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411’s UFC on FX 4: Maynard vs Guida Report 06.22.12

June 22, 2012 | Posted by Wyatt Beougher

Lightweight bout: Gray Maynard (11-1-1, 1NC, 155 lbs) vs. Clay Guida (29-9-0, 155 lbs)
Lightweight bout: Sam Stout (18-7-1, 155.5 lbs) vs. Spencer Fisher (25-8-0, 156 lbs)
Welterweight bout: Brian Ebersole (49-14-1, 1 NC, 170 lbs) vs. TJ Waldburger (15-6-0, 170.5 pounds)
Featherweight bout: Ross Pearson (15-5-0, 146 lbs) vs. Cub Swanson (16-5-0, 145.5 lbs)

Featherweight bout: Hatsu Hioki (26-4-2, 145.5 lbs) vs. Ricardo Lamas (11-2-0, 145 lbs)
Lightweight bout: Ramsey Nijem (6-2-0, 156 lbs) vs. CJ Keith (8-0-1, 157 lbs)
Welterweight bout: Rick Story (13-5-0, 169.5 lbs) vs. Brock Jardine (9-1-0, 170.5 lbs)
Featherweight bout: Steven Siler (20-9-0, 145.5 lbs) vs. Joey Gambino (9-0-0, 145 lbs)
Middleweight bout: Chris Camozzi (13-16-5-0, 185.5 lbs) vs. Nick Catone (9-2-0, 185.5 lbs)
Welterweight bout: Matt Brown (14-11-0, 170.5 lbs) vs. Luis Ramos (19-7-0, 170 lbs)

Welterweight bout: Ricardo Funch (8-4-0, 170.5) vs. Dan Miller (14-6-0, 1 NC, 170.5)
Bantamweight bout: Dustin Pague (11-7-0, 135) vs. Ken Stone (11-3-0, 135.5)

Welcome to 411’s live coverage of UFC on FX 4, and I’ll be your host for the evening. I apologize about missing the Facebook preliminaries, but I didn’t get out of work until 5:30 pm EST. I’ve added in the results for the two Facebook fights, but I apologize for not being able to provide play-by-play. Thanks for joining me tonight, and as always, I appreciate your comments!

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We are live at the Revel Ovation Hall, in Revel Beach, NJ!


OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Ken Stone def. Dustin Pague, Split Decision (29-28×2, 28-29)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Dan Miller def. Ricardo Funch, Submission (Guillotine choke, 3:12, Round 3)


Jay Glazer, Rashad Evans, and Mark Munoz start breaking down the card, and we learn from Ariel Helwani that Hatsu Hioki turned down a title shot against Jose Aldo because he wanted another fight inside the Octagon because he was apparently as unhappy with his UFC performances as most fans seemed to be.

Welterweight bout: Matt Brown (14-11-0, 170.5 lbs) vs. Luis Ramos (19-7-0, 170 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Ramos comes out working the jab and Brown throws a leg kick. Ramos keeps coming forward but neither man is landing anything. They trade leg kicks and Ramos comes over the top with a left, followed by a Ramos leg kick. Ramos looks for a combo but falls down but Brown can’t capitalize immediately. He does land a leg kick and punch combination but Ramos looks for the takedown, only to settle for a body lock against the cage. Ramos looks for the trip, but Brown defends. Ramos eventually gets Brown to the ground and spins around to try to take his back, but Brown gets back up and turns into Ramos. He presses Ramos against that cage and throws a punch, but Ramos reverses and they break. Ramos with a punch and leg kick combination, but Brown comes forward and briefly ties up. Ramos fakes a leg kick and throws a head kick, but Brown blocks it nicely. Both guys swinging away but neither landing anything significant. Brown with a leg kick and he ducks Ramos’ counter punch. Brown with a punch to the arm and Ramos answers with a kick. Brown lands a knee to the midsection and they clinch against the cage. Brown is cut over the right eye, potentially from a Ramos elbow, and Ramos looks for the takedown, but Brown defends well. Brown doing a good job of tying Ramos up and he’s looking to the ref for the break, and he gets one…just in time for the round to end.

SCORECARD: Ramos, 10-9, in a very close round, by virtue of his takedown

ROUND TWO: Brown dodges a leg kick and throws a double jab but it doesn’t land. They trade leg kicks with both guys off-balance and Brown comes out with a jab but eats a combo from Ramos and he looks for the single leg. Ramos presses Brown against the cage and Brown starts working the ribs. Ramos stands back up, but Brown makes him pay with some knees to the ribs, and he lands a nice knee as they break. Ramos lands an outside leg kick-left hand combination, but Brown answers with a body shot. Brown looks for the clinch, but Ramos gets out. Ramos is bleeding from the bridge of his nose and he looks to be slowing down. Brown finding his range and landing well now, working the jab. Brown continues jabbing and backing away from Ramos, but Ramos comes forward with a combination, but Brown answers with one of his own. Ramos looks for a single as Brown comes forward, but Brown defends and throws a nice elbow to Ramos’ face. Brown lands a big knee and they trade against the cage, but Brown lands another nice knee! Brown throws Ramos down and then hits him with an elbow as he gets up, and Ramos’ survival instinct kicks in and he looks for a takedown, but again Brown defends well. Brown working out of the Thai clinch again and he knees Brown repeatedly in the face, then landing an elbow. Ramos counters, but Brown lands a big uppercut, then two or three more, and the referee waves him off!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Matt Brown, TKO (Punches, 4:20, Round 2)

