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411’s UFC on FX 6: Pearson vs. Sotiropoulos Report 12.14.12

December 14, 2012 | Posted by Frank Estrada

411’s UFC on FX 6: Pearson vs. Sotiropoulos Report
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Ross Pearson (155lbs 15-6) vs. George Sotiropoulos (155lbs 14-4)
Brad Scott (171lbs 8-1) vs. Robert Whittaker (170lbs 10-2) – “TUF: Smashes” welterweight-tournament final
Colin Fletcher (155lbs 9-1) vs. Norman Parke (155lbs 17-2) – “TUF: Smashes” lightweight-tournament final
Hector Lombard (186lbs 31-3-1, 1NC) vs. Rousimar Palhares (186lbs 23-4)


Chad Mendes (146lbs 12-1) vs. Yaotzin Meza (145lbs 18-7)
Joey Beltran (204lbs 14-8) vs. Igor Pokrajac (205lbs 25-9)
Seth Baczynski (170lbs 17-6) vs. Mike Pierce (171lbs 15-5)
Ben Alloway (171lbs 12-4) vs. Manuel Rodriguez (171lbs 10-3)
Brendan Loughnane (155lbs 5-0) vs. Mike Wilkinson (155lbs 7-0)
Cody Donovan (204lbs 7-2) vs. Nick Penner (205lbs 12-2)


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I didn’t come here to tell you that so without further dudes, let’s make with the fussin’ and-a fightin’!



We are live from the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Jon Anik and Kenny Florian will be doing commentary for the fights.

Light Heavyweight bout: Cody Donovan (204lbs 7-2) vs. Nick Penner (205lbs 12-2)

ROUND ONE: Penner lands first and Donovan rushes in to clinch. Penner turns him against the fence. Donovan knees him to break free. Donovan rushes in to Penner’s counter punch and down he goes. Penner pounces on him but gets caught in a triangle. Penner escapes and gets back to his feet. Donovan rushes in again and Penner drops him with an uppercut. Penner gets to half guard. Penner lands some strike on the ground before standing up and moving out of his guard. Donovan gets caught rushing in again but grazes the crotch of Penner. Donovan gets a takedown. Penner gets to his feet and I thing Donovan hit him with a double axe-handle! Donovan crushes Penner with a left hook and pounces on him for the victory in the TA-DA, nick of time.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Cody Donovan by TKO at 4:35 of round 1.

Lightweight bout: Brendan Loughnane (155lbs 5-0) vs. Mike Wilkinson (155lbs 7-0)

ROUND ONE: Loughnane starts with a leg kick. The two fighters trade single strikes. Loughnane is making it his business to attack the leg of Wilkinson. Wilkinson content to try and counter strike. Wilkinson is trying to get on the inside of Lognane. Wilkinson gets him down. Wilkinson works over Loughnane from full guard. Loughnane uses the fence to get back to his feet. Wilkinson attempts a takedown off of a kick but Loughnane stuffs it.

SCORECARD: Loughnane 10-9

ROUND TWO: Loughnane resumes attacking the lead leg. Wilkinson looks for the big counter. Wilkinson opens on Loughnane, whom is nearly knocked out. Loughnane lands a hard left hoof. Wilkinson misses a huge right. Kick to the face from Loughnane. Wilkinson feigns north and attacks south with a takedown attempt. Loughnane lands a big knee but Wilkinson walks through. Wilkinson is keeping the pressure up but he’s also taking a beating. They go punch for punch to end the round.

SCORECARD: Loughnane 10-9

ROUND THREE: The two fighters resume their slugfest! Loughnane lands a hard leg kick and accidentally pokes Wilkinson in the eye. Loughnane lands a one-two combo. They exchange kicks to the body. Wilkinson lands a leg kick. Flying knee just misses from Loughnane. Wilkinson is looking for the KO. Wilkinson presses Loughnane off of the fence. Loughnane turns him around. Loughnane absorbs more punishment but knocks down Wilkinson. They scramble and Loughnane nearly drops Wilkinson. They fight against the fence to end the round.

SCORECARD: Loughnane 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Mike Wilkinson by unanimous decision (29-28X3).

Welterweight bout: Ben Alloway (171lbs 12-4) vs. Manuel Rodriguez (171lbs 10-3)

ROUND ONE: Rodriguez immediately rushes forward and gets a double leg against the fence. Alloway counters with a triangle attempt. Rodriguez defends. Alloway tries to get back to his feet. Rodriguez puts him on his back. Rodriguez works from half guard. Lots of active grappling from both fighters. Rodriguez takes his back. Rodriguez hammers on the side of his face. Rodriguez is looking for the rear-naked choke. Alloway stands up again but Rodriguez pulls him back down. They both get to their feet. Alloway throws a knee in the clinch. Alloway lands a counter left. We have a nutshot…and the ref stops the fight? OK, the ref apparently didn’t see the inside leg kick hit him in the groin so he thought it was a KO. He restarts the fight and we’re back underway. Kick to the body from Alloway and POW! Rodriguez eats a front kick in the mush! It is over! For real real, not for play play.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Ben Alloway by KO at 4:57 of round 1.

