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Alessio Sakara’s Manager Says He Wants UFC 154 DQ Loss Reversed

November 21, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Alessio Sakara’s manager Lex McMahon recently spoke with MMAjunkie about Sakara getting disqualified at UFC 154 against Patrick Cote due to illegal strikes and more. Check out the highlights:

On Sakara’s win being changed to a DQ loss: “I knew we were in trouble when I was up in the stands and I was putting my sport coat on to go sit down and talk to my client and congratulate him, and I’m realizing it’s taking a lot longer to get the decision announced than it normally should. Why is that?”

On having a photo where Dan Miragliotta’s scorecard shows an initial ruling of a win that is blacked out in favor of Cota: “The first thing that needs to occur is we need to get this turned into, at the bare minimum, a no contest because it was already ruled a TKO for my client. And then let’s get the guys together and let them mix it up again, but in neutral territory. I don’t want them fighting in Canada again because he obviously did not get a fair deal. I thought it was a hometown decision. I thought the pressure of 20,000 fans screaming for Cote and booing Sakara during that 5- to 7-minute period while people were reviewing the decision – you’re going to tell me that Dan (Miragliotta) didn’t look at the tape and the commission didn’t look at the tape while they were cheering? Come on. I feel like the right decision was overturned in favor of the hometown guy, and that’s a shame. It really is.”

On Sakara: “I spoke with (Sakara) immediately afterward and told him I’m going to let everyone know, ‘You’re not a cheater, you’re not a dirty fighter, you didn’t do something intentionally to harm Patrick Cote. There was some bad reffing.’ He’s very upset. Obviously he’s losing economically, which is always tough. But the much bigger issue is he feels he’s been painted as a dirty fighter, and Alessio Sakara is an incredibly honorable fighter and an honorable person.”

On the rematch: “I think that’s the equitable thing to do. Knowing Patrick as a competitor and his reputation as a person, I’m sure he doesn’t want to win the way he won. I’m sure he would love the opportunity to step back in with Alessio and prove that either he deserves to win, or in Alessio’s case that he deserved to win the fight…(Sakara) was very happy both Dana and Joe were amenable to looking at the idea of a rematch,” McMahon said. “He wants there to be a resolution one way or another. If Patrick wins, great. No problem. Alessio’s OK with that. But he’d also like the opportunity to win the fight he thought he had already won. He’s home with his family in Italy, but he’s waiting for me to tell him he’s got the fight again so he can get back in camp again and start preparing.”


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