Brown seems confused a bit at first, but he agrees with Anik, says he was surprised Ramos took as many shots as he did, and that he only wishes he would’ve finished earlier, but Ramos is a tough kid.

Middleweight bout: Chris Camozzi (13-16-5-0, 185.5 lbs) vs. Nick Catone (9-2-0, 185.5 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Catone super-bouncy to start but neither guy throwing anything early. Catone looks for the big right but he misses and avoids Camozzi’s counter. Catone comes forward and lands a nice combination, including a decent uppercut. Catone avoids Camozzi’s strikes and keeps coming forward. Camozzi lands a leg kick, Catone looks for a takedown, but Camozzi defends well. Catone looks for a knee in the clinch and they break. Camozzi with a nice left and he avoids Catone’s follow-up. Catone comes in with a big right hand, but Camozzi lands a big knee on the follow-up. Camozzi presses Catone against the cage, but it’s Catone who looks for the hip throw, but Camozzi gets free and we’re back to the center of the cage. They exchange leg kicks and Camozzi lands a nice jab and then a left. Camozzi looks for another jab, but he eats a hook-cross-body kick combination from Catone. Camozzi defends another takedown well and he goes back to the jab, but Catone again comes inside with a nice combination and he finally gets the takedown he’s been looking for. Catone lands a short elbow and another, and Camozzi just trying to tie Catone up, but Catone keeps working the ground and pound as Camozzi looks briefly for a triangle. Catone stands up and stands over Camozzi as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Catone, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Both guys slow to start but they trade and Camozzi lands a big combination that sends Catone off-balance. They tie up briefly but it’s back to the center and Camozzi looks to work the jab again. Catone looks for a combination that glances Camozzi. Camozzi looks for a jab again and they tie up, but Catone pushes him against the cage and lands a nice shot as he backs out. Camozzi comes in with a big right, but they tie up and Catone presses him against the fence. Catone throws a knee to the thigh, then one to the ribs, followed by a punch to the thigh. Catone with a glancing uppercut and they separate. Catone with a glancing overhand right, but Camozzi answers a takedown attempt with a knee to the ribs and then one to the head as they break. Camozzi with a jab and a leg kick and Catone is bleeding from the bridge of his nose. Catone gets a takedown with the single and Camozzi briefly looks for a triangle, but Catone gets his head up over Camozzi’s and starts working from full guard. Camozzi controlling Catone well, but the Jersey Devil is landing a few light punches. Catone postures up and lands a couple of decent punches as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Catone, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

ROUND THREE: Camozzi comes forward with a nice combination and then a big knee and they trade knees against the fence as Catone is bleeding from over his eye. Camozzi with another combination (again ending with a knee) and he defends a Catone takedown. Catone lands a right and Camozzi puts his hands down and asks for more. Catone with a nice jab but Camozzi defends another takedown and Dan Mirigliotta pauses the fight to have the cageside doctor look at the cut. And the fight is over, much to the chagrin of the fans!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Chris Camozzi, TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage for Cut, 1:51, Round 3)

Shame the fight had to end that way, as it was a fun contest. I’m guessing Camozzi didn’t want to win that way, but he’s glad that he did because he was behind on the cards. Camozzi says he doesn’t mind the booing but the New Jersey fans don’t care for his thanks and he says he’ll fight in Denver if they need someone. He thanks his teammates, his coaches, and his family.

Featherweight bout: Steven Siler (20-9-0, 145.5 lbs) vs. Joey Gambino (9-0-0, 145 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Siler avoids Gambino’s glove touch attempt and Gambino looking for the jab, and they trade jabs. Siler lands a decent kick and avoids Gambino’s counter. They tie up against the cage and Gambino looking for the takedown against the cage, but Siler defends and lands a pair of knees as they break. They trade punches and Gambino is bleeding from his scalp. Siler looking for a takedown off of a kick, but Gambino defends well and pushes Siler against the cage, but Siler looks for the high elbow guillotine and Siler starts working the knees again and he takes Gambino down into side mount. Siler landing some decent punches, Gambino scrambles, but Siler nearly takes his back. Siler into full mount, he throws some big punches, then transitions into a beautiful guillotine that ends the fight!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Steven Siler, Submission (Guillotine choke, 2.47, Round 1)

Gambino looked outclassed there, and with the win, Siler moves to 3-0 in the UFC. Siler says he wanted to show everyone that he’s not just a stand-up fighter, that he has everything. Siler says he wasn’t sure about locking in the choke because Gambino was slippery due to the blood, and he doesn’t care who he fights next, he just wants to go to 4-0.

