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Alistair Overeem Says He Needs to Destroy Big Foot Silva at UFC 156

January 30, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Alistair Overeem recently spoke about his UFC 156 bout with Bigfoot Silva. Here are the highlights…

On Fighting Bigfoot Silva: “Everybody is dangerous at this level. You should not underestimate anybody. That being said, I just need to destroy Antonio in the first or second round and then move on to the next guy.”

On His Time Off Due to Suspension: “It wasn’t a wasted year,” Overeem said. “I’m an optimist, so I always make the best of the situation. That being said, I’ve been hitting the gym like I had a fight. I improved my game. I moved to Miami. So in that sense, it was not a loss because everything just went on. After moving to Miami, I actually had some time off to get to know the city, who’s who in town, and if you have fight after fight lined up after each other, you can’t do that. So I’m happy that it went the way it went, and I had my time to explore the city. When that was done, I went into fight camp, and now it’s time to fight.”

On Fighting Both Velasquez and Dos Santos: “Cain proves to be an entirely different challenge than Dos Santos,” Overeem said. “That being said, for me, it’s fine. I already hold three belts. I’m a three-time world champion. I have the attitude of fighting anybody, anywhere. For me it doesn’t matter if it’s Dos Santos or Cain. I see myself fighting Dos Santos at a later stage. I would have preferred to fight him for the title, but his decisions have made this reality.”

on the Fight Being a New Beginning: “It’s 2013, and the world did not come to an end,” Overeem said. “This fight is a comeback for me, and it’s a new beginning. I appreciate the UFC for being very supportive during my time off. What happens next isn’t up to me. I just have to get the win.”



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