly for a triangle. Grice defends and resumes smashing Garcia. He passes to a North-South position and attempts to choke him out. Garcia gives up his back but that allows him to escape the risk of immediate submission. However, he’s still stuck underneath Grice. Grice is tenderizing Garcia from the full guard position.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Grice

ROUND TWO: Garcia throws a high kick. Grice attempts to kick him back, it’s checked and so he goes for a takedown. Garcia is able to defend. Grice blocks the striking attack and tackles him. Grice is smothering Garcia, staying active enough to avoid being stood up but not able to inflict a lot of damage. Grice ends the round shutting down just about all of Garcia’s offense.

SCORECARD: Grice 10-9

ROUND THREE: Grice lands a body kick. Garcia is still not able to land much. Grice is keeping Garcia at bay. He clocks him on the chin and moments later takes him down. Grice pounds on him and looks to better his position. Garcia stands back up but Grice takes him down again.

SCORECARD: Grice 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Matt Grice by unanimous decision (30-27X3) .

Welterweight Bout: Seth Baczynski (170.5lbs 15-6) vs. Lance Benoist (171lbs 6-0)

ROUND ONE: Both fighters are throwing hard kicks and punches. Benoist gets a takedown but Baczynski nearly lands on top of him. Benoist is looking to pass guard. Baczynski gets to his knees and promptly gets a knee in the mush. He recovers and we resume the fight. Baczynski chases Benoist down and nails him with a few shots. Benoist leaps on Baczynski and tries for a standing guillotine. He can’t complete it and gets back to his feet. Benoist tries a single and this time Baczynski does land on top of him. Seth works him over from guard. Benoist lands an up kick but Baczynski controls him for the duration of the round.

SCORECARD: Baczynski 10-9

ROUND TWO: Seth comes out swinging again. He dives forward and Benoist knees him while he’s grounded again. The ref gives him one last warning but no point is taken away. They resume and Benoist takes him down again. Baczynski tries for an armbar but Benoist defends and smashes Baczynski. Benoist eats a few up kicks before diving back into guard. Benoist gets to his feet. Seth tries for a flying knee and is taken down. He reverses and gets top position. Baczynski smashes Benoist to finish the round.

SCORECARD: Baczynski 10-9

ROUND THREE: Baczynski rushes forward and grabs a Thai clinch. Benoist trips Seth and gets him down. Seth is up and Benoist drags him down again. Both men get back their feet. Seth hits Benoist with an elbow. Seth lunges for a guillotine but Benoist slips out, putting him in top position. Benoist is far outstriking Baczynski on the ground. The ref stands them up. Benoist slides in, attempts a standing arm triangle and Big Seth shrugs him off like a bull. Baczynski ends the round in side control.

SCORECARD: Benoist 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Seth Baczynski by split decision (30-27-Benoist, 29-28X2 Baczynski).

Welterweight Bout: Mike Pierce (171lbs 15-5) vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha (170.5lbs 9-1)

ROUND ONE: Pierce and Rocha clash a few times before clinching. Pierce pushes Rocha against the fence. Pierce is kneeing in the body and controlling him. Rocha pushes Pierce away from the fence and Pierce ends up falling on him. Pierce gives up control and stands up. Rocha jabs and shoots a high kick. Pierce shoots for a takedown. He can’t get it and we are back to grinding against the fence. Rocha tries to get away but Pierce stays on him and takes him down again. Pierce stands up and Rocha follows him.

SCORECARD: Pierce 10-9

ROUND TWO: Pierce resumes pressing Rocha against the fence. Rocha separates and lands a one-two high kick. Pierce counters by pressing Rocha against the fence. He finally gets the double leg. Rocha attacks the leg but Pierce gets out of dodge. Pierce content to punch Rocha from guard every so often. Pierce is out striking Rocha 50 to 28 (which is not double Mr. Anik). Rocha stands up. Some more wrestling against the fence and we’re off to the 3rd round.

SCORECARD: Pierce 10-9

ROUND THREE: Guess where we are at the start of the round?! Yup, against the fence. Rocha smacks him and gets away. Pierce rushes forward again, eats a few shots and (say it with me now) presses Rocha against the fence. Pierce apparently went to the Tim Sylvia School of Fighting. The ref finally breaks them up. Pierce gets a takedown. Pierce commences to ground and pound his way to UD victory (of sorts). Less than a minute left and I can see freedom on the horizon from this horrendous match. On the other hand, I expect Rocha’s mother to strangle Pierce if she ever sees him in a mall for bullying her son. Oh great gravy it is finally over.

SCORECARD: Pierce 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Mike Pierce by unanimous split decision (30-27 – Rocha, 30-27X2 – Pierce).

OK, who gave that one judge bath salts?


Bantamweight bout: Scott Jorgensen (136lbs 13-5) vs. Eddie Wineland (135.5lbs 18-8-1)

ROUND ONE: Lots of feints, juking and jiving from both fighters to start off. Wineland catches with Jorgensen with an uppercut. They clinch up and exchange knees, then release. Lots of movement from the fighters but not much is connecting. Leg kick from Jorgensen. Jorgensen has actually landed more significant strikes by this point. Wineland plants one on the chin of Jorgensen. Straight left from Jorgensen and BLAMMO, down he goes. Wineland jumps on him but Jorgensen tries to defend. Wineland takes him down. Jorgensen gets back to his feet. Jorgensen lands a jab. With 30 seconds left on the clock Wineland lands a series of hard combinations.