We’re three fights into the Fuel card, and the 85 commercials (so far!) for Franklin/Silva II still don’t make me want to buy the PPV tomorrow (I’ll be travelling to a wedding anyway, so I won’t be able to). Back to the studio, and Glazer, Evans, and Munoz discuss the card so far.

Welterweight bout: Rick Story (13-5-0, 169.5 lbs) vs. Brock Jardine (9-1-0, 170.5 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and we’re off! Story lands a nice knee (trying for a kick) as Jardine ducks in. Jardine looks for a takedown, but Story gets away. Jardine wings a big left that lands and he follows it up with a jab. Story misses a combo, lands a body punch, and briefly catches a kick, but Jardine gets away. Story keeps diving forward and misses punches, but he does land a nice takedown and Story gets his right hook in, looking for the back mount. He locks his legs, and as Jardine turns to his stomach, he tries to lock his hip. Story transitions from a cross wrist briefly to a choke and then back into a cross wrist before losing his hook. Jardine gets back to his feet and wings in a big right. Jardine with a front kick, Story with a 1-2 combination. Jardine eats a punch and then a body kick. Story with another jab to the face and then a combination. They trade punches and Jardine using good footwork, but Story lands a jab. Story with a right hand and Jardine throws a non-committal kick. Story with a pair of punches and a head kick that miss or are checked as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Story, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Story comes out throwing some nice combinations but exactly zero punches land. Jardine looks for a body punch but Story dances away. Jardine throws a looping right, but Story ducks, gets the takedown and looks to work from a rear waistlock. Story throws some knees, gets his right leg hooked in, but Jardine forces him to pull his leg out. Story works some more knees to the butt, but Jardine gets free and we’re back to the center of the cage. Story misses a combination, but Jardine has no answer and they circle a bit. Story lands a punch, then another, then he drops onto Jardine when it appears Jardine slips on another overhand right attempt. Story again working from the back of Jardine, and he gets one hook in, but Jardine maintaining good wrist control. Fans booing a bit, which is stupid, because these guys are working. Jardine gets his feet underneath him and Story goes back to the knees to the butt before letting Jardine up. Jardine again looks for a body punch, then a big jab. Story with a body kick, then a body punch of his own that misses. Story with a nice kick and he gets a single leg and lands a big punch on Jardine before Jardine ties him up. Story stands over Jardine and avoids an upkick, then drops down for a big left as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Story, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

ROUND THREE: Jardine looks lighter on the feet as the third round starts and Story is breathing out of his mouth. Jardine looks for a body shot again, but Story takes him down and works from the front headlock before spinning behind Jardine. Story with a big right, but Jardine scrambles up and lands a nice punch of his own, only for Story to get him down again. Jardine works back up and they separate. Story throwing some half-hearted punches and an outside leg kick. Jardine throws a head kick that Story blocks, but Story is too tired to capitalize when Jardine slips and falls down. Story throwing some nice combinations, but he’s eating punches from Jardine too. Story lands come good punches to the side of Jardine’s head when Jardine is on his knees against the cage, and Story looks for an awkward guillotine. Story switches to some big knees to the hip/thigh, but Jardine gets up. Jardine throws a back kick that hits Story in the cup, but Story says he okay and the fight continues. Story lands a body punch and Jardine looks for an uppercut unsuccessfully. Story again working from the front headlock and he lands a couple of punches to the body before letting Jardine up. Jardine slips again but Story can’t capitalize. Jardine misses another punch and eats a kick to the ribs for his troubles, but he ends up on top of Story, who looks for an armbar. They work for position, with Story trying to get a belly-down armbar, but Jardine gets his head out and looks for a leg lock, but the round ends!

SCORECARD: Story, 10-9 (30-27 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Rick Story, Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

Story says he just stayed focused and relaxed, and while he didn’t stick to his gameplan, he’s happy with the result. Story says he wishes he could’ve finished, but a win was all he could ask for.