Welterweight bout: Seth Baczynski (170lbs 17-6) vs. Mike Pierce (171lbs 15-5)

ROUND ONE: Pierce immediately gets a takedown. Pierce is stuck in guard, getting his wrist controlled and his ears boxed. Baczynski gets back to his feet against the fence. Pierce keeps up the pressure until Baczynski is able to free himself from his clutches. Pierce wings a pair of punches. Pierce gets a single leg. Pierce traps Baczynski’s leg. Pierce picks up Baczynski and slams him. Pierce suffocates Baczynski going into round 2.

SCORECARD: Pierce 10-9

ROUND TWO: Pierce baits his opponent and then takes him down. Pierce smacks Baczynski. Baczynski stands up but Pierce is stuck to him like glue. They break a part. Baczynski tries a flying knee. Baczynski throws a pair of front kicks. Pierce lands a right hand and takes him down again. Baczynski stans up. They break up and trade punches. Pierce hurts Baczynski with some dirty boxing. Another flying knee attempt but this time he falls on his duff. Pierce works from half guard.

SCORECARD: Pierce 10-9

ROUND THREE: Pierce rushes forward and pushes Baczynski against the fence. Baczynski lands a pair of high kicks. Baczynski is peppering Pierce with strikes. He’s keeping up the punishment, meanwhile Pierce looks gassed. Pierce tackles Baczynski again. Pierce works him over from full guard. For his part, Baczynski is looking for a sub from his back but he’s not having too much success. The ref stands them up…and there was much rejoicing from the crowd. Pierce takes him down again. Pierce grounds and pounds his way to the judges score cards.

SCORECARD: Pierce 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Mike Pierce by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28X2).

Light Heavyweight Bout: Joey Beltran (204lbs 14-8) vs. Igor Pokrajac (205lbs 25-9)

ROUND ONE: HERE WE GO! SLUGFESTAPALOOZA!!! They start trading punches. They clinch against the fence. Beltran stomps on Pokrajac’s foot. He’s pressing him against the fence. He lands a few lefts, both to the head and body. Knee from Beltran. He follows with more knees. He let’s him go and lands a series of uppercuts. He resumes pushing him into the fence. More uppercuts from Beltran! Pokrajac lands a knee. They trade stiff shots. More of the same from Beltran. They trade uppercuts but Beltran is stunned and Pokrajac tries to take his back. Beltran defends. Beltran lands an elbow and they have one more violent exchange before the round ends.

SCORECARD: Beltran 10-9

ROUND TWO: Beltran comes forward throwing heavy leather. Leg kick from Pokrajac. Beltran returns fire. Pokrajac back Beltran up and tee’s off on him before attempting a takedown. They exchange elbows in the clinch. Beltran turns him around. Short elbow from Beltran. Beltran lands few shots to the face. Beltran goes to the body but errantly punches him in the cup. Beltran grabs a half Thai clinch and hammers on Pokrajac. He bullies him against the fence until the round ends.

SCORECARD: Beltran 10-9

ROUND THREE: Head kick from Pokrajac. Beltran grabs him and pushes him into the fence. Pokrajac reverses position. Pokrajac finally gets free. Beltran lands a big left counter strike. Beltran lands a left hook. Pokrajac lands three successive shots to Beltran’s face but he stays on his feet. Beltran ties him up. They break free and Pokrajac lands another couple of shots to the jaw. Beltran continues to smother his opponent. More uppercuts from Beltran. Pokrajac tries a takedown but Beltran sprawls and grabs a front face lock. Knee from Beltran. Beltran takes this one to a decision.

SCORECARD: Beltran 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Joey Beltran by unanimous decision (30-27X3).

Featherweight Bout:Chad Mendes (146lbs 12-1) vs. Yaotzin Meza (145lbs 18-7)

ROUND ONE: Mendes and Meza exchange leg kicks. Meza is using lots of movement to evade Mendes. Front kick from Mendes. Meza misses a hook. Mendes scores with an overhand right and then cleans up with the left! Ground and pound to finish, BOOM, done!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Chad Mendes by KO at 1:55 of round 1.


Middleweight bout: Hector Lombard (186lbs 31-3-1, 1NC) vs. Rousimar Palhares (186lbs 23-4)

ROUND ONE: The fighters exchange stiff kicks. Palhares nearly takes out Lombard’s front leg with a kick. Lombard misses with a right hook. Palhares is circling away from Lombard. Palhares lands a kick but Lombard clobbers him. Palhares gets back to his feet. Lombard keeps loading up his right hook. FINALLY! Lombard lands a flurry of punches and Palhares goes down. Lombard moves into guard and Palhares proceeds to stall, which Lombard is OK with. Back on their feet and Lombard proceeds to drill Palhares who gives up on his feet (mentally speaking) before Lombard finally drops him with a left and finishes him with ground and pound. Welcome to the UFC (for real real, not for play play) Mr. Lombard. We’ve been expecting you!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Hector Lombard by KO at 3:38 of round 1.