SCORECARD: Wineland 10-9

ROUND TWO: Jorgensen gets inside and takes is opponent down. Wineland bounces up. Wineland is busted open. Jorgensen is throwing more but he’s still not able to land a lot. Wineland is making this a brawl. Jorgensen takes Wineland down again but Jorgensen is back up. Head strikes between both fighters are within 3 of each other. Lots of clashing and smacking from both competitors. Someone lost their mouth guard (Wineland). Jorgensen evades a punch and tries a takedown. He can’t get it done. Wineland plants one on the jaw. Wineland scores big time with a right cross and Jorgensen is out! A few customary punctuation punches on the ground and we have a finish…a glorious, glorious finish!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Eddie Wineland by KO at 4:10 of round 2.

Here’s my tribute to Eddie Wineland for actually finishing a fight on this dreadful card:

Hot Dog, hot dog, hot diggity GOD DAMN DOG!!!

Welterweight bout: Josh Neer (170.5lbs 33-10-1) vs. Mike Pyle (171lbs 22-8-1)

ROUND ONE: Pyle starts off aggressively. He smacks Neer a few times and then takes him down. Pyle puts a knee on his belly, trying to pass the guard of Josh Neer. Neer defends and grabs for a leg lock. Pyle defends and repositions himself in full guard. Pyle has the advantage with strikes on the ground. Pyle stands up and attempts to reposition himself again. Neer scrambles and grabs a leg. Pyle pulls away and falls on the fence. Pyle knees Neer in the face. Neer starts to fight back with punches to the body. Pyle catches Neer coming in and BAM! Short right hook drops him like a gun shot to the mush! DAMN! I vote for skipping the prelims from now on and just having 4 fight-fight cards.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Mike Pyle by KTFO at 4:56 of round 1.

And the First Round Finish Club would like to salute you Mike Pyle, well done sir!

Welterweight bout: Charlie Brenneman (171lbs 15-3) vs. Erick Silva (169lbs 13-2-0, 1NC)

ROUND ONE: Immediately Brenneman goes for a takedown and Silva knees him with anger and fury for it. Brenneman recovers. Brenneman goes after him again, tenaciously trying to get him down. He does and both fighters attack each other with submission attempts. Brenneman barely takes a breath before attempting another takedown. The ref stands them up. Kick from Silva. Brenneman kicks him back. Brenneman lands a strike, eats a knee and gets another takedown. Brenneman slows down the pace with Mike Pierce style grind against the fence. The ref won’t stand for it and breaks them up. The fighters clash with no clear advantage either way. They clash again with Silva punishing him with knees. He kicks him in the body and drops him. Silva has his back! I’ll settle for a submission! YES! YES! YES! SILVA SUBMITS THE SPANIARD!!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Erick Silva by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:33 of round 1.

I’m so happy I can’t even stand it!


Flyweight Tournament Bout: Demetrious Johnson (125lbs 14-2-2) vs. Ian McCall (126lbs 11-2-2)

ROUND ONE: McCall starts with a few leg kicks. Johnson doing lots of feints and dodges. McCall slips a punch and they clinch against the fence. Johnson gets a double leg takedown. McCall stands back up but he’s still against the fence. Johnson pulls away. Johnson starts to come forward now with punches and kicks. McCall attempts a high kick. McCall is looking for the right hook KO but Johnson is too fast. Johnson rocks and drops McCall with a punch to the nose. McCall defends and stands up but Johnson takes his back. Johnson tackles McCall but can’t keep him down. An exchange of leg kicks. Johnson is out striking McCall in this round. McCall skins Johnson with a body kick. Body kick by Johnson. McCall throws a flurry of strikes to end the round.

SCORECARD: Johnson 10-9

ROUND TWO: McCall runs forward and gets a takedown. Johnson gets right back up. Johnson eats few shots to the jaw and backs out of the pocket. McCall slides in, lands a few more shots before Johnson clinches to defend himself. Johnson goes for Thai clinch and delivers a few knees. Creepy with a front kick. And we have a kick in the balls. Johnson nuts up and continues…sort of speak. McCall shoots for a takedown, gets it for a split second and Johnson gets to his feet. McCall body locks Johnson and suplexes him! It’s nice but it doesn’t keep Mighty Mouse down at all. They clinch against the fence. McCall lands a hard spinning back elbow. Johnson shakes it off. Johnson is still out striking McCall, but Creepy is catching up. Another clinch and knee from Johnson. McCall works the double jab. Chopping kick from McCall. McCall throws Johnson down to end the round.

SCORECARD: McCall 10-9

ROUND THREE: They lock up quickly and Johnson forces McCall against the fence. Kick from Johnson allows McCall to shoot for a takedown. Not happening so they are grappling against the fence. Some knees and elbows exchanged in the clinch. McCall gets to his feet but Johnson has his back. They break and batter each other. Johnson lands a few hard shots. They clinch and McCall lands a few as they break. McCall fighting with some urgency. He knows there’s a lot at stake. Jump knee from McCall. Johnson has shut McCall down so far in this round and there’s only 90 seconds left. Johnson lands a hard right hand on the jaw of McCall. McCall is gassed. Johnson is grinding out the clock. McCall rolls backwards before there’s some shots fired and then it is over…maybe.

SCORECARD: Johnson 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Demetrious Johnson by unanimous decision (29-28X2, 30-27).

Congrats Mighty Mouse, you were the better man tonight.

The prelims, save a precious few, were terrible tonight. However, the main FX was outstanding. And with that, remember to tune in 10:00 AM Sunday morning for Whiskey Rebellion Radio on and then 11:00 AM for the 411 Ground and Pound Radio show. Until then, be well, be safe and behave.


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