Lightweight bout: Ramsey Nijem (6-2-0, 156 lbs) vs. CJ Keith (8-0-1, 157 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves to start and they circle. Nijem with a big looping overhand right, and Keith ties him up, only to land a big knee to the groin. Yves Lavigne warns Keith and we’re back to the action. Nijem chasing Keith down and landing a big right. Keith looks for a leg kick but Nijem looks for the takedown. Keith defends and drops into half-guard, although he quickly passes into mount. Just as quickly, Nijem escapes back to his feet, but Nijem looks for a takedown. Keith defends well and lands a flurry of punches as Nijem switches to a double and gets the takedown against the cage. Keith looking for the switch, but Nijem transitions into mount and lands a few elbows. Nijem lands more short elbows as Keith tries to buck him off. Nijem switches to a combination of big punches and elbows, Keith again tries to buck him off, and the fight is stopped as Keith gives up his back!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Ramsey Nijem, TKO (Punches and Elbows, 2:22, Round 1)

Stoppage was probably a little early, but Nijem still had dominant position and half a round, so it probably wouldn’t have changed a whole lot if Lavigne had let them continue to fight. Also, kinda sucks that they keep playing the instrumental by Childish Gambino, but won’t play any of his lyrics. Nijem says he felt good on the feet, but he was missing some of his shots, and Keith defended his takedowns better than he thought, but he knew if he was persistent, he could get the takedown. He wasn’t worried when Keith mounted him, but when he got the mount, he knew he’d finish the fight. He talks about his training at the Pit, and says the Pit is coming back. Awkward commentary line of the night from Anik: “Nijem has shown that once he gets that back, he’s hard to get off”…okay…

Back to the studio, they break down the ending of Siler/Gambino, Samer Kadi Ariel Helwani interviews Siler, who makes some jokes about his physique, and then smiles stupidly as Helwani says he could be “another Iceman”. Back the studio, and Evans and Munoz compare their experiences with Octagon jitters. And again with the only commercial I’ve seen more than the Silva/Franklin II one, and it’s for MetroPCS. Get a widespread network, Metro, and maybe I’ll think about switching. The price is right, the coverage isn’t. The crew in the studio break down the preliminary card main event between Hioki and Lamas, and both Munoz and Lamas think Hioki needs to use his grappling game. Rashad agrees with Hioki waiting to take the fight if he wasn’t ready, but Munoz says he disagrees, because you never know when your next opportunity might be (which is funny for Rashad, who had to wait FOREVER for his title shot).

Featherweight bout: Hatsu Hioki (26-4-2, 145.5 lbs) vs. Ricardo Lamas (11-2-0, 145 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and Lamas with a quick leg kick. Hioki looks to use his range early, but Lamas looks to tie him up. Hioki presses Lamas against the cage and Hioki landing punches, but Lamas lands a knee in return. They spin around, but Hioki twice ends up presses Lamas against the cage again. Hioki trips Lamas down, but Lamas ends up on top. Hioki looks for an omoplata, but he quickly transitions to a shoulder lock. Lamas picks Hioki up and slams him down, but Hioki hangs on until Lamas is able to get back to his feet! Lamas comes forward swinging but he doesn’t land any punches, although he has more luck with a nice leg kick. Hioki with a leg kick of his own and he comes forward with a knee to the midsection while avoiding a combination attempt by Lamas. Lamas lands a kick to the body and looks for a takedown, but Hioki counters well and lands a punch to Lamas’ ribs. Hioki spins and pushes Lamas against the cage, throws a knee, and they spin again with Lamas ending up pressing Hioki against the cage. Hioki lands a body punch and then gets another trip takedown just as the ref tells them to work. Hioki working from side control and landing some punches, but Lamas manages to get him back to half guard. Hioki presses down on Lamas’ head and then looks for a kimura, but Lamas has him pretty well tied up, so Hioki instead just pounds away on Lamas’ ribs as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Hioki, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Hioki backs Lamas up with a kick, but Lamas lands a jumping head kick that is only partially checked. Lamas moving well and landing some quick punches, but Hioki avoiding any real damage. Hioki fighting long, looking to work his jab and he looks for a single leg, but Lamas lands a jumping knee and gets free. Lamas presses Hioki against the cage but then he separates. Hioki moving straight ahead and he eats a couple of punches. Hioki slips a punch and lands a body shot, but Lamas answers with a body shot of his own, only to get taken down by Hioki. Lamas locks in a guillotine, but he has to let it go. He tries to lock it back up, but it’s not nearly as tight and Hioki is able to get his head to the side. Lamas looking to get free, but Hioki moves into half-guard. Lamas lands a punch to the ribs of Hioki, but Hioki attempts to scramble into mount. Lamas defends well once and then counters, pushing Hioki into guard. Hioki jumps back into half-guard, but Lamas locks in a guillotine again! Hioki manages to get free again, but Lamas looks for the guillotine again. Hioki pops his head free and tries to get his wind back, but Lamas lands some punches to the head. Lamas tries to sit out, but Hioki keeps him on his back. Lamas keeping Hioki tied up well as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Lamas, 10-9 (19-19 overall) – giving it Lamas for the submission attempts