“TUF: Smashes” lightweight-tournament final

Lightweight bout: Colin Fletcher (155lbs 9-1) vs. Norman Parke (155lbs 17-2)

ROUND ONE: They clash and tie up in the center of the octagon. Parke drives him into the fence. Parked puts Fletcher on his rear but he stands right back up. He finally gets him down again. Parke works from the half guard position, pushing Fletcher into the fence. Fletcher moves into position, possibly trying for an armbar. Parke defends and continues to out-grapple fletcher. Parke shifts again as he moves to the North-South position. They scramble and now Fletcher is in side control. Not enough time to do anything.

SCORECARD: Parke 10-9

ROUND TWO: They trade leg kicks. Fletcher spins around and throws a lazy leg kick. They clinch and Parke pushes him into the cage, taking him down. Fletcher works for a submission off of his back but Parke moves to side control. Parke gets a one-armed guillotine. Parke uses that to get to full mount. He nails an elbow. Fletcher gives up his back. Rear-naked locked in on Fletcher. Fletcher defends and escapes. A pair of leg kicks from Fletcher. Kick to the body from Fletcher. Parke lands a left to the side of his head. They exchange more single leg kicks. Parke hits a combo of punches. High kick from Parke. Another pirouette from Fletcher and Parke takes him down again.

SCORECARD: Parke 10-9

ROUND THREE: They exchange strikes in the pocket. They trade some single shots and then another clash. Fletcher throws a spinning back fist and falls over. Parke tees off on Fletcher. He lands a left square on the nose of Fletcher. Overhand right lands on Fletcher. Fletcher, for his part, keeps moving forward but he’s being outclassed by Parke. Fletcher starts to get his jab working for him. Parke is coasting now. Fletcher stumbles Parke but doesn’t press him. Parke takes Fletcher down again. Less than 30 seconds to go as Fletcher gets to his feet. And we’re done.

SCORECARD: Fletcher 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Norman Parke by unanimous decision (30-27X2, 29-28).

“TUF: Smashes” welterweight-tournament final

Welterweight bout: Brad Scott (171lbs 8-1) vs. Robert Whittaker (170lbs 10-2)

ROUND ONE: The fighters are trading a little bit more than their lightweight counterparts. Scott clinches and pushes into the fence. They trade body shots. They break a part. Whittaker throws a left hook. Whittaker continues to throw bombs. Jab from Scott. Leg kick from Whittaker. Whittaker has had enough! He blitzes Scott and beats him down to the canvas! Scott survives and gets back to his feet. High kick lands on the neck of Whittaker. They exchange knees in the clinch. Another flurry from Whittaker. Whittaker lands one last blast and we’re off to round 2.

SCORECARD: Whittaker 10-9

ROUND TWO: Scott comes forward, lands a shot and pushes Whittaker into the fence. After a bit of a struggle they break a part. Whittaker lands a right. Leg kick-hook combo from Scott. And we have another inside leg kick to the junk. They trade a series of combo’s before Scott clinches and drags down Whittaker. Scott has his back. Scott knees him in the side. Whittaker is stalling. Scott is looking for a rear-naked choke. They get back to their feet. Big head kick from Whittaker ends the round.

SCORECARD: Scott 10-9

ROUND THREE: Scott works his jab but Whittaker answers with a head kick. Whittaker comes forward with another blitz of punches. He lands a head kick at the end of a one-two combo. Right hook from Whittaker. Scott stuns Whittaker with a left hook. Whittaker lands an elbow. These guys are trading combinations. Whittaker lands a right hook. Whittaker lands an uppercut. Less than 20 seconds on the clock!

SCORECARD: Whittaker 10-9

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Robert Whittaker by unanimous decision (29-28X3).


Lightweight Bout: Ross Pearson (155lbs 15-6) vs. George Sotiropoulos (155lbs 14-4)

ROUND ONE: Pearson gets off first, with a one-two punch. Sotiropoulos counters with a right. Pearson wallops Sotiropoulos and puts him on queer street! Sotiropoulos tries to go for a desperation single. They break away from each other. Pearson is landing at will. Sotiropoulos ducks into an uppercut. Pearson takes out his leg with a kick. Sotiropoulos gets back to his feet. With a minute left Sotiropoulos gets a takedown. Sotiropoulos takes his back! Sotiropoulos attempts a rear-naked choke. Pearson rolls out of it to end the round.

SCORECARD: Pearson 10-9

ROUND TWO: Pearson goes to the body. Another shot to the body. Sotiropoulos counters but fails to land anything. Pearson hasn’t nearly been as aggressive in this round. Sotiropoulos throws a high kick. Pearson drops him with a left hook. Pearson throws a kick and slips. Sotiropoulos tries for a takedown.

SCORECARD:Pearson 10-9

ROUND THREE: As we start this round Pearson drops Sotiropoulos again with a left hook. Despite hurting him he lets him back up. He drops him again! He pounds on his face and we’re done!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Ross Pearson by TKO at 0:41 of round 3.

Fun night of fights. I’m enjoying these smaller FX and Fuel shows.

So after tomorrow’s TUF finale we’re done until Dec. 29th. Have a happy holiday everybody!

And with that, remember to tune in at 11:00 AM for the 411 Ground and Pound Radio show. Until then, be well, be safe and behave.


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