ROUND THREE: They feint a lot to start the third round and Lamas works some quick kicks to get Hioki off-balance. Lamas misses on a head kick attempt and Hioki paws at him with the jab. Hioki with a front kick to the body. Lamas leaps forward with a left, but Hioki dodges it. They both whiff on punches and Hioki switches stances. He switches back and Lamas lands a nice combination. Lamas whiffs on a head kick. Hioki with another body kick, but Lamas lands with a leg kick of his own. Hioki with the jab, Lamas with a leg kick. Lamas with a body-head combination. Lamas jumps in with a left hook and Hioki gets the takedown, but Lamas locks in another guillotine, this time an arm-in guillotine. Hioki trying to fight out of the choke, but it’s in tight. Finally, Lamas releases one arm and Hioki gets his head free. Lamas lands some punches to the body and Hioki is just pushing up to his feet with his head on Lamas’ side, and Lamas is landing body shots as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Lamas, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

This should be interesting, as the second round was close, but Hioki took the first and Lamas the third.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Ricardo Lamas, Unanimous Decision (29-28×3)

Lamas says it’s surreal, thanks his team, thanks his rehab facility for helping him through a rib injury three weeks ago, thanks his family and his sponsors, and shouts out his deceased uncle, who passed away during his camp and who would’ve celebrated a birthday today. Lamas says he’s been fighting for Zuffa for three years and no one really knows him, so hopefully this changes that. He says Hioki has some gills somewhere because he held his breath for over two minutes.


We get the expected video package with the standard UFC music (generic nu-metal that I can’t be bothered to Soundhound). Anik does his best screaming to welcome us to the broadcast and, unfortunately, the crowd looks like your standard Jersey crowd. Thankfully, they’re far, FAR better thus far than the UFC on FOX 3 fans were. We get the breakdown for Pearson/Swanson and it’s off to commercial.

Featherweight bout: Ross Pearson (15-5-0, 146 lbs) vs. Cub Swanson (16-5-0, 145.5 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Pearson comes out and takes the center of the Octagon, but it’s Swanson who shows the early aggression, throwing some decent punches and getting out quickly. Pearson checks a variety of kicks but isn’t able to land anything of his own. Swanson lands a jab and pushes Pearson away. Pearson ducks a punch and finally lands a combination of his own. He slips another punch and picks Swanson up and slams him back down. Pearson working from full guard but Swanson scoots free and lands a knee to the top of Pearson’s head. Pearson working his jab and then follows it up with a nice head kick. Swanson catches Pearson with a nice right hook that sends him tumbling backwards off-balance. Pearson recovers quickly and lands a nice body punch and body kick. Pearson with the jab again. Pearson looks to be getting more comfortable, but Swanson lands a capoeira kick to the neck, only to get taken down. Swanson lands an upkick, but Pearson answers with a big punch downward. Pearson avoids some flashy offense from Swanson and comes forward methodically. Pearson with a stiff body kick, he slips an uppercut, and looks for a single. Swanson defends and they both land jabs at the same time. Pearson throwing better now and he’s actually taken the advantage of the striking as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Very close round, but I’m giving it to Pearson, 10-9, for harder strikes and the slam

ROUND TWO: Pearson comes out swinging and they trade leg kicks. Pearson working the jab and counter punching well. Pearson looks to have figured out the distance, but Swanson lands some nice strikes of his own. Pearson grabs Swanson, Swanson tries a hip throw, but Pearson picks him up and takes him down again. Swanson looking for the switch, and while he doesn’t get it, he is able to get to his feet. Swanson with a nice right hand that opens a cut, but Pearson lands a nice uppercut of his own. Pearson jabbing away and mixing in an uppercut, but Swanson using his speed to land some decent strikes of his own. Swanson drops his hands, throws a kick, Pearson catches it and throws him down. Pearson eats another upkick on the way down but just keeps coming, and he’s working from full guard, landing some ground and pound. He stacks Swanson up momentarily and lands some punches, then moves to the side somewhat (not in half guard but it’s hard to describe) and Pearson landing well now to both the head and body. Pearson stands over Swanson and then drops back down into half guard. Pearson looks to improve his position, but Swanson gets back to his feet. Pearson with a nice combination and then a counter combination, but Swanson lands a front kick, two right hands, and then a left hook as Pearson jumped in with a knee and Yves Lavigne stops the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Cub Swanson, TKO (Punches, 4:14, Round 2)
I wasn’t immediately sure about that stoppage, but after re-watching it four times and seeing the slow motion replay twice (thanks, DVR), I think Lavigne was probably in the right this time. Mother Nature just tried to screw me (bad lightning storms in the area), but after a quick reboot of the cable box, modem, and wireless router, I’m back! Thankfully I didn’t miss any fight action.

Welterweight bout: Brian Ebersole (49-14-1, 1 NC, 170 lbs) vs. TJ Waldburger (15-6-0, 170.5 pounds)

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and we’re off! Waldburger with the early combination but he slips. Ebersole coming forward swinging, but Waldburger drops him with a nice counter left! Waldburger jumps into half guard and tries to improve his position, but Ebersole defends well, so Waldburger presses down with his shoulder. Waldburger gets to mount and flattens Ebersole out, but Ebersole with a nice scramble to try to get back to his feet, but Waldburger locks in a D’Arce choke and Ebersole is already turning red! Ebersole gets free and back to his feet, but Waldburger lands a knee. They separate and return to the center of the Octagon. Ebersole makes Waldburger flinch with a head kick attempt and then lands a nice body shot. Ebersole again using feints effectively, but Waldburger lands a nice low leg kick. Ebersole looks for the clinch, but doesn’t throw a knee, instead landing a wicked elbow and a left hand. Waldburger with a kick to the body and they trade punches, with Ebersole landing the better shot, a kick that ended up landing as a knee as Waldburger came forward. Waldburger with a nice right that rocks Ebersole’s head back, but he answers with a stiff left of his own. Ebersole chases Waldburger down with punches and he’s landing well and looks comfortable. Ebersole presses Waldburger against the fence but the round ends before he can do anything with it.

SCORECARD: Waldburger, 10-9, although I can see Ebersole doing enough at the end to steal it

ROUND TWO: Waldburger lands a left, ducks a punch attempt from Ebersole and looks for the double leg. He gets it, but Ebersole looking to work a switch but Waldburger looked to take his back. Ebersole manages to get to his feet and gets a takedown of his own. Waldburger very active and looking for a triangle, but he transitions into an omoplata attempt, but Ebersole gets his head free and then simply jerks his arm out. Ebersole drops back into guard, but Waldburger uses butterfly guard before quickly transitioning for an armbar attempt. Ebersole again gets free, but Waldburger looks for a kneebar, eats some punches, and then looks for a triangle attempt. Ebersole works for some ground and pound, but Waldburger ties him up and again looks for the rubber guard. Waldburger very active with his guard, but Ebersole landing a few punches. Ebersole looks for more aggressive ground and pound, Waldburger looks for a triangle attempt, then to a reverse triangle. Waldburger throws some nice elbows to go with it, but Ebersole lands some good strikes and tries to take Waldburger’s back. Waldburger rolls and Ebersole ends up in his half-guard. Ebersole lands some glancing ground and pound as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Ebersole, 10-9 (19-19 overall), although I can see Waldburger taking it for the excellent submission attempts and transitions

ROUND THREE: Waldburger throws a kick but Ebersole avoids it. Waldburger again biting on Ebersole’s fakes. Waldburger with a glancing leg kick. They clinch and trade knees and Ebersole lands a jumping knee and a nice elbow as they break. Ebersole just throwing kicks as he comes forward and they tie up against the cage, with Ebersole pressing Waldburger into the fence. Waldburger with a knee to the body and Ebersole answers with a short shoulder strike. They take the center briefly, but Ebersole stiff arms Waldburger back into the cage and gets a single leg takedown. Ebersole working shoulder strikes from the guard and Waldburger again looking for the submission, trying for an armbar, then a triangle, then an armbar as Ebersole quickly moved. Waldburger looking for the triangle, pulling down on Ebersole’s head, but he’s too tired to finish and Ebersole slips free. Ebersole nearly takes Waldburger’s back, getting one hook in before Waldburger rolled him back into half guard, then into full guard. Waldburger pushes Ebersole off, eats a punch, and then tries for a leg lock. Ebersole defends well and drops back into Waldburger’s guard and landing a pair of elbows before grinding a forearm into Waldburger’s face. Ebersole stands up and jumps into Waldburger’s guard with a punch that actually lands. He does it again as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Ebersole, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Brian Ebersole, Unanimous decision (29-28×3)

Fight of the Night there, so far, and it’s not even close. That’s a fight that would’ve been great on one of the Fox shows to get new fans interested in the sport. No post-fight interview for Ebersole, but he does let a nice lady in the front row pet his chest hair arrow. This next fight could steal Fight of the Night honors, and I think it’ll be my “Carpal Tunnel Fight of the Night” for sure.

Lightweight bout: Sam Stout (18-7-1, 155.5 lbs) vs. Spencer Fisher (25-8-0, 156 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Both guys come out swinging, with Fisher landing some lightning-quick combinations. Stout more than holding his own, landing some decent punches. Stout misses a leg kick and they trade again, with Fisher again getting the better of the exchange. Stout lands a nice combination as Fisher comes in for a leg kick. Both guys just swinging away and both landing pretty equally. Fisher again starts getting the better of the exchanges, snapping Stout’s head back with a nice left. Fisher eats a left and motions for Stout to bring it on. Stout ducks a hook attempt and lands a nice double leg, dropping into Fisher’s full guard. Fisher landing some short punches from the bottom and he tries to push Stout off to no avail. Stout landing some ground and pound of his own, although Fisher does a great job of avoiding any real damage. Stout stands up and Fisher pushes him away, so Stout lets Fisher back to his feet, only for Fisher to land a nice combination. Stout again with a takedown, but Fisher pops back up. Stout with a knee to the midsection and they retake the center of the Octagon. They trade leg kicks and Fisher with a spinning back fist as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Stout, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Fisher checks a low leg kick then a little higher one. Fisher in with a jab and then quickly back out. Fisher comes forward with a double jab, Stout counters with a kick to the thigh. Fisher with a combination and they trade punches. Stout with a combination, but Fisher with a nice combination that’s more significant than anything Stout landed. Stout looks for the takedown, but Fisher defends well. Fisher comes in with a nice left, and then another. Fisher misses on a spinning back fist, but he’s landing with his lead hand pretty much at will. Stout tries a body punch but Fisher again lands a left hand. Stout working the body punches as he circles away from Stout’s left hand. Fisher comes forward with punches again and Stout has a mouse under his right eye that appears to be leaking a bit of blood. Stout with a combination that Fisher blocks, but Stout lands a nice punch. Fisher with an inadvertent kick to the groin, he gets his warning, and Stout is ready to go so we restart. Fisher comes out with another kick, but Stout easily gets the double leg takedown. Fisher landing punches from the bottom, but Stout starts landing some ground and pound of his own to put an end to that. Fisher landing punches to the head, but Stout mixing it up and landing head and body shots, followed by a big elbow to the head as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Stout, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

ROUND THREE: They trade punches to start and Fisher with a spinning elbow and a big left hand. Fisher lands another big left, then a jab. They trade knees against the cage and Fisher defends well against an inside trip before they separate. Fisher landing some wicked combinations. Fisher catches a kick but can’t do anything with it. Fisher lands a nice straight left and they trade punches. Fisher just landing with the straight left every time he throws it. Stout throws some inside leg kicks, but Fisher keeps coming forward with punches. Stout with a body kick and Fisher with a right hook. Fisher with a leg kick and another nice straight left. Stout again with the double leg and that definitely won him this fight. Fisher actually tries to get to his feet this time, though, and he lands a knee. Stout with a straight left of his own, and they exchange punches. Stout looks for the double, Fisher defends, but Stout takes him down with a high single and moves almost immediately into half guard. Stout landing some punches to the face and body again, but Fisher doing a good enough job of tying his arm up and he gets the stand-up. More exchanges on the feet and both guys are looking to finish with ten seconds left. The round ends and they hug.

SCORECARD: Stout, 10-9 (30-27 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Sam Stout, Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

Great fight from these guys, just like every time they’ve fought, but, for my money, Ebersole/Waldburger was still Fight of the Night. No post-fight interview with these guys, either, and I wonder if Fisher will in fact retire as he said he was considering before this show. And it’s time for the main event, which, if it goes the distance, will head to the overrun.

Lightweight bout: Gray Maynard (11-1-1, 1NC, 155 lbs) vs. Clay Guida (29-9-0, 155 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Both guys jabbing, with neither landing, and the Jersey crowd is squarely behind Guida (shocking, after Maynard fought Jersey’s favorite son in his last two fights). Guida lands a nice left hand, then another. Maynard lands a left hook of his own and he catches Guida coming in again. Guida bouncing and he lands a pair of straight right hands, but Maynard backs him up with a leaping left hook. Maynard with a jab to keep Guida outside. Guida with a head kick that Maynard checks. Maynard misses a body kick. Guida hits some air as he tries for a big combination. Maynard in and out without really landing anything, and he chases Guida with jabs that don’t land. Maynard with a front kick that catches Guida’s biceps, but Guida answers with a punch of his own. Guida leaping forward with a jab, but he doesn’t follow it up. Maynard misses with a combination. Fans starting to get restless, from the sounds of things, but Guida comes forward with some punches and a kick and they shift to a Guida chant. Guida chases Maynard with a 1-2-1 that lands, but Maynard answers his next attempt with a left. Guida with a nice combination, then another, although Maynard lands a counter during the second one.

SCORECARD: Guida, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Guida comes out pumping the jab but he doesn’t really land anything. Maynard lands a counter punch as Guida comes in, but Guida inadvertently pokes him in the eye. Maynard backs off and we get a slight break, but they get right back to it. Maynard fighting from a lower stance and neither guy really landing anything. Both guys throwing punches, but nothing really landing. This is turning into the anti-Fisher/Stout. Literally a minute with a lot of dancing and several punches from both guys that haven’t connected. Very hesitant as Maynard keeps backing Guida up, and now we have some real boos. Guida with a front kick to the body but his follow-up punches miss. Maynard misses a punch and nasty front kick. Guida with the one-two that’s just a little too far out to be effective, but he does land a head kick that Maynard doesn’t fully block. Maynard cutting off the cage, but still not landing any significant strikes. Boos picking up again, louder than the last time, and Maynard jumps in with a nice right hand. Guida lands a nice head kick that clearly caught Maynard, and he follows it up with a 1-2 combination. Guida moving his head like a drunken master and he actually looks pretty foolish. Maynard lands a nice right but misses the rest of his combination as the round ends to some very audible boos from the crowd.

SCORECARD: Guida, 10-9 (20-18 overall) for the kick-punch-punch combination

ROUND THREE: Guida with a knee and some jabs but Maynard comes forward and lands a nice right. Guida with a double jab and he’s moving even more spasmodically than usual. Maynard backs off, but then charges forward and again neither guy throwing anything. Guida pawing with the jab, but he eventually lands a straight left. Maynard answers with one of his own and Guida gets on his bicycle. Maynard chases Guida down, lands a left, and looks for a takedown, but Guida defends and they separate. Guida catches a half-heartedly knee attempt from Maynard, but he lets it go. Maynard misses with a right, puts his hands up, and yells at Guida to engage. Boos starting up again, though whether it’s for the inaction in the fight or Maynard calling out Guida, I’m not sure. Maynard just swinging with wild rights and the frustration is clearly apparent. Maynard dropping his hands and throwing punches, but Guida doing a good job of dancing away. This is seriously like a less exciting Condit/Diaz. Maynard says Guida poked him in the eye again, but he doesn’t stop fighting. Guida finally throwing some straight rights inside that are at least glancing Maynard. Maynard stalking Guida, and he gets a knee to the body from the clinch. Maynard walking forward with his hands down, goading Guida to fight, but Guida keeps backing away.

SCORECARD: Maynard, 10-9 (28-29 overall) because that knee was literally the only significant strike of the round

ROUND FOUR: Maynard comes out jabbing, and he throws a combination that misses. Guida lands a decent right, then a combination and he backs out again. Maynard lands a counter punch as Guida comes forward with a punch of his own. Maynard rushes forward, gets the clinch, and lands a knee. Guida with a left and he circles away again. Maynard with a left hook. Guida lands a couple of jabs to Maynard’s chin. Guida with a pair of rights of his own, but Guida lands a single counter. Maynard jumping in with punches now, and he’s at least connecting, although he hasn’t landed a really significant strike other than the knee from the clinch. Maynard gets frustrated and Guida tags him with a jab. Guida misses a jab and Maynard lands a nice right counter. Maynard with a big right. Guida wings an overhand that doesn’t land and Maynard looks for a takedown, but settles for the clinch and lands some big knees and punches from the clinch. Maynard drops his hands, eats some punches from Guida, and then sprawls out of the takedown attempt. Maynard locks in a guillotine, but Guida bounces him off the mat until he can pop his head free. Guida looks to work from half guard but Maynard holds him down until the round ends.

SCORECARD: Maynard, 10-9 (38-38 overall)

ROUND FIVE: Fans chanting for Maynard now. Maynard with a nice straight right. Maynard with a pair of right hooks. Maynard with a combination, but Guida lands a head kick and a pair of punches. Maynard eggs him on and then lands a big punch. Guida throws a combination but only one punch glances Maynard. Maynard stalking Guida but he can’t catch a kick. Maynard comes forward with a combination, but only his jab lands. Guida dances away from a takedown defense and jumps forward with a straight right that misses and Maynard chases him down and lands a right hook. Guida dances away and he gets a warning for avoiding contact. Maynard comes forward and looks for the takedown, but Guida defends and he switches to a high single. Maynard switches to a body lock and throws knees to the back of Guida’s thigh and then one to the stomach. Guida landing good knees to the thigh and then he gets the clinch and lands a pair of knees to Guida’s face. Round ends with some punches thrown from both guys but nothing landing.

SCORECARD: Maynard, 10-9 (48-47 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Gray Maynard, Split Decision (48-47×2, 47-48)

Fans go nuts, and rightly so, because even Dana was dogging Guida out on Twitter for dancing away. Maynard says he wanted to go a hard five rounds, but Guida came out and had other ideas. Maynard said he thought he would’ve won all three cards, but he’ll take the split decision. Maynard said he tried to be respectful, but he got tired of Guida’s crap. Maynard says he wants a top contender next, and he says he wants to fight Frankie again. He thanks New Jersey, name drops Arturo Gatti, and that’s it for his interview. Anik and Florian look at the replay.

And that’s it for tonight! Great night of fights until the first couple rounds of the main event, and for a “throwaway” UFC on FX card, it was actually a night of good action and the matchmaking from Joe Silva was definitely on point. Anyway, thanks for joining me tonight and for leaving your comments, and remember 411MMA for all your MMA needs